Half Masked

By Boots Rule

I walked into the club and wandered over to my usual spot at the bar. Told my favorite bartender Tony I wanted a beer and he acted like he didn’t know who I was.   He poured from the tap and brought the glass and sat it before me on the wooden counter. That was when he finally got a startled look in his eyes and said “That you Rob?” I nodded my head while taking a sip. “Geez, I didn’t recognize you with that half hood on. You going to some costume party?” Funny question from a bartender in a leather bar. Beside the half hood, I was in my usual full leather police uniform with the cod piece on the breeches, my tall Dehner boots, Langlitz jacket and Muir cap. The half hood was the only change of my normal Friday night wear. “Trying something new, that’s all” was my reply. “Changes your whole look……kind of a mystery man. I’m sure you’re going to surprise a lot of people here tonight.” It was a busy Friday night so there were many who would see me wearing it.

Mystery man. Boy did that strike a bell with me. I’ve been coming to this bar for years, and lately have been feeling stiffled. Typecast if you will. I’ve been known around here as a Boot Top for so long that there are times I feel like a tourist attraction. Men approach me all the time with the same fucking question “Sir, May I Lick Your Boots Sir?” Good luck getting any sort of conversation out of them. And good luck chatting up the other Tops who frequent this place. They aren’t unfriendly but I am seen as the competition time and time again.

Things had gotten to the point that after I broke up with my last lover I decided I’d take a break from it all. But I missed having a place to go in my leathers and boots. So after 2-3 months I headed back to the bar, but this time I figured it’s better to just have a beer and ignore the usual requests. It’s been interesting being more the silent man and the man who doesn’t seem very anxious to fulfill every boot lickers need. But it’s also given me time to look around and think about what would really excite me and get me as worked up as some of these boys.

About the third time back after my absence I was approached by a very sexy well known bottom bootman. He started up a chat by saying he wanted to buy me a drink. OK by me. So he orders up gin and tonics for both of us saying “I think you actually have more refined taste than just beer.” He was right but it never felt right at the leather bars to be ordering up some fancy drink. After we had a round he started to ask me where I was those months I was not coming in. I told him that I was bored with the usual but couldn’t stay away. He was a good listener. He said he understood because he too was getting bored with the usual. I asked him what he was thinking he wanted. His response was he was feeling less submissive and wanted to be a bit more in charge when licking boots. “Interesting. Go on and tell me more” was my response. He told me he’d rather show me a little demonstration if I was up for it. Said he had started taking a small room downstairs in the play area and I could go with him so we could have some privacy. I guess with three G&T’s in me and he had a space downstairs all ready I said “Sure…..lead the way boy.” He grinned and set a course across the room and down the stairs.

I followed but a bit slowly, wanting him not to be able to gauge my level of curiosity. I was more wondering why he suddenly made contact with me after years of seeing him around the bar. I always thought he had a Top or Master and he wasn’t available. But the fact he had a private room to play in and came to find someone to invite did have me mighty curious. He was waiting at the bottom of the stairs. “Sir, I hope I wasn’t too forward just taking off like that.” I did tell him to lead the way. But now he was more subdued being in the play area. “Perhaps, Sir would like to have me follow him to Room #4.” I walked on before him and down the hall. #4 wasn’t too far into the private room area. There were still a fair number of guys hanging out near by, I guess hoping to be invited into one of the rooms. I opened the door and half stepped inside and then turned my head to see where the boot boy was. He was right behind me so I motioned with my head for him to enter fully before I closed the door. Those other guys outside seemed very disappointed they weren’t invited to join in.

The room was fairly dark with one light in the center. I was amazed by what I saw. An old fashion shoe shine stand. One of those probably from the 1950s, all chrome with vinyl seat and arm rests. “You brought this here to use?” I asked. He said that it use to be used by the bootblack at the bar years ago. I never remembered seeing it, just the tall wooden stool that’s been in use since I started coming to the bar over 10 years ago. He went on “I was here one day early with Tony the bartender, my long time friend, as he was doing inventory in the store room. The stand was back there. I asked if I could pull it out and use it. He asked the owner and said I could rent it from him. So I have this room rented by the week. Not sure how long I will use it, but I had my idea and thought why not.”

“So you want to polish my boots boy?” I asked. “Yes Sir, but I was telling you upstairs I wanted to do things differently.   I want to control the situation. That means I want you to be under my control as I go about worshiping and polishing your boots Sir.” I wasn’t quite getting his idea when I saw him pull out a bag he had stashed in the corner “I have some wrist cuffs that I want to use to bind your arms to the arms of the chair. I also have a posture collar that I want to put on you and tie it off to the back of the seat. Then I want to add a bondage belt around your waist so you can’t get out of the chair. After I have you secured in place, I would be in charge Sir. Do you understand me Sir?”

I have to say it was unique, even novel. A greedy bootlicker willing to admit his desires. That turned me on. I had not submitted to anyone since I was about 20, the Top instincts were strong.   So I posed two questions. “This is just between us…no one is getting invited in here once you have me bound?” “No Sir!” was the response. “And is this being filmed or taped in any way. No one but you and me knows what is happening?” “Sir, this is just between you and me, there are no cameras. No one will know what we are doing.”

“OK boy get to work!” He immediately set the leather wrist shackles and the posture collar in place. Pointed for me to sit and immediately used his ropes to bind the shackles and collar where he wanted them, followed by the belt around the back of the chair and my waist. So there I was and I could feel my cock was swelling and making my cod piece feel very tight. The whole set up had a feeling of an interrogation room with the light overhead and the darkness just outside where it fell.

I started to ask what was coming next when he put his gloved hand over my mouth and said ”Do I have to gag you Sir?” He was saying it in an evil seductive way, but I could tell he actually meant that. “Sir, do I need to gag you or will you keep quiet? You surrendered to me and while you are in this chair I am the Boss. Do you understand Sir? Nod your head Sir.” I nodded yes as best I could and he said “Good Sir. So until I say otherwise Sir can answer my questions yes or no by trying to nod. But Sir cannot speak.”   He was being serious and his words were somehow making my cock even harder. Damn.

