Gear 365 – Part 2

By Rubrpig

During the morning Skype check-in Daddy Mike noticed that his gear boy Adam was obviously very distracted. As it was a day that he was working at the office, Adam was dressed in gear, this day it was 20″ Wesco Big Boss Engineers, Langlitz competition breeches, a black t-shirt and a leather bar vest. Although Adam was fully geared he still was distracted by something other than his gear or the check-in with his Daddy.

Even though Daddy Mike was in his usual Carhartt work gear and boots as it was a working day, the sight of his muscular furry Daddy did not even arouse him. Adam stood but really did not communicate with his Daddy as usual. The call ended as both men had to leave for their respective jobs, however, Daddy Mike left for work and spent the day wondering what was up with Adam. He was worried that Adam was at a breaking point as it was now almost 4 weeks since he agreed to being locked up in the cararra chastity belt for an entire year along with spending the year in leather or other gear to prove his commitment to him. Daddy Mike grew more and more anxious as he felt that Adam was going to request an end to the commitment.

He finally finished his shift as site manager at the large office building project and left work in his F-150 King Cab and headed for Adam’s home. Knowing that Adam was usually home an hour before he finished work he knew that Adam would be there when he arrived. After 20 minutes in traffic, he pulled on to the driveway of Adam’s home and got out. Using his keys, he walked into the house and called out for Adam.

Adam was in his office, sitting staring at the display screens thinking about his situation and just then he heard the deep booming voice of his Daddy calling for him. Adam stood up quickly, still in his leathers he was wearing that day, and ran for the entrance of the house to find his Daddy standing there in his dirty sweaty work gear and boots. The sight of his Daddy as always got him aroused and he quickly walked up and dropped to his knees bowing his head in greeting. He then leaned forward and began to lick the mud and dirt from the leather of his Daddy’s work boots. Finally both boots were cleaned, as he was not allowed to clean the soles of the boots to insure that anything that was on the soles would not cause him problems. He heard his Daddy instruct him to stand up and face him. He obeyed and stood with his hands clasped behind his back. He stood watching silently as his Daddy looked at him. He told Adam to get them beers while he had a shower.

Adam turned and walked to the kitchen and grabbed 2 beers from the fridge and headed for the master bedroom. He heard the shower turn on and so he stood waiting in the doorway of the bathroom while he watched his Daddy have a shower. After showering he dried himself off and walked into the bedroom and then into the closet to get some gear out. He had started to keep some leathers and other gear at Adam’s house so in case of a surprise visit he had some gear there. Getting dressed in a pair of leather jeans and a white t-shirt, he walked out in bare feet. Taking the beer from Adam’s hand he told Adam to grab his work gear, put them in the washer and report to him in the living room asap. Adam quickly obeyed and grabbed the dirty sweaty working clothing and ran for the laundry room. Quickly checking all the pockets, he put the clothing in the washer and turned it on, then picking up his beer, he ran for the living room to find his Daddy sitting relaxing on the couch with his bare feet propped up on the coffee table.

Daddy Mike looked up and pointed to the floor beside him and Adam walked over quickly and knelt down on the floor, his heavy leather breeches softly creaking as he did. Sitting there he looked up at his Daddy and realized that his Daddy had a look of concern on his face.

Daddy Mike looked at Adam and asked him what was bothering him as it was obvious that something was. Adam blushed and looked down at the floor and nodded. Well, boy what the hell is wrong? You regretting the commitment to me? You want out? Well, spit it out!

Adam looked up with a stunned expression and stammered that NO, he did not want out of the deal. He wanted to prove himself and now that he had gotten used to the belt and was not longer as horny as he had been he could appreciate the belt and the focus it gave him. It helped him focus on his Daddy and his needs, also it allowed him to enjoy the gear and the heavy play they got into as he was no longer jacking off and then wanting things to end as he had gotten satisfied.

Well, what the hell is wrong then, Daddy Mike demanded. Adam looking down said that he was scared as he was scheduled to start his hockey season on the weekend and he was scared about the reaction of his team to him being in the chastity belt and whether he could play effectively while in the belt. Daddy Mike smiled and relaxed at this statement as he now knew what was bothering his boy. Nodding, he looked at his boy and told him they would figure this out together.

Daddy Mike looked at Adam and asked him if the men on his team were straight or gay? If they were gay was the league they played in a gay hockey league? Adam looked up at his Daddy and told him that the men were straight and so was the league. There may be gay men on some of the other teams but there were none on his team. Adam went on and told his Daddy that the men knew he was gay so that would not really cause a problem for him if Daddy Mike was with him as they would accept him as Adam’s boyfriend. Nodding, Daddy Mike asked what were the arrangements for the team to change into their gear and did Adam change with the team? Adam nodded that the teams were assigned to change rooms based on the game time and that he changed in the same room but there was a dedicated goalie area which was like a alcove off the main room as goalies took longer and needed more space for their gear and to get dressed and ready for the game.

