Improving My Posture – Part 2

By Mister-X/Spartan

At work Monday morning I was obviously forced into stiff, erect posture. The problem was sitting on that butt plug, something I’d never done before. It was quite uncomfortable, and was initially distracting me from concentrating on my work. As I was thinking about the butt plug, I started thinking back on everything that happened that previous 4-day weekend.

I had never experienced anything like that before in my life. I certainly got quickly acquainted with a side of life I’d never seen before, let alone experienced. And to be truthful, I kind of enjoyed some of it. Or at least, my cock did, or would have if it could have been able to. The thought of that brought up another problem I was having, sitting here at my desk. It was difficult to find a comfortable way to sit with that metal chastity on my cock.

I’m sure that my appearance is much better than it had been, but I wondered whether my bosses were comfortable knowing that it came at the expense of my getting as much work done. Judging by how they enjoyed this past four days, I expect that they are comfortable with that. I noticed that my boss seemed wryly amused to see how uncomfortable I was wearing my new shirt, knowing that I had that butt plug and chastity on underneath. But I had to get my mind off the changes I was now experiencing and get it back on my work. If my work output declines significantly, I could still find myself without a job.

I managed to get through that first day back at work and return back to my new home. This meant immediately getting out of my new shirt and suit and getting back into the chains in my prison cell. Horace brought us our food after my boss had lowered our wrist chains enough for us to handle it. At least the food was good. As soon as we had finished, our wrist chains were raised again.

The first couple of days I couldn’t sleep in this position. But fatigue finally set in and I was able to get some sleep at night. I’m finally starting to adjust.

I snuck a glance periodically at Gideon to see how he was coping. I was surprised to see that he was able to get dressed and to work after all that he had been through. It was certainly an object lesson to all of us to make sure that we never said anything or made any indication about the life we were now leading. And all that punishment over a very small gesture Gideon had made to me.

The days passed, and another weekend came. My two bosses were back for more treatment of us. At least I was better prepared for what was done to us this weekend. I was starting to settle in to my new life.

A couple of weeks later, as Christmas was approaching, I got a surprise at work. One of my Marine friends showed up as a prospective client, still in his uniform. I hadn’t seen Fred for a few years, but I recognized him immediately. And he recognized me immediately when he saw me.

“Jack, I didn’t expect to see you here. You’re looking great in those spiffy clothes.” We shook hands. I was a little concerned about this surprise encounter, hoping I wouldn’t give anything away.

“Fred, what brings you here?”

“I’m now responsible for choosing sub-contractors for some of our work. Your company here is one that I’m considering.”

I noticed my two bosses nearby overhearing our conversation. I figured I’d better chime in and try to sell our company to him. “You’d do well to choose us. We do quality work.”

“You were always one of the best workers I’ve seen when you were in the Marines. That you’re working here is a good sign.” The bosses came up to him and I introduced them. The three of them went into the company manager’s office, and I went back to my cubicle to continue my work.

When Fred came out he walked up to me again, accompanied by my boss. “I’d like to get together with you for dinner tonight if you can make it. We can bring each other up to date on each other’s life.”

I looked at my boss. “I ride home with my boss. I’ll have to see if it’s okay with him.”

My boss replied “don’t worry about that. Go out and have fun.” Having said that, he left us.

“I’ve got a rental car. I understand you quit work at 1700, so I’ll be here to pick you up. See you in a few hours.”

Later my boss came by. “He hasn’t decided yet on which company to choose. Try to make a good impression on him. We need that contract. It’s a big one.”

So now I was going to be trying to convince Fred to bring his work to us, and I’ll be having fun tonight while wearing this uncomfortable shirt with that metal butt plug and chastity. I’ll have to try my best to hide those from him, and hide the lifestyle I was now experiencing. It wasn’t going to be easy. Fred was always someone who noticed little things.

Fred picked me up on time and took me to a fancy restaurant. We exchanged small talk at first, then got into what we’d been doing with our lives since we’d parted last. “Are you still single?”

“Yes. What about you?”

“Yes, still single. I can’t get over that shirt that you wear. I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s like something out of the Victorian era. I noticed the others in your office wear the same. Is it some kind of uniform?”

“The manager wants us to make a good appearance, since we’re right outside his office. He thought that these made us look good.”

“They certainly do that, but it’s got to be uncomfortable to wear all the time.”

“I won’t lie. It is uncomfortable. But I’m getting used to it. You certainly fill out your uniform well.”

