Happened Last Night (January 2013)

By Erik of Roids N Rants

The shiny black Slick It Up hood is stretched tight around my head, muffling every sound. There are no eye holes, only a hole for my mouth, and I’m totally blind and helpless as I’m being guided deeper into the apartment. Disoriented, I have no idea where I stand, and suddenly I’m seized by too many hands to count and held in place as my arms are pulled behind my back and a rope is tied around my wrists. There is no going back now.

Even if I begged them to stop and let me go, struggling against the rope and the hands holding me, it would only turn them on more. I can hear I’m being discussed but can’t make out the words as the invisible hands probe my muscles, weigh my hardening cock and play with my nipples. I can hear at least three different languages being spoken, one of them Russian. They must be visiting from St. Petersburg, only three hours away from Helsinki now that the new high speed train is running.

Erik Roids N RantsThe hands become more demanding, and one of them is now stroking my cock. Suddenly a wet, hot mouth closes around my shaft and I let out a gasp. The man knows how to suck dick, and within seconds my cock is rock hard and I’m gasping for breath. Fingertips are lightly stroking my balls, driving me crazy, and two mouths close around my nipples and begin to suck them. I’m so turned on and the pleasure is so intense that I have to beg the man sucking my cock to stop or I’m going to come, but instead of stopping he only slows down, his hot slippery mouth moving slowly up and down my shaft, sucking and teasing. Then someone else takes his place, and again I’m immediately close to shooting my load.

Three hands, all probably belonging to different men, spread my asscheeks and suddenly a warm slippery tongue makes contact with my ass and slithers deep into the hole. If so many hands weren’t holding me in place, my knees would buckle. A third man is now sucking my cock. Fingers are pulling and teasing my nipples, more fingers are caressing my balls, and there are innumerable hands squeezing muscles all over my body and holding me firmly in place as the man behind me stands up. I’m being bent forward, cold lube is poured all over my ass, and I can feel a hard shaft pushing between my asscheeks, pressing against the slippery hole. All this time, a hot mouth keeps sucking my cock.

But instead of a hard cock, I can feel a large thumb slide into my hole and home in on my prostate. Now the men really have to keep me in a tight hold as I squirm and struggle when the thumb finds the sweet spot and starts massaging it while yet another man takes his place sucking my cock. My nipples are now so sensitive that it feels like they are going to explode while one of them is being squeezed and the other one sucked hard. While my prostate keeps getting massaged, my cock is freed for a moment and then I can feel a different type of hot tightness slide down around the throbbing shaft. I’m being used as a live dildo.

The slippery tight feeling takes hold of my cock and a hard, round muscular ass presses against my body as all of my cock is engulfed by the hot fuckhole. This is what the man behind me has been waiting for, and now it’s the turn of his thick cock to open me up. He is too thick; I moan and gasp, and struggle to free my wrists from the tight rope holding my arms behind my back, to get away, but strong hands hold me in position and a hot ass in front of me keeps sliding up and down on my hard cock. I can’t stop the huge shaft raping my ass and when all of it is finally in, the thickness presses directly against my prostate. The fucking starts.

Places are being switched. Someone else’s ass is now using my cock to get fucked, his oiled hole hot and tight, the sucking mouths on my nipples turn into cruel fingers, and the man fucking me is pulling out, only to be immediately replaced by someone else with a slimmer but longer cock that feels like a hot iron rod as it pushes even deeper inside of me. Then the hands almost lift me up as they move me to somewhere else and my cock is finally free from the unbearable pleasure of a tight slippery ass, but quickly someone grabs my neck and bends me forward even more. My chest lands on some kind of thick bar or table, made of leather, and the position totally exposes my ass. My legs are spread and suddenly there is a hot mouth again around my cock while a third man takes his place to fuck me. Fingers squeeze my nipples, cruel and hard, and I would scream if a massively thick cock wasn’t being forced into my mouth to keep me silent. Only choked gasps come out.

The men take turns fucking me. They keep me so close to shooting my load that I feel like I’m going crazy, and knowing that only when I have come will they let me go I try to push myself over the edge but some kind of pleasure overload does not allow me to. Seven men are fucking my mouth and my ass, someone is sucking my exploding cock with slow expert strokes and caressing my balls, fingers keep playing with my nipples. There are hands everywhere. I can’t take it any more and begin to struggle, begging them to let me go, but another cock is pushed into my mouth to shut me up and the invisible hands hold me down, their grip ever tighter. I struggle harder, to no avail, but finally something clicks and I can feel my orgasm beginning to build up. The men realize what is happening and the fucking becomes harder, the hot tight mouth moves faster up and down my cock, my nipples are squeezed hard, and the first huge ribbon of come shoots along the length my dick and into the hot sucking mouth. But they are not stopping; the pleasure overload almost knocks me out as more and more come is sucked out of me. Then, finally, the men show mercy and my still throbbing hard-on is free. The huge cock in my ass slowly pulls out, and the men have to hold me up to keep me from falling down on my knees.

After I’ve caught my breath, my arms are freed and someone, presumably the friend of mine who arranged the party, takes hold of my arms from behind and guides me out of the room. I’m free to go.




Metal would like to thank Erik for this story, which he originally posted to his blog, Roids N Rants.


Erik Roids N Rants


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