Football Season

By Mister-X/Spartan

My partner and I are both fans of professional football. We share a house. We are also both bondage switches, about the same size. We both played football in high school but were not good enough to be on our college team, and have kept in shape since. A few years ago we hit upon the idea of using fantasy football in combination with our bondage desires. This worked sort of okay, but was difficult, due to the unpredictability of the various players and the various games. We would need some way to add or subtract players during the season, and what with our work, this got to be time consuming. But during the drafting of the players it became clear that I was a fan of National Football Conference teams, whereas my partner was a fan of American Football Conference teams.

One thing led to another, and we decided a couple of years ago to change from fantasy football to inter-conference games to decide who won each week’s match between us to decide who would restrain the other.

Before each year would start we would get together and plan our matches. Since there are 16 NFC teams and 16 AFC teams with 17 weeks of games, we decided to limit our matches to one game each week involving one of the teams from each conference playing each other, with no team playing more than once during the year. This meant that there would be no game during one of the weeks, but since there was always a bye week anyway for each team, we figured we could live with that. We decided that, whenever there was a week when there was no game for our match, including the playoffs, whoever was put into bondage would be available for the other to get their rocks off during each game that was on television. Otherwise, to make it even more interesting, and challenging, the one who had previously lost would be kept locked in chastity during the week as well, the other holding the key.

It was difficult figuring out how to get all 16 teams playing each other one of the weeks during the year, with one bye week, but we were able to do that. The bye week was in the middle of the season. Whoever won the previous week’s match would put the other into bondage for watching the next week’s games on television. It would be up to the winner to decide what type of bondage the loser would be put into. It would be progressive, starting with one restraint after the first week, and so on. The only requirements were that the loser had to be able to eat and eliminate waste during the day, and he needed to be able to see any football games that were on television.

Whoever won the last game of the regular season would be able to restrain the loser each weekend throughout the playoffs up to the super bowl, since there were no inter-conference games during these weeks, with the winner of the super bowl putting the loser into bondage for cock satisfaction on the weekends for a month thereafter, as well as locked in chastity for that month. Since the playoffs lasted four weeks, that meant that the last game of the regular season counted for four weekends of the loser being bound satisfying the winner, as did the super bowl, as well as being in chastity during that time. But whereas the super bowl teams were out of the control of us, the last weekend’s match was determined by us before the season started.

There are usually certain teams who are pretty much going to make the conference playoffs each year, and certain teams who are pretty much not going to make the conference playoffs each year. Since the NFC team won the previous year’s super bowl, I got to pick the first matchup. I picked the last week of the regular season to be a matchup that favored a stronger NFC team against a weaker AFC team. Otherwise, we would try to get our inter-conference matches to be as evenly matched as we could figure them to be before the year started. Of course, there would always be some surprises, teams that we thought would be strong when the season started, but would turn out not to be, and vice versa. But that was all part of the fun.

During the year we had purchased a little more gear than we’d had before, something that we planned to utilize in our bondage plans. We added a neoprene dry suit. We figured that this would make for some ‘hot’ bondage scenes.

Since I had won the previous year’s super bowl, I got to bind my partner for the first weekend’s games. This started with the Thursday night game, and continued, starting Friday night and into Sunday night. Initially on Thursday night I put my partner in all the restraints he had been in after he lost the super bowl. That week’s match was the Thursday night game. It was a match between two of last year’s strong teams and we both thought we had a good chance to win that game. But by being a Thursday night game, this meant that whoever won that game got to restrain the other for that weekend as well.

It was an exciting game, lots of scoring, and while my partner was ahead at the end of the first half, the NFC team came back in the second half and won. That meant that my partner would be the one bound for the next two weekends, since next week’s match was on Sunday. He would be kept in chastity all that time, and I would be humping him during each of the three games on Sunday, as well as the Monday night game. I was thinking that this year was already getting off to a good start. Always we would put handcuffs on the other’s wrists behind their back for the first restraint.

At breakfast Sunday morning I started the traditional trash talking between us. Then I brought out the cuffs. I chose a pair of Darby cuffs that screwed on. Since each week’s restraints continued for the rest of the season, I decided to take it somewhat easy on my partner by having ones that had rounded edges, like Darby cuffs have, so his wrists wouldn’t get marked. But still, those are not the easiest to have on for long periods of time, causing the shoulders to ache, since I would have him put his hands with palms out and hands locked together. My partner knew what was coming, and said that he would be able to handle it for the year. After I’d put them on he said that I must be getting soft, that when he won a game he was going to be harsher on me. I just responded that he wasn’t going to be winning any games that year, that I was going to win out. It was our usual back and forth trash talk.

