House Bound – a sequel to Glass and a Half

By Catdude

I woke with a jolt, I thrashed upright looking around, I was in my bed, in my room, in my apartment. For a second I thought I must be dreaming, still sitting in my cell sleeping off the exhaustion of being trapped in the damn chair three times a day just to earn food.

I sat up and realized that I was actually back in my room, I tried to think as to how I ended up here, the last thing I remember was finally being released from that damn chair after it had extracted another 4 loads from me while I was trapped in that damn suit, gripped tightly and unmercifully by the vacume seal. I had watched the hatch open and my food tray being replaced, he usually waited till about the third or so cycle, I had yelled and screamed myself so hoarse I wouldn’t be able to yell at him or anything by then. I had fallen out of the chair and devoured the food on the tray, I had held out as long as I could on what I think was the second day, getting nothing to eat as a result of not submitting to the milking of the chair, until hunger had finally driven me to lock myself back in the damn chair. The portions since had not really been enough to stave off hunger.

The food must have been drugged, cause I was now back home and naked in my own bed, I leapt out of bed and raced into my kitchen, doing a quick scan along the way to check if anything was missing, thought I doubted it, obviously Josh had some cash, the big house and private dungeon would not have been cheap, so I doubted he had it in for my t.v. The first thing I saw when I opened the fridge door was the glass full of my cum, the temptation to fling it out a window was massive, thanks for the headfuck Josh you sick bastard, I grabbed whatever I could find in my fridge that wasn’t off and stuff it in my mouth as I tipped the glass down the sink, slightly nauseated by the smell and texture. I searched around until I found my phone, I flipped it open and found it flat, I grunted in annoyance and fired up my comp, I finally found out that I had been locked in that damn room for 2 and a half of my three week vacation time. I would KILL Josh. Standing there munching on a apple that was heading towards mush I had a flashback to my time in that room.

The rubber suit had been possibly the worst, I don’t really know what the room temp had been but I had sweated constantly, my penis of course stuck out of the suit so peeing had not been a problem, shitting however had been another matter. When the first urge had taken place I had found that the suit had a unique flap at the rear, the rubber overlapped each other, when I was sitting on it my weight pressed down on the overlap allowing that oh so wonderful vacuum effect worked. The only way I had been able to shit was to squat over the prison style stainless steel toilet and hold the two rubber flaps apart, there was no toilet paper, the toilet also flushed every hour, I couldn’t even control when I got to flush the damn toilet!! The lights went on and off without my control, the toilet flushed periodically, I could control when I got food of course the only problem being the torture I had to endure to get it.

I snapped out of the daze and growled in annoyance, I was tempted to send a REALLY abusive email or text to Jason however I suspected it would be a bad idea to piss off a psycho who was not against kidnapping and drugging, the best thing would be to just ignore him and play it safe, first however, I really needed a shower!!

The rest of my holidays were mostly spent recovering from my ordeal, I got one text from Jason, a wink smiley face, he may have tried to send me online messages but I had blocked him on everything online related. I ground my teeth together and resisted the urge to reply with something really biting, and mostly four letter based. However I was afraid of Josh, I hated the fact but I was scared shitless, I kept remembering that line on the note,


“No more games buddy, I want you as my bondage slut and I will train you up to it wether you like it or not.”


It suggested more was to come, and that scared the shit outa me, the only reason I wasn’t freaking out more was cause of the new owner of my flat, my deal estate had called me and told me that my unit was being sold, the new owner had decided to keep it as a rental (thank goodness, I hate finding new places to live) but in order to keep their insurance as low as possible wanted to update the security on my apartment. I had thought this meant a alarm system or something but it was much more, I was getting a massive solid metal door, my lock was being replaced with a maglock and my windows were being replaced with re-enforced glass, and keyed locks. I had thought this would seem excessive however apparently the owner ran a security firm or something and was able to write this off in a clever way at tax time that I have no doubt was probably illegal but all I heard was that I was getting premium security for free.

Needless to say all of this stuff could not go in fast enough and I was thrilled when I got back to work and found the company workers putting the last touches in. The maglock was what impressed me most, it was unpickable, a rf chip built into the door jamb allowed me to swipe a card and the magnetic lock would release, it had a backup battery for power loss. For the first time since I had woken up returned from that horror cell I finally felt safe. The stress of  it all had made me very tired so I was hanging big time for the weekend, Friday night after some light net surfing and watching a DVD I hit the hay, planning on a nice restful weekend.

