Hockey Player’s 21st Birthday Wish

By SockgaggedJason

SockgaggedJason gay bondage storiesNOTE: This story starts off with innocent bondage but becomes very sexually graphic, involving gay sexual contact. The young men depicted are over 18, and you must be over 18 to read.

I was in for the most humiliating kidnap by my hockey team that would turn in to the craziest sexual experience of my life. This is the story of my 21st birthday. After a practice, a group of my teammates tackled me in the locker room while I was undressing. I didn’t stand a chance. I was tied up, gagged, and stuffed into a thick canvas laundry bag. I was transported to one their houses via someone’s car. When I was removed from the sack, I was situated on a bed. They untied me and proceeded to remove the last parts of my hockey gear.

They did, though, spare me full on humiliation by leaving me in my jockstrap. I put up the fight of my life, but there were six of these guys against me. I was screwed. They held me down and tied me spread eagle to that bed with ropes.

My gag, which was a few haphazardly applied layers of athletic tape, was coming off partly on the account of all the sweating. As it fell from my face, I started to yell my head off. Well, that was a mistake. The next thing I remembered was Jacobi, the co-captain of our team, quickly stripping out of his sweatpants and slipping out of his jockstrap. I only caught a glimpse of what he was doing before he was shoving his sweaty jock into my mouth.

Gross! It smelled bad. Then Darren, my closest friend on the team, darted to the nearby closet and returned with a pair of long, white soccer socks from the dirty clothes hamper. He tied one of them around my mouth and double knotted it in the back. After that, he took great care in pulling out part of the jockstrap pouch material from my lips resting it just under my nose. This was cruel because it forced me to smell the disgusting jock through my nostrils, in addition to tasting it.

One of my teammates, Dylan, suggested they add tape around my head because that smelly sock gag would be too easy to get off. Therefore, I was subjected to a generous wrapping of more athletic tape around the lower half of my face, over the thick sock. They didn’t stop there, using more tape vertically, wrapped from my jaw to the top of my head in several rounds. This forced my mouth to stay sealed shut!

They were all laughing hysterically, mostly egged on by my best bud, Darren, as they made sure I was completely secured to that bed. Once the boys were satisfied I was bound and gagged to their satisfaction, they started taking tons of pictures and video with their cell phones. I even heard some of them comment that they were going on their Snapchat!

Darren started talking anxiously about getting out of there before “he got home.” Who?

Then, suddenly, those bastards from my team bolted from the room, leaving me alone, tied down spread eagle to someone’s bed.

I struggled like a champ, but the ropes around my wrists and ankles only got tighter as I fought for freedom. Plus, my breathing was pretty limited, only able to inhale through my nostrils, which of course forced me to sniff away at Jacobi’s dirty, rank jock.

I squirmed helplessly like that for several minutes, trying desperately to get loose. Then, I heard the sounds of someone in the hallway. The door to the bedroom opened.

Walking through the door was a slightly younger man, probably about eighteen or nineteen, who had a shocked look on his face as he found me. By the casual manner in which he entered, I surmised it was his own bedroom.

The young man was dressed plainly in a t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers. He was a skinny, nerdish type. Though close to my age, I thought of him as a boy by his underdeveloped build and goofy face. He also had somewhat of an effeminate affect.

It was embarrassing being spread out, powerless, before him, wearing only my jockstrap. I grunted loudly his way, motioning for him to take my gag off.

He made his way towards me but noticed something lying next to me that got his attention next. He grabbed a piece of paper from the bed. It was some kind of note that he started to read. As he did, he began to smile, looking back at me. Who left this note and what did it say?

I continued to groan into my gag, begging him to free me. He ignored me.

“Aidan!” he yelled. “Come here!”

A few moments later, another guy around his age entered the bedroom. He too looked at me with utter surprise.

Aidan was in plain street clothes like the other one. He was also a skinny, nerdish type with a similar effeminate affect. In fact, as he entered the room, he stood close by to the other boy, casually putting his arm around his waist in an intimate manner.

“Who is this, Austin?!” Aidan asked.

Austin, as I now could call him, showed the other the note.

“He’s the guy from my brother’s hockey team I told you about. He’s apparently my birthday present,” Austin laughed.

I looked at the two of them from the bed where I was restrained, puzzled in that moment and horrified. It was also a strange coincidence that he had the same birthday as me, right?