He walked into the dark and came back with a small chrome stool. It must have been part of the set as the shine seat wasn’t all that high up. He sat down and pulled my right boot up on to his lap and he started to use a soft cloth on the boot removing any of the dust. “Sir you have incredible Dehners. Are they custom made Sir?” I tried to nod yes. “Sir, you have very muscular calves. These are a size 12 boot, aren’t they Sir?” Again I nodded as best yes. “I love big boots and the tall men who wear them. “ And with that he started licking the boot.

Feeling his tongue against the instep of my right boot thru the leather had its usual effect and my cock went crazy.   It started to push up against the top rim of snaps on the cod piece. I tried to squirm a bit but the belt was holding me tight. The combination of the belt, the posture collar making me strain to look down at him at my boots, and his tongue on them was too much for one of the snaps and my cock head popped thru. I know he saw what was happening, he seemed to even smile when he heard the snap, but he just kept on licking my boot.   He worked this tongue from the toes up the foot, around the ankle and completely up the length of the shaft before saying anything. That is when he told me how hard his cock was and how my boots were going to get it off tonight. That my boots were going to be his fuck toy.   And with that he pulled off the cod piece from my breeches.

My cock sprang up hard and dripping. “Is Sir turned on being my booted fuck toy tonight?” I was surprise by the question and didn’t have an answer.   “Sir I asked you if you were hard knowing you were now my booted fuck toy? Well Sir, are you turned on?” I really didn’t know what to say to that. I was rock hard and this was all exciting but I wasn’t feeling like his fuck toy. I just looked down at him the best I could and tried to shrug my shoulders. He dropped my booted leg and jumped up from his seat and stepped into the darkness again. When he returned he immediately grabbed my cock and the base and snapped something around it…some sort of cock ring. “Perhaps Sir needs more inducement to admit he is excited by the situation.” But as he said that he didn’t look me in the eyes. Instead he just sat back down and picked up my left leg and boot, did a quick round with the polish cloth and got to work with his expert tongue on the boot leather.

The cock ring was very tight and it had made my cock a piece of steel. Damn did I want him to go down on it.

After what felt like a half hour of his tongue making love to my left boot he dropped it to the floor and reached behind him. He had a thick black cord in his hand and he quickly bound both boots together at the ankles and then tied the rope off to some ring in the chair below my knees. “It’s time for me to fuck your boots Sir”

He pushed the stool away and dropped to his knees. Very quickly he had his cock between my boots near the top of the calves. The look on his face was as if he just plunged into a virgin ass. He was i n heaven. He leaned forward and blew some breath on my cock. “You’re dripping like I am Sir. Are you now willing to answer my question?” He looked up at me and decided to give in and nodded yes as best I could. “Thank you Sir for answering my question. It is good for Sir to admit he is enjoying being my boot fuck toy. Maybe you need a reward while I get to fuck your boots. Do you want a reward Sir? Thinking he was going to suck my cock up in his mouth while he fucked my boot shafts I nodded yes again. He reached for my balls and pulled then down hard and before I knew it he snapped a double ball stretcher around the sack. My cock went crazy all over again. “Sir you may thank me for giving you this reward Sir. Say Thank you.” I opened my mouth for the first time and the words Thank You came out. He started to suck both balls into his mouth and started to fuck my boots hard. He was sucking them down his throat for all his might as his cock was drilling the boot leather. I couldn’t take it anymore and words just blurted out of my mouth. “God damn it, Suck my cock boy!”

He immediately clamped down on my balls real hard and stopped his boot fucking. He spit my balls out and pushed back. “Sir I didn’t give you permission to speak Sir. You will be punished for that!” He walked into the darkness and came back from behind me. It didn’t take him two seconds to force a ball gag into my mouth and secured it tightly at the back. And with that he was back down on my balls and fucking away at my boots.

My dripping cock was bouncing into his forehead and face but not making enough contact to work me towards an orgasm. He even moved his head to side as he sucked on my balls to get away from my cock. But his constant pelvic rhythm told me he was completely lost in fucking my boots. It was only a matter of time before the thrusting got harder and he started to convulse in a major orgasm.   He spit my balls out and let out a yell as he came all over the boot shafts.   And then he collapsed against my boots, holding my legs tightly together with his arms.

Once he recovered he pushed back and sat on the stool again, not looking up, not noticing I was still raging hard and needing to cum. Instead he started to untie my boots and got to work licking the cum off of them. A frustrated sigh came out of me from nowhere. I knew that wasn’t going to be well received. “Sir you just continue being a good boot fuck toy and once your boots are prefect I will think about getting you off.” I wanted to kick him in the balls for that but thought better of it. And he ignored me and spent the better part of a half hour licking each boot, administering wax and shining them back up to mirror perfect.

The entire time my cock was rock hard and dripping. The damn cock ring and ball stretcher were not going to let me grow soft.   When he finally was done having inspected his handiwork from every angle did he decide to stand up and look me straight in the eyes. “Sir you have done fairly well on the stand here tonight. I think Sir deserves to get off.”

Out of my sight he put his hand back into the boot polish. He then grabbed my cock and started to give it a loving hand job, the polish mixing with the precum. As he worked my cock he was nose to nose with me starring into my eyes. It was as if he was going to read every thought that passed thru my mind as he brought me to orgasm. His stare was strong and steely, more powerful than how he looked at me earlier at the bar.   It wasn’t long before I had to close my eyes and bite down on the gag. I haven’t shot a load that potent in years, let alone from just being jerked off. My whole body convulsed and if I wasn’t tied to the chair I might have fallen out as he release my spent cock.

He started to clean up the mess I made and put away some of the gear. I just sat there helpless, spent, and thoroughly satisfied.   I realized that satisfied hasn’t been a word in my sex vocabulary for quite a while.

Once I recovered a bit and it seemed like he was done cleaning up he returned his attention to me and started to unsnap the ball stretcher. It was a relief to have it off but I was going to miss it. Now the boot bottom kneeled down next to me and was starting to grab at the ropes holding my left arm in place. “Sir? Did you have a good time tonight Sir?“ He quickly looked at me with a strong gaze which reminded me he didn’t tell me to speak yet, let alone the gag was still strapped in place. I nodded yes. “Good Sir. Would Sir like to do this again tomorrow night Sir? Perhaps I can add a bit more to the scene Sir?” He stared and I found myself nodding yes. “Well good Sir. I will put a place keeper on you so we know where we left off.”