Daddy Mike nodded and asked if they always played at the same ice arena and Adam nodded. Adam sat back on his boot heels and watched his Daddy. Daddy Mike looked at him and told Adam to go get his goalie gear ready to go and make sure he packed everything that he would normally wear for a game not how he wore the gear when he was wearing it at home. Adam nodded and stood up and went to get his gear bag packed and ready. Hearing the washer finish, he switched the clothing to the dryer and finished packing all of his game equipment.

Daddy Mike stood up and headed for the kitchen and quickly prepared food so they could eat. As soon as Adam reported back that the gear was packed, Daddy Mike told him to call the arena and see if there was open ice and if so book it so they could head there. Adam obeyed and called the arena and found that the practice ice was available and that there were several other players from the league there so he would be welcome so they could scrimmage. The dryer alarm went off and Adam got up and took out the work gear and quickly folded them and took them to the bedroom and set them on the dresser ready for his Daddy in the morning. Just then Daddy Mike walked in and headed for the closet and took a pair of police tactical boots and a pair of socks and walked back into the bedroom and sat on the bed and pulled on the socks and the boots. Looking at his boy, he told him to grab his gear bag and put it in the back of the truck. Adam grabbed the large heavy bulky gear bag and hefted it up and lugged it out of the house and opened the tail gate of the truck and slid it in and shut the tail gate. Daddy Mike walked out of the house, locking it and setting the alarm. The two men got in the truck and Adam told his Daddy how to get to the arena which was about a 30 minute drive.

After arriving at the arena and parking the truck, the 2 men got out and Adam grabbed his gear bag and they headed to the arena’s entrance. Checking in at the office, and getting a surprised look from the teenager manning the desk, the 2 men headed for the locker room that was assigned to them so Adam could get geared up. The teenager at the desk watched as the 2 men in leather and boots walked into the arena and headed for the locker rooms. He noticed himself getting hard as he watched the men’s leather covered asses as they walked to the locker room.

After finding the locker room, Adam put the heavy gear bag down and unzipped it. He began to unpack the gear and set it out so he had it in order so it would be easier to get dressed. His Daddy sat down on a nearby bench and watched his boy in his heavy leathers setting out all of the gear. Finally, he looked at his Daddy and asked if he could start getting ready. Daddy Mike nodded and leaned back, stretching out his legs to watch.

Adam pulled off his boots and then his socks and set them aside hanging the socks over the tops of the boots so they could dry out. Then he removed his leather breeches and after sliding them down his legs, he stepped out of them and hung them up by a belt loop. Stripping off his t-shirt, he stood there with just the steel belt on and looked over at his Daddy. He picked up a pair of compression tights and pulled them on, and his Daddy asked why the compression gear? Adam replied that the tights and the padded shirt helped to wick away the sweat and also the material was designed to keep him warm while on the ice. He picked up the compression shirt which had long sleeves and foam padding on the shoulders, chest and the sides which added some extra protection from the puck. He then reached down and picked up a heavy padded double goalie cup and pulled it on and settled it over the cage of the chastity belt. Daddy Mike at this point stood up and walked over. He knelt and then examined closely the heavy double goalie cup and how it fit over the belt. The cups appeared to sit properly and should protect the cage of the belt while he was playing.

Satisfied, he walked back over to where he had been sitting as his boy resumed dressing. Picking up a garter belt he put it on then he sat down and picked up a pair of heavy knee pads and put them on strapping them on tightly using the Velcro straps on each on them. He then pull on a pair of socks then pulled on his hockey socks pulling them up and attaching them to the garter belt. He then sat down and took a roll of hockey tape and wrapped the tape just below the cups of the knee pads so the tape would hold the knee pads in place while playing. Next he stood up and picked up his heavy goalie pants and stepped into them and pulled them up settling them around his hips and then sat down and began to put on his skates. He quickly laced them on and removed the blade guards, Taking his pads he laid them face down in front of him and put the toe ties through the struts of his blade holders on his skates and tied the laces so the toes of the pads were now laced to his skates. He lifted the left pad and adjusted it on his leg and using the elastic and Velcro straps quickly strapped the pad on. Repeating it with the right one, he then stood up and began to do his stretching exercises which were always done right after he put on his pads.

