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Echo Grove – Part 01

By Stormbound

gay bondage stories by StormboundI felt some trepidation as I stood before the intimidating façade of Echo Grove Asylum. Behind me I could hear the taxicab pull away, leaving me alone at the gates of this isolated facility deep in the wooded countryside. There was not even cell service to summon an escape ride on my own, leaving no choice but to continue forward into the waiting heavy oaken doors.

Not that I entirely didn’t wish to be here. The strange summons that brought me to Echo Grove still hung I my mind, and I was determined to find the answers to the questions it raised. Inside I found a small austere lobby that matched the old fashioned exterior of the building. I checked in at a small window behind which was a large male orderly. He looked rather intimidating with his well built body and shaved head, his scrubs somehow adding to, rather than subtracting from, his powerful look.

He asked me several questions about the purpose of my visit and if I had made all the requested perpetrations before being admitted into the facility as a visitor and I confirmed I had and was told to proceed through the adjacent door. An electronic lock buzzed allowing me to push the door open to a small open locker room where the final preparations and inspection would take place.

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Slave Punishment System – Part 01

By Scribe

Discipline Technologies announces a new prison cell designed to severely punish the uncooperative or misbehaving slave. It can be used when standard discipline measures fail to achieve the desired result. Our craftsmen can install the cell in your dungeon, or we have several cells available at our site that can be rented to punish the unrepented slave. We can also accommodate slaves who voluntarily feel they deserve severe discipline.

The cell measures 6-foot-by-6-foot and is 7.5 feet tall. Floor, ceiling, door, and walls are solid stainless steel. The floor is elevated 6 inches to allow for plumbing and electrical connections. There is a control box mounted on the outside wall of the cell that contains the equipment and computer necessary to operate the Slave Punishment System.

The system consists of three primary punishment modules. There is a strappado device for hanging the slave by its arms, an electrified cock cage to administer shocks, and a gas mask to exercise breath control.

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Captain Jack and the Race to Redula – Chapter 07: It Can Always Get Worse


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Unical date: still probably 3752.563.27

Sam’s eyes went wide.  “Nghuhh… nguhh…” he said, shaking his head.  There was no possible way that an NPC in a sim should know that he was in a simspace at all, let alone know the name of the ship the simspace was located on.  Reality and unreality were starting to blur in a very unpleasant and upsetting way.

“You can either give it to me now,” the guard said, “or you can suffer for another day or three or six and give it to me then.  I don’t mind waiting but I suspect you might prefer sooner rather than later.  So… what’s the code?”

No.  His authorization code… Sam could not give that away, not under these circumstances.  Something was fundamentally wrong here.  The simspace had been hijacked somehow.  Someone must have gained access to it and was now messing with Sam’s head… but who?  And how?  He was in the fastest ship in the Confederation and already at least four days’ travel away from the last outpost between civilization and Kappa Redulans, and at these warp speeds no signal could possibly be coming through clearly enough to allow a remote attacker to react in real time to events on the ship or in its simspace.

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First Time? – Part 02

By slavebladeboi

I sat looking into my empty coffee cup listening to the gurgle of the machine on the countertop that was making the coffee to go into it. I was feeling very unsure about the present contents of my basement. I told him I’d hold him to the agreement he’d signed, but I could see he was totally out of his depth there. Looking at the screen, where I could see him hanging limply in that spread eagle, he had diminished in size almost, certainly he wasn’t looking like the gym-fit stud that I’d carried in. Dejected and lost would sum it up. If I went through with my threat then he’d live, he’d be in pain for a lot of the time and arrive home sore, but he’d get over it in a few days, physically. Not so sure mentally. Would that experience put him off for life? Would he feel unable to cope and maybe turn his back on what could be the best thing he had in life for the future? Difficult to know, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to test that theory. So I planned something different.

I opened the door and slammed it behind me in one noisy move. He jumped enough to make those taut chains rattle. Walking up to him I stared straight into his face and waved the contract under his nose.

“This! This is your contract. You wrote some of it, you signed it and you swore it was correct. Well? Didn’t you?”