I woke up sat morning to the sound of my alarm going off, I reached over and smacked it off, I sat up, I could have sworn I had turned it off last night, I felt a little groggy, I put it down to not enough sleep. I staggered out of my room, feeling that I could take a nap later in the day, I made some coffee and sat at my comp, I tried to check my email but my net was down, I growled in annoyance, I figured I would go to the net café down the street, have some breakfast and use their net. I got dressed and headed for the door, I pushed the release button for the maglock and tugged on my door……nothing, I pushed the button again but once again I couldn’t get out, well this was turning into a great day, I sighed and grabbed my cell phone to call the company that installed this damn lock to tell them to come get me the hell out here. My phone had no signal, I checked my landline and the same, I was starting to get a little panicky now, I didn’t have the keys to my windows yet, since the company told me they would be ready next week.

I figured since phone, net and mobile were down a local tower might have gone down, if it was a power surge that may have screwed the lock. I decided That I should have some breakfast and just wait, mobile phone coverage was not something that stayed down long, I went to my fridge and opened it…..emptry…. the chill that went through me at that instant was probably colder then my empty fridge. I lie, there was no food in my fridge but there was a note, it was pretty simple.


‘round 2 bitch’


I raced back to my door and frantically hit the button trying to get the door open. That was when I heard my message tone on my phone I raced back to it, but still had no signal, just one message from none other then Jason, ‘file instruct_bitch in your documents folder.’ I was hyperventilating, I was trapped in my own home, the super high end security that kept everyone out now effectively trapped me in here. I walked to my comp, opened my documents and saw the dreaded profile and opened it.


Hey bitch,

Welcome to your new cell, I brought your unit and had my company install all these new toys, last night I popped in and emptied your fridge, you want to be free and to eat, you can follow my instructions, all outside means of coms are disabled, when you decide to obey you will find your instructions under the bed.



Well this was a fresh hell, I should have been freaking out and panicking but in a way I was sort of relieved, I had been jumping at little things, starting awake at night in a panic,  freaking out if I thought I saw someone following me, every motorbike I heard froze me in fear. Now the other shoe had dropped, I went into the bedroom and peered under my bed, there was a box under there, I pulled it out and opened the note that was attached to the box, there was an interesting porno picture down the bottom that drew my eye, then I read the note.


Follow this diagram, in the middle of your loungroom, back to the door.


Well that was short and to the point I looked in the box and apparently everything was there I needed, oh joy.

I set up in the middle of the lounge room, I had no doubt that there was a camera somewhere, I considered not doing it, not obeying the orders, but the fact of the matter was that the one place I thought I was safe from Jason and his psycho behaviour was actually now somewhere that he had control over me, my best option was to just endure it and then find a new apartment!!!

I placed the first item down, it was a small leather padded sqare, about half a meter to each side, there were about 3 rings on each side of the square, which would be used for what came next. I stripped down. The first thing I put on was a parachute harness around my balls then I fastened on the restraints, they were the same that had been used on me in our last little encounter, I used a hex key to tighten them up, these didn’t have a chain joining them, instead they had a small length of chain hanging from each, the last items were a locking leather collar and a unique gag, I put the collar on and pulled out one of 6 lock in the box (no keys of course) and used it to lock the collar on, then I strapped the gag on, it was a ratcheted type that Jason had used on me once and then I had told him he could shove it up his ass. I wondered how many other toys there was that I had told him to fuck off that would come back to haunt me. I stood holding the gag for a second, naked, trapped in my own apartment, contemplating the use of something I had flat out refused to use ages ago, I should go to the police! I should tell someone what was going on, tho I was betting this sorta stuff would not be treated with delicacy and respect, no I would just go through with this crap and then move.


Part 2


I knelt down on the padded square, I stretched the parachute harness chain down and padlocked it to the front of the bench, I leant back and winced as my balls were tugged on, note to self, next time lock feet first, wait what was I thinking? There wouldn’t be a next time!! I grabbed the trailing ends of the chains from my ankle restraints and I padlocked them to the two corner o-rings at the back of the square. I sighed and finally put the gag in, in the only bit of defiance I have available to me I didn’t ratchet it full open, just enough to keep it in my mouth without having to bite down on it.

I leant back and clipped the end of a chain onto the back of the collar and then locked the end to the middle ring on the back of the square, the chain was not long enough for me to sit up straight, I was forced to lean back a convenient angle for someone to slide a cock down my throat, I then used my hands to lock my hands to the sides of the squares, and then it was just a waiting game.

I couldn’t see my clock but I was guessing that Josh was at home, when he saw me he would hopefully head in, it generally took him about 45mins to get in, I was in for a fun wait.

