Every Dog Has His Day – Part 02

By Thunder

It was an amazing night with Master Jake and my thoughts were conflicted about humanity and dog time and, as he fucked me, I was feeling more and more like a possession, albeit a prized one, with each movement. When Master finished, he left me in place on all fours for a few minutes. I heard the shower running, some drawers opening and closing and finally the light switch indicating he was on his way back. I had known better to move and when he returned he did not say a word before pushing what felt like a telephone pole inside my ass and then hitting the object. I knew I had just been given my first tail and that this would be a moment to treasure.

Master looked me straight in the eyes and asked said, “this is it, you have one last chance to change your mind about spending the next week as my dog, Thunder. You know the rules, the expectations, and it’s all into this one moment when you indicate yes or no. This week you will be allowed more freedom than typical and will use your human voice more, but, even when in that space, know that you are almost a full dog and, within a few months you will be all dog. So, boy, what is your response?” I knew this moment was coming but it still hit me like a brick in that oh so good way. And, really without any real hesitation, I looked right at Master and barked once and quickly jumped off the bed into all fours.

Master was so proud. I could just feel it. He reminded me that dogs don’t sleep in sheets, so I would be spending what was left of the night in the flat cage under the bed. He unlocked one side of it and I was fascinated as he then pulled what looked like a flat drawer out and told me to lay on the drawer on my back. There were attachment cuffs built in and soon I found myself attached by both ankles, both wrists and by my collar. Master said that it was tight and designed for me not to be able to move an inch, but that I was property now and needed to learn my place. And, with that, I felt the drawer slide into darkness underneath his bed, heard two padlocks click shut, and then felt everything move slightly as he then climbed on top of the bed for his sleep. I must have dozed off for a bit and woke up seeing light in the room, though unable to turn my head I just had to wait until he came to get me.

What seemed like hours later, I heard Master enter the room and heard the two locks be unlocked before hearing a click and then felt a full slide as he then slid me out into daylight. He had been up a few hours and he said the boys had been fed, watered, and were working with the trainer – the same one who trained Maxx in the city – as that was the regular morning routine and explained why all three dogs had such great bodies. Master told me that I should go watch this and better understand how mornings go but, before he released me, he needed me to tell him my thoughts and give him one more confirmation, which, of course, I immediately did. I then felt the click of each attachment point releasing and Master told me to stand on twos and he then attached the short leather leash to my collar.

What surprised me is that, after leashing me, he then took out another padlock and clipped the end of my leash to his belt. He told me that for most of the next few days, I would literally be attached to him which would teach me to always follow and that my days of privacy and choices were over. And, with that, he began walking toward the door and I quickly scrambled behind having trouble even keeping up on two legs. Master laughed at me and said this is why we start on two’s, but by later tomorrow I’d be on a longer leash and on all fours behind happily behind him. With that, he went to the kennel and I ran along best I could naked, shiny from being smooth and with my metal dick just bouncing in the air.

Since it was Sunday, Master was the only full human there aside from the trainer and one assistant who seemed very skilled. I leaned over to tell Master I needed to pee and he said immediately, “I’m sure you do, but it’s not your time yet so learn to adjust” and then continued his walking. As we walked through I noticed the assistant in the shower area busily doing this and that but what really got me was that there was a gym set up in the back, something I had missed the day before, and a very hot athletic man was running each dog through their paces. This is something that takes place six days a week and, according to Master, takes about two hours as they all do agility drills on all fours together, then, as what was reflected as happening now, each dog’s paws are removed and they have a full hour of free weights and machine weights. Trainer didn’t have to even tell them what to do as each stood up and began a very rhythmic circuit of each weight.

While this was taking place, Master said that it was time for me to eat and then participate in my other morning ritual, the cleaning and prepping for the day. After what was a very hearty bowl of what I think was oatmeal and cut up chicken breast served in a big bowl, He told me that each dog has this ritual when he wakes, though as the newest I would be last. He started walking to the shower corner and, of course, I followed where he introduced me to a very attractive Icelandic looking man who he said would be my groomer. He was a strong man in both physical presence and voice, so I was shocked when he started talking to me as a puppy, with that sweet singing voice, taking me through what was happening.

