Island Master UK – Part 10

By Wakeysub

Solidly mounted and impaled with my mouth open I was desperate to just swallow but that wasn’t an option. I had been transformed into a sex toy existing solely for the pleasure of the top. Here I was in total darkness waiting for my mouth to be used. Reduced to being a fleshlight with a pulse.

“Fuck, I’ve got to break this one in.”

I felt movement at my lips. The first cock just drove into me with a single thrust. My head positioning meant that the cock had a straight run to deep in my gullet. My gag reflex triggered but I had no room to react. My body convulsed as he continued to thrust. I could hear the moaning sounds he made as my throat closed around his cock. He pulled his cock right out of my mouth and I gasped for breath. He plunged back in with a single hard thrust. I couldn’t breathe. He started pumping his cock buried deep in my throat. I started to feel lightheaded. He pushed his cock deeper and deeper in my throat. My lungs were hurting as they were desperate for air. Every reflex in my body said I had to take a breath but there was nothing I could do. The shield was spreading my jaw firmly to maximise his access. All I could do was focus on the cock down my throat. As his fucking intensified my head became foggier. Suddenly, the shaft throbbed in my throat unloading his load deep into my throat. He started to pull out leaving a trail of cum as he pulled out of my mouth. As soon as my throat was unblocked air rushed back in and my lungs gasped for air.

“Clean it”

I instinctively moved my tongue over his deflating cock head. Licking carefully at the piss slit, licking away the remains of his load and the acidic juices which had erupted from my stomach in reaction to the invasion. As I licked, I could hear his satisfied purring.

“Good job – time for your reward”

I felt the probe in my ass suddenly come to life. The power level was ramping up slowly and progressively. My cock reacted by getting harder and harder driving the head into the unyielding pins. The intensity of the probe was getting to a level where it was more uncomfortable than pleasurable. I moaned and my collar started to tingle menacingly. My cock was rock hard. Still the stimulation continued. The stimulation of my prostate seemed to spread out through my body. Then nothing. My body was aching for more stimulation.

The next cock was a monster. Even with my jaw spread wide open the shaft grazed against the smooth metal shields covering my teeth. He seemed to like the way it felt as he pumped his cock a few times without pushing deep inside. This was truly a gigantic piece of meat. He might be able to get it past my teeth but there was no way this was ever going to fit into my throat. Then again, there was nothing to stop him from reshaping my throat to make it fit. He lunged forwards and instantly my gag reflex was triggered. He didn’t care. If anything, the regurgitated fluids just added to the lubrication inside my throat. He leant into me, putting all his body weight behind pushing it into my throat. I couldn’t breathe. This massive throbbing dick was going to kill me. I felt it slowly push deeper as my muscles started to lose the battle. He was intent on just driving it deeper and deeper. My head became fuzzy again. I was seriously short of oxygen. My throat was plugged and there was no prospect of him pulling out anytime soon. He just pressed harder and harder. He hadn’t even got his cock inside yet and I was already on the verge of passing out. How could I survive this? He pulled out and I quickly gasped for breath. He rammed back in and started pushing steadily again. I hated to imagine what damage it was doing to my throat. It was a blessing that I wouldn’t have to speak again for the foreseeable future because of all the bruising he was creating. He pushed on. My muscles were giving way in the face of this onslaught.

He just kept pushing and I felt him slide slowly deeper and deeper. When he buried another inch he would pull back and ram back in maximising the damage he had already done. His technique was brutal but he knew what he was doing. He systematically buried his massive cock until he had driven it in to the hilt. Finally, he managed to lodge the full length of his massive cock deep inside me. Only then did the real brutal fucking begin. His idea of foreplay was a whole new experience. He pulled out so only the head was inside my mouth allowing me to take a deep breath. He pushed back in and started to aggressively fuck my mouth. My brain was flooded with the agony of the assault on my throat, a need to breathe and the image of this massive dong driving into my throat. As he continued to thrust all I could think about was my need to breathe.

I felt myself getting increasingly more woosy as his cock swelled in my throat. I have no idea how long he continued to fuck my throat. My mouth was empty when the shocks from my collar revived me. My mouth was full of cum. He must have pulled out and shot his load into the empty hole. How could one man create so much cum? My body ached but I couldn’t work out whether this was down to the brutal treatment my throat and body had just undergone or the shock I had received to revive me. Oxygen deprivation made my head felt like it was going to explode. I gasped for air dragging in more of the acrid aroma of poppers. My head was spinning.

“I almost forgot your reward!!”

The plug in my ass came alive again stimulating my prostate. It started so slowly. I could barely feel it but it stepped up over time. The level was creeping ever upwards. It started to take my mind off the pain coming from my throat. I had to stifle the urge to moan as the stimulation got to a pleasurable level. Again though, it just stepped through the pleasurable level and became ever more intense. I squeezed my toes together hanging in the restraints high above my back and clenched my fist as it got more intense.