Austin continued to explain the backstory to Aidan. As they talked about it, only then did it finally dawn on me what was happening. I couldn’t believe it!

Several weeks back, a few of us from the team were drunk at a house party. Darren, Austin’s older brother and my close bud, and I had an intense conversation. I revealed I was gay to him, which was really no surprise to him. He was cool with it. He told me about his brother Austin being gay. He added that Austin was in to some kinky stuff like bondage. I don’t know why I was bold enough to admit it, but I told him that I was curious about that kind of stuff. I remembered Darren asking me if I had ever acted on it to which I told him, no, I hadn’t but wished I had the opportunity. He at the time, jokingly said, well, “Maybe on your birthday!”

And now, here they were, Darren’s brother and, I assume, his brother’s boyfriend; Austin and Aidan respectively. And, here I was, a victim of my own secret confession to my straight teammate. I was still humiliated though.

The boys approached me, each of them flanking me from either side of the bed. They started to play with my nipples, pinching them softly, delicately using the tips of their smooth fingers. They were even pulling at the little hairs around my nipples, which drove me crazy.

“Actually, he’s our present. Not just mine,” Austin smiled at his boyfriend.

“He’s so hot. He’s really a GAY hockey player?” the boyfriend asked.

Austin nodded.

I wiggled underneath their continued assaults on my nipples, particularly their unnerving tugs at the little hairs around them. My body was turning beat red from embarrassment too. I wasn’t able to adjust just yet.

“Can you breathe okay?” my teammate’s brother asked me, looking at half mummified taped face.

“Mmmmphhh! MMmphhh!” I grunted loudly, wanting to have my gag removed.

“I think he’s saying, yea he can,” Aidan laughed.

Part of me was already enjoying this moment but my masculine ego still told me to be stoic, and fight, which I did. I made more noises in vain, buckling around trying to get them to leave me alone.

The boys started to travel around with their hands, exploring my spread eagle half-naked body. The skinny nerd boys relished the moment, taking advantage of a strapped down buff, athlete like myself. Their hands caressed my pecs, dug into my armpits, traveled down the sides of my rib cage and tickled my torso. I laughed uncontrollably when their fingers were digging in just below my belly button.

As I laughed, I was naturally muffled by the gag. Austin leaned in to inspect his brother’s work.

“I think he’s got a jockstrap in his mouth!” Austin announced.

“Phew! Poor guy, should we take that out?” Aidan gasped.

I felt some relief, counting on them to do just that.

Austin thought briefly and responded, “Nah. That’s kind of hot, I think!”

“Yea, guess you’re right!” Aidan admitted.

I sighed, bowing my head down in defeat knowing this kid Austin was a lot like his brother, a little devil.

Austin climbed on to his bed, on top of me, planted his hands down to the sides of my chest, and leaned in to my body. He started to sniff my armpits. Then, slowly, began to lick my armpits.

“Mmmmphhh!” I moaned reflexively, enjoying the feeling.

It was at this moment things started to happen in my crotch that made me embarrassed. I was formulating a boner, causing the soft bulge in my jockstrap to grow into a more solidly defined tale tell sign of approval.

“Oh, man…” Aidan exclaimed as he saw what was happening.

He climbed on to the bed next, sitting on all fours between my legs, and examining my crotch area with interest.

Austin continued lunging into my armpits, working his tongue in there, making me harder and harder as Aidan watched my dick rise in the pouch of my jockstrap.

“MMmphhh MMmphhh!” I groaned, struggling in my restraints.

Aidan shuffled closer to my crotch then took his hands to the waistband of my jockstrap. I felt his soft, skinny fingers reach below the wide elastic fabric and pull it away slowly from my waist. This caused my cock, now at full mast, to pop right out of the underwear.

“Fuck!” I could hear Aidan whisper aloud. Then he pulled my jock a few inches down my thighs so that my dick and nuts were exposed. My cock was standing up like a flagpole now.

Austin took a break from munching on my armpits to look down at what was happening. He approved of his boyfriend’s action with a smile. Then he turned back to face me and began to kiss me on the face, over the mess of duct tape covering my mouth.

While Austin was kissing my gagged face, Aidan was bowing down in to my musty crotch, taking in the smell of my balls and cock. I could feel his warm, panting breaths as he did so.

I had a quick reality check. Here I was tied down spread eagle, being essentially raped by two younger nerds thanks to my straight hockey team, most of which thought were playing an innocent prank on me. I was starting to love it though.