I enjoyed seeing my partner be uncomfortable that weekend, as well as the next. I had to take care of feeding him lunch and dinner both Sundays, but was happy to do that in exchange for getting ahead on our match. And, of course, I enjoyed fucking him, pulling his cuffed hands up to get access to his ass. The restraints always came off for bed at night, except for the chastity device. We needed the sleep to be ready for work the next morning.

That second weekend the AFC team won. That meant that I would be restrained for the next Thursday night game and for the Sunday games, and he would get to have at me. My partner had been getting increasingly sadistic toward me for the past year when we would play. When Thursday night came, I saw that gleam in his eye at dinner when he was gloating about restraining me for that night’s game. When he brought out the cuffs, I understood why. He brought out a pair of Chatlet cuffs and told me to put my arms down behind my back with my hands palm-to-palm. I knew I was in for an extremely painful night. I’d had those on before like that for only an hour and a half, and I was ready to climb the walls. The game was for three hours, and Sunday’s would last for almost 11 hours, plus the pre-game that we always watched, which would last another 2 to 3 hours. I started complaining loudly about having those on for that length of time.

“Do you not want to play this game anymore?” my partner asked. “You know that these are within the rules.”

“There’s a difference between having fun with a game and making it punishing. You will be crossing the line by putting these on me for that length of time.”

“You sound like a spoiled kid. You’ve been winning too much, and you can’t take losing.”

“It’s not that at all. Wearing those cuffs that way is far too punishing. My shoulders will be ready to explode with pain by the end of Sunday.”

“Aw, can’t you take a little pain? Are you not man enough to take your punishment?”

That got me. I didn’t want him accusing me of being a wimp. I just responded by standing up and putting my arms behind my back. He started chuckling and tried getting my wrists close enough together to put the cuffs on as he’d planned. He wasn’t able to at first, and had to get a leather strap to put around my arms above my elbows, pulling it as tight as he could get it, then waiting a few minutes before pulling it tighter to get my hands close enough so that he could screw the Chatlet cuffs on. With that we were ready to sit down and watch the pre-game show and then the game.

During the game he would periodically ask me if my shoulders were hurting yet. They started killing me about a half hour after he’d put the cuffs on. By half time in the game the pain was excruciating. My partner could see my face screwed up in pain. As he got up to get some snacks and to relieve himself, he put his hands on my shoulders and asked “do you want anything from the kitchen?”

In response I let out a scream from the pain. He chuckled and said “I’ll take that as a ‘no’” and proceeded to go into the kitchen. I was wondering how I was going to make it through until the end of the game. I didn’t want to think about the coming Sunday.

Naturally when my partner got his cock out to fuck me, he had to pull my hands up to get access to my ass. This put a lot more stress on my shoulders. I was yelling at the top of my lungs from that.

Somehow I made it through to the end of the game. I didn’t care who won the game. It meant nothing to our match, and my mind was completely occupied by the pain I was in from those accursed cuffs. There was no position I could put my arms in to relieve the pain. But finally the game was over. My partner got up and went to the kitchen after turning the television off. I started screaming at him to remove my cuffs. He replied “oh that’s right. I’d forgotten. I guess you want those off so you can go to bed.”

Yeah, right, like hell he’d forgotten. I vocalized my thought. “You sadist” I said.

“You’re going to learn just how much of one I am during this year’s games” he seriously responded. That gave me something to think about.

My shoulders were killing me all night. It took a couple of hours for me to fall asleep. The next day at work they were still hurting. But by Saturday they were all right again. We went to an event during the day on Saturday, unrelated to football or bondage, and were good friends during that day and night. But Sunday morning meant returning to the roles we had on Thursday night. Back came the sadistic side of my partner, and back went my wrists into those extremely painful cuffs again.

Almost immediately I started having the familiar pain again. It wasn’t back to what it was like at the end of Thursday night, but it was noticeable. I had decided to focus my mind on the games and try to ignore the pain my shoulders were sending to me. It was the only way I could make it through the day’s games. Besides, the one crucial game would be played to decide who would get to put the other in restraints the next weekend. That one, like the one the previous weekend, was not on television. We would bring out a computer and log on to one of the sites to follow the progress of that game as we would have the television turned on to whatever game was being televised locally.

