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Kritofer Weston cigar daddy

Watch cigar smoking Kristofer Weston fuck well-trained slut Tyler Rush at Nasty Daddy! The two showed up in a garage, and Kristofer immediately lit up his favorite cigar wearing his leather gear, and instructed Tyler to start licking his boots. Tyler is a well-trained toy and obeys Kristofer. He goes to work on Kristofer’s hard cock, opening his throat to take it balls deep. Kristofer enjoys teasing his toy with his cigar before he shoves his raw dick into Tyler’s hole. These two then fuck, suck and go ass to mouth until they can’t hold back and Tyler shoots his load while still getting pounded by Kristofer. Tyler gobbles up his own cum before he gets on his knees and works on Kristofer’s still-throbbing hard dick till he finishes into his mouth making him clean up that cum covered raw daddy dick.

cigar smoking Kristofer Weston

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Title of this shoot: Smell It Boy

gay bonage cigar smoking Kristofer Weston

Hugh Hunter endures the cattle prod

hugh_hunter_and_jessie_colter_gay_bondage_01 hugh_hunter_and_jessie_colter_gay_bondage_02 hugh_hunter_and_jessie_colter_gay_bondage_03 hugh_hunter_and_jessie_colter_gay_bondage_04 hugh_hunter_and_jessie_colter_gay_bondage_05 hugh_hunter_and_jessie_colter_gay_bondage_06

In this shoot from KinkMen:

Slave pig Hugh Hunter is ordered to his knees to worship his master’s boots. His tongue slides up and down the leather while receiving an ass cropping, until he’s earned the right to suck Jessie Colter’s hard cock. On the wedge, the muscled slave has his hands above his head, hard cock exposed, while enduring a flogging from all sides. Hugh bites down on a rope, weighed down by a heavy bowling ball, while a zipper of clothespins is connected to the weight. Jessie torments his dungeon slave with the cattle prod, causing him to release the rope from his mouth as the zipper rips from his flesh. Hugh is then thrown to the floor with his ass exposed for his master to abuse. Jessie plunges his cock into his slave’s ass, all while tormenting him with the riding crop once more. Hugh must then worship Jessie’s sweaty toes while blowing his load, and cleaning up every drop of his mess.


hugh_hunter_and_jessie_colter_gay_bondage_08 hugh_hunter_and_jessie_colter_gay_bondage_09 hugh_hunter_and_jessie_colter_gay_bondage_10


Title of this shoot: Muscled pig slave gets his first taste of the cattle prod

Models in this shoot: Hugh Hunter, Jessie Colter

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The Fall of a Master – Part 04

By Rubrpig

Master Walther nodded and indicated that the slave should clean its master’s boots and the slave crawled over and began cleaning Master Gunter’s boots.  The two leather officers sat quietly watching as the slave obeyed and cleaned the tall riding boots worn by its new Master and owner…

Master Walther watched as the slave crawled around his tall riding boots and then when it was finished it moved over and started on Master Gunther’s boots.  Finally, both pairs were cleaned to the satisfaction of both men.  The Master stood up and started to remove their tunics, then the rest of their until they were naked and their cock swinging gently as they moved around as they walked over to where the slaves lay.  Master Walther had picked up a pair of leather fist mitts and he quickly put them on the slave and locked them.  He then padlocked the slave’s wrists together.

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The Fall of a Master – Part 03

By Rubrpig

The slave quietly sighed, and its body relaxed in the cage and restraints.  Strangely enough it felt freer than it had ever felt…

The slave shifted as it tried to work cramps out of its biceps and legs.  It was not used to being forced into tight restrictive positions, so it tried to ease the pain that was beginning.  Its head was held by the stocks of the top of the cage it was still locked in.  It heard thuds of a pair of heavy boots and knew its Master was coming back into the room.  The door opened and Master Gunther walked into the room and over to the cage where his new slave was locked up.  Master Gunther was wearing a full leather uniform with flared breeches.  His tunic was belted with a Sam Browne and there was a set of braided silver shoulder cords.  The brown leather shirt under his tunic gave the uniform a distinct look which aroused the slave as it used to wear one very similar.

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Eat Dirt

Written by ty dehner

With the rain falling hard on the roof, this lazy Saturday morning brought back a kink moment from many years ago. Laying in bed, I saw my black 5.11 lace-up duty boots, caked with mud on the soles. I was reminded of a Saturday morning when I was horny and ended up going to the woods on a solo hike, planning a little jackoff session. Back then, I really needed to get away from it all. Work was just killing me, never letting me have time to get things done as well as I’d like. And the clients, a bunch of whining babies that could go to hell for all I cared.

So, when the weekend came, I made sure it was mine! Since I couldn’t find any dungeon to play in, I decided the woods would be the next best thing. While Fall is never a great time to go hiking, it is quieter than normal, with unpredictable weather.

Saturday morning, I suited up in my green old-school army camos, including jacket and black all-leather paratrooper boots. Since this would be a solo hike, I filled my backpack with simple bondage things, like rope, handcuffs, and duct tape. Before zipping up my back, I tossed in a couple of issues of Bound & Gagged magazine. It will help inspire me as I sit in the woods and play with my manhood.

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