As Aidan took his time exploring the smells of my sweaty crotch, making me more excited, Austin was delivering passionate kisses to my taped up mouth.

Austin quickly jumped off me, and the bed and darted over to his computer desk while Aidan continued worshipping my erotic zone. He grabbed a pair of scissors. As he returned, he excitedly stripped out of his clothes. He removed his t-shirt and pulled off his jeans. While he was a skinny, pasty white boy nerd, he now looked pretty damn cute wearing just his baby blue boxer briefs. I noticed he had a full erection wanting to burst out. He jumped back on the bed and repositioned himself on top of my chest and leaned in with the scissors.

“Don’t make any moves,” Austin warned me as he slid the scissors between the flesh of my face and the tape, while avoiding the soccer sock. He carefully cut away in strategic locations. In a few minutes, the shell of duct tape was freed from my head.

Aidan, meanwhile, was now progressing in his devotion down there. He slowly began to stroke my throbbing hard on with his warm hand.

As he pulled down the soccer sock from my face, he beckoned “Let me take it out, and don’t speak,” referring to the jock in my mouth.

Austin pulled Jacobi’s jockstrap from my mouth, which was soaked with my saliva. He let it drop by the side of my face and began to plant a kiss on my mouth. His lips locked with my lips and I felt his tongue reach inside, to which I returned mine.

As Austin and I passionately kissed one another, his boyfriend continued his deliberate, sensual stroking of my erect penis. I was pre-cumming already and feeling like I could shoot a load soon.

My spread eagle body was quivering, all sweaty, and I didn’t care I was getting hardcore rope burn around my wrists and ankles. I was experiencing euphoria.

Austin took a break from kissing me so he could give Aidan some attention. He turned his way and began to now kiss him, as the two boys sat over me. I watched as Austin nonchalantly stripped his boyfriend out of his clothes too. After his shirt and jeans were removed, I could, just barely, catch a glimpse of his white tighty-whities underwear which gloriously displayed his huge hard dick trying to push out of the cotton fabric.

For a few minutes, both young men returned to me, planting their hands around my face, leaning down and taking turns French kissing my mouth. They tasted so fresh and clean, which was quite the contrast to the dirty jock previously gagging me.

Then, without warning, Austin playfully took the saliva soaked jock from the bed and stuffed it back in to my mouth. He directed me to hold it there, to which I nodded with approval.

The two boys started to give me more attention down my body. Austin turned around, starting to lick at my navel, moving down to my crotch, with his butt in my face. I tilted up my head and buried my nose in to the thin fabric of his underwear, smelling his butt crack, taking deep whiffs. He liked that. Aidan was further down, once more between my legs, driving his tongue around my ball sack, full of sweat. The two of them eventually met at my dick and took turns slowly sucking me off.

Well, I can tell you, this is where things happened quickly. The sensation of getting a blow job from the two of them was overwhelming. Not more than a minute in to the experience, I was ready to shoot.

I tensed up my body, lying back in to the bed, arms and legs spread eagle as they were, and embraced for my climax.

The boys continued sucking my cock and I shot a load as big and high as I ever had in my twenty-one years of masturbation. It was amazing. It caught them a little off guard and the cum hit them in their faces somewhat as the rest shot all the way to the ceiling!

I bit down on the jockstrap in my mouth, letting out a big sigh as I came.

Austin and Aidan sat up, embracing each other, still over me, and began to jerk each other off, as they kissed one another. Within seconds, they came too, letting out a huge sigh of relief.

Afterwards, they expressed a release of laughter, as did I through the jock gag. The three of us were pretty flushed and sweaty too.

They helped me clean up, keeping me tied up as they did. They announced they were going to take a shower and leave me like that for the rest of the night. I was now getting pissed. But Austin, being the prankster just like his brother Darren, said he was only kidding. The boys untied me from the bed and finally I was freed.

The three of us stripped out of our underwear and stepped in to Austin’s small shower together, butt naked. We didn’t have much conversation, instead giggling and enjoying the connection we had made with one another.

The only thought left in my mind? Would my straight teammate buddy Darren expect all the dirty details? I’d have to leave it up to him to ask next time at practice.


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  1. Even if he could easily overpower one of the guys he couldn’t overpower both of them. They should have locked him into a cock cage before they untied him. With his cock locked up he would have to come back to them every so often to get some release. And since it’s two against one he would lose a wrestling match to them and get locked up again and have to come back again.

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