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James – Part 8

By Thunder

NOTE: Apologies for the delay in relaying this part of the story. I made a significant mistake with one of our investments, so my Husband Owner Alan took away my humanity at home for three weeks — which meant I was not able to do anything with my hands, such as type this update.

When Sir Michael was finished with my hair he took the entire $80 and sent me on my way back out to the car to meet Cody where he was waiting. Over the 10 days I had lost a bit of weight and new muscles in my arms and legs from crawling were beginning to show, so that, combined with my new military haircut, got me feeling like I had just won the whole dog show.

It was now around 3:00, and Cody told me that we were making a stop at Todd’s precinct and that he would be taking me for the rest of the day. I so wanted to ask 200 questions but was enjoying not being gagged so I decided to just go with the plans. We soon pulled up at the precinct, and Todd, in his tight glorious uniform, was waiting in the parking lot and quickly ushered me from Cody’s car to his Jeep.

When we were inside the Jeep he said, “Today is your first day of the dual life, and Alan and I agree on the fact that when you are fully clothed and not collared you are James, my friend’s husband with whom I have a dominant friendship. I want you to know how proud of you I have been over the last 10 days, but know that the next few are going to also be unusual in your mind as things settle, but they will settle. Know that.”

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James – Part 6

By Thunder

Oh fuck, indeed. This man whose boots I was licking was my business partner’s son? How the hell did that happen? When did he grow up? And how fucking hot is he? I had not seen him since he was a kid, and now that kid would be walking me? Damn. Again, how did this all happen?

As those thoughts swirled in my head, I realized that he had attached a leash to my collar and said, “Let’s go, boy.” As we started to walk into and around the woods, he reminded me that he believed that no dog should ever talk and that during our walks, which were scheduled for an hour each day this week, I would be rapidly punished if I said a word. However, that did not mean that he could not talk and, fuck, did he ever.

He discussed how hot he found it that he was able to walk a man like me and to help in me finding my proper place in life. He said that he and Todd met a year or two ago when he was owned by his first Master, a retired military captain, who wanted him to be further trained which is how he was introduced to Todd, who employed him to walk the dog he had been training at that time. He told me he didn’t like that dog, as he was a “twink with no soul that thought puppies should yap and wear clip on tails” but that he really enjoyed it later when “that twink was in all ways a dog never to even stand again,” but a job was a job, though he was much happier with me now.

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Earn It Pup – Chapter 5

By Pup Shaggy

I took it all in. I was lost for words, even if I wasn’t gagged I wouldn’t have been able to say anything. I sat on my haunches staring trying to decide what to look at. A part of me was almost worried I’d spent too much time imagining what was down here that I was going to disappoint myself when I saw it… I didn’t. If anything I hadn’t been creative enough.

The space was massive, probably the length and width of his entire house. 3 of the walls were painted with thick black lines made to look like prison bars. The forth was plain concrete and was decorated with hooks, shelves and a case of so many things I wasn’t even sure what most of them were. There wasn’t a single window; a single clock, there was nothing to tell the passing of time. Nothing. Every speckle of light was artificial, raining down from the long dirty fluorescent tubes hidden amongst the mass of beams and chains spread across the ceiling.

On the far wall of the left of me was a wall of bars, like a prison wall, only behind it I could see 4 more doors; two pitch black like the entrance, another one made of more bars and the forth heavy metal. It was all sort of hard to make out, there was so much to see, I was afraid the room was going to change and I would have missed something if my gaze wasn’t constantly moving. I was lost in the place and it took Alex to laugh, walk up beside me and come down on his knees; literally talking into my ear to snap me back.

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James – Part 4

By Thunder

Based on a true story

“Todd, please make me Alan’s dog, I promise to be a good boy”

That is where we left off of my training story that was roughly nine years ago when I was 42 years old. Todd had just laid out ten truths for my life forward that made my mind ache but my dick hard inside its cage. I was terrified of these rules and what they would really mean for me, but deep down I knew I was getting what I asked for and I hoped that the oddness of this would pass fast so I’d have a sense of normalcy, even on fours. Todd could see this, I felt, so after we finished our talk he went to take a nap, leaving me hooded with just my head out of the cage for what felt like hours. I was never a very patient man, but I was learning that I didn’t have a lot of choice but to be a patient dog, so I sat even though I was not very happy.