That week’s match was a blow-out. The AFC team destroyed the NFC team. As it was playing my partner was thoroughly enjoying it, trash talking constantly, while I was getting more and more depressed. The second restraint was always a gag, and I knew that I wouldn’t be able to vocalize anything to my partner about the pain I was in. I had been hoping he would realize just how far he had gone in putting these god-awful cuffs on me for each weekend that I would be restrained, but he didn’t seem to care anything about the horrible pain I was having. With the gag he wouldn’t be hearing any more complaining from me. I would have to suffer in silence. I was wondering how I could get my revenge on him when I would win a game. I didn’t see how I could.

The day progressed. I was completely focused on the pain I was having. I even had my mind completely off my cock being locked in chastity, something I’d been keenly aware of before today. My partner complained to me several times about the noise I was making, that it was drowning out the commentator on the game. I didn’t even realize I was making noise. My mind was completely occupied with the pain from my shoulders. I don’t know how I was able to make it through the day. I don’t even remember having any dinner. My partner must have fed me, but I have no memory of it. When he removed the cuffs, he was looking at me with a worried look. It seems he finally realized how badly he had hurt me.

When I tried to move my arms I started yelling again from the pain. I could hardly move them from behind my back. It was extremely painful for me to even try to remove my clothes. I couldn’t. Finally my partner had to get me undressed. We both sleep in just our briefs, so I didn’t have any pajamas to put on. When I lay down I still had my arms behind me. My partner pulled back the covers for me to lie down, got in, and pulled the covers back over us. He tried to put his arms around me to make up for the pain he’d caused, but even that was excruciatingly painful.

Again I hardly got any sleep that night. I was able to function enough to be able to get my ablutions done and get dressed, but I was still hurting big time. For the Monday night game I was still hurting. I wasn’t even able to do any exercises on the Tuesday nights we went to the gym. It took until Thursday morning for my shoulders to finally quit hurting. But that night I was back in the cuffs again, this time gagged as well. Our game wasn’t until Sunday, so this game didn’t matter much. Again, my partner enjoyed watching it but I didn’t. My shoulders were initially sore from being put into that position again, but they weren’t as bothered as much this time as before. When my partner pulled them up at halftime to have at my ass, it didn’t bother me. I was able to fall asleep that night. I kept my arms behind my back even after the cuffs were off.

The gag that my partner used was a pump-up one. He said that he didn’t want to hear any sounds from me, that all the sounds I had been making the previous Sunday had ruined the games for him. I didn’t care whether he heard the games or not. But with that pump-up gag, I wasn’t going to be making any sounds. It filled my mouth completely. I’d had a gag like that in my mouth before, and didn’t particularly mind it. It was those cuffs that I hated.

When Sunday came around, back on went the cuffs again, and back in went the gag. I was looking forward to this game. My team was favored, and had won a blow-out the week before. Again it was not televised locally, and my partner brought out the computer. I was ready to gloat over this one. But it wasn’t to be. The AFC team won in an upset. I was getting pretty depressed. My partner was trash talking his mouth off. He knew that his team was a decided underdog, and that I had been looking forward to getting back on the winning side again. I was going to have to go another week with my cock locked in chastity.

When the cuffs came off that night I was able to get undressed on my own and into bed. My shoulders were hurting, but weren’t the flaming hell they’d been the previous Sunday. I figured that I was starting to get used to being in those cuffs. My partner again reached out to me in bed to bring me close to him, and this time I allowed it. We kissed a few times before dropping off to sleep. I still kept my arms behind my back when in bed.

The next restraint my partner put on me was a pair of Chatlet cuffs for the ankles. I didn’t know they made those, and said so. He responded that he’d borrowed them. Both sets of Chatlet cuffs had an attached ring, and I figured I was going to find out after my next loss what was next. The ankle ones were somewhat loose, so weren’t that uncomfortable. That Sunday’s game was televised, so we were able to watch it. The AFC team won again. That made four straight. I was going to have something else added to my restraints for the next week. And I was going to have to go another week with my cock locked up.

When Thursday night came, my expectations were realized. But they were realized much more severely than I had expected. My partner connected the two rings from the cuffs to put me into a hog tie. But whereas I had expected a chain connecting them, he instead used a padlock. To do that he had to get my wrists and ankles really close together. He couldn’t just pull them that close. He got some support under my chest and legs to get my upper and lower bodies close enough together to be able to connect the two. Then he removed the supports, leaving me to lie on my stomach with my wrists and ankles trying to pull away from each other, the cuffs cutting in as they would try.