“Once a Marine, always a Marine. Keeping up a good appearance is important, as you’ve learned.”

“My boss used to be a Marine drill sergeant.”

“Oh, really? Interesting. Does he still practice on his employees?”

That one hit a little close to home. I got a wry smile and said “he does on weekends. He still enjoys doing that.”

“I’d like to see that.” I was wondering how I was going to be getting out of that request, and started fidgeting. I hadn’t been sitting in the most comfortable position, and both the butt plug and chastity were bothering me. I reached down to adjust. Fred noticed, and started to get a smile on his face.

Fred finally said “I know that look and that feeling. Jack, I didn’t know you were into that lifestyle.”

I couldn’t help but get embarrassed. He realized that his guess had hit home. “Is your boss your master, then?”

I nodded my head. “And are the others in your group his minions as well?” I nodded again.

Fred started laughing. “I’m also into the lifestyle, being a master as well. I’d like to visit your boss’ home and see his setup.”

I was wondering how I was going to handle this one. I was to be severely punished if anyone found out. I finally decided to open up to Fred about this. “Fred, I’m not supposed to let anyone else know about this. I will be punished if my boss finds out that you found out.”

“Don’t worry about that. I think I can handle that okay. Let’s finish up here and get to your boss’ home. I can’t wait to see his setup.”

I told Fred where my boss lived, and gave him directions on how to get there. When we got to Fred’s car, he said “I’m going to prepare you for your return.” He pulled out some handcuffs and had me put them on behind my back. He also strapped a rubber ball gag on me and taped over it several times with duct tape. He had me lie down in the back seat.

When he pulled up to my boss’ home, my boss was outside waiting. Fred got out of the driver’s seat and went to the back door, opening it to pull me out. My boss gave me a stern look. Fred said “I would top Jack when we were in the Marines. I figured I would renew our acquaintance. Too bad you don’t have a dungeon where we could start back to doing what we used to do. I would have loved to have been able to do that again.” All this about Fred topping me, of course, was totally false, but I couldn’t say so.

My boss thought about it, and said “actually I do have one. You’re welcome to use it. However, there are others there as well.”

“Good. The more the merrier. Let’s go check it out.”

Fred led me in, following my boss. When we got into the hallway, my boss said “this is where everyone strips off their clothes and gets appropriately attired for the dungeon.”

Fred undid my cuffs for me to get naked, and asked “do you have any leathers I could put on?”

“Sure, but I don’t know if they’re the right size.”

“There’s one way to find out.” The two of them left me there and went back out of the door to the dungeon, locking it after they left. I was thinking that this might just work to get me out of being punished.

When Fred and my boss returned, I was surprised in the change in Fred’s appearance. He was dressed head to toe in leather, and had a stern look about him. He definitely looked like a mean top. By this time I was naked with my butt plug and chastity in view. I had already locked on the metal posture collar and had been standing there waiting for their return.

Fred started looking at me, walking around looking at my body, taking in the posture collar, the butt plug and the chastity. He went over to the wall of gear that was next in the hallway to our work clothes. He selected a few items and brought them back. He tied a piece of rope around each of my wrists. He got in front of me and started pulling each of my wrists over the opposite shoulder, slowly to allow my arms and shoulders to adjust, but steadily bringing each wrist up behind my back.

Finally they were together close behind my posture collar. He screwed some metal cuffs onto my wrists which kept them together and attached a padlock to a ring attached to the cuffs and to the ring at the back of the posture collar. My wrists were now attached to the back of my collar. If I tried to lower them, it would put pressure on my neck, starting to choke me. But my shoulders were starting to hurt from the position my arms were in, so my arms were wanting to lower. He removed the rope.

Fred said “I love putting guys into predicament positions. Watch what happens as he’s in this for a while. After I get these ankle shackles locked on, let’s see what your dungeon is like.”

Fred also clipped a chain to the front of my posture collar and pulled me down the corridor to the prison cells. I was trying my best to keep my wrists up to avoid choking. When we got to the room, Fred left me standing while he started going around to the various cells to check them out closer. With the attention of both of them on the others, I quietly went back to the wall and pushed my arms against something to get support to keep my arms up.

After Fred had walked around, checking out the various cells, he finally noticed me and let out a shout. “Hey! You’re not supposed to be doing that.” He came back and pulled me out into the middle of the room. I was back to having to work at keeping my hands up on my own.

