Inmate gets arm splints

Here are the latest images from The Warden, along with an update on the inmate’s predicament from The Warden:

The Warden writes:

After days of arms being crossed, it was decided to let him straighten them, so arm splints that do not allow arms to bend are strapped on first, then back into the straitjacket.

Padded Cell inmate Metalbond 01MetalbondNYCThrough all of these changes, he is always hooded with the easy-to-control breathing hood as he is ALWAYS hobbled with the humane restraints to ensure compliance.

Finally, the breathing hood is replaced with an extra large purpose made locking canvas hood with just 4 breathing holes.

Sleep TIGHT.

Padded_Cell_Inmate_01 Padded_Cell_Inmate_02 Padded_Cell_Inmate_03 Padded_Cell_Inmate_04

dave writes:

Nice pics! Good to see an update. Did the inmate fight having to put the straightjacket back on after finally getting out of it for a few minutes after several days in it? It would be natural for the frustration to cause him to balk at going back in. Is he showing signs of frustration yet, or has he passed that stage into being compliant with the situation?



compliance, wow, that is such a hot word.

frustration, wow, that is such a hot word.

dang, i wanna be frustrated and compliant.



Warden you are just too considerate to the inmate by stretching his arms but for me he has too much hair. You gonna shave him?



Sir really nice and hot update Sir…

Sir i hope one day to have the same training as this lucky boi Sir



Lucky boy to have such a knowledgeable and attentive master.

What is he fed?



Hairy guys are hot, don’t shave him. I love the combination hood and straitjacket, very hot!!


The Warden

Ok let’s deal with the questions.

Did he fight going back in? Well yes he did somewhat but with the breathing hood on he was very easily overpowered as all you have to do is grab his dick and shut of his air BINGO one compliant inmate : – ) The inmate is always frustrated and as such he goes through that stage EVERY day I am sure.

Shaving has crossed my mind but if I do that then he will sort of realise how many days he has been in there by how much hair comes back and I don’t want that. So it stays for now but maybe on the last day of incarceration.

I am NOT the inmate’s MASTER, I am The Warden of the Institution and the Governor just allows ME certain times to be able to respond to your questions.

Food is on a need basis and as such the inmate eats lots of pasta dishes or mince beef and bowls of soup some times in the morning or evening. He is NOT starving but forever hungry.

Now I must return to my daily checks on the inmate as per the Governor’s directions.



The discussion of the Warden and a Governor is reminiscent of the titles used in the old Institute website. Is that a coincidence?


The Warden

How astute of you! The Governor was impressed with that comment, c6h5oh1.

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