7 thoughts on “Hey guys check out these shackles — they are REALLY heavy duty!”

  1. These were made by a couple guys about 20 years ago. The older partner died and the younger one just couldn’t keep it together. Not many of them were made.

    I have the collar and leg irons but we sold out of the wrist shackles when we carried them at Hanson Paddle Company. Mr. S also sold them.

    I’d love to get my hands on the wrist shackles if anyone has a pair they want to sell.

  2. I have a set of these that I got from a shop in VA sometime in the ’90’s. Not sure if these were made by “Iron Masters” or if they were clones. A bit too much play in the hinge pins, but they ARE heavy and secure.

  3. They look like IronMasters Irons to me. I have a set myself which were brought over to the UK by Yossie several years ago I’m told by the person I bought mine off. They are really heavy duty as they are over an inch thick and weigh several pounds too…….

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