“Which one is Jack’s cell?” My boss showed him. “I need to lock him somewhere that he doesn’t try to get relief, and this is as good a place as any.” Soon my feet were spread apart and locked to the back of the cell. The wrist chains remained hanging down to the sides out of reach. The cell door was locked and Fred continued inspecting my boss’ dungeon.

Fred finally said “I’m impressed with what you’ve got here. If I choose your company I’d like to move in here as well and have fun with these guys. I hope that won’t upset anything for you.”

“If you choose our company I’d be honored to have you joining us.”

That told me that Fred was going to choose our company. From the standpoint of securing my job at the company, nothing could have been better.   From the standpoint of my life at this place becoming harder for me to deal with, nothing could have been worse. My shoulders were killing me at this point, and I was hoping, almost praying, for Fred to get me out of this extremely painful position I was trying to maintain.

Fred and my boss left the dungeon, leaving me still in that extremely painful predicament bondage position. It was another half hour before my boss returned. He opened my cell and unlocked my wrists from my collar and removed the cuffs, putting my wrists back into the chains and stretching them out to the familiar ‘X’ position. While he was doing this he was talking to me.

“I commend you on being able to help secure that contract for our company. I wouldn’t have thought that having this dungeon would have been the clincher to landing it, but apparently that’s what will happen. Funny, I had thought that all this was new to you, that you hadn’t experienced this before, but that wasn’t what Fred indicated.”

My boss was looking at my face when he said the latter, looking for some reaction to indicate that I had let out my boss’ secret. I knew better than to do that, and since I was still gagged, I couldn’t say anything one way or the other. Finally my boss gave up on this, probably figuring that it wouldn’t do to punish me for something that worked out so well for him and the company. The subject never came up again.

Christmas came and went. Fred got to visit periodically before the contract was finalized. He always seemed to plan his visits to coincide with weekends, so he could join in on the fun. I got to experience a number of predicament positions, but that first one was still the most strenuous one I’d been put into. And Fred also got to top some of my co-workers as well. He was enjoying himself.

When the contract was officially awarded, Fred moved into my boss’ home. That’s when the really severe bondage started. I didn’t realize how severe things could get. My boss took things really easy in comparison with Fred. I had no idea he was so sadistic. When we served together in the Marines he didn’t show that side of him toward others. Apparently he had always been that way, since he would sometimes talk about some of the things he had done to others over the years.

Fred always liked to up things on us when we were out jogging. Once I was put back into that same predicament position while jogging the five miles, tit clamps in place with the weight attached to the chain between them, bag tied over my head as soon as we’d finished the five miles until I ran out of air. Fred would let me pass out before removing the bag, whereas my boss would remove it before I’d pass out.

Fred also replaced the chastity with one that had internal dull spikes that pressed in painfully on my cock. He was into producing pain in others. He enjoyed keeping that on all the time, even when I was at work, and would occasionally get me in a position, such as when we would go out for lunch, where he would ‘accidentally’ hit me in the cock and balls. When I’d react in pain he always got a smile on his face.

As the contract was proceeding, Fred would increase his punishments. He was getting more and more sadistic as time was passing. My boss was getting a little concerned that what he was doing would adversely impact our ability to get the work done, but Fred didn’t seem to mind this. I was starting to look forward to getting the contract finished so Fred would be gone and we could get back to our normal lives, assuming what we had could be called normal.

Finally the contract was finished. Fred was away quite a bit toward the end, reporting to his superiors about the progress, and finding out about his next assignment. When he returned to finish the signing of the completion papers, he had a long meeting with the company manager. After work we were all treated to dinner at that restaurant that Fred and I first went to. At that dinner, the company manager, who was also present, which was unusual, announced to us that Fred was going to be leaving the Marines and joining our company, that it was quite a coup to be able to hire someone who had been in the position he was in. I figured that I knew what that meant. I figured Fred would be moving into my boss’ home and would be continuing his punishment of us. I had been so looking forward to Fred leaving, and now he was going to become a permanent part of our home.

But I was wrong. Fred purchased a home of his own. It was a couple of months of relative quiet at my boss’ home, life returning to how it had been before Fred had moved in. Fred had his own office at work, and we saw each other there, but he didn’t come by to my boss’ home like he had been doing.

But then one day he came up to me at work, accompanied by my boss. Fred said “I’ve finally gotten my home set up the way I’ve wanted it to be. I’ve now got a great dungeon. I’ve got room for others, and I would like you, Jack, my old buddy, to be the first one to move into it.”