I had been getting somewhat used to the cuffs by then, but this added another level of pain. The cuffs were now cutting into both wrists and ankles. With that gag in my mouth I couldn’t vocalize any of this, and my partner acted as if he were completely unaware of the extra pain I was now in. As before when he’d first put the Chatlet cuffs on my wrists, I was unaware of the game or what was happening, my mind just concentrating on the pain I was in. He had to remove the padlock to have at my ass, but the relief of that was only short-lived. When the game was over and I was let out, I let my partner know that this was another extremely painful position to be in. His reply? “You’ll get used to it, just as you did to the Chatlet cuffs.”

Sunday I had to put up with that newly painful position for a whole day, except for the three brief respites. It was hell. Our game that week was not televised, so we followed it on the computer. My mind was not even concentrating on that game. And, as usual, the AFC team won. I was back restrained Monday night, and knew that I would have another restraint added to me the next Thursday night and Sunday, as well as Monday, and my cock would be locked up for another week. I hoped the next restraint would be something I could handle easier than this week’s was. That night I was able to get undressed, but I didn’t want to be cuddled again. I just wanted to get my wrists and ankles some pain-free time. At the gym on Tuesday I could do some of the exercises, but had to forgo the weight lifting and jogging, since I needed wrists and ankles for that.

That Thursday night tit clamps were added. At least my partner didn’t put on our alligator clamps, but used clamps with a short chain between, short enough to pull the nipples out toward each other when they were connected. He had me open my shirt for them to be put on before he had me close my shirt over them, adding some extra pressure. As my partner put me into the hog tie as he’d done the previous weekend, he said “be thankful that this brings your chest up off the floor so that you aren’t resting on the tit-clamps.”

The tit clamps were a lot easier to deal with. I’d had those on before, and didn’t particularly mind them. Plus I was starting to get more used to the strict hog tie position I was in. It was as my partner had said, I was starting to get used to it. Our game that week was on Sunday, and again it was not televised. And, as usual, the AFC team won. That made six straight. I wondered if I would ever get a win so I could enjoy the games without being in severe restraints, and if my cock would ever get out of its prison. And I wondered what my partner would be putting me in next.

After week six’s loss my partner had a butt plug added. After week seven’s loss I finally got to experience being in the neoprene dry suit with all the other restraints. The sleeves weren’t quite long enough for my arms, so the Chatlet cuffs on the wrists weren’t much of a problem. And with the Chatlet cuffs on the ankles being a little too big, they were now tight over the dry suit. The dry suit put extra pressure on the tit clamps, making those hurt much more than before.

As I was roasting in that suit with all the restraints on, combined with the pain I was having, watching my NFC team going down to defeat yet again, I was wondering if I would ever be able to watch any games while not being restrained, and whether my cock would ever get free again. This game made nine straight that the AFC had won. There were, of course, many other inter-conference games, but even the commentators had been remarking that the AFC was being the dominant conference this year. I had noticed that.

That dry suit had a thick rubber covering that completely covered the neck. To have it on required keeping my head held high so that the rubber covering would be under the chin. I had speculated what the next restraint would be that my partner would have on me, but I wasn’t expecting what he did. After everything else was on, he brought out a rope that had a noose end and started winding that around the rubber covering on my neck. He would yank each loop tight as he wound the coils up my neck. When he had completely covered it, he pulled the noose tight, then brought the loose end down to put through the rings that were attached to the cuffs, pulling my neck back as far as he could get it, before bringing the rope end up and tying it tight several times around my stomach, cinching it before tying it off.

I was surprised to find that the tight rope over my dry suit didn’t choke me at all. Apparently that thick rubber covering prevented the rope from doing that. I was certainly bound up tight. After doing this my partner propped my back against the sofa and sat down next to me for us to watch the game. This was our bye week, but I was still having to endure everything as usual while we watched the games.

Our game the next week was again on Sunday, so this Thursday one didn’t matter much to our match. But it pitted two top teams against each other, and was one that was being promoted as the game of the year. It was well worth watching. I had by then gotten used to spending time in the various restraints, though my shoulders would still hurt from the Chatlet cuffs on my wrists. But I was able to focus on the game we were watching.

