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Rank takes Bouncer Pup on a stroll in a prisoner transport chair

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Rank took Bouncer Pup on a stroll in a prisoner transport chair to the Mr. S store for some bondage shopping, and then on to the Wicked Grounds café for a milkshake. The staff asked Rank if his pup wanted the milkshake in a dog bowl with a straw and Rank replied “Sure!”

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One Year – Part 23

By Taurus

Part 23 – “A Pet”

“Come here, boy!” Russell said in a higher pitch, as he clapped his hands twice.

He had no clue if it actually worked; he just heard somewhere that speaking in English and with a higher register was more effective for training a dog. It was sensible enough, since dogs could hear only sounds in a higher frequency, but does it work, really?

If this was the human equivalent to feeling a bass pulse while listening to music, then it was absurd that it would be possible to assign meaning to it. In the case of a dog though, it should have thought processes and concepts different from ours, so it might actually work.

If he wished to find out the validity of this myth, then he was in precisely the right place with precisely the wrong test subject, for the one who bounded towards him on all fours was none other than James, his ostensibly human slave who had just recently asked to wear a collar and leash permanently.

He acted like a dog, but he was, well, still human.

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Dogcatcher Rocco Steele finds a new pup and feeds him every inch of his massive cock

At Bound Gods, dog catcher Rocco Steele wants to find a new puppy to play with, so he heads deep into his pound. He runs three promising pups through some tricks and disciplining as they take a cropping and are made to worship Rocco’s massive cock.


Tryp Bates rises above the pack with his obedience, so Rocco selects him for more intense training. The other pups watch on jealously as Tryp is bound to a platform and flogged without mercy. Rocco has so much fun with his new pup that he suspends Tryp above the platform and rams his massive cock into Tryp’s eager hole. The fucking continues upstairs in Rocco’s office, Tryp biting into his gag from the pain of his clover clamps tenderizing his nipples, all while taking every inch of his master’s thick cock. After feeding the pup his own cum, Rocco rewards his new pet with a mouthful of cum.

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Rex: A James Story – Part 08

By Rex

Based on a true story.

Sleep did not come easy and what did had conditions. I’m not used to that, I’m one of the few that fall asleep within 10 minutes, normally under 5, my Master was always jealous at the ease of which I would pass out.

The lack of any covering was making it hard to get comfy. The rattle of the chains connecting my wrist and ankles kept drawing the attention of my ears. Todd had said, before leaving me in the darkness, that I’d get used to that in time. I’d get used to quite a lot of things in time.

I wasn’t exactly cold. I felt more exposed, especially now that I was smooth from the neck down. The collar was heavy, and even with the pillow I was fully aware it was there. While I knew the plug lodged deep inside of me wasn’t getting larger it was way more noticeable now that I wasn’t strapped to the chair. Thankfully, it hadn’t fallen out. I was determined to keep it in there. I wish I could say I wasn’t enjoying all of this, but every time I got soft I found a new reason to get hard all over again. How long had it been since I got off?

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