First Time? – Part 02

By slavebladeboi

I sat looking into my empty coffee cup listening to the gurgle of the machine on the countertop that was making the coffee to go into it. I was feeling very unsure about the present contents of my basement. I told him I’d hold him to the agreement he’d signed, but I could see he was totally out of his depth there. Looking at the screen, where I could see him hanging limply in that spread eagle, he had diminished in size almost, certainly he wasn’t looking like the gym-fit stud that I’d carried in. Dejected and lost would sum it up. If I went through with my threat then he’d live, he’d be in pain for a lot of the time and arrive home sore, but he’d get over it in a few days, physically. Not so sure mentally. Would that experience put him off for life? Would he feel unable to cope and maybe turn his back on what could be the best thing he had in life for the future? Difficult to know, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to test that theory. So I planned something different.

I opened the door and slammed it behind me in one noisy move. He jumped enough to make those taut chains rattle. Walking up to him I stared straight into his face and waved the contract under his nose.

“This! This is your contract. You wrote some of it, you signed it and you swore it was correct. Well? Didn’t you?”

He simply looked down as far as his bonds would let him.

I reached out and grabbed his balls. This caught his attention, and how. I now looked into eyes that were wide open and startled. He started with the mmmmmppphh again.

“You’re not a very quick learner are you? You’re chained up, naked, gagged with a plug up your arse and your balls are in my right hand. I asked you a question, a simple question that only needs a yes or no answer, a nod or shake of the head will do. And if I don’t get an answer every time I ask you a question I will squeeze your balls till they mash. Understand?”

He mmmppphhh’d again. I squeezed again. He nodded furiously. I eased off the pressure.

“So let’s start again. This contract. Is it all true and correct?”

He hesitated. I moved my fingers around his globes, he shook his head slowly and looked down again.

“So you exaggerated to the extent that it’s mostly all bull shit and now you feel what? Worried? Frightened? Embarrassed?” This time a nod, eyes down. “And you might well be all those. You’re here, no idea where “here” is, it’s all out of your control and you know I’m a sadistic fucker who likes to control young subs like you, hurt them and gets off on the variety of pain I can inflict.”



I let go of his balls and walked away. Turning back to face him I noticed he had started to tear up and a small streak of wet had run down each cheek.  Time for my proposition.

“So. Listen hard. You’ll have one chance here, don’t fuck up. There are three ways we can get through this, your “I’m a hard nut to crack” problem, so you’re going to have to listen very carefully before you choose one of them.  The first is we can go through with the contract as is. You’ll hate most if not all of it. When I’ve finished with what’s left of you, I’ll deliver you back to your car where you’ll wake up, I’ll be gone, and you’ll never hear from me or see me again. You’ll probably want to hide in your apartment and never ever see another restraint or flogger or rope. And, strangely enough, I think that would be a waste of a life choice.”

He was now looking at me straight in the eyes. An improvement.

“Two. I can hood you and you won’t know anymore. After I unlock those chains I’ll return you to your car and give you a few weeks to reconsider what you want and if you want me to give it to you. If you do want, you can contact me again, maybe next month or so and we can discuss things.”

He was getting more interested, and his eyes had dried up.

“Three. I’ll take off your restraints. You’ll take this contract and I’ll give you an hour or so by yourself in that cage” I pointed to the puppy cage against the opposite wall, “to go through it. You can delete all the bits that were fake, change bits you don’t think you can cope with and add bits in the light of what you now realise could happen to you. I’ll take it and read it and adapt my ideas to come more into line with it. I’ll still push you into stuff you might not think you can cope with, but believe me, you’ll leave here with more real confidence in yourself than you arrived with. Not just a load of inflated shit. Tomorrow I’ll return you hooded and asleep to your car. You’ll wake up a different person, hopefully. And, if you want to repeat and gradually ramp up the experiences I’ll give you, then I’m sure that can be arranged.”

He nodded and mmmmppphhh’d.

“So I take it that you’d like option three to happen?”

More nodding and mmmmppphhhing. I just love that gag. It seals the mouth so effectively.


“OK. So here’s what is going to happen. And this is your last chance. First the hood, just the hood. It’s got a hole for your nose so breathe normally, don’t panic, but one false move after I release you and there won’t be anything interesting between your legs apart from a world of pain.” A gentle squeeze.

A sort of mmmmppph fffrr which I presumed was an attempt at some sort of respectful response.

I went to the bench and picked up a moulded rubber hood that would fit over his gag, pulled it over his head and zipped up the back. It was snug and the rubber smell was obviously like the best perfume to him as his cock started to twitch from the limp state it was in when I started this conversation.

Kneeling down I found the key to his ankle restraints, ran the edge of it up the inside of his thigh and along his hardening meat. The response was gratifying.

“Stand still while I get your ankles free.” I then stood up.

“I’ll release your wrists and, as you’ve told me you’ve been strung up before, you’ll know what not to do.”

I don’t think. And I was right. I unlocked his left wrist and he simply let his arm fall, accompanied by the muffled scream I expected as his muscles regained some of their natural position. Well, he asked for it, and I did tell him I was a sadist, not quite evil but close. I laughed quietly to myself as I unlocked his right wrist and he remembered to slowly lower his arm. He’d been hanging tight like that, on tip toes, for a good two hours so slowly was the only way.

I grabbed a handful of his cock and balls and told him to walk slowly as I pulled him towards the cage.

“Down on all fours, turn round and slowly back up.” I got him almost into the cage, “Stop there.”

I unzipped the hood and let him back full into the cage. It was a cube shape, sides about 3 feet square, he would find it difficult to get comfortable. but he’d have more to think about than comfort. I gave him a pen, the contract and a clipboard to rest on.

“One hour! Don’t waste it. And do it carefully, anything on it you invented first time round that you miss now and remains there will happen to you.”

He nodded. I turned the lights up and left him to his work.

To be continued …

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  1. I like where this is going. There is a dynamic between the Dom and sub already that is trust building and recognition of each of their strengths and personal opportunities. That should be really good as the relationship and play continue. What will he line out in the contract and what will he leave or add?

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