It was dark outside when Todd returned with a fresh bowl of beer and some snacks. He let me out of the cage and took everything but the collar and chastity cage off of me and told me that he knew it had been a big day and that we were going to soon have dinner. He sent me on two legs to take a shower and told me when I finished I was to join him upstairs. It felt odd going into his space, a space I’ve never known while naked, but I adjusted and met him in the kitchen, where he was taking a pizza out of the oven.

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James – Part 1

By Thunder

Based on a true story

My name is James. I am a 51-year-old man who has been married to his husband for 23 years. I am an athletic, masculine CEO of my own wealth management company in Atlanta, though I travel extensively. I am a high-profile, type-A, driven man in my professional life, but in my personal life, I am, well, I am a dog.

An all-fours, naked, collared human dog.

Yes, for the past ten years, I have been a full human dog owned by my husband, Alan, the owner of a local restaurant that is the go-to place for breakfast and lunch in Atlanta.

Last night, Alan and I hosted a small dinner party for four of our kink-positive friends. It was a casual evening with the five of them gathered around the kitchen island drinking wine and eating lots of great things that Alan had prepared. They said it was a beautiful display of food, but from my all-fours vantage point of about 3 feet off the floor, I couldn’t see the top of the high-top counter, so I didn’t really know what was there.

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Earn It Pup – Chapter 1

By Pup Shaggy

It was then and there that I found the second of my most favourite sounds, the first being the subtle ‘click’ of a padlock closing. I shook my head from side to side, hearing the metal jangle about. I must have had the biggest grin on my face because Alex had one too… Master Alex I should say… His collar, his name tag, his house… that’s who he really was now.

He’d given me the small leather box as soon as I entered his house. I’d been nervous, and rightly so. He hadn’t said anything, just smiled as he led me inside, and handed me the small box without a word. His lime green eyes stared at me thoughtful, and his smile was welcoming. He could tell I was nervous… I could feel the sweat under my arms… which only made me more nervous.

But then I’d lifted the lid of the box to find a supple black leather collar, 3 chrome D-rings decorating the outside of it. The buckle too was chrome, the pin ending in a small ring for a padlock to keep the whole thing on.

But most importantly, at least for me, was the name tag; a large silver bone clipped to the centre D-ring lay there, glinting in the hallway light above me. “Pup Shaggy” etched into it. The look I gave him must have been to his liking because he enveloped me in his arms laughing.

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Seth Santoro and Beaux Banks get into puppy play

in ‘Skuff: Dog House’ at Hot House:

Seth Santoro and Beaux Banks get into puppy play

It’s time to give the dog a bath, and Seth Santoro takes pup Beaux Banks into the yard on a leash to get the job done. With a little coaxing, Beaux hops in the water and soon finds that the experience of getting scrubbed down is amazing. Seth washes every inch of his pup, which gets Beaux horned up and ready for more than just a bath. Beaux is grateful for everything he’s been given and thanks his master for getting him clean by giving him his very own tongue bath. As Beaux licks Seth clean, he finds daddy’s bone bulging behind a pesky zipper and begs for Seth to let it out to play. Seth relents and Beaux gives it a few sniffs before he works it with his eager puppy mouth, taking it bush deep down his open throat. Beaux is as happy as a pup can be as he wags his tail in anticipation of Seth’s big cock up his ass. Seth can hardly take the agony of the wait and after a few licks of his pup’s hole, he slides his raging hard-on deep into Beaux’s tight ass. Seth works it hard in an extra-long fuck session that leaves Seth used up and ready for a nap — but not before he gets a mouthful of jizz from his extra hard and generous master.

Seth Santoro and Beaux Banks

VIDEO of “Skuff: Dog House” available here

Models in this shoot: Seth Santoro, Beaux Banks

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gay pup play Seth Santoro and Beaux Banks