I was completely confused by that last comment. But I soon learned what he meant. He caught me by surprise as he scooped up my spent cock and put it inside a plastic cage.   He quickly secured the cage to that blasted cock ring which I had forgotten about. He was putting my cock into a chastity device! I tried to kick him and pull loose from the restraints. At the same time I tried to scream NO! He had it in place before I could stop him. He pushed down on my knees and sat on them facing me. “Sir, I just put a little plastic lock to hold it in place Sir. If you really don’t want to wear it you can cut the plastic with a pair of scissors. But Sir, I think you should know that if you do cut it off before tomorrow night you might as well not meet me. I won’t continue with you if you have removed it. The choice is completely up to you. So there I was with my cock covered in polish and locked inside a chastity cage along with a tight cock ring secured to it. I was mad as hell that he didn’t even ask me if I wanted to play this game. But I also realized that I was turned on again. Not yet horny but excited enough that my cock was trying to grow. He just stared at me for a few more seconds before he reached down and found my codpiece on the floor. He pushed it over my caged cock and did all the snaps.   No one would see that I had that cage on, only we would know. “Sir, will you try to keep it on for me?”

I thought about it for a few more seconds as images and emotions from the past few hours welled up inside of me. I stared at the boot boy in a way he knew that I was ready to say yes. He reached behind my head and undid the gag.   As it popped out of my mouth he said again “Sir will you try to keep it on for me.”   “Yes boy!” came out of my mouth. He smiled and nodded slightly. And with that he undid the ropes and removed the shackles and collar from me. He put everything away in his sack and pushed it off into a dark corner before we exited his room.

As he pulled the door close he retrieved a key he had around his neck. The key locked the door so all his gear was safeguarded. Once he put the key back down his shirt the asked me if I would lead him out of the bar. I was happy to oblige the boot boy. Outside we said good nights and started off in different directions. His last words were nearly an order. “Sir will be a good Sir and not remove his place holder. I will remove it for you tomorrow night if you are a good boot fuck toy again. That left me wondering just what was really happening?

I got home still surprised by what all had transpired. I was spent by the orgasm that the boot boy gave me after all that time, but I was still turned on. I don’t know why I actually left the bar when I did but what could top what just transpired. I pulled off my Langlitz jacket and went to the kitchen to get a beer. I took a swig and then carried it into my bedroom where I was going to strip off my boots and uniform and chill out for a while. I went to use the boot pull to yank off my Dehenrs when it occurred to me that I hadn’t even checked out the polish job the boot boy had given me.

There’s a full-length mirror in the playroom so I headed on in. I flipped on the lights and walked towards the mirror. “Not a bad job” was my reaction to seeing how the boots still looked after walking home. I was admiring them from different angles and I could still feel his tongue all over the boots. My cock went to swell only it couldn’t.   I decided I needed to see what the hell I had on my cock so I ripped off the codpiece.

There it was, still covered in boot polish only now underneath a clear acrylic cage of sorts. He had used a red plastic loop lock that threaded thru the end of the cage and thru a peg that held the cock ring together. I noticed that the red lock was numbered, guessing it was for a situation where a Master replaced the real lock from the device, in case of metal detectors or such, he would know if the slave had cut it to get off and replaced it. But what did I care about that. I was more caught up in that fact that my impulses were saying I was turned on and should be rock hard and seeing the reality of my cock looking like it was in suspended animation and encased in acrylic. Devious little thing.

I put the codpiece back in place and stepped back from the mirror. With the codpiece on I was the Boot Top. But underneath something was keeping me from growing hard.   I was replaying the evening in my head, the feel of things and found I was getting turned on again. But what must it have all looked like? I pulled up a chair and sat down. My hands were on the chair arms like earlier and my boots were out before me and a bit spread because of where his stool was. I got up out of the chair and found my own posture collar and ball gag. I pushed the ball gag into my mouth and fastened it off at the back. And on went the posture collar. I’ve never played with my own bondage gear before. It seemed foreign but I wanted to see what I had looked like earlier. I sat back down in the chair again and repositioned myself. Starring in the mirror I knew he was getting quite a nice show of seeing the Boot Top trussed in the chair and his boots were the object of his desire.

I was getting more turned on remembering his tongue thru the leather, how he held my boots and legs while he enjoyed them, and how he came to fuck them hard while ignoring me completely. I at my expose my pent up cock. There was precum flowing like crazy thru the end of the cage. I was getting real hot. I closed my eyes to replay everything I saw while under his control. There wasn’t a lot to see but the top of his head and the darkness outside the circle of light. Instinctively I went for my cock only to feel the cage around it. Damn. I should just cut the lock and get myself off. Damn him if he thinks I’m waiting until tomorrow. But the thought stopped there as I remember him saying I shouldn’t bother to meet him tomorrow night if I removed the cage. I’ve been offered a challenge, am I up for it? It’s less that 24 hours being trapped in this thing so how hard can it be? Just be a man and live with it.

I got up out of the chair and snapped the codpiece back in place. I turned out the lights and went back into my bedroom to drink that beer.   I picked up the bottle and realized I was still gagged. I removed it and went to take a good gulp when again I realized I still had the posture collar on. I didn’t bother to remove it and worked around it drinking the beer. I laid back on my bed still fully leathered and booted. I turned on the TV and started watching some lame ass movie. I figured it would change my headspace and I’d stop being so horny.   The reality was I was exhausted so I fell out almost immediately but not before I put the gag back in my mouth.

When I woke up it was nearly noon. OK, another 7 hours and I will go back to the bar. I had enough time to shower, go eat, and come back and change back into my leathers. After my shower I dressed in jeans and t-shirt. I made sure all my leathers were hung up properly, the bondage gear stored back in the playroom. Then I pulled on some harness boots and my Langlitz jacket and headed off to the local diner. I ate without thinking…or shall I say I was thinking too much. What was I doing? Why was I going back later on to have another round with the boot boy? Why was I allowing him to have control over me even when we weren’t playing?