I wondered if I was going to have a say in this. I responded “I’d like to see your place if I’m going to choose between the two of you.”

My boss said “this isn’t something that you will have a say in. I’m sorry to see you leaving my home, but Fred needs someone at his place, and he’s chosen you. The two of you will be picking up your belongings at my home tonight and moving them to Fred’s home. I’ve enjoyed having you, but I realize that you’ve had a longer standing friendship with Fred than with me. Good bye, Jack.” With that, my boss walked away. I was almost in a state of shock.

Fred said “I also want you working here with me at the company. You can be my assistant. My workload has increased enough, what with all the new contracts that we are getting in, that I need someone to assist me. And also” and here he got next to my ear “I can keep you in constant painful bondage here as well, just like you want it to be.” He pulled away and winked at me before walking away.

So now I knew that my life was going to be made even more painful. My boss had allowed us to get our rocks off once a week, but Fred didn’t think that we should even have this gratification unless our cocks were being kept in painful gear while doing it. With Fred, everything was about being kept in something painful. But as long as I remained working in that company, I was going to have to accept it. The decision had already been made for me.

I’m now resting in a small cage in Fred’s home. I’m in a chained hog tie position, a hard metal collar around my neck which goes up almost to my chin and is pulled back by another chain to be attached to my wrists and ankles, which are locked together in a long bar. There is a metal cage around my head as well which has an attached tongue suppressor which is inserted into my mouth. I’ve got a metal corset around my stomach. The metal butt plug is bigger, and the metal chastity is that one with the internal dull spikes. There are clamps kept on my tits with a chain between with weight attached. This is now my normal nighttime position. At Fred’s house during the day I at least normally have my hands and ankles out of the bar, though Fred still enjoys having my hands brought up to be behind and locked to that metal collar. The tongue suppressor is unlocked so I can brush my teeth in the morning and for when we have meals, but it’s always locked on otherwise. I’m not allowed to say anything.

At work, I still wear those shirts, accompanied by the butt plug and chastity, but also the tit clamps and corset. Fred has also put a chain around the base of my neck as a symbol of our relationship, one that is so short that it can only be brought together by a padlock through the two end links after they’ve been forcefully brought together. I’ve long since stopped being concerned about the chain links and padlock digging into my neck.

My workload is a lot less than it had been in my previous job, and there are free times now which Fred uses to have me under his desk in a hogtie with his fly open for me to suck his cock. It’s not something that is part of my work assignments, but it’s something that Fred requires his assistant to do. The pay is a big improvement over what it had been in my previous position and I don’t have to pay any rent. I’m learning new skills, since I now do a lot of the negotiating with prospective clients. Fred has taught me what signs to look for, and he’s told me to always be on the lookout for others like me that are turned on by bondage.

Yesterday there was a representative from a prospective client who looked at my erect posture in that old Victorian collar and started tenting his pants. He was shaking slightly while he was talking to me. I knew what that meant. After the usual discussion, me presenting our company qualifications and him telling me what his company was needing, I asked him “is there anything else that you might be looking for from us, anything that would make your association with us more comfortable for you?”

He thought about this, and was on the verge of saying something, when he decided not to, and said “nothing I can think of”.

I responded with “why don’t you at least come over to the home I share with my boss for dinner tonight so we can socialize a bit?” This was an offer he accepted. He’s still at my boss’ home. I leave that part of the job of convincing prospective clients to use our company to my boss. I wonder how far that guy is willing to want to be taken. I doubt that anyone will want to be treated the way my boss treats me, but you never know.

Today another friend of Fred’s when he was in the Marines came by as a prospective client. He said that he and Fred used to pal around a lot. I wondered which position he assumed. I told him that Fred was currently servicing another prospective client, and the guy responded with “don’t you mean that the other way around?”

Obviously this guy knows Fred. I wasn’t sure whether I should ask that guy whether he topped others or was topped by Fred, when he started checking me out, and said “looks like Fred has you geared up good. Want to duck into his office and I’ll show you my cuffs?”

So now I’m under Fred’s desk again, hands cuffed behind me, sucking this guy’s cock. I figured it was all part of getting new clients for my company. I have to be careful to keep my head down, since I’m now always in an erect posture from wearing that special shirt. I thought back to when I started working here, focusing on getting my work done, remembering back to my boss then getting me to improve my posture. How my life has changed since then.

The end

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