Glass and a Half

By Catdude

Josh sighed and rolled off me. I swallowed a few times, savouring the flavour of his juice in my mouth, sucking at my cheeks a little to extract the very last bit of his cum. I lay there enjoying the aftertaste of it in my mouth, salty yet tangy, I also grunted and wiggled a little, the tight straightjacket hugged me close and I could feel the pressure building on my forearms the most and a little in my shoulders, I had cum a few minutes before Josh had, he had stroked me to a orgasm even as my mouth had worked him towards him.

He had tried not jerking me off as I blew him, but he found my moans of pleasure from the sensation and particularly the deep groan when I finally climaxed to be most pleasurable. I nudged him with my knee, reminding him of the reason why he had in the past tried to delay my gratification, he lifted a arm off his face, looking innocent as if he didn’t know what I wanted. I glared at him, ‘let me out Josh’ he smiled at me and stroked the inside of my leg, ‘already? Come on Dave, you only just got in there’ his voice was persuasive and his touch was gentle and caressing, but the pressure of the straight jacket was more then enough to fix my mind, I gave him another stern look and used my business voice, it was my No voice, he knew that any other time I said no it was more of a ‘oh please yes!!’ except when I said it in this tone of voice, he knew I was not playing. ‘Now!’ he sighed and pushed me over roughly, I grunted a little as he pushed a knee into my back so that he could tug at the straps he had done up on the jacket, he bitched like he always did, “you gotta learn to stay in longer man, it’s no fun having to let you out as soon as you cum.” I merely grunted again, it was a little tricky to talk at the moment, he always did the straps up so tight. I wiggled my toes wishing he would hurry up and get the straight jacket off me and then remove the shackles from around my ankles.

He continued to carry on about how I should learn to stand more time tied up or whatever until with one final tug the last strap was undone and I was able to stretch my arms out, I quickly pushed him aside and turned and presented my feet to him as I pulled the jacket over my head. I liked Josh, he was hot, his body was hard and defined in all the right places, he rode a kickass black bike and whenever he rode it he was in leather. Nothing was ever worn under the leather, which I found hot as hell. His one downside was the bondage domination crap. I was ok with getting tied up and stuff, it was sorta fun being helpless as he used me how he wanted, but after I came it was game over, he had tried once to keep me tied up, when I had eventually got out I was mad as hell and told him to get the hell out. I had ignored his messages for a few weeks till he turned up on my doorstep one wet night, looking all hangdog and adorable with water dripping off his leathers, he told me he was really sorry and would I please forgive him. He told me that I was the only one who could make him blow through headjobs and that fucking me was amazing.

He grunted in annoyance as I gently pushed him in the chest with my feet, and grumbled as he undid the shackles. ‘Fuck, this sucks, you’re a great cum whore, you can’t get enough of it, you give great head, your ass is tight as hell and a great ride, but you’re a whiny little bitch after you cum, you need training boy.’ I shrugged as my feet were released and jumped up stretching, I flicked him the finger, ‘fuck off with your boy shit, I don’t go for all of that crap, bondage is fun, so is the other stuff but I am not sir yes siring you no matter how bad you wish I would, so get over yourself.’ He glared at my offending finger and I swear I saw his fist clench, I figured I must have imagined it when he suddenly smiled and laughed like it was a joke, “so what are your plans for your three weeks off?” I shrugged, work had suddenly noticed that I had a buttload of holiday days, it wasn’t that I didn’t take time off, it was just that I usually just added a day either side of a weekend and did it that way, as a result I was being forced to take 3 weeks off, I didn’t really care, I just wished they had given me a bit more notice then the week and a half they gave me, it was to expensive to book flights anywhere with such short notice and I didn’t really relish the idea of spending a week of my holidays driving to a destination.  ‘Nothing really, since they gave me shit all notice I am just gonna goof off around home.” I stretched out on my bed as I watched him stuff the straightjacket and shackles into his backpack, ‘he pulled his leather jeans on and I felt a little stir in my groin area as he pulled his jacket straight on over his bare chest and zipped it up, ‘cool, well that event I told you about finally is ready to go, if your still keen?’ he was teasing clearly since there was no way I wasn’t keen, I jumped up whooted with excitement, ‘awesome?! Seriously? A whole glass?’ Once Josh had learned I was a massive cum whore he had joked that one time he would feed me a whole glass of cum, then out of the blue about 2 weeks ago he told me that it was gonna be  reality. I could feel my mouth filling with drool at the thought of it. He laughed at me, ‘yea, come round my place this Friday and it’s on.’

