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Smother Box

In this video from Frock The World, The Caged Jock is in his custom-made SMOTHER BOX. Johnny Bronco and Jake Daniels are taking turns smothering him with their beefy muscle butts. Watch these bodybuilders twist his nips, cuff his wrists and feed him their jock smells. After some smothering, Jake and Johnny use Caged Jock’s eager hole in a sling.

The Caged Jock is in his custom-made SMOTHER BOX

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Site: frocktheworld.com

Title of this video: Smother Box

Johnny Bronco and Jake Daniels

NEW SITE: Ticklish Chubs

Foot worshipping, sock sniffing and orgasmic tickling goodness are all at your fingertips, because TicklishChubs.com has arrived!

Filled to the brim with hours and hours of chubs, cubs, twinks and muscles being tied down, poked, sniffed, sucked and touched in ways that elicit giggles, this huge community is sure to please lovers of all things tickled, especially chubs!

Always remember to live, sniff, and laugh it up!

Ticklish Chubs


Here’s a preview from one of the many offerings at Ticklish Chubs:

Chubby Matt Gets Tormented!

You know Matt likes to take control and really torture a subject with his tickling skills, but it’s never too long before someone gets the upper hand and he finds himself restrained and at their mercy. J is the latest guy to make Matt giggle, strapped down by his wrists and ankles, his bare feet tormented, his cock and balls exposed. Watch J have a great time enjoying himself and getting revenge!

Ticklish Chubs


VIDEO at Ticklish Chubs

Scene Title: J & Matt

Ticklish Chubs

Ticklish Chubs

Macrophilia with a giant daddy

It seems like your giant daddy spends all his free time thinking of new ways to humiliate you now that he’s shrunken you down to tiny size. He’s getting ready for work, and his nose is a little stuffed up. He can’t quite tell if his armpits stink. He wants you to take a big whiff and tell him whether he needs more deodorant. He holds you up to his hairy armpits. You don’t bother to struggle, since even if you broke free you’d just plummet to your doom. His armpits really stink!

Macrophilia with a giant daddy



Scene Title: Richard Lennox

Scene Short Description: Giant Armpit Sniffer – DADDY GIANT 13

Bizarre macrophilia play gay porn

Tied up and dominated in a dark dungeon

Meanwhile at Hard Kinks, Ruben Mastin is taken by a desire to be fucked hard. He accepted the convocation of a very beautiful dominator in his dark dungeon. In this movie of more than 50 minutes, the sexy guy will put his body at the disposal of his irresistible and cruel master. A gas mask to smell the slightest…

male bdsm video Hard Kinks

See the VIDEO at Hard Kinks

Title of this video: Electro and spank for a slave – 52 min

Hard Kinks gay bondage

A muscle worshipper is forced to sniff and lick armpits and ass cracks

In this video from Brutal Tops, two bullies are getting pumped and working up a big sweat. But there’s a desperate lurker watching them. They mercilessly tease him, making him lick the stinking moisture from their hairy armpits and arse cracks. They order the horny fag to lap at their real men’s bodies like a fucking mutt!

muscle worshipper is forced to sniff and lick


See the VIDEO at Brutal Tops

male bdsm video

Getting Fucked by My Best Friend

By SockgaggedJason

SockgaggedJason story gay demonThe summer after we graduated high school, my best friend Tyler came to live with me for a few weeks. He had been kicked out of his home after some fights with his dad.

We had always played bondage games with each other. I developed a crush on him and our games took on a sexual overtone for me. He joined the wrestling team, and his body was really shaping up. We started, however, to have different interests and new friends at this point.

Considering we had drifted apart the last couple of years, his staying at my house was a way for us to rekindle our friendship.

One night he came back to my home after working out at a local gym. He had jogged back in his rubber jump suit because he was dropping weight. Tyler still had dreams of making it on a college wrestling team somewhere next fall even though he hadn’t actually enrolled yet.

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Caught in the Act

By Cutieboy90

Cutieboy90“Hey man, I’m gonna shower. Don’t start the laundry yet.” Tony called down the hallway.

“Got it!” I hollered back.

I sat still, waiting for the sound of running water. Holding my breath. The seconds dragged by, as if time had just stopped. Even my heart seemed to slow…

Until at last the rush of water and the clang of the shower door closing signaled the start. This was the cue I’d been waiting for. Like a racer starting at the sound of the buzzer, I was off. Swiftly and silently like a panther stalking its prey, I was down the hall towards the laundry room in an instant. And there, piled in the hamper was Tony’s laundry. A whole week’s worth of worn gym socks and night shirts just waiting to be savored.

I knelt down, taking a particularly fresh-looking sock and bringing it to my nose.

“Mmmmm…” I could never help the initial moan, nor the swoons I felt when breathing Tony’s sweat and musk. There was a sort of spice to his scent, so masculine. I could detect hints of the trees from the park trail he liked to run through, the funk of his shoes, even a faint touch of the Irish Spring soap he used.

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