Iowa Cowboy – Part 09

By Atlanta Stud

Morning couldn’t arrive fast enough for me. I wanted out of the cuffs that held me to the bed post and into the kitchen for some coffee and a plate of eggs and bacon, that’s all I could think about. But alas, I was on hold until Dave got back from fetching Brody out of his room.

“OK Army boy let’s get you out of the rack and here’s the key to the cock cage. I’ll let you do the honors. Once you’re done, you’ll be released from the transport set, I want you on your knees with your hands behind your head while I lock the leg cuffs on. Your gear for the next 24 hours will be the fatigues, boots and leg cuffs. No shirt. If I don’t have any trouble with you, I won’t put you in handcuffs, but I promise you that I’ll snap ’em on in a heartbeat if necessary.”

Dave returned with a shirtless Brody, his dog tags resting between his hot pecs and the rattling leg cuff chains in tow; both of them now at the foot of the bed just looking at me like I was an animal snared in a net.

“Well, what should we do with this one?” Dave asked Brody. It wasn’t so much a question being asked to Brody as it was a statement as to what they were going to do with me. Brody looked at Dave, first with a hint of a puzzled look on his face that quickly turned into an evil grin. I’ve seen that look on him before, and I instantly got a chill up my spine.

“Well, fact of the matter is that guy locked up on the bed over there hasn’t had the pleasure of trying out your new transport set, Sir.”

That’s when I started tugging on the cuffs that held me securely to the bedpost. I knew I wasn’t breaking out of them, but I had to try and try I did.

“You know, Brody, you’re right. He hasn’t had the pleasure of trying ’em out. Why don’t you go fetch the transport set off your bed and we’ll just see what we can do about that.”

Brody nearly tripped over himself as he ran to the next room to recover the transport set. Apparently in his eagerness to get there and back he had forgotten that he was still locked in leg shackles. When he returned, he stood at the foot of the bed, holding the transport set at face level by just the cuffs, letting the leg cuffs dangle by the connecting chain. He just held them there and grinned; grinned at me and my predicament. Then, without even being given instruction from Dave, he made his way toward me, grabbed my left boot tight and locked the shackle snug and then held a firm grip to my right booted ankle and repeated his actions setting the double locking mechanisms. I didn’t offer my free wrist to the waiting attached cuff.

“You won’t win that battle you’re imagining in your head, boy,” Brody said. “You best offer up those wrists before you find yourself in solitary.”

Shit! That didn’t even occur to me at the moment and I knew fighting was a no-win situation. Reluctantly, I offered my free wrist, to which Brody quickly applied the cuff and then locked up my other wrist, still cuffed and attached to the bed post. Dave then came around, patted Brody on the pec congratulating him for a job well done before he released me from the cuffs that held me to the bed.

“Come on, boys, time for chow.”

With me in the full transports, Brody made breakfast while Dave apparently sat back and enjoyed our situation. I had to admit that the sight of that hot Army jock cooking breakfast, locked up in leg shackles, dog tags held in place by his big pecs and that amazing tattoo, was freaking hot. I was unhooked from the cuffs long enough to take care of morning business and promptly locked back up again. I wasn’t permitted a morning shower.

“Well, Brody, gonna allow you the opportunity to determine how long our boy here stays locked up in the transports. However, there is a price associated with being given that responsibility, which is inside one of these three envelopes. Should you choose to determine how long he stays locked up what’s in the one you choose is what goes. Maybe it’s not a penalty at all, but you have to make your choice without knowing in advance.”

I could tell that Brody loved the idea of me locked up in the transports the moment he suggested it, so it was no surprise to me that he took Dave’s ‘offer.’

“I’m game. I’ll take on the opportunity to see him locked up in transports, and I want to see him locked up in them for the next 24 hours. It will be hot seeing his ass rattling around in a full set of shackles. I’ll take envelope No. 2.”

With that Dave instructed Brody to turn around and put his hands behind his back before he read what was in the envelope. He had him locked up in his own black-hinged cuffs.

“You’re locked up in those cuffs in the event that what’s in this envelope isn’t to your liking. I can assure you, Brody, that whatever it is, you will fulfill your obligation and Jake here will remain locked up in the transport set for a full 24 hours, just as you prescribed. Brody, as I read what’s in here, I’ll need you to face Jake.”

“Brody, you have accepted the contents of this envelope by determining that Jake is to remain locked up in the transport set for 24 hours. As a result, I will now read the contents of envelope No. 2, which is the one you’ve selected. It is so stated in envelope No. 2, that the party agrees to be confined in solitary for a term for no less than the sentence issued to his fellow inmate. Brody, given the fact that you’ve determined Jake’s time in the full transport set is 24 hours; you will be confined to solitary for the same duration. Sentence begins immediately.”