I was back at the bar at 7 pm. I decided to wear a different leather uniform, one with a button fly, and another pair of my Dehners. I did have the thought in my head that when it was time for him to remove the cage, he might use his teeth to open the fly. I was exerting a bit of myself here for I was thinking I’d like feeling that happen. I walked over to the bar and was surprised he was already there. He’s saw me and told the bartender to make two G& T’s. When they arrived he handed me one. He a clinked his glass against mine saying he was glad that I came. He slipped his hand against my crotch and lightly fondled the cage underneath which brought a wicked smile to his face.

After small talk he asked me if I was enjoying being pent up and controlled. I told him that I didn’t know if I enjoyed it but i was turned on and ready for whatever he wanted to do downstairs with me. He smiled and ordered two more drinks for us. He wasn’t ready to rush down to Room #4. He asked “So you are ready to do whatever I want? What If I wanted to put a collar on you and parade you around the bar?” My answer was swift “No, I didn’t say anything you wanted anywhere. I said whatever you wanted to do downstairs tonight.” He laughed and said he was just playing with my words. I relaxed that he was just joking around. For some reason I followed that up with “Besides, the only way I would allow someone to parade me around on a leash in this bar is if I was in a disguise” and laughed again.   He laughed too but asked ”So would you be turned on if you were disguised and that happened?” Still laughing a bit I said “Well, as improbable as it is, I might be turned on seeing how other Tops and bottoms I know would react to seeing someone being led around on a leash from the inside rather than from the leash holder’s perspecitve.”   More laughs and then he said we should head on downstairs. I led and he followed. He unlocked the door and went in first with me following.

The scene was nearly the same set up as the previous night. He opted to use a thin head harness with a gag as he said he didn’t want me to suffer any punishments for talking. After tying me to the chair he undid the buttons on my jeans and pulled out my caged cock. He said that the cage was staying in place till he was done with my boots. I let out a low groan. He added the ball stretcher and buttoned my jeans up around my cock and balls like he added another cock ring. I looked down at my caged cock and realized had it been free it would have been fully erect. But instead it was just oozing precum. “I don’t like seeing you stare at your cock!” He said and wandered off . When he returned he had what looked like a hood in his hands. He slipped it on over the head harness and I was plunged into leather darkness. But I could feel my chin and mouth were exposed He pulled the rawhide laces tight and I could feel it conforming to my head and cheeks. Then the neck area became taut.

He worked on my boots for what felt like hours. He finally bound them together and started to fuck my boots. I was ready to feel his mouth go around my balls again, but this time he took my caged cock into his mouth and started to suck on it while fucking my boots. I was bucking like crazy from it wanting to be free of the cage. But that wasn’t gong to happen. He finally shot his load and released my cock from his mouth. I felt his hands on the cage and then heard a snap sound,. He cut the lock off from the cage. He didn’t remove the cage itself but it was loose and my cock would soon work itself out, shedding it like a skin. He got to work polishing my boots. I felt my cock finally loose the cage and start growing hard. Damn this was great! And finally after he put the second boot down on the ground I felt his greasy hand work around my cock and it wasn’t long before I was shooting all over the place. Damn this was great!

He worked the half hood off my head and the removed the head harness. “So Sir, was this worth a day in chastity Sir?” I had to admit it was. He had a wicked grin on his face when I said so. He set about untying me. I was sort of surprised he didn’t try to put the cage back on my cock. Once I was fully freed of his rope and shackles he picked up the chastity cage and said “Sir, this is just a simple toy and I doubt you would want to wear that for a week before we could meet again.” I hadn’t thought about the consequences of being locked up for a week, but his words made the thought pass out of my head. I popped open and took off the plastic cock ring and handed it to him. “You’re right. But I will say you made it a hot experience boy.” He smiled brightly and said “So Sir, do you want to come here again next week for more?” I said yes without thinking. I hadn’t gotten off with such force in a while and I was getting greedy for more of the same.”

“Great Sir!” he said. “Sir, I want to incorporate your thoughts about being in disguise here at the bar.   The half hood you had on tonight is actually a half mask. He pulled it out of his gear bag and sure enough, there were two internal leather flaps that fold back that were covering the eye holes. “Would you do me the honor of keeping this for the week and wear it to the bar? It could be interesting for you to see how people react to seeing you in it, if they recognize you or not.” I liked his concept and said “Why not.” I took the mask from him and put it in the inside pocket of my jacket.   He gave me a sweet kiss on the lips before opening the door to the room. We exited and he locked it again and I led him out to the street. “See you Sir in a week at 8 pm Sir?” I replied “Yes Boot Boy see you then.” and started on home.

The week went by slowly with so many thoughts running through my brain. Every morning as I pulled on the boots I was going to wear for the day I started to imagine what his touch and tongue would feel like thru the leather. I would immediately go hard. And any time another guy checked out my boots I’d think of what his tongue and mouth would feel like on them and I’d grow hard all over again.   Perhaps a week in his plastic chastity device might have been interesting.

I’d be so horny by the end of the work day that in the evening I’d get dressed in my leathers or chaps with some tall heavy boots on with the intention of going out. Instead I’d talk myself into staying in, putting on the half mask, sitting in the chair before the mirror in my playroom, and imagining various scenarios that would just make me hornier and crazy.

The first few nights I wacked off way too early to fully connect with what was floating around in my brain. I’d not only be horny pulling on the boots for the day the next morning and catching other guys checking them out on the street, I also found I couldn’t concentrate at work with those left over fragments that excited me at night.

I changed my evening routine by starting things off by putting my thick leather cock and ball sheath on, laced tight, and running a piece of rawhide around the base of my cock head and tying it down to the ball strap. The thought being I’d have to work that all off before I could shoot my load. I even added a leather jock strap for further distance. Then the boots and leathers and I’d stand before the mirror to work on the half mask. Once I felt it snug against my throat I’d sit in the chair and start imagining hot boys I know kneeling on the floor eager to please me and please my boots. I’d think of all the games to play with them, keeping them hot and frustrated, wanting to please me and be used.   For the first time in my life I could commiserate with that pent up and horny feeling, that growing heat, with having my cock tethered and buried inside my leather jeans or breeches. I’d work them good in my mind, keeping them close to the edge, keeping their oral fixes going with their mouths on my leathers. My cock felt their passion and heat though the leather like never before.

