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Video: A bound military stud gets electro tortured

Here is a free video clip from Dream Boy Bondage. Timarrie Baker is strapped on his back, electrodes connected to his wrist and his genitals. Every minute or so 3000 volts surge into his body, making his muscles clench and his back arch seductively.


“I’m not a spy,” the poor soldier pleads, but his tormentor, Jared, continues to shock him over and over, then turns up the voltage. Soon Timarrie is so weak he just mutters and moans. Jared, forever the sadist, uncuffs Timarrie’s wrist and tells the prisoner the shocks will stop if he can jerk off. Timarrie tries desperately, doubling the size of his cock, but he is too weak, too drained, his cock too damaged, to cum. Jared recuff’s the prisoner’s wrist and announces he is doubling the voltage again, to full power. The length of the shocks double, too, then triples. By the end of the night, Timarrie is just a twitching mass of muscle.

gay bondage muscle torture

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Title of this shoot: Timarrie Baker – Young Private – Part 7

naked prisoner interrogation

In Hell

See below for a free video clip featuring Dirk Caber and Drake Jaden at Daddy’s Bondage Boys:


Dirk Caber has been caught by the enemy, and is in the process of being interrogated. The muscled soldier is proving to be a tough nut to crack, even with the electro being generously applied by Drake Jaden. Then, something goes very wrong — for both of them.

Here is a free video clip:


Title of this shoot: In Hell: Part 1

Models in this shoot: Drake Jaden, Dirk Caber

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‘The Agent’ at Gay War Games

Check out what happens at Gay War Games:

‘The Agent’ at Gay War Games MetalbondNYCBrent, a local drug dealer, enters a military compound and gets overwhelmed. Two sergeants tie, strip and fondle the guy. They spank and strangle him. “He will be a good Fuck.”

Gay_war_games_01 Gay_war_games_02 Gay_war_games_03 Gay_war_games_04 Gay_war_games_05

Then they start to torture the naked guy. They play with his cock and anus. And they beat him. Brent isn’t such a strong gangster anymore. He is crying for help and from despair. Now he is completely delivered to mercy of the soldiers. Frank starts to touch the young guy everywhere. “Not bad. You will be a nice fuck.”

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