Master unclipped me, put me on fours, and walked away leaving me with the nameless man I know only as Groomer. Groomer wore short shorts, no shoes and a black shirt with the Farm’s logo on it, but that was all. He told me that this is how I would start my day every day and, in time, I should adjust to only needing this once a day, but at the beginning there may be more. He led me to a corner which smelled of bleach and had a grate and told me that this is where I would lift my leg to piss and he watched as I tried, failed, tried again and then ultimately did it. He told me to “get in position” which meant ass in the air and forearms on the ground and he came behind me and very gently removed my tail. When doing this, it was a split-second move, but as my tail came out, a pipe apparently went in as I felt a warm water filling me. Groomer said that we will do this until the water is clear. It happened too fast for me to be embarrassed even as I was direct where to squat, Japanese style, to release my bowels.

When it was done, he immediately replaced my tail with another style and told me that I will be plugged almost constantly for the rest of my time as a dog, or a man on Wednesdays, and that he would always choose the plug and always make sure I was going up and down in sizing so that my body would not become too accustomed to this. Today, I think he inserted a monster inside of me, but I could not complain. I was also told that if I needed to pee and were in my kennel there was a drain designed much like this one in one of the corners and if outside I could go anywhere. He said, however, should I need to evacuate, he showed me a special marking on the concrete floor by him and one in each of the kennels where I would stand until he or one of his assistants came to take me to the cleanout station. My head was spinning with all this, but I didn’t have time to question it, only to really think about how much thought Master Jake had put into this

Master was back, had me stand and clipped to his belt again and I felt something at my knee only to realize it was Spike gently licking the back of my thigh as if he was welcoming me into the family. Since it was Sunday and a beautiful one at that, Master announced that we all had three hours “in the field” and that he would be back later. With that, he unclipped me and put me on all fours which was then followed by a muzzle with a small gag being locked on my head. It was very similar to the one Maxx was not also wearing as his punishment though Master explained that my gag was much smaller and that this was to keep me from asking any questions, as he suspected I had a ton at this stage. With that, the back wall rolled up exposing what looked to be like an acre of freshly cut grass enclosed by a tall manufactured rock solid wall. There were trees and fountains and the like, but only one bench. We were free to explore, play, and just be dogs for the next three hours, but each kennel remained open in case of need for a nap or water.

The three dogs literally bolted outside while I stayed there, in the cold concrete kennel, just kind of taking it all in. I was happy but still a bit scared. Still worried about how and what I would tell my friends, still thinking that this was my fantasy come true, and still wanting that God damned cage off my dick so I could do anything to provide myself some relief. Then, though, I looked out and saw that Rexx and Maxx had gone to the perimeter of the fence and were just slowly walking side by side as if it was a family stroll. Maxx could not talk, but I wondered if Rexx was chatting him up as they went, despite the rule against that. It was a vision to see as all I could see were there pretty equally build asses and thighs slowly moving as each rubber tail bounced back and forth.

There was a gleaming between their legs as the sun caught their cages, but they looked so happy and content I would have smiled if I could have. Spike, on the other hand, had found a sunny spot and had laid out all the way in the sun just taking it all in. While it took me forever, I walked to the pretty red tree in the middle and just stood there in a blissful state before, once again, feeling Spike licking the back of my thigh. While he never said a word, he started bunting me with his head and then went ass in air, arms flat on ground indicating to me that he wanted to play, so I bunted back and he and I spent a good while wrestling, chasing, and running together all in muted silence before a bell went off which, apparently, signaled our three hours were over. I watched as all three dogs ran toward the door each stopping at a tree or fence post to raise a leg and pee, so I did the same.

We were each told to go to our kennels and nothing else. We went in and the cage doors were secured and the lights turned low. It was around 2 in the afternoon by this point so I kept wondering what would be next, what my plans were, etc before suddenly having it hit me that, fuck, I am a dog now and I have no plans. I just have to wait. Fuck. I wanted to talk to my mates about this as the gag had been removed, but I looked around and through the wire cages I could see that each of them were just laying there content, one sleeping, and two just playing with a ball or something, but they didn’t have a care in the world and that was incredibly cool. We were dogs. All of us. And this is what we do.

The End

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5 thoughts on “Every Dog Has His Day – Part 02”

  1. Although puppy play is not my thing, this story is very good even for me. I loved specially the part when he was attached to his owner with any privacy at all – I thought I was the only one with that fantasy, please, explore more this.

  2. i am 54 and looking totowards retirement soon. What a ggreat way to live out my golden years.

    What ever happened to Thunder?


  3. I realize this story is over 3 years old, but it would be great to hear more from thunder and his transformation. I have so many questions….

  4. It’s a great story, I hope there are more chapters coming up, Thank you for your amazing stories

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