Normally I’d want to pull their mouths off of my body at this point, shove a thick gag in their mouths and fuck them royally with no care.   But my mind was focused more on their aggressive needs than mine. It wouldn’t be long before the boot boy at the bar would wander into my thoughts and suddenly I was no longer in charge. I’d soon be in some form of bondage with BootBoy, as I started to think of him, either down enjoying my boots or standing by and directing the other bootlickers to work my boots till they shot their loads. My boots would be cleaned up and polished while I waited to finally either get to fuck one of them or be sucked/yanked off.

By Thursday night I was inserting the ball gag before adding the half mask and adding a posture collar before sitting in front of the mirror. Friday night I gave up on the mirror and instead put the eye flaps down within the mask and worked on the posture collar in the dark while I lay on my bed in full leathers and boots, just letting the bootlickers come to mind and waiting for BootBoy to take over. I woke up Saturday morning still fully dressed and gagged. I’d not even worked my cock out of the jock and sheath. I decided I would stay pent up all day until I met BootBoy at 8pm.

And now I was back at the bar waiting for him and having that beer. The bartenders words “Mystery Man” were still in my head when I finished the beer. It would be something to be in this crowd and not have anyone recognize me.   I was lost in near fantasy thoughts when I heard “G&T Sir?” I said “Sure BootBoy thanks.”   After the first round he ordered another and finally stopped with the small talk of asking me how my week was. “Sir, I am very pleased you wore the mask tonight. How do you feel wearing it as a disguise?” I told him that it took Tony by surprise but he did figure out it was me. It’s just a half mask, so my mouth and goatee still show.

BootBoy thought about it a moment or two and then said “Tony knows your voice and is pretty observant. I bet if you took a walk around no one else would recognize you. Sir? May I suggest you do that while I order another round? Let me have your cap in case someone recognizes it.”

I had put the mask on just outside the bar. It was still fairly early when I arrived and the bar wasn’t too busy. I had just walked right in and up to the bar without looking around. So I decided BootBoy might have a thought and why not try things out. So I said OK. I got up from the stool, handed BootBoy my Muir cap, and took off my keys that were hanging from my belt and shoved them inside my jacket pocket. “If I’m not recognized I might was well keep them guessing.” I said with a laugh to BootBoy. He grinned and gave me a small shove to get going and donned my cap.

I took my time walking around, finding a spot or two where I either just stood or leaned and looked around.   Damn if BootBoy wasn’t right. There were plenty of eager eyes checking me out who should have known me, but no one seemed to show any signs of recognition. Even some other Tops were checking me out in ways they never would have without the half mask on. I finally walked back to the bar and sat down. I told BootBoy he was right as he handed me another drink. He was grinning and asked “How did it feel not being recognized?” I was able to say it was slightly liberating. “It was like I’ve never been in this place before. New Meat.” is what I said. BootBoy’s grin grew wider and he seemed to have a real evil glint in his eyes.

“So Sir, shall we finish our drinks and head downstairs so I may polish your boots?” I nodded yes. We went back to some small talk for a few minutes before I pointed towards the stairs and said “Shall I lead the way?” BootBoy said yes and followed me downstairs. At the door he opened it and stepped back, waiting for me to motion him in.

Once inside BootBoy said “Is Sir ready for his boots to be serviced my way again?” I said yes and started towards the chair. “Sir, I didn’t tell you to sit down” was barked at me. I stopped in my tracks and turned to look at BootBoy.   “I don’t want to bore you with the same bondage Sir. This time I have a few other pieces of gear I want to put you in. Ok Sir?” I wasn’t sure how in charge his brain was yet, but I decided it was best to just nod yes.   I was standing under the lamp and couldn’t see what Bootboy was pulling out of his sack in the shadows. He walked into the light holding up a pair of long bondage mitts. Looked like they would go up to my armpits and had enough lacing and straps to keep me where he wanted. “Give me your jacket and left arm out Sir!” I complied. Before long both of my arms were indeed laced and buckled up tight. My hands were now useless to me as my gloved hands were balled up tight inside the padded mitts. Bootboy then proceeded to assist me in putting my jacket back on. The long sleeves of the mitts fit tight inside the jacket but my mitted hands emerged from the ends.

“How do they feel Sir?” The only response I could think to say was “A new look for me.” and a laugh. Bootboy then said “Sir, I didn’t want to see your hands tonight while you are tied to the shine stand. You need to feel less in control.” With that he motioned for me to take the seat. I was quickly bound in place by leather straps around my arms, my waist and chest. Bootboy went back into the shadows and came back with a strange posture collar. This one had a higher front, a built in chin guard and gag. He put the gag to my mouth and I allowed the large ball to enter. I was surprised that the front guard now covered my nose completely, the leather going to a flat point at the bridge of my nose. He held his hand over my mouth until he had wrapped the collar loosely around my neck. It was more sophisticated than the previous posture collar, or my own for that matter. I realized it had quilted channels all around that held steel stays. As he cinched it tight from the rear I knew there was no way for me to work the gag out once he set the buckles. I soon learned there were more straps to go around the top of the mask. After making sure the fit was tight to my head he stepped back into the shadows and returned with a small mirror. “Sir I just wanted you to see what your head looks like completely encased in leather.” Sure enough my jaw, chin, mouth, and nose were now completely hidden. I saw one small hole at the mouth because there was a breathing tube through the gag, but otherwise my head was completely captured in black leather. My eyes seemed highlighted now, easy for BootBoy to examine and try to read my reactions.

With that BootBoy sat on the stool and started to pull open the codpiece. “Fuck!” I said to myself as I remembered I had the leather cock and ball sheath on, ball strap and lacing pulled tight. I had untied myself and removed it to shower earlier in the day but for some reason put the sheath back on without thinking while getting dressed to go out. Actually I know why I put it back on. It felt fucking great when I wore it inside a codpiece. And since I was voluntarily allowing myself to stay pent up I might as well enjoy the feeling of the leather around my cock and balls. I also imagined BootBoy either sucking on my leather covered cock or balls. “Sir, What is this?” said BootBoy as he pulled the cod completely off. “Has Sir been wearing his sheath because he missed his cock being caged?” I looked straight ahead as he looked up after saying that, but I think I betrayed myself holding my breath during the silence that followed his question. “Regardless Sir, this pleases me. I will take this as a sign. Right now I want to keep this in safe storage.” And he worked the codpiece back in place securing all the snaps.

