Island Master UK – Part 11

By Wakeysub

He went to the bench and picked up a small box.

“I love this upgrade.”

He placed the open box on the small table next to the chair. He ran his fingers over the chastity cage and pulled on it to make sure it was properly secured and wasn’t rubbing unnecessarily. He was satisfied that everything was okay. He picked up a small box from the table and held it on the underside of the shaft of my chastity. There was a click and the head of the chastity detached. My cock head was revealed for the first time in weeks but the cage was still firmly locked in place with the metal rod fixed permanently into the piercing at the base of my glans. He started to run his fingers over my glans.

“The pins are certainly leaving an impression. I think the upgrade will really drive the point home.” He laughed at his joke and I saw Master West smile.

The medic picked up a spray can from the table and sprayed it liberally onto the head of my caged cock. The spray was icy cold and my cock shrunk in response. He attached a small tube to the can and pushed this into my piss-slit. He squirted the numbing spray deep into my urethra. He pressed the spray several times until he was happy that everything was ready. My cock was numb. I shivered in anticipation. Whatever was going to happen I was sure that it was going to be more painful for me.

He opened the box and lifted out a small metal object. It was a replacement head for the chastity. He held it close to my face and rotated it to show me the new head. This one had a long urethral insert. It had been adapted to accommodate the lock in my piercing. The insert looked quite broad and would really stretch my piss-slit. He smiled as he saw my reaction to the urethral insert. The insert wasn’t a smooth tube as you would normally expect. It looked like it was covered in a ribbed pattern and I assumed this was to improve the sensation. I would soon find out that I was wrong.

“I see you like the thought of this filling your piss-slit. It will impale your cock and make sure you get the maximum effect from the new pins. That’s the other major enhancement. If you enjoyed the previous pins you are really going to love these ones. These pins are so much finer. You will really get the point when you get hard. You had better learn some self-control quickly. Until you control your cock these pins are going to hurt like hell.”

He lubed the urethral insert and lined it up carefully with the head of my cock. The end of the tube was tapered slightly so it slid in and stretched my piss-slit as it went inside.

“Now, we need to get this right first time because of the barbs in the middle section on the outside of the insert. You see this two-inch section here where the insert is ribbed?” He pointed to the area he was referring to and Master West nodded.

“I have to admit that I love the creativity of the designer of this device. The ribbing looks like its designed for pleasure but it couldn’t be further from the truth. 768 will get little pleasure from this. They are designed to slide in smoothly with all the lube I’ve used but once they are in the barbs within the ribbing will embed into the inside of the cock and stop this ever pulling out again. They are designed to fold back like wings. All I need to do is a single pull on the insert once it’s in place and they will fan right out. The best bit about that is as your cock tries to pull back it will just drive them deeper. Every time the cock hardens and softens it will be brutally tortured from the inside This is the ultimate permanent upgrade.”

As the insert was firmly pushed in further my piss slit spread wider and wider to accommodate the increasing tube. I moaned despite the numbing and my collar tingled to remind me that it was active. The insert was long and the medic applied consistent firm pressure to push it in. It just seemed to continue pushing deeper and deeper until it extended back behind the back ring of the chastity. The gap between the top of the chastity shaft and the new head got closer and closer. The head was rounded so the new pins would be pressing in all around the glans of my captured cock. I felt the pins pressing against the numbed head of my cock. It was an odd feeling.

My cock was flaccid so they were just pushing at the head but I knew that as soon as I started to get some feeling back these pins were going to be driven deep into my cock. As the gap between the two parts closed to about a millimetre he pulled back on the insert and it drew out slightly. Even in my number cock I felt the barbs digging into my flesh. He applied pressure and the gap finally closed between the two parts. I heard the loud click as the two parts of the cage came together and locked into place. The new part was so precisely machined that there was no sign of a join. It looked like I had a solid piece of metal covering my cock. Where previously there had been a metal gauze covering the piss-slit to prevent access to my cock there was now just the end of the urethral insert. My cock was now completely encased. Maybe entombed would be a better description.

“The two parts are now bonded together so we won’t be opening that again. I should feel sorry for 768 but I have to admit that just thinking of it makes me hard.”

“Now, I need to check that the electro is working properly. The length and girth of the insert along with the barbs mean that there is so much more potential for shocking. As the cock heals around it the electrode will almost become a part of it.”

The medic touched a remote control and my crotch exploded in pain. Even with the numbing spray, I could feel the full effect of the current flowing between the urethral insert and the pins. The fine pins meant that the shocks were targeted and super painful. Where previously the pain had been focussed at the head the addition of the urethral insert meant that the current was now flowing the length of my shaft from behind my balls to my tortured cock head. It felt so much worse than the pain I previously experienced. He pressed a button and it stopped.

I struggled to catch my breath. He pressed another button and the current started flowing from the urethral insert down into my nuts. It felt like someone was grinding a boot into my exposed balls. He pressed another button on the control and the pain level increased. I moaned and the collar tingled again. I struggled to suppress the urge to moan. Every muscle in my body was tensed and my ass was lifted off the chair. He pressed the button, the shock stopped, and I slumped back into the chair.

“Looks like that’s working. I’ve only tested it at level one and two but I’m sure 768 will get the full impact soon enough. Just need to check how the weight loss is going and then we’re done”

Master West reattached my leash and there was a click as the restraints released. He yanked on the leash, I scrambled out of the chair and stood with my legs spread wide. He pulled me over to the platform of a weighing scale in the corner of the room. He indicated that I should stand on the platform. I did as I was told and both the medic and Master West looked at the display waiting for it to display my weight. The number appeared and Master West smiled.

“Six kilos. That’s a good number for the first week – some of that is going to be fluid but your healthy regime is obviously paying off. My prescription would definitely be more of the same.”

Master West was pleased that his hard work to improve me was appreciated. He thanked the medic and walked towards the door with me in tow. My cock was numb and felt heavy. There was a dull ache from inside my piss slit from where the barbs had scoured when then insert was finally pushed into place. I was conflicted. The thought of the enhancements to the cage excited me but at the same time the prospect of the level of pain that these new additions could inflict filled me with fear. This addition also reinforced the fact that this chastity was permanent.

A yank on the leash brought me back to the present. We were back at the building site.

“Target for today is 14 barrows an hour and you owe 15 from yesterday. If you fail to achieve the target today then I’ll increase your punishment level by one step. If you fail then the consequences will be entirely down to you.”

He took me over to the wheelbarrow and locked me in place. As I lifted the handles of the wheelbarrow I was immediately aware of the rod running down the length of my numbed cock. It felt so odd and every time I moved it re-seated itself inside my cock. If this was what it felt like numb what the hell would it feel like when I wasn’t.

I focused on the wheelbarrow and drove it down the ramp into the hole as quickly as possible. The slaves working with the shovels and the picks had been working hard and the hole was now much deeper. The ramp now ran around two sides of the hole. The ramp was pitted and soft underfoot, so I had to keep pushing and guiding the barrow to get it to the bottom of the hole. The slave with the shovel rapidly filled my barrow with earth and I waited for the buzzer to sound before I bent my knees and lifted the handles. I pushed hard to get the barrow to move and the struggle