I was a little curious as I made my way towards Josh’s place, I had never been there, he lived a little way out of town and most of the time he was happier to come to me, I think he secretly just liked the excuse to zip around on his bike naked under his leathers. I was a little surprised when I pulled up at the size of the place, apparently Josh had a fair bit of dosh, I couldn’t care less about any of this however since somewhere in there were enough guys to fill a cup of cum and pour down my gullet, no doubt it would involve some stupid tight bondage but as long as I was horny I would be able to bear it.

Josh answered after I knocked with a big grin, he gestured me in, ‘here he is, the guest of honour!’ I looked around, ‘nice place, where are all the guys?’ Josh laughed at this, ‘don’t blow your load just yet punk ass, we gotta prep you before you get your tasty glassful, and the less time we take getting you ready the more fun we will have! So lets get you prepped.’ He walked a little way away and grabbed something off a chair that I hadn’t really looked at since I was looking around for a crowd of guys, he held it up, my first impression was of black shine and then I noticed it was a rubber suit, he had mentioned a few times that he wanted to get me in some rubber, but I had refused cause the idea of being tightly covered all over was not something I enjoyed, I was about to tell him to cram it where it fitted however I noticed that it was pretty large, it wouldn’t be too tight on me, I sighed, I was ready to put up for a lot for my glass of gooey goodness and apparently Josh was gonna push me as far as he could. I grumbled as I stripped down but he just ignored me and held the suit open, it zipped up from the back so I stepped into it facing him and his big cheeky grin, the suit was loose as I had expected, it was tight around the wrists and ankles, thicker industrial rubber the sort I half expected you saw on diving suits and stuff made up the ankle and wrists, there was also a weird sorta valve on the shoulder so I assumed it was some description of diving suit or hazmat suit, funny how kinky some of those things are. Since my cock and balls sat happily outside the suit thanks to another slightly elastic seal I assumed he had gotten it modified slightly, either that or this was one hell of a hazmat suit! He then held up a silk blindfold and I let him blindfold me, I felt him fiddling around with the back of the suit, felt him running his hand up and down my back over the zip, it felt good and my cock began to grow, probably ending up a little bigger then usual cause of the tightness of the rubber around it. I felt him pull my hands forward and then felt pressure around my wrists and heard the clinking of metal and chain, I held in the sigh I wanted to heave, if I made to much of a fuss about this sorta thing he usually punished me while I was tied up, and while I could be pissed off at him afterwards it was impossible to stop him at the time. I tried to keep myself from jiggling in impatience to let the group of guys waiting not far away have their way with me, the cuffs were taking forever, it felt like they were in two pieces that he was screwing together or something.

I rolled my eyes under my blindfold, he would just keep pushing till I stopped him, no doubt he had a slightly tighter rubber suit somewhere, it had been the same with the straight jacket, first time I had brought it out I had flat out said no, then he had put me in leather restraints, then he had gotten me to wear his jacket while I blew him with my arms restrained behind me, then a leather arm binder. Finally he had offered the straight jacket again, since I was now used to being restrained while my upper torso was in leather I had agreed, plus I got tired of fighting him sometimes, and he usually was fucking awesome in the sack after he had won some small victory.

He finally finished with the restraints and then let them drop I went to step forward but he placed a hand against my chest, and then a few moments later I felt him fiddling with my ankles. It was literally all I could do to not groan in frustration, but I really wanted all those guys and I didn’t wanna be taking cocks while my balls were aching from him stretching or slapping them for annoying him. I half grinned to myself, not long ago I woulda told him to fuck off and either take me to the guys or I would go home, I was getting conditioned by him, bastard. Finally he started to lead me forward, the carpet underfoot soon turned to wood and then we went down some stairs and soon cold concrete was underfoot, it was tricky to move since the chain between the ankle restraints wasn’t that long, I was excited and horny so the combination was making me sweat a fair bit in the suit. Soon he pushed me gently back and I suddenly felt a chair behind me, he pulled my arms above my head and I felt them being restrained there, that would get real old fast, I thought I heard a click and it felt like something was tugging on the shoulder of the suit, but it was probably just the rubber sticking to the chair, ‘are you ready?’ he whispered in my ear? I groaned and nodded. Suddenly something was around my cock and I grunted in surprise, it felt like it was being stuffed into a tube or something, I immediately thought of a fleshjack, I had tried one once and the sensation was similar, it didn’t move after the initial push which I was glad off, I was getting a little curious, I couldn’t hear any other guys, maybe Josh was getting me all tied up and then bringing them in, I felt something around my balls like a rubber ring I grunted in discomfort, I would be having words with Josh about this, it was the final straw, I wasn’t big on my balls being played with and he knew it. There was silence and then suddenly whatever was around my cock suddenly started to pulse and a weird sucking stroking sensation started on my cock, I yelped in surprise, it clearly wasn’t a fleshjack.