Before the programme had finished the next cock entered my mouth. Thankfully, this was a thinner cock and taking it down my throat was much less traumatic. For the first time ever, I took a cock without triggering my gag reflex. I guess that the ultimate cure for gag reflex is taking a mammoth cock that pile drives on regardless. If that was the case, then I was cured. As he pushed his cock down smoothly into my throat the stimulation in my ass intensified and I moaned but the cock acted as a gag so the only one who was aware of the moaning was the owner of the cock inside my throat. My throat had been reshaped to accommodate the biggest of cocks. Even with this new cock buried deep in my gullet I found that I could still pull in air.

The stimulation in my ass was well past the point where it could be processed as pleasurable. I willed the sensation to increase just a little bit more so it would tip me over the edge and let me cum. I was struggling to focus. The cock in my throat was pumping in and out now. My throat must have been slick after its assault and he was moaning as he thrust and drew back slowly. The stimulation suddenly stopped.

He pushed in deep into my throat and moaned loudly as he pumped his cum deep into my throat. His moaning continued as his cock continued to throb in my throat. He started to pull out until just the sticky head was left in my mouth. I rolled my tongue around and started to lick it clean without having to be told. As he pulled back, I automatically reached my tongue out and played with his piss slit. He obviously enjoyed the attention as he left his cock close to my mouth so I could continue to lick it. He moved his cock back into my mouth and started to push it into my throat. I thought he was going to fuck my face again, so it came as a shock when I felt the stream of hot piss flowing into my throat. I didn’t swallow and the piss started to fill my mouth and then overflow out.

“Swallow, you lazy bastard.”

I swallowed quickly. His piss was strong and acrid. I had swallowed piss before but never had it delivered to the back of my throat. In the past I had always been kneeling in front of the man pissing over me, mouth open ready to drink the liquid as it showered down on me. This was so much more intense. I had no choice but to swallow if I wanted to catch my breath. I gulped trying to clear my mouth so I could breathe again. As soon as I started to swallow the hot, yellow liquid he was refilling it. There was no way for me to stop it from overflowing out of my open mouth.

“I told you to swallow, you useless fucker.”

As the shock program in my restraints was activated every muscle in my body went into spasm. Stretched out as I was there was nowhere for my muscles to go. My mouth turned into a piss fountain as all the piss inside me was pushed out by my convulsing muscles. The shock seemed to be endless. My neck tried to straighten despite the rigid form which held it at the most unnatural angle. Finally, it stopped as suddenly as it started. My muscles felt like they had been wrenched apart.

No sooner had the shocks finished than I felt another cock thrusting into my open mouth. He thrust in deep with a single thrust. My brain was too foggy to do anything. All my sense had been overloaded. The poppers were making it difficult to focus. All I could do was lie there and let him fuck my throat. He wasn’t gentle but my ability to process anything had gone. I felt his thrusts and it was almost like I wasn’t there. I felt the familiar pulsing of his cock as he unloaded his cum deep into my throat.

“Fuck that’s one hot mouth – hey guys you’ve got to try this one”. I could visualise a crowd of horny men queuing up to play with the newest toy in the shop.

I felt the pulsing in my ass start to increase again. I was horny as hell and my cock was squeezed tightly by the cage with the pins driven into my cock head. I moaned and my collar tingled ominously.

A cock lunged at my throat and slid in with a single thrust. He pulled back and drove back in with a single thrust. There was so much force behind each thrust but my head was held tightly in the form and the positioning gave him open access to my gullet. The pulsing in my ass seemed to be synchronised to his thrusts. I was being spit-roasted with the cock in my mouth and the probe in my ass synchronised. The stimulation from the probe in my ass increased with each thrust. He increased the speed and force of each thrust. I ached for him to cum.

I was desperate to taste it. The pulsing in my ass was beginning to push me closer to closer. I could taste his precum now as he pulled out and rested his cock on my tongue. He drove forward and the pulsing hit a new level. He lunged forward pressing his pubes against my lips. I felt him unloading deep inside me. As his cock throbbed the pulsing in my ass hit a new level and I felt my cock unloading in its cage. All the stimulation had been too much, and my prostate had unloaded. It was so long since I had last been able to cum and the intensity was like nothing I had ever experienced before.

He pulled back until his cock head was laid on my tongue and I went to work mechanically cleaning his glans. I savoured the taste of his cum as I licked it away. How had I become so much of a cum whore in such a short time? Now I just needed to suck more cocks.