My knees were what started to ache first, though it was hard to distinguish between it and the pain in my back from being forced to lean back, when I finally heard the click of the maglock and the creak of leathers I was actually relieved, I was relieved to have the bastard that had locked me in my own damn unit, and then threatened to starve me if I didn’t do what he wanted.

He came around and I was forced to look up at his smiling face as he unzipped his jacket, my treacherous cock sprung up at the sight of his chiselled chest under the black leather, he smiled and leant over and ratcheted the gag open wider until my jaw was aching, ‘still resisting me I see, that’s ok it will make this more fun.’ He threw his gloves and helmet on a nearby chair, and pulled his cock out of his jeans, ‘you have no idea how hard it was to resist coming into that room while I had you there and fucking your face.’ He gave his cock a stroke or two, which was pointless seeing as he was already rock hard and there was some pre-cum on the tip already, my cock throbbed as I anticipated the taste, what the fuck was wrong with me?! He manouvered his cock into my gagged open mouth and slowly slid it all the way in, he groaned in pleasure, it was only about 20-30 thrusts later that my mouth flooded with the terrific salty taste of his cum, ok, MAYBE some of this was ok if it meant more of that hot cum.

He groaned and pulled out, ‘damn, been a bit to long, I was hoping for a bit more fun, guess it’s the gag that did it.’ He smirked down at me, I swallowed but I could feel the drool dripping down onto my chest, here I was kneeling at his feet head chained back mouth gagged open, drooling on myself, this could not get anymore humiliating. He pulled some keys out of his jeans pocket, and unlocked my left hand, he held it with both hands and pulled it in front of me, he placed one of his big heavy bike boots on my balls, ‘ok bitch, I am about to let you unlock your other hand and then your going to padlock both ends of the chains to the front loop of your collar, if you try anything funny, a swift kick to your balls should take care of you long enough for me to do it, and belive me bitch.’ And he leaned down slightly, squeezing my wrist till I winced in pain, ‘you havn’t seen me pissed off yet, and if I was you, I would pray you never do’ I shivered at the harshness of his voice, his sexy eyes were hard and I had no doubt that he would hurt me bad, if I pissed him off.

He stood up again placed the keys in my hand and let go, I was still leaning back cause my neck was chained and he was out of reach he watched me as I unlocked my other hand and then locked both ends of the chains to the d-ring at the front of the collar, he ordered me to drop the keys and I did, he grunted and then walked behind me, he walked back into view with a backpack and walked into my room, he came back and walked behind me again I felt him unlock my ankles but I kept them still , I felt a tugging on the neck chain and then he walked in front of me again, he pushed both my wrists up to my collar as he bent down and unlocked my balls, he moved around behind me again and I heard a click and then he pushed me and I fell onto the floor, hard, I grunted in annoyance through the gag, he walked off, ‘meet me in the bedroom, don’t make me wait bitch or it will go badly for you.’

I managed to prop myself up on my elbows and clasped my hands together my face wasn’t far from the floor, I couldn’t straighten my legs and attempts to do so tugged on my neck so I guessed my ankles were locked to my neck chain, I managed to crawl my way into the bedroom, it took a while and I heard what sounded like a drill. When I got to the bedroom Josh was sitting on my bed waiting, he smiled down at me, he patted the bed beside him ‘come on little bitch, up on the bed’ I was so going to kill him when I got my hands on him.

I managed to get on the bed and he rolled me on myside, he reached down and unlocked my wrist chains from my neck he quickly and brutally yanked my wrists up towards the head of my bed and I heard a metallic thunk, he let go and I tugged but couldn’t free my wrists, how the hell did he restrain them so damn fast? He unlocked my legs from my chain and I groaned in relief as I could finally straighten my aching legs, I looked up and saw that the chains were attached to a plate like the maglock on my door, obviously it was another magnetic plate. He rolled me onto my back, ‘sine you did such a great job on me, lets take care of you now.’

He brutally jerked me off intentionality jerking me hard and rough so that his fist smashed down onto my nuts, I groaned and tried to twist away but he easily held me on my back, inevitably I came, and as soon as I did the desire to have the gag out and be free skyrocketed. He stood up, ‘that should do the trick, I think I will leave the gag in, next time if you have it ratcheted open properly I won’t I will be putting you in lockdown at 10pm each night, no phones net or leaving the apartment after that, I will let you know when I need you, sometimes I will tell you to come in and restrain yourself to the plate above, there are cameras everywhere bitch so don’t think you can disobey and I won’t know. I will assume I don’t need to starve you into compliance but if I need to I will lock you down until you obey.’

He walked out and I gargled in my gag after him but I heard my front door slam shut, like a dungeon door from hell.


THE END (or is it?)


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