Free With Purchase – Part 1

By M1

Who would have ever thought these two studly guys would end up like this? Mike and Todd had been friends since they were kids. Mike grew up to become a studly fireman, and Todd became a motor cop. Mike was twice married and divorced with three kids. He was tall, 6-foot-3, with a perfectly chiseled muscle chest and washboard abs, his dark hair cut to a military flat top, with a bushy mustache. Todd was just as good looking, 6-foot-2, with reddish brown hair, pefect pecs and abs with killer biceps. And of course, the standard-issue, perfectly trimmed mustache that every cop on his department had.

As they had done for the past seven years, Mike and Todd hooked up with all their work buddies on vacation at the river. The Colorado River in the middle of the desert during the summer normally reaches 110 to 115 degrees during the day and in the upper 90s at nite. This year, everyone decided that they would plan the trip later in the season. Todd had a great boat. Turned heads and drew a lot of attention. Mike had always wanted some kind of watercraft, but never went thru with buying one. With kids to pay for and two ex-wives, he never could manage it in his budget. On their second day on the river, they met up with their group of friends, almost all cops and firemen.

While on the beach having a beer, they hear this incredible buzz coming from a jet ski.

Looking back on the river, they see this incredible yellow jet ski buzz by at 45 mph — the driver is ace, sure-footed and confident — showing off to the crowd, he does some tricks and heads for shore. As he beaches his jet ski Todd notices that it’s his sergeant. Another great looking cop! He says hi to Mike and Todd, and they start paying him compliments on his new toy and his new wetsuit — a shiny black rubber that showed off every detail of his more than incredible body. The sarge approaches them and thanks them for the compliments with smirk on his face. “You’ll never believe the deal I got on this,” he says. “Because it’s the end of the season, this dealer in town is letting them go at half off!”

“Are you sure?” both Mike and Todd ask. “Yeah, trust me,” and to give it a kick, he’s throwing in a FREE custom wetsuit with every purchase. This is worth over $500 on its own,” Sarge says. “This is the best-fitting wetsuit I’ve ever had. If you guys are serious about getting yourself a new toy, you best go see him soon. He says as long as he has stock, he’ll honor the sale price and the free suit. But, I had eight other guys from the group ask me already, so I’m not too sure how long it will last.”

Todd and Mike both look at each other, then back at the Sarge.

They both start eyeing the wetsuit that is on him, each secretly thinking that they would be the No. 1 studs on the river wearing a suit like that, each showing off their best assets, chest, abs and “package.” Mike asks the Sarge, “that fits so uniquely, why does it look so different than any other suit I’ve seen? Looks more like it’s molded on to you.”

“Yeah, it’s the difference between a custom-made suit and an off-the-rack one. I thought exactly the same thing the first time I saw it on me,” Sarge replied.

Mike and Todd spoke briefly, then told the group, “We’re headed out for a bit, catch up to you later.” Then they headed for the dock and their truck to get their new “toys.” They arrived at the dealer a few minutes later. They went in and saw the assortment of watercraft and motorcycles on display. When the salesman approached them, Todd told him that a sergeant buddy of his had told him about a incredible deal he had gotten. The salesman smiled and said, “Ahh, the second ones here today. You both cops?”

“I am,” Todd said.

“I’m a fireman,” says Mike.

“OK,” says the salesman. “We always cut our best deals for cops and firemen. Pick your color, we got green, yellow and blue left.”

“Hot Damn!” came out of both Todd and Mike at the same time.

They go thru all the paperwork, getting all their information entered into the computer. Because the amount was so much less than they expected, the paperwork went very fast. After signing all the forms and going thru the details, the salesman hands them their vouchers for the free wetsuit. Mike goes to stuff his in the envelope, when the salesman says, “Oh, that’s only valid at time of purchase, you must redeem it today.” Mike and Todd look at each other with a puzzled look. “The end of the warm weather on the river causes a rush on people needing wetsuits to “extend” the season. So our deal with the wetsuit maker is that they would have to get them right away so they don’t get buried when they’re the busiest,” the salesman added.

“Geez, we didn’t plan on going to get them today, can we get something off the rack instead?” Todd asked.

“Sure, go over and look,” the salesman said. Mike and Todd went over to the rack and started to look at the selection. A couple of good styles, nothing quite as shiny and good looking as the one the Sarge wore, but they were mainly looking for something that would get them back on the water quick. As they pawed thru the rack there was nothing there that would fit them. The biggest size there was a medium men’s. After discussing it, they rationalized that by making a trip over to the wetsuit factory, they would actually be getting the super deluxe suit like the Sarge had, and it would fit right. How long could it take, 30 minutes, and hour tops. So, they went back to the salesman’s desk. “Guess you don’t have anything in a “Man’s” size on the rack?” Mike said jokingly.

“No problem guys, here’s directions to the factory,” the salesman said, handing then a small map. “By the time you get that done with, we can have you skis serviced and loaded on the trailer and ready to go,” he added. “Be back in a hour or so.” Todd said as they headed out the door. On the way over there, they flipped thru the pamphlet they had gotten on the wetsuits. Incredible styles, all modeled by great looking men. A couple of them reminded Todd of some officers he worked with. He went over the details listed in the brochure. “Each suit uniquely fitted to every customer in our patented process.”

“Choice of thickness for your part of the country.”

“Durability unsurpassed by any of our competitors.”

… and the most surprising line:

“The last wetsuit you will ever have to buy.”

As the guys discussed this, they chuckled and added a “Yeah right, if they’re giving us a $500 wetsuit for free, how good could it be and how long could it last? Will probably last a couple of weeks then look like a worn inner tube.”