Part 2


I groaned in lust and tried to distract myself, at this rate I would cum in no time! And I hadn’t even sucked a cock yet! I was about to yell out for Josh to stop it before I came when a second surprise not nearly as pleasant happened, suddenly the suit tightened around me! I paniced and thrashed around a little, yelling out for Josh, the suit tightened until it was nearly a effort to breathe! I tried to pull my hands down but they were firmly restrained, I tried to kick with my legs but the chain must have been attached to something since I could move my ankles but only a little way, I was yelling and swearing, I didn’t care if he had 50 guys in the other room, there was no way I was putting up with this. Josh didn’t move to stop whatever was happening, I tried to buck my hips to throw whatever was on my cock off and found out unpleasantly that the rubber ring around my balls wouldn’t move, after a few ball aching thrusts I soon gave up on that plan. I screamed abuse and swore at Josh yelling out that if he didn’t let me out now he would never see me again. He continued to ignore me and although the tightness of the suit and my aching balls were working against it, I felt the stirrings of a orgasm start in my balls. Soon I gasped and groaned and saw flashes of light in front of my eyes as I came. I sat there in the chair my arms restrained above me, panting and swearing, ‘ok Josh, out NOW!’ I screamed, but nothing happened, the machine on my cock was still going. I don’t know how long I was like that, I eventually stopped screaming and yelling when my voice gave out after about the 4rth orgasm, all in all I think the machine extracted 6 brutal orgasms out of me, none after the first were pleasant in fact I actually started sobbing in agony after the 5th.

Finally after what seemed like forever the sensation on my cock stopped and my wrists were suddenly released, and I felt the suit loosen all around me with a weird hissing noise. I reached up and ripped the blindfold off and was momentarily stunned, on my cock was some sort of weird tube, it was held upright and pressed down flush to the seal of the suit around my cock by a wooden board that somehow clipped into the armrests of the chair I was in, I reach down and pulled it off, it was attached to some sort of tube, I tossed it away from me and looked around, I was in a small room, only a few meters squared, the chair seemed to be in the middle of it, from where I was sitting I could see a solid metal door, make that a VERY solid metal door, about halfway up was a sort of tray and a slide like you see in those prison movies where they open the little slide and push food in. Stuck to the very solid and totally non-break-down-able door was a note with ‘read me before you do something stupid’ written in large letters across the top, I figured out how to unclip the wodden board across the armrests and threw it across the room, and then delicately extracted my tender balls through the rubber ring attached to the chair, I sobbed in agony as I was forced to squeeze me balls through the ring, I stood up slowly since my legs were shaking, and as I stood felt the shoulder of the suit tug slightly, I turned and saw a sticking out socket that must have plugged into the seal on the shoulder of the suit, probably what sucked the air out, I reach over and grabbed the note and read, my horror mounting with each sentence.



Whatever you do, don’t wreck the suit. You will be very sorry if you do. No more games buddy, I want you as my bondage slut and I will train you up to it wether you like it or not.

The machine starts when you clip your wrist shackles into the ring at the top of the chair and pull, if the suit doesn’t form a proper vacuum seal or your cock isn’t in the tube properly it won’t start, you will want it in properly anyway. I will deliver food while your in a cycle since I don’t wanna have to listen to you bitch at me when I open the slide, place dirty dishes on the tray at the door. So if you want three meals a day I suggest three cycles.

When you reach a glassful, you’re free.




I stared at the note in disbelief, this was insane, out of the corner of my eye I caught a little blue glow, I looked up and in the wall opposite the door above a little camping bed was a little glass window, I moved over, it was a small cabinet of sorts, I put my hand against the glass and it was cold, inside was a glass and a small tube with a small amount of some sort of white goop on the bottom of it, and some clear liquid, I realized suddenly that it was cum, and from the amount I was pretty sure it was mine from the milking I had just endured, I sat heavily on the bed, this was messed up. I was half considering ripping the sweaty hot rubber off me and letting Josh go fuck himself, but a little voice in my mind reminded me that no one knew I was here, I hadn’t really made any plans with friends for the few weeks off I had and it would be a while before anyone noticed I was missing. I looked helplessly up at the little glass window above me, it would take a while to get that glass full, I sat there wondering what the fuck I was gonna do. Soon the lights in the room went off, I guess that meant it was sleep time, I lay there in the dark, the suit was hot and uncomfortable, and I tried not to think about how I was going to have to get breakfast in the morning. I ground my teeth, no doubt Josh would be up there laughing his ass off thinking of me being so eager for my glass of cum, I swore I would make him pay for this somehow.




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