“A sign for what?” was the question blaring in my brain but there was no way I could ask the question or expect a direct answer. The question started to fade away as BootBoy set to work on my boots. Once he finished dusting off the first boot and his lips touched the leather I went into an erotic haze like never before. My cock was rock hard and held tight by the sheath. I loved the intense feeling as my cock strained against the leather confine. Even having absorbed a hell of a lot of precum it was thick and stronger than my rigid cock. The lacing made it all drum tight. As hard as I grew my cock was not going to work the snaps loose as had happened my first night in the shine seat.

I closed my eyes and let my imagination take off. I was envisioning a sea of greedy bootlickers just outside the ring of light waiting for orders from BootBoy. One by one they took their places. Four boys began to service my boots. Two more were set to servicing my leather covered cock and balls. I was not bound in place and gagged but free to toy with them, have a hand on the back of the head on the boy going down on my cock, holding my boot sole up against the face of another, and barking orders to the others. It was intense and I was just about ready to decide who was getting fucked first when I came out of my fog to realize that BootBoy was now mounting my boots, starting his hard fuck between my legs.

It was his strong grip of my mitted hands that brought me back to the moment. He was steadying himself that way to fuck my boots. With his hands on my mitts the only way that cod piece was being ripped off was with his mouth. Only I didn’t feel him at it. As I tried to strain my head to look downward I found he was starring up at me as he fucked. His back was arched and his body up higher than in the past. Once our eyes met I was caught in his gaze. I could not look away. Still wearing my Muir cap, his eyes were just below the chrome rim. He looked powerful. The longer he stared the more I felt stripped and made naked by him. And the more intense his fucking became. His facial expressions were serious and erotic. Just before he shot his load he finally closed his eyes in concentration and ecstacy. He lowered his head and his eyes were now gone under the cap brim.

I felt his knees drop to the floor on either side of my boot shafts and his grip lessened. He pushed back and next I felt his ass sitting on both boot insteps. “Sir that was one great ride!” BootBoy said once his breath had recovered. He was staring up at me again with a more calm and reflective gaze. “I must attend to your boots” he said as he stood up and stepped away.

So he was making me wait till he was completely done with my boots before paying attention to my cock. I was so fucking hard and horny. I couldn’t wait to feel him peel away the codpiece and feel him unlacing the sheath.

It seemed like he spent even more time than in the past re-polishing my boots. My cock was straining harder than before with all that attention. Both boots were back down on the floor and completed when he said “One more thing Sir.” He stepped out of the light and went into his bag. I could hear chains being moved. I had never heard that sound when he went into his gear. He stepped back into the light but not from an angle I could see. I felt his hands about my left boot and realized he was installing a shackle. I tried instinctively to pull away with but he was holding on tight. I tried kicking out my right boot but he had it tethered somehow, probably it had been a loose rope that I just tightened by the movement. Once the left shackle was set in place he moved on to the right boot. I was trying to protest loudly but the best sounds I could make got muffled by the gag and leather collar.

Once both shackles were set BootBoy stood up, placed both hands again on the mitts and moved his face to be eye to eye with me.

“Sir, I want to reward you tonight by giving you that chance to be paraded around upstairs in the bar while no one recognizes you. I want to heighten the experience you already had earlier by putting you in chains and keeping your head sealed. If anyone asks I will tell people you are a fucking great Boot Toy. You can silently observe how they see you. I know you are hornier than hell and ready to shoot, but imagine how much better it will be after your debut as a Boot Toy. I promise to keep you safe and blow your mind once we are back downstairs in Room #4. Are you ready for this Sir?”

My mind was already blown by what BootBoy proposed. But I was so fucking horny and turned on by his excitement and energy that I tried to nod yes. “Is that a yes Sir?” I replied with a very muffled “uh huh.”   BootBoy smiled and started to undo all the straps holding me to the seat.   He stood me up with an admonishment to hold still. He picked up what I thought was another chain off the floor. Next thing I felt was a chain hit my butt followed by a wide steel collar going about my already restrained neck. He set the lock on the collar and then pulled my right mitted hand back. It was quickly held in place by another shackle. And the left arm followed in suit. “You look great Sir!” said BootBoy. And with that he hooked a leash he had to a ring on the front of the steel collar and gave a tug. “Come now Sir. Let’s go show you off!” He tugged the leash again only harder and I stumbled forward without any choice.

The chain between the boot shackles was short making me walking very slowly. I could barely raise each foot high enough to make the steps up from the play area. But finally we were on the main floor and I was being paraded into the thick of the crowd. The crowd parted for the spectacle at hand. One walk around the room and we suddenly stopped in a half lit area. I heard BootBoy say something about licking to someone next to me and with that I felt the talented tongue of another boot boy going over each instep and down to the toes of the boots. The immediate effect was to make my cock try again to snap loose the codpiece. I had no way of stopping it but I wished it would end. Rather than being pleasant and erotic it was overstimulation. My tightly sheathed cock was pulsating and was actually more intense to endure then the plastic cage. His tongue finally left my boots alone and we moved on. But only after I heard BootBoy say in agreement that I made an excellent BootToy. We stopped several times and as BootBoy chatted with others I felt hands groping me. At one point another Boot Top I recognized stood next to me and was running his gloved hand along the seam in my breeches at the ass crack while talking with BootBoy. He didn’t know whom he felt up. It did amaze me that no one either had a clue who I really was or inquired about who was the BootToy. I guess a fully hooded and gagged man on a leash does means he’s spoken for. We stopped by the bar and I could see Tony taking it all in. He just looked at me and winked. The leash tugs pulled me towards the stairs and I realized BootBoy was guiding us back down to Room #4. It took quite a while to get down to the bottom of the stairs but I knew it was just a few more steps before BootBoy would open the door and we’d be back into his private play area.   I was so caught up in the moment, I was becoming anticipatory over what my orgasm was going to be like once I we were alone again inside Room #4. I couldn’t process my thoughts/reactions to the parade, maybe once I shot my load.