The shocked look on Brody’s face was priceless. Dave grabbed his left upper arm firmly and took a reluctant Brody down to the basement, and I was instructed to follow. Dave had determined early on that whoever was in solitary would be stripped, wearing nothing but the cold steel locked securely on his limbs. Brody was already stripped to the waist, and Dave knew he wouldn’t be stripped without a fight even when locked up in hinged cuffs. To assure Brody that he didn’t have a chance in hell, Dave backed him up to the post and secured a rope from his upper arms to the post and proceeded to unlock the leg cuffs from his boots, and had him stripped down in a matter of minutes. He then took one leg cuff and locked it to the post and attached the free cuff to Brody’s right ankle, double locking it. The hinged cuffs were reattached in front and the rope removed.

“Brody, you are hereby sentenced to solitary for 24 hours. The cuffs and shackles will remain in place during your sentence. Each and every time you request to be set free from solitary will add an additional four hours to your sentence. I will enforce this sentence to the fullest. I will, however, grant you one more penalty to impose on Jake here if you like without any additional penalty going towards yourself. Do you wish to add anything to Jake’s sentence?”

“Damn right I do. Lock his ass up in that cock cage for the duration of my time in solitary. Let’s see how he likes getting his cock locked up.”

“I like your style, Brody, and so it shall be. Jake, get your ass upstairs and wait for me in Brody’s room. You’re getting cock locked, boy.”

As we left to go back upstairs, I could hear Brody tugging at the leg cuff chain that held him fast to the post. He wasn’t locked to the post ten minutes yet and he was trying to break free and all that muscle he had wasn’t going to get him out of that steel. It’s funny how a tiny little key weighing a fraction of an ounce prevented him from going anywhere-just a tiny little key. I was promptly locked up in the cock cage. I knew not to try to fight it, considering the steel securely locked around my limbs. It was a strange feeling being cock locked, but at least I wasn’t chained up in solitary like Brody. There I was, alone in the bedroom for a few minutes when Dave left to take a shower, and that’s when I spotted it, right there on the floor just under Brody’s bunk. How could Dave, being in such control, not realize that one of the cuff keys was loose?

Oh, how I had on many occasions thought how great it would be for Dave to have a taste of his own medicine after all he’s done to me. It was a fantasy; nonetheless, I couldn’t really pull it off on my own. But I had Brody on my side for sure. Yeah, he’d want out of solitary and would love to get even! My hands shook as I grabbed the key and grabbed the first thing I saw for Brody to wear so he could have some coverage, his jock. Wasn’t much coverage, but at least he’d have something. I made my way downstairs to Brody, and damn if he didn’t look hot chained up. But that wasn’t the purpose of my visit. I had to set him free.

“What are you doing here?” Brody asked.

“Come on we have to hurry. I found a spare key. Here’s a jock, I’ll get you unlocked and we can get Dave as he’s getting out of the shower!”

As I reached toward Brody’s handcuffs, he pulled them away. To say I was shocked and confused was an understatement. “What are you doing, man? Get your wrists out here so I can uncuff you! We don’t have much time if we’re going to capture Dave!”

“Dude, you don’t get it. Look, I need to fill you in, bud. Remember that day you and Dave got the cuffs and I spotted you locked up in the hallway and I got to try ’em on in the room? I was instantly hooked and couldn’t wait to get my own set. Dave locked me up several times when you were at a class or gone for a weekend. This whole trip; this whole lockup weekend was planned for me to get a real taste of long-term lock up. Dude, I need to experience solitary. Damn, just look at me, stud. I work out five times a week, I’ve got killer pecs and 17-inch biceps and I look like a chained up animal. I am a chained up animal, and I freaking love it! Just look at that shackle locked around my hairy leg, man! I can’t explain it, dude. I’m a muscle bound Army jock that’s discovered a passion for getting locked up in shackles. You gotta get out of here before Dave checks up on me.”

It didn’t take me but a second to make my way back upstairs — no way was I planning on being in solitary.

As Dave approached Brody down in solitary he said, “How’s my Army boy doing in solitary?”

“Fine, Sir, about as well as one can be locked up to a post.”

“Well, boy, I’ve got a little present for you. Something to add for your stay down here.” With that, Dave pulled out a full spandex hood and placed it on Brody’s head, followed by a chain collar and padlock and the leather transport belt, which he then fed the cuffs through the ring.

“That should add a little more excitement to your stay. I know you’re loving this, boy.” A quick twist of Brody’s nips followed by a controlled grunt and Dave was headed back upstairs.

To be continued …

Metal would like to thank Atlanta Stud for this story!

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  1. This chapter was amazing!! Can’t get half way through your stories before losing it! You are a great story writer and I liked the twist the story took with Brody not wanting to get out. Look forward to the next chapter. Hope it’s soon =)

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