The stream of cocks just seemed to be never-ending. No sooner had a cock throbbed and unloaded into my throat or into my open mouth than the next cock was taking its place. I have no idea how many cocks I took that night. The probe in my ass went through its program of increasing stimulation as a reward each time the top was satisfied with my performance. As the pace increased I was getting the reward from the last cummer as the next was pumping in my throat. I was overcome with all the stimulation I was getting. I was exhausted but there was no way for me to tap out or ask for a break.

My mind was overloaded from the stimulation – the taste of cum, the stimulation in my ass, the force of the thrusts the cocks drove into me. Some of the cocks were larger but nothing like the mammoth cock that I had encountered at the beginning of the session. With every cock I craved the taste of cum and ached for the painful stimulation deep in my ass. I ached for another release but no matter how much I tried the stimulation stopped before I managed to push over the edge. I just needed one more cock to make me unload again. I was so desperate. One session in this device had converted me into a cock sucking toy. A completely compliant cock sucking whore. My cock throbbed in its cage at the thought of it. Deep inside my head, I could hear Master’s voice telling me that he was proud of me and that I was becoming the slave I was born to be.

I woke up and I was back locked securely in my cage. My throat hurt like hell. It was burning and felt like someone had been ramming unplaned timber into it. Every time I swallowed, I could feel all the bruising that resulted from yesterday’s activities. If I had been allowed to talk then I knew that I would be so hoarse. Of course, that wasn’t a problem for me anymore.

The lights came on and Master West walked into the room.

“You did well slave. Lots of satisfied tops last night. Out”

The restraints released and the cage opened. I clambered out and assumed the required position. Stood there with my feet the prescribed distance apart and my hands firmly clasped behind my head. He reached forward and cupped my balls.

“These are hanging low this morning. Good to see that they got properly drained yesterday.” He gave them a squeeze.

He clipped a leash onto my collar and pulled me towards the door. We walked back across the clearing towards the medics room. We walked inside and he directed me to sit in the reclining chair. My restraints locked in place holding my neck, ankles and wrists in place. The medic was standing to one side dressed in his white coat.

“768 was in the cocksucker service yesterday. I need to check that there isn’t any permanent damage. I think IslandMasterUK has told you about the upgrade he wants to be done while 768 is in the chair.”

The medic nodded and moved towards me.

“Did the mouth shields work okay?”

“Fuck yes. I can’t believe the improvement. A wide-open mouth like that is just made to take a cock at the drop of a hat.”

The medic stood over me and moved his fingers towards my mouth.


“You don’t need to do that!” Master West pressed the button on his remote and my mouth spread wide.

The medic ran his fingers around the edges of the shield on the inside and out.

“It’s a perfect fit. By now the dental cement will be permanent. It bonds into the structure of the tooth so there is no way this is coming out. I had a charging loop incorporated into the cock sucker so as long as it spends time in there at least once a week you won’t have any problem with it losing power. If it does ever lose power then it is programmed to always fail to the open position to avoid any risk of problems.”

Master West smiled.

“I’m tempted to leave it open permanently as it looks so inviting. Mind you I do like the permanently locked look too. You should be so proud of this one.“

“I am,” replied the medic. “IslandMasterUK is really happy with it too. He has given me permission to push ahead with some of my other ideas. He sees 768 as a blank canvas to convert into the ultimate Island slave. I am sure you will love some of the additions I have in mind.”

He pushed his fingers roughly into the back of my throat and touched my tonsils.

“Wow, his gag reflex has completely gone. Looking at the state of his throat there is a good chance that it’s already permanent. To be sure though can I suggest that 768 should be regularly assigned to the cock sucker to make the change irreversible.”

Master West laughed.

“Public demand will see to that. I think we would have a riot if his throat wasn’t available all weekend. Anton broke him in last night and you know how big his cock is. Just looking at his cock always makes me wince. I do like to see it in action though and he really knows how to make the experience memorable for the slave.”

The medic shone a torch into my mouth and probed deeper with his fingers.

“Some severe bruising in here. 768 is going to have a tender throat for a few days. Not like it needs an incentive to keep quiet though. All good at this end. So, let’s look at the upgrade.”


To be continued …

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2 thoughts on “Island Master UK – Part 10”

  1. 768 is lucky it got its slaveballs drained – though good to see that was not a reason not to continue to take cock in its mouth and be cumfed. Love how the medic and its handler approach 768. A number that hints at a big operation! Super told!

  2. One more thing
    This is obviously an extremely well run operation, geared towards maximum satisfaction of its clients, and at the same time don t allow their slave-force any slack or waste. I assume the slacecum “unloading in its cage” (and with it the pints of cum of other slaves that were allowed (or accidentally? ) unloaded) is recycled into the slaves’ food formula. Not sure how rhey do it… system of tubes? Or perhaps just the slaves licking up their own cum after service. A good resource not to be wasted, as no spilling is tolerated from the clients’ cum in their the slaves’ holes.

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