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Pleroma – Part 10

By Taurus

Part 10 – Fate Protocol

Note: this is a continuation of a story by Taurus that has not been updated in some time. To start at the very beginning, click here.

Matt was rougher than usual, Luke thought. How Matt skipped the pleasantries and went straight to demanding that Luke stripped naked and that Luke prepared for a simulation…


Whatever Luke’s beliefs were, he was now sitting in the chair, and he was due for a simulation.

As the headset was brought over his head, he felt the telltale tingling – an itch deep within the skull that would drive most mad if they did not know their implants were being interfaced with.

Luke tried his best to calm down and prepare; Matt had dialed up the intensity significantly – from a sort of “bondage tourism” he started out with, all the way up to the training he was experiencing. Just in the past week, Luke had already been subject to “acclimatisation programs,” where he endured bondage in simulations and in real life.

He closed his eyes, trying his best to prepare himself for what may be a simulation of him getting tied up, whipped, or forced to labour to the breaking point.

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The Bear Trap – Part 05

By FirefighterSIR

Part 5: The Workout

“Uggh! Uhhh uh uuhhh…” the slave panted, trying to catch his breath around the rubber ball gag gripped in his teeth. His lips pulled back and his jaw opened in a desperate attempt to draw in air, drool gushing out in thick ropes that dripped down his chest and abs onto his cock finally exposed after three days of confinement.

His muscled arms had been pulled back and stretched over a bar against his back and chained to the spreader bar shackled to the slave’s ankles. The slave’s balls were chained to an eyebolt in the ground, causing his nuts to be stretched and tugged with each new punch during the Captain’s workout. The slave’s head snapped back from the flurry of jabs directed at his punished bruised abs again. He growled deeply into the gag and more spit flew.

The bar behind the slave’s back was just high enough to keep the slave’s sweat and dirt streaked body stretched out and open to the Captain’s human punching bag workout. The first morning rays of the sun broke over the distant hills and reddened the scene on the bare hilltop. The Captain had rigged the bars and chains among the bare framing of the new compound He was creating.

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Stud Squaw – Part 2

By Alex Ironrod

“God in heaven, Billy, what have I done to us,” the Lieutenant choked out. “I can feel things crawling all over me, and I’m erecting again.”

“Try to relax, Tom, “ came the grunting reply. “You need to keep your courage up as well as your cock. We have to bear it.”

He got only a sigh of despair and a groan of anguish from the head next to him, as Tom tried to move his body. Bright shuddered in turn; his back felt as though knives were cutting him, as the flies drank his slobber and the drying piss.

The soldiers lost track of time in the hot sun; men and women passed them by; some spat at them, one or two pushed them onto the thorns; the flying insects bit and crawled on their naked bodies. At last the group of Apaches returned, unpegged their ankles, untied their arms and pulled them off the cactus. Spaulding shouted in pain; the sergeant bit hard on the rawhide, as they were raised upright and allowed to stumble back to the chief’s tepee.

There they collapsed, shuddering, on the floor, with dirty fly-speckled chests and matted hair, and bleeding backs and butts. For a few moments, neither spoke as they tried to recover. Bright managed to undo the rawhide tightening in his mouth.

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Black Leather Cops and Revenge – Part 3

By Alex Ironrod © 2021


I don’t know how long we hung in our tightly yoked bondage, the dim light refracting on our leather breeches and black boots, as we fought to keep our footing with bound ankles and knees, while our arms ached from being anchored to a high pulley. The sweat dried on our thrashed upper bodies, but our pricks, bound together, enjoyed the constant stimulus and remained rock hard.

Colin gasped occasionally as the rope gag sawed at his tongue, but neither he nor I could move our heads more than an inch and his face was darkened by the leather mask blinding his eyes. He could feel my body as our torsos were bound together, but my groans from the stabbing pain from the nipple clamps were effectively silenced by the black leather gag which had been inflated to fill my mouth.

Eventually our “hosts” returned. “Glad you’re still awake, and ready for the next challenge”, remarked Sergeant Tyrell, stretching in his all-leather uniform and taking off his helmet. Officer Witkowski undid the belts, clamps and cords that bound us together, freeing our pricks to explore further and our bodies to sag independently in their chains.

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