“Sir that was awesome! You are a fucking amazing BootToy. You may not have been able to look around as much as I did but everyone was focused on you. Much more than I’ve ever seen before with a hot stranger working the room.”

BootBoy tugged me on the leash into the center of the room, about 3 feet from the shine stand. “Let’s get these irons off of you. I also am going to remove the collar and gag so we can talk about what just happened.” All I wanted to say was “Get me the fuck OFF BOY!” but I decided not to lead with that once the gag was out of my mouth. I felt 30 pounds lighter as the collar, chains, and shackles went away. As BootBoy tugged the gag out of my mouth after releasing the collar, I actually felt momentary gratitude towards him.

“The shackles messed up your boots Sir. I will put you back in the chair and work on them while we talk.” Again, all I wanted was to feel him make me explode but I would have to wait till he was ready.

“I’m just belting you in place Sir. With your hands in those mitts you aren’t going anywhere soon.” With that a wide belt was placed around my waist and tugged taut from behind. BootBoy pulled the small stool over and picked up one of my boots and started buffing away. He bent forward and kissed the toe. That made my cock try to jump and brought me to full peak horniness again.

“BootBoy, may I ask something?” He nodded his head but kept working on my boot. “Maybe you could focus some attention to my cock before finishing things up down there?” He didn’t look up but one of his hands reached into my crotch and yanked the codpiece off.

Sir, I know you would get hard again if I was to finish you off before the boots.” Play with yourself while I take care of this.”

My internal dialog went something like “Play with myself? My two hands are in fists deep inside padded bondage mitts and he wants me to play with myself?” Instead I gave off a low groan of disappointment “Sir, give it a try before you complain” was his response.

I’ve put bondage mitts on boys before and told them to try to wank off. Actually I’ve played a lot of games with boys making it near impossible for them to get off. It could have been a time constraint, one hand behind their back, or no hands at all and having to figure out how to hump something. The point was always to work them up more and not allow them to explode. But I never had one in bondage mitts and their cock encased in a thick and very tight leather sheath before.

I knew I’d better at least try in the present situation. So I took both mitts and started to rub the sheath between them. The sensation through all that leather wasn’t enough to do anything, but at least I felt like we were getting around to my cock. BootBoy looked pleased and got back to working on my boots. He was into a lot of tongue action on them where the shackles had rubbed the leather. That went right to my cock. I found that I could form a rhythm between his licks and my mitted stroking that was actually better than pleasant. This might alleviate some of my desperate need while he finished off the boots.

“So Sir, I want to know what you thought about being paraded around and no one recognizing you?” To be very honest I still couldn’t process the activity enough to be intelligent about it. All I said in response was “Pretty amazing no one knew who I was.”   There were a few more leading questions by BootBoy that received similarly simplistic answers before he said “Sir, I don’t think you are being very honest with either of us. I don’t think you are keeping things from me but I feel like you don’t want to face a truth about you.” That remark shot right to the center of my brain. “Like what BootBoy?”

“Sir, I think you cannot admit that you aren’t the T-O-P, all caps, that you think you are.   Sir, do you know any other TOP that would allow themselves to be tied up, kept pent up, put in chains, gagged, and paraded around as a TOY?” I don’t know if it was his hands massaging my feet as he buffed a boot or his words, but something shot right through to my cock. If I was paying better attention I would have known that I started to stroke my cock faster with both hands after he said that.

“Sir, you have all the instincts of a TOP, you certainly have proven yourself many times over to be one, but your core is not purely TOP. You seem hard wired through your boot fetish to want to fuck or be serviced by bootlickers but there is more to you than that. You need to start admitting to yourself who you really are. That is only going to happen if I break you, Sir!”

Explosions were going off in my head. My first instinct was to start yelling and swearing at BootBoy and tell him the game was up. But his words mixed with my horniness and it circumvented my usual way. Instead all I could think to say was “Yeah BootBoy, and how are you going to do that?”

BootBoy dropped my booted leg and moved in close. He knocked my mitted hands away from my cock and grabbed the sheath tightly. Staring strait into my eyes he said “Through your cock Sir.” And using his other hand he started to undo the lacing on the sheath and unbuckled the ball strap. One quick yank and my rock hard cock was free from the leather.

BootBoy wandered out of the light and I could hear him putting the chains and shackles back in his sack. That relaxed me a bit. He returned and kneeled in front of me. “No more talk for now Sir” and wrapped his hands around my left boot and started licking it. Starting at the back of the ankle he was working his tongue in the folds of the leather. I started to stroke my cock again with both mitted hands. Only now the mitts were rubbing along the shaft without the leather buffer. My head sank backwards and closed my eyes. It was my focus to shoot my load and then tell BootBoy the games were over. But the mitts on my hands were making that impossible. I grunted and said to BootBoy I wanted him to get me off. Actually I demanded he get me off with true anger and frustration.

BootBoy stared at me for what felt like an entire minute. His face had a very serious expression and his eyes were piercing mine.

“Sir, if I give you what you want will you admit that you are a fucking BootToy?” Before I had a chance to reply he wrapped his hand around my cock and started to gently stroke it. It felt fucking great but I was being resistant to admitting anything “I will not.” was all that came out of my mouth. BootBoy kept on stroking my cock slowly and methodically. We both knew he was going to control this till he got what he wanted but I was still fighting. “Sir, I know I can keep you on edge till the bar closes and leave you here overnight without anyone being able to help you. Did you know that Tony is my partner?” I did not.

“I didn’t have to ask anyone to use this space because we bought the bar about 4 months ago. This use to be the owners storage room and we found the shine stand when we got the keys. The first thing Tony said was I needed to find a BootToy and make use of the room.”

I was hearing him tell me this but I was too crazed by his stroking. All I wanted was to shoot my load and put all the pieces together later.

“Tony is the Top in our relationship but recognized that I have an aggressive side. He knew the minute he saw the shine stand what it could mean for me. We agreed that if I found the right man to be my BootToy I could play with him here at the bar. Soon you started coming back to the bar as a single guy and weren’t showing any real sign of looking for a new boy. Tony started to chat you up and learned a lot about your state of mind.”

The things we all tell bartenders. My brain was trying to remember things but couldn’t. I was too worked up but a pit in my stomach was growing.