At halftime my partner put the television on mute, took a look at me, and said “damn, you’re hot when you’re bound up like that.” I was certainly hot, but that wasn’t what he meant. He brought out his cock, which was hard and dripping. This time he deflated my pump-up gag and removed it, sticking his meat into my mouth. I knew what he wanted me to do. It didn’t take long for him to erupt down my throat. I wanted to do the same, but mine was in chastity, and couldn’t. After he’d finished, he had me lick off his cock. As I was licking the tip of it, I felt it start to get hard again. Before long it was back in my mouth again, and I was sucking it. Again he erupted down my throat. This time he had to sit back down on the sofa. He put my gag back in, pumped it back, and put his cock back into his pants. He started hugging me and said “I love you. I want to keep you just the way you are.”

I thought ‘just the way I am? Bound like this? This is just temporarily for our match, but it sounds like he wants me like this all the time. What is he thinking?’ He saw me looking at him quizzically.

He hugged me for the whole second half of the game. When the game was over, he removed me from the dry suit and the restraints and we went to bed. I wondered whether to bring up the subject of his comment, when he started talking. “Remember when we first made up our rules for this? We also said that if one conference ever won 13 of the 17 games, the matches would be over with the loser being kept always bound when at home?”

I’d completely forgotten about that. It seemed so improbable that I hadn’t even thought about it since we’d written up that list of rules for the match. I realized that this was now a distinct possibility. My partner continued “I’ve been wondering what I’d like to do to you. Last night I realized that the way you were was almost perfect. I’m looking forward to having you kept like that when you’re at home.”

All of a sudden I started realizing that my life could now soon become quite different. I had to ask myself whether this was something that I wanted. I had started being turned on quite a bit by the severe bondage my partner had placed me in, so much so that it was distracting me from work. As a result, my bosses haven’t been too pleased with my work performance. There was a distinct possibility that I could lose my job. I also knew that my partner had been advancing in his company, that he alone now provided more than enough income to provide for our needs. If I lost my job and I lost 13 of the 17 games, would that mean that I would be kept severely bound all the time? And if so, would this be something I would like? My cock started trying to get hard at the thought. I was thinking that it, at least, would like this.

Now that I was thinking seriously about this being something that I wanted to happen with the AFC continuing to win, the NFC won the next two weeks. It seemed strange to not be bound, but to be putting simple restraints, like a gag and ankle cuffs, on my partner. I found myself not particularly into winning now, almost hoping to lose so I could be back severely restrained again. My cock was back in action again, but I found that I wasn’t able to erupt at every game on Sunday, just for one of the three games. It seemed to have shrunk. I wondered if I’d lost the desire as a result of not being able to for so long.

At this time the AFC had won 9 of our games and the NFC had won 3. The AFC won the next one, and I was back being severely restrained again. I had been looking forward to it, and was enjoying it. But the next week, the NFC won. That made it 10 out of 14 for the AFC. To have me permanently restrained would require the AFC to win the last 3, including that last game of the regular season and the super bowl. The chances of that happening seemed small.

The AFC won the next one. The following week was the last week of the regular season, the one where I had purposely gotten one of my strong teams to be playing in the final week against a weak AFC team. My NFC team had already qualified for the playoffs. Their AFC opponent was not one that was good enough to be in the playoffs. So it seemed likely that the NFC team would win. I was resigned to that, now hoping that I could win so I could put my partner in restraints for the next four weeks before the super bowl. But that morning, the commentators said that my NFC team had decided to rest their main players so they’d be fresh for the playoffs, and would not be fielding a very strong team that day. I wasn’t expecting that. As a result, the AFC team won. This meant that I would be severely restrained through the next four weeks of the playoffs, servicing my partner, and the result of the super bowl would determine my fate.

With my concentration focused on this, my mind was not on my work, and I got terminated, my last day at work being the Friday before the super bowl. So the super bowl was now going to determine my fate, whether I’d be permanently restrained at home, or whether I needed to start looking for another job while I kept my partner in restraints for the next four weeks. I was propped up on the sofa, watching all the pre-game hype, waiting for the game to start that would set out the course of my life. Besides all the restraints I had previously listed, I was wearing a hood with eye and nose holes, a posture collar under the coils of rope, and a leather corset under the coils of rope. I was bound and ready, not able to move.

The NFC team took the opening kickoff and ran it back for a touchdown. This was just like the super bowl had started the previous year. It looked like the NFC team would win, gaining initial momentum. But the AFC team just seemed to shrug that off as they took the ensuing kickoff and moved steadily down the field for a tying touchdown. The game was on.

