In the Cellar

By Erik of Roids N Rants

A few hours ago, this afternoon, I was standing in front of a tall 19th-century condominium in one of the most prestigious areas of the town and hesitating whether to enter or not. No one knew I was there, and I didn’t know the man who was going to take me to the deep underground cellar of the old building, tie me up and fuck me anonymously.

I carried a tight black hood with me and had orders to pull it on when I reached the landing of the cellar staircase, and I would keep it on until I left the building. Then I remembered the photos the man had sent me, wearing nothing but a black leather hood, harness and chaps, and my mind was made up. I had to have him.

The underground passage was so low that he had to grab me by the neck to keep my head down. The black lycra hood allowed just a glimmer of light through the tight, stretched material, and I could see the ghostly beam of his flashlight moving along the walls and the floor. When the light was directed towards the left I could make out the black shape of the man dragging me along and I knew I hadn’t been fooled; he was the one in the photos. I could feel my cock starting to push against the jockstrap I was wearing under my military cammies.

Roids N RantsThe cellar room was narrow. The leather wrist restraints had been locked directly into hooks in the walls and I was standing with my arms stretched out, with only the hood, black Slick It Up jockstrap and black army boots remaining of my clothes. I could feel the rough, worn out bricks against my hands as the man stood behind me, his fingers playing expertly with my hard nipples and the massive hard-on pressing in between my glutes. My cock was so hard that it was painfully pushing the fabric of the jockstrap to its very limits, and I had to push my ass against the man’s huge hard-on to try to give at least some relief to my own rock-hard cock. His fingers pulled harder at my nipples, and I couldn’t help crying out loud as I felt a glob of precum squirt into my jockstrap.

I soon discovered there were lots of hooks at different heights on the walls. I had consequently been positioned down on my knees to suck his cock, and even though I had already seen the size of it in his photos I was still shocked how jaw-breakingly thick the shaft was. As he forced the huge hard-on deeper into my mouth, my face was all scrunched up to a point where the mouth hole of the hood was stretched to its limits and pressing hard against the edges of my lips, but my pained groan was choked by the shaft pushing deeper and deeper into my throat. After a while, my mouth was filled with his slick precum and he pulled back to avoid shooting his load. It was time to move on.

I was on my knees, wrists locked to the walls at floor level, my ass forced up in the air. He had taken his time preparing my hole, greasing it up and slowly stretching it with a collection of toys to get me ready for his thick shaft. The man moved closer, his leather-clad, hard body descending on top of me, and I felt the head of his cock first touch my ass and then begin to force its way into my hole. He was so thick I gasped and tried to squirm away, but he already knew how to play me: his hands sneaked around me and as I felt his fingers on my nipples the muscles of my hole relaxed and gradually began to swallow his hard-on. I thought I was going crazy; the hard shaft kept stretching my ass ever wider while the fingers playing with my nipples sent shocks of pleasure all over my body. It was more than I could handle but the restraints were tight and no matter how I squirmed and begged I couldn’t get away from him. The hard shaft just kept sliding deeper and deeper, seemingly with no end to it.

I was still on my knees, but he had locked my wrists higher on the wall and an additional rope was wound around my torso to keep me firmly in place. I knew what he was going to do next, and my cock was growing so hard I felt it was going to explode. He was going to use me as his live dildo, and the thought was making me so horny I thought I was going out of my mind. First, however, he gradually forced a large, lubed butt plug into my ass and only when it had locked into place I felt him position himself in front of me. Then the hard muscles of his ass brushed against the head of my cock, capturing my throbbing shaft in between them. My hips thrust forward and my cock found the soft yielding spot between the glutes, and the head slipped into the heat. I groaned as he backed his ass onto me and I felt my shaft slide deep into the hot, clutching hole. The only part of my body that could move was my hips and I began fucking him like a madman, slamming my hips into him as I tried to get as deep into his ass as possible. After a while I was able to calm down a little, and I slowed down my pace to better feel every inch of my cock sliding into the tight, greased up hole. With every thrust, the butt plug rubbed maddeningly against my prostate, keeping me close to shooting my load the entire time I was fucking him. I just couldn’t get enough: every time he tried to pull away I begged him to return and give me more.

Eventually I figured that the room was shaped like an L, and there was a rubber-covered mattress in the second part. My wrists were locked into the wall above my head and my ankles chained to the side walls, forcing me into a position similar to a sling. His hard cock had taken the place of the butt plug, and as he slowly fucked me he alternatively either stroked my shaft until I almost shot my load, or played with my nipples until I almost tore the hooks off the walls. It was too much; I was groaning and grunting so loudly with every thrust that he forced a thick rubber dildo into my mouth to choke off my cries. He kept fucking me until I thought I was going to pass out, and then he drove his cock deep into my ass and stopped moving, the shaft pressing directly against my prostate as his hand jerking me off picked up speed. He took me over the edge in seconds, and I felt thick hot globs of cum exploding along the shaft of my cock and squirting all over my abs, but he didn’t stop: he only gradually slowed down and kept milking my quivering shaft until he had forced every last drop out.

Back in the low corridor and ghostly flickers of light. Then the grip on my neck vanished, and behind me a door slammed closed. I pulled the hood off and stood still for a moment, breathing deep, before climbing the stairs with shaking legs back towards light.




Metal would like to thank Eric for this story … his second one posted here. The other one is called Happened Last Night.


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