After about 15 minutes of stretching he stood up, picked up his foam throat protector and snug it around his neck and took his chest/arm protector and put it on. After strapping the main strap around his waist he put his arms into the arms of the pads and adjusted them so his elbows settled into the cups for them. He then closed and tightened the wrist straps on the arms. He then tucked the chest pad into his pants, he clipped the two pieces of equipment together then he pulled up the suspenders on the pants and he put them into the Velcro straps on the shoulder protectors of his chest/arm pads which held the suspenders in place and kept the chest pad from raising up and interfering with his head movement when in the butterfly position in goal. He then pulled on his jersey and settled it into place and then picked up his helmet and pulled it on with the clear heavy dangler handing from the cage on the front of the mask and settled it so it sat comfortably on his head. Picking up his catching glove he pulled it on and strapped it down tight so it would not come off while playing. He then pulled on his blocking glove and then grabbed his sticks and stood up straight and looked at his Daddy.

Daddy Ken looked over at his boy now fully geared up and ready to play goalie, he smiled and nodded. He walked over and asked Adam if the chastity belt was interfering with his gear and his movements. Adam shook his head and told him that it seemed to be fine. He looked at his Daddy and politely asked him if he could fill a water bottle for him and give it to him. Daddy Mike laughed and did as asked putting the full bottle in the pocket of the glove. The 2 men left the dressing room, and Daddy Mike locked the door so the gear left in the room was secured. They then walked to the practice rink and Adam saw that there were 5 men on the ice in player gear shooting at the empty nets. He recognized one of them as a defensive player on his team, and in fact the one that showed up that first weekend delivering pizza and Mike answered the door in full gear.

They walked over to the bench area and Daddy Mike sat down on the bench after opening the door to let Adam step out on to the ice. The players saw that a goalie had shown up and skated over to talk to him. After finding out that Adam was ready to practice and take their shots, he skated over to the nearest net and put his water bottle on the top of the net and prepared the ice surface in the goal crease by chopping up and roughing up the ice surface so he had more of a bite into the ice with his blades. Once he was ready, he dropped down into his stance and nodded. The players began to play and take runs at him and firing the pucks at him. Some he blocked and some got in. The practice went on for over an hour and finally the players skated up and told him that they had had enough and it was time anyways. Adam smiled and nodded. They all skated over to the bench area and Daddy Mike opened the door and they all walked off the ice and the players headed to their dressing room and Adam stood quietly by his Daddy.

Daddy Mike sat down on the bench and indicated Adam sit down beside him. Adam reached up to lift his helmet up but was told to leave it as it was. Daddy Mike told him to keep all his gear on as it was but they needed to discuss the situation. Adam nodded and sat in his gear, sweating in all of the heavy soaked gear from his workout on the ice and looked at his Daddy.

Daddy Mike told Adam that when he had a game or practice, he was to arrive very early and set out his gear and quickly put on his compression gear and goalie jock. This would hide the fact that Adam was wearing the chastity belt. After playing he would strip down and remove his gear and then wrap a towel around his waist to hide the belt. As the showers were cubicles with solid doors, showering would not cause an issue as he could shower and then dry off and wrap the towel around his waist to walk back to where his equipment and gear was. He was to quickly dress or at least put on his pants. He would then be able to pack up his gear and finish dressing. Even though the belt would still be wet, it should be alright till he got home and then he could finish drying the belt properly.

Adam nodded and realized that this would work and that he had become stressed and anxious for nothing. He sat there and looked down embarrassed by his actions. Daddy Mike looked over and saw his boy was upset and asked him what was wrong? Adam looked up and apologized for creating an issue where none existed and that he had worried his Daddy over nothing. He was ashamed and knew that he had caused worry and stress for his Daddy.

Daddy Mike nodded and told Adam, that he had been wrong and that he deserved to be punished for causing worry and stress. He then stood up and told Adam to follow and they walked over to the dressing room. Adam walking with his legs spread wide so the pads would not interfere as he walked. The peculiar walk of all hockey goalies in their gear.

After Adam had undressed and packed up his gear, he was told to put on his leathers and boots. He obeyed and soon they were in the truck heading back to Adam’s house. After arriving Adam unpacked all his gear and set it on the drying rack in the garage to dry. After that was done, he walked into the house and found his Daddy waiting for him.

He was told to remove his boots and leathers and put them away and report to the playroom. Adam ran for the bedroom and quickly stripped and put his boots and leather away. He then ran down to the basement and came to a stop in the middle of the space. He stood facing his Daddy, and clasped his hands behind his back. Daddy Mike told him that he had fucked up badly and as such, as a responsible Daddy he was now going to discipline his wayward boy. Adam nodded, and stood quietly. Daddy Mike quickly locked heavy wrist and ankle cuffs on him and told him to get his ass over to the cross. Quickly locking Adam into position, he picked up pair of eagle talon nipple clamps and a couple of 1 ounce weights. He quickly put the clamps on Adam’s nipples and slapped Adam’s face when he grunted and hissed as the pain hit. He then hung the weights on the clamps so they pulled even tighter and stretched his nipples.