“Tony told me he thought you’d be a perfect toy. He’d seen the effect a boot boy trying to get your attention at the bar could have on you. Even compliments about your boots would set off a spark in you. He also learned you had a creative, imaginative, and erotic mind and seemed to enjoy mental challenges. He gave me permission to pursue you and parameters to play within.”

BootBoy just kept stroking my cock and talking. “What Tony didn’t realize but I learned is you have needs beyond what he originally thought. He thought you’d be a hot Top to objectify from time to time. You need retraining. You need to learn how to be used and be grateful for it. And I am going to do it, Sir!”

It was all too much talk for me. I heard every word he said but all I wanted was to shoot.

“Sir, you seemed to have enjoyed your time in chastity. I originally wanted to play a game with you where I’d lock your cock up for a few days and you’d have to submit to my bondage and worship before I’d give you climax. But then you seemed to be open to even more, somewhat eager actually. I asked you about being paraded around the bar and you took the bait.”

Sir, answer the following questions and I will give you a mind blowing orgasm.” I said yes immediately.

“Sir, did you wear the half mask at home while jerking off?”

“Yes BootBoy”

His grip and pace picked up. I was getting hotter.

“Good Sir. Was tonight the first time you wore your cock and ball sheath with the half mask on?”

“No BootBoy”

His hand started working harder on my cock.

“Good Sir. And did you wear any other gear besides the cock and ball sheath?”

“A posture collar and gag BootBoy.”

“Replicating being in Room #4. Good Sir. And did you ever wear the half mask with the eye patches down Sir?”

“Yes BootBoy.”

His hand really started to work magic on my cock.

“Good Sir. Now Sir, I need you to admit two more thing to me and I will finish you off. Sir, first tell me you want to be a BootToy.”

I was trying to think this through. I honestly didn’t understand what he meant by it other than he loves to fuck boots. His hand slowed down a bit.

“Sir I am waiting!”

I gave in. “Yes BootBoy I want to be a BootToy.”

“Good Sir. Now tell me you will submit to being trained to be a BootToy!”

My brain was turning to mush. I needed to shoot and be done with this.

“Sir, I am waiting. Tell me you submit to being my BootToy!”

It was all too much.

“I submit to being your BootToy, BootBoy!”

His hand had me where he wanted and I could feel his power growing.

“One more thing BootToy, from now you call me Sir when we are in this room. So tell me again you submit to being my BootToy.”

I shouted out “Sir I submit to being your BootToy, SIR!”

And with that he finished me off. I shot long and hard.

When I thought I was done he continued working my cock. I started to tell him to stop but had already forgotten to call him Sir. He picked up my cock and ball sheath and shoved in into my mouth, telling me to shut up. He wasn’t going to stop using my cock till he decided. I shot another load without warning.

BootBoy dropped my cock and let me sink into exhaustion. He stood behind the shine stand and pulled my arms back. He must have had a swivel clip handy because he used the rings at the wrists of the bondage mitts to bind them together.

He came around in front and stroked my cheek through the half mask. “Good BootToy. Nearly done for tonight.” I couldn’t imagine what he meant but suddenly he pushed his ass into my stomach and started roughly handling my cock and balls. I felt him work a cock ring on and then my cock slid into a cage. I thought he must have been putting the little plastic cage back on me. He continued to fumble with the pieces and then I heard the snap of a hasp on a lock.

BootBoy got off me and stood before me pointing at my crotch. “Look BootToy!” came out of his mouth. I looked down at glinting steel. He had installed a stainless steel chastity device! And it was locked with a Master lock. I was about to spit out my cock and ball sheath to shout when he put his leathered finger up to my lips and said to be quiet.

“I originally got this to continue with our game. But things have changed. This is staying locked on you without any release until we’ve got a real chastity belt to install on you permanently.” He continued:

“You submitted to being my BootToy and you are going to learn to live as one. You are going to stay down here till the bar is closed and then Tony and I will walk you home as you are. The mitts are staying on. We’ll keep your keys and return after we’ve had a night’s sleep and Tony and I can talk about the changes in our agreement. As far as I am concerned we’ll come back tomorrow to check out your leathers and boot collection. And we’ll check out your bondage gear. I’ll decide which boots to leave you for daily life. But the trophy boots are coming with me, as well as most of your leathers. I bet you have some great bondage gear. Whatever I like that fits on you is coming too. And lastly, we will do is sit at your computer and decide on which chastity belt you are going to buy. If we can do the measurements ourselves and submit the order online you will pay for it with one of your credit cards. That’s when the bondage mitts come off.”

I was shell shock. What the fuck was happening?

“I think Tony will be impressed with what went on here tonight. You see BootToy I also didn’t realize what my full needs were till you pissed me off after we paraded you around upstairs. I know now I need more control over you than just being a booted play toy. I need to control you and change you into the perfect BootToy. And you will learn to thank me for what I am doing.”

With that Sir BootBoy walked over to the door and opened it. He looked back at me as he turned off the lights with a real devilish grin from under the brim of the Muir cap. “I’m giving you time to absorb all of this. You submitted to me and I won’t give up on you.

With that the door closed. It was only then when I realized this wasn’t far off from some of the fantasies I had about BootBoy, now Sir, this past few nights while wearing the half mask with the eye flaps down. DAMN TO WHAT YOU FANTASIZE!!!!!!!!

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  1. excellent well written story, kept me hot and horny reading it. Found myself envying that poor Top as he gets turned by the bootboy into just a boot toy, would enjoy reading a follow up and his continued reaction to his loss of control and frustration with his new helpless status.

  2. Love it. Very innovative story-line realized through well-established foreshadowing and character development. Really enjoy it! Would love to know what a “perfect BootToy” would be, but the writer has already successfully delivered a very hot story.

  3. I have read this story 3 times and every time I am envious of the position the Top finds himself in. As a Top, and as a lover of boots, I suddenly find myself intrigued and wanting to be in that position. Strange that it never really crossed my mind before.

    A great story indeed. Hope there is a follow up.

  4. One of my favorite stories! Would love to see the next part and his further humiliation! Any plans for that?

  5. Loved every part of this story. Shows how fantasy can turn into reality if you let it. Ready for the next part.

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