The NFC team took the next kickoff, which they downed in the end zone, and couldn’t move, having to punt the ball back to the AFC team. The AFC team again moved the ball steadily down the field. My partner was talking trash as the AFC team was moving relentlessly. He was trying his best to rub it in. He was saying things like “I’m going to enjoy keeping you severely bound when you’re at home”, and “you’re going to be experiencing a lot of pain”, always said with that sadistic smile on his face. He didn’t realize that I was secretly hoping for the same thing, though I had to keep outwardly rooting for my NFC guys.

The AFC went into halftime ahead by a touchdown. It was still a game. After halftime the NFC team came out charged up, and held the AFC team from getting a first down. Taking the punt, the NFC team moved down the field and scored a tying touchdown. The AFC team responded by getting a field goal, and the NFC team responded with a field goal as well. Going into the final quarter, the game was tied.

The initial momentum the NFC team had coming out from halftime finally started wearing off, and the AFC team started dominating in that final quarter. The game ended with the AFC team winning by three touchdowns. As the game progressed my partner was getting more and more excited. At the end of the game, my partner jumped in the air in triumph, undid his fly, pulled out his hard, dripping cock, removed my hood and gag, and stuck his meat into my mouth. “I got my wish!” he exclaimed. “You’re now going to be always bound at home, always available to me.”

When his cock was out I replied “I thought we were partners. I didn’t know you wanted to dominate me.”

“I realized that this year. I’m sure you’ve noticed that I’ve been stepping things up on you.”

“Yes, I have. And frankly, I’ve enjoyed it. I’m looking forward to this change.”

“Good! Let’s celebrate! I’m gonna call some of our friends and have them over.”

“I’ll need to get out to get cleaned up, then.”

“No way! You’re staying just like that.”

“I don’t want our vanilla friends to see me like this.”

“You forget. What you want doesn’t matter anymore. I make the decisions for us. And besides, this is how your friends will now be seeing you.”

Soon I was gagged again with that hood back on my head. Our friends were over, and my partner was bragging to them about our match and its outcome. Some of them knew about our bondage interests, but others did not. I could see the looks on our vanilla friends’ faces when they saw me restrained like I was, and I didn’t like the looks I saw. I’m pretty sure I’ve permanently lost them as friends. Two others that I didn’t know looked like they wanted to have at me, and I saw them privately talking to my partner as they were both looking at me. I saw my partner nod his head a couple of times. I overheard snatches of their conversation, hearing my partner say “his training has been going well”, “those Chatlet cuffs were the perfect start”, and “the results of the football match were a stroke of luck”.

Soon those two guys left the party. As the party was ending, they were back with a metal cage. This was set up in our bedroom. The three of them lifted me and put me into the cage. Even bound as severely as I was, it was a tight fit for me to be in the cage. After I was in and the cage was locked, my partner said to me “this will now be your new home. In exchange for the use of this, my two friends here will have access to you. You said that you were looking forward to being kept in severe bondage, and these two have been my mentors for what I’ve been doing to you for the past year. They are far more sadistic than I have been to you. I’m looking forward to seeing them in action so I can learn more.”

In response, one of them put a clothes pin on my nose, which completely cut off my air. The three stood back and watched me. As I was running out of air, I noticed that none of them made any attempt to remove the clothes pin. I started trying to get the pin off by pushing it against the bars of the cage, and I succeeded in doing so. One of the guys got a chain and a couple of padlocks, and attached the chain from the top of my hood to the cage bars at the top. I now couldn’t move my head. Then the clothes pin was put back on my nose.

Again the three stood back and watched. I tried again to remove the clothes pin, but without being able to move my hands or head, I couldn’t. Finally I ran out of air and passed out. My cock had been trying to get hard, but couldn’t due to the chastity. When I came to again, the lights were out and I was still in that cage, the chain still attaching me to the top. No clothes pin was on my nose. I was still in all the restraints I had been in when watching that football game.

I was unemployed, and was the bondage toy for three men. It didn’t sound like I would be allowed out of the cage. And all this happened because of how some football games played out. But that didn’t seem to be what my partner’s primary interest was now, judging by the snatches of conversation I overheard. He had used our football match to get what he wanted, namely me severely restrained. I still enjoy watching football games, but I wonder if I’ll even be allowed to watch football next year, since I’d also overheard him telling the other two that he wanted to keep me blindfolded as well. It would be up to my partner.




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