Daddy Mike then picked up a single tail and warmed up his arm and shoulder so the sounds of the whip cracking told Adam what was going to happen. Then the whip cracked and the tip struck hard on Adam’s back, the searing pain slammed through him but his discipline held, and he loudly stated, One Sir, Thank you Sir. The whipping progressed in stages over the next 30 to 40 minutes and finally the count reached 20 and Daddy Mike leaned against the red, raw and welted back of his boy and asked quietly if he had learned his lesson. Adam nodded and thanked his Daddy for disciplining him and teaching him the lesson he needed to learn.

Daddy Mike nodded and walked over and picked up a bottle of hydrogen peroxide and some gauze pads and cleaned the wounds on his boy’s back and then where there was an open wound bandaged it so his boy’s back would heal properly.

Sitting down in a heavy bondage chair, he relaxed and watched his boy as he calmed down and as the pain eased from his back, he then stood up and walked back over and grabbing both nipple clamps quickly removed them and then pushed hard on both of the swollen nipples causing the pain to slam back into his boy and this time his boy groaned and his head slumped forward. Daddy Mike leaned forward pressing his body against his boy and held him while he calmed down. After a few minutes he unlocked Adam from the cross and helped him to walk over to the bondage chair and sit down. He unlocked and removed the cuffs and told Adam it was time for bed.

The two men headed upstairs and soon were in bed.

The weekend arrived quickly for both men, and it was time for them to leave for the arena and Adam’s first game of the season. Dressing in levis, wesco loggers, and a Carhartt work shirt, Adam packed his goalie gear and followed his Daddy out to the truck. Daddy Mike was in leather breeches, and Dehners along with a dark gray cloth uniform shirt.

Arriving at the arena, Adam found the assigned dressing room and walked in. He was the first of the team to arrive and he quickly stripped down and put on his compression gear, then his goalie jock. He then unpacked and laid out the rest of his equipment. After about 15 minutes, his team mates slowly wandered in and began to dress. After getting his lower equipment on, he went through his stretching routine and then finished dressing. Their coach gave them a pep talk and they went through the lineup and starting lines.

They headed out to the ice and after 10 minutes of warm up skating and Adam in the net taking shots from his team, the game began. Daddy Mike watched from the stands, the wives and girlfriends of the players on both teams kept an eye on the game and on the large muscular man in leather breeches and boots. When they realized he was cheering for Adam, they figured out that he must be Adam’s new boyfriend. They assumed he was new as Adam had never brought anyone to a game before.

During the breaks, a few of them came over to Daddy Mike and introduced themselves and sat down with him. Soon there was a cheering section for Adam’s team surrounding Mike.

After the game which Adam’s team lost by one goal, the teams left the ice. Waiting in the stands, Daddy Mike finally saw Adam walk out surrounded by a few of his team and he stood up and walked down the steps of the stands and over to where Adam was standing. Adam looked over at him and smiled and turned to his team mates and introduced them to Mike. Mike nodded and shook hands with them. They invited Mike to join them for beers. Adam looked over with a questioning look at his Daddy and Mike smiled and accepted. The group of hockey players and Mike was soon joined by the others wives and girlfriends. They headed upstairs to the arena’s bar and sat down, the pile of gear bags beside their tables.

After a while, one of the men asked Mike what was up with the leather? Mike smiled and told the guy and the group that he was into leather and usually was in leather in one form or another every day. The women smiled and looked at the muscled man in breeches and they all told him that he was fucking hot and that Adam was one lucky man. Mike laughed and smiled.

After a while, the group broke up, Daddy Mike and Adam headed out to the truck and after throwing the gear bag in the back headed for Adam’s house to put away the gear. After the gear had been hung out to dry, he went into the bedroom and grabbed the Dainese race suit, boots, gloves and helmet that he was told to get and ran back out to the truck. They were spending the rest of the weekend at Daddy Mikes house.

After arriving at Daddy Mike’s house, the men entered and Adam headed quickly down to the basement where he was allowed to have a space for himself and some of his gear. He quickly changed out of his jeans, boots and soon was pulling on the heavy tight race suit. Once in the suit up to his waist, he sat down and zipped the leg zippers and pulled on socks. He then pulled on the Sidi race boots, zipping them up and snapping the clips to lock them. He then struggled into the upper part of the suit and zipped it up. The suit forced him to bend his knees slightly and his arms were naturally bent by the suit. He picked up his helmet and pulled it on, strapping it tight. He pulled on and strapped his race gloves on and then headed quickly upstairs to report to his Daddy.

After reporting and inspected by his Daddy, he stood quietly as Daddy Mike put on a cable collar and padlocked the cable to the zipper tab on the suit locking the suit on. Then the helmet strap was locked so the helmet was locked on. Daddy Mike smiled at the racer standing before him locked into the gear for the rest of the weekend.


To be continued …

Metal would like to thank the author, Rubrpig, for this story!

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