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Free With Purchase – Part 3

By M1

With the surprised look on Todd’s face, Pete asked, “I see you are surprised, if not shocked. As you can see, my complete body is sealed in rubber, from my neck to my toes, with the exception of my hands.”

“Why?” asked Todd. “How come you are part of whatever it is going on here?” he added.

“I too was an unwilling participant to this when I first arrived. I originally came here to apply for a job. Once I was here, the leaders of this organization ‘prepared’ me, as we have done to you and your friend. But, one thing was different. I had a secret fantasy about rubber and latex. I had never told anyone about it, and in fact, was a bit embarrassed about it. But once we got to this stage, I somehow felt no harm in admitting it. My body was coated with rubber like Mike’s is being done. But, a different computer program was used on me. Mike will be one incredible rubber slave when we are through with him,” Pete said.

“But you seem to be in control of your own actions and thoughts. I find it hard to believe that you aren’t one of the organizers of this place,” Todd said.

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Free With Purchase – Part 2

By M1

As the probes went to work entering both of the men, Pete went on to elaborate more on the center’s plans for them and what was happening, and most importantly, ABOUT to happen to them.

“Gentlemen,” Pete said, “By now your asses should becoming accustomed to the butt plugs.”

“It’s in there, but there’s no fucking way that I will ever get ‘accustomed’ to anything up my ass,” Mike said.

“Me neither,” added Todd.

“Oh, you will, boys, YOU WILL. I can see from the monitors that the catheters are fully deployed and in place,” Pete said.

“Impossible, aside from that thing moving around in the suit, I never felt it go any further than to the tip of my dick. And believe me, I would know if ANYTHING went up my dick,” Todd said.

“Mike, how about you? Did you feel anything?” Pete asked.

“No! Aside from this thing up my ass, you’ll never get anything in my dick,” Mike snarled at Pete.

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Free With Purchase – Part 1

By M1

Who would have ever thought these two studly guys would end up like this? Mike and Todd had been friends since they were kids. Mike grew up to become a studly fireman, and Todd became a motor cop. Mike was twice married and divorced with three kids. He was tall, 6-foot-3, with a perfectly chiseled muscle chest and washboard abs, his dark hair cut to a military flat top, with a bushy mustache. Todd was just as good looking, 6-foot-2, with reddish brown hair, pefect pecs and abs with killer biceps. And of course, the standard-issue, perfectly trimmed mustache that every cop on his department had.

As they had done for the past seven years, Mike and Todd hooked up with all their work buddies on vacation at the river. The Colorado River in the middle of the desert during the summer normally reaches 110 to 115 degrees during the day and in the upper 90s at nite. This year, everyone decided that they would plan the trip later in the season. Todd had a great boat. Turned heads and drew a lot of attention. Mike had always wanted some kind of watercraft, but never went thru with buying one. With kids to pay for and two ex-wives, he never could manage it in his budget. On their second day on the river, they met up with their group of friends, almost all cops and firemen.

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