They arrived at the address on the map. Mike asked Todd to double check the number. This place was a bit too classy to be some kind of factory. This was a high-tech looking office building. The number matched and they headed in. Once they entered, they saw a sign that said “Wetsuit Factory” so they knew they were in the right place. As they entered, a man approached them. “Hi, you here from the watercraft dealer?” he said. “Yeah, I think we’re in the right place,” Mike said. “Oh yes, it’s kind of deceptive on the outside, but we do everything right here,” said the man. “By the way, my name is Pete and I’ll help getting you guys your suits,” he added. “Follow me.” Pete said.

They headed down a hall to a large room marked “SHOWROOM.” Here they saw all the items pictured in the brochure, up close and in person. As great as they looked in print, they were 10 times more awesome in person. As they looked at them, Mike settled on the same suit the Sarge had, and Todd decided  on one a bit different. “Great, that was quick and easy,” Pete said. “Now on to the fitting room.”

He instructed them to follow thru the door. “OK guys, in here we’ll get you sized up for your new suits. A couple of questions for you before we go any further to ensure proper fitting. First, do you plan on wearing a bathing suit under the suit? Sounds weird, but a lot of people discover wearing a bathing suit with a wetsuit can cause a lot of chaffing. Its becoming more and more common to wear the wetsuit only and keep a bathing suit with your gear if you’re gonna swim.”

Mike and Todd both looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders. “Guess I will take your advice and go without the bathing suit,” Todd said. “Me too,” added Mike.

“Good, I think you’ll appreciate that,” Pete said. “Second, have either one of you ever worn a wetsuit before?”

“No,” Mike said. “No,” said Todd.

Pete continued, “Third and and final question. Would you like our ‘cup supporter’ added to your suits? This can protect your ‘assets’ if you land hard on the seat or do a lot of wave jumping.”

Being the active jocks that they were, and thinking about no other support in the suit, both men agreed on having them include it.

“OK gentlemen, I’ll need you to strip,” Pete said. Feeling a bit shy and bashful, Todd asked sheepishly “Here? Right in the middle of the room? Will this take long?”

“Don’t be embarrassed. Our patented fitting method is more than just simple measuring. You’ll need to put on these ‘sizing suits.’ They are hooked to the main computer thru a cable in this tubing,” explained Pete.

Both men quickly donned the “sizing suits” and were helped by Pete in pulling the yoke over their heads. Once they were in the suits, zippers shut, boots in place and seals properly folded, Mike asked, “Are our suits gonna fit better than this?” “Yeah, I hope so,” added Todd. “Oh yes, let’s get started,” Pete said.

With that, Pete flipped a switch that started the baggy suits to compress tighter and tighter. “Wo!” Mike exclaimed. “Damn!” Todd added. “OK Guys, lets get down to business. First, I need you to reach down and manipulate your cock into the rubber sheath and balls into the sack. This will ensure that the ‘cup supporter’ is in the proper position,” Pete instructed. Both men adjusted themselves. Fitting their slightly swelling cocks in sheaths, they both noticed that the area was wet. “I think there’s something wrong here,” Todd said. “This is wet.” “No, it’s not wrong, we do that on every fitting to prevent it from binding up and not getting a proper fit,” Pete said. Both guys were set, when a grunt came from Mike. “Um, Pete, there’s something strange going on, I feel something at my ass.” “Hey, me too,” added Todd. “Oh, that’s for the fitting and the butt plug,” Pete informed them. “Butt plug?” both Mike and Todd exclaimed. “Yes gentlemen, this is one of our special features that keeps our suits special. Don’t worry, in a few minutes, the probe will complete its entry, then we can proceed with step 2,” Pete said. “Excuse me, Pete, what is step 2?” asked Mike. “Mike, Todd, let me explain what’s about to happen to you. Level 2 is known as the ‘processing stage.’ In case you haven’t figured this out, you are going to become one of our many rubber slaves,” said Pete. “WHY, HOW, WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE!” screamed Mike. With a most matter-of-fact tone, Pete went on to explain. “Our center is the ultimate in the field of computerized slave processing. We currently have a big demand for good-sized men to serve men of the same size or bigger. It has been determined that police and firemen are generally in excellent physical condition, and many have perfect bodies. Todd’s sergeant was processed here last week. We determined that we can use him as a lure to get what we need. He tells officers and firemen that meet our criteria the “great deal” on the jet skis. From there, the salesman verifies the sergeant’s choices. When he runs your info in the computer, he checks to see what your personal stats are. For you, Mike, we know about your two ex wives and children. Obviously, you are heterosexual, or ‘were.’ Todd on the other hand, 34 and never married, is maybe picky, maybe gay. We can be assured that both of you will not be missed immediately. As for work, well, I’m sure your sergeant will be come up with a good story for you, Todd,” Pete explained. “Yeah, well, he can’t cover for me,” Mike yelled. “Really Mike, I don’t think that’s a problem. Your captain was here yesterday for his ‘free’ suit. Now gentlemen, let’s continue.”

With that, both men could feel the plugs enter their asses. “Relax boys, it will go much easier if you don’t fight it,” Pete said. The looks on their faces showed the pain. As if that wasn’t enough, they both began to feel the newest invader approaching their dicks. A super thin catheter was finding its way down their dicks.

To be continued…

Metal would like to thank and salute the author M1 for this story, which is posted here with his permission.

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  1. Love your story, please write more. i want to live vicariously through Mike and Todd’s adventures.

    1. Glad you liked it – I wrote this story about 20 yrs ago –
      There are a few more chapters that Metalbond will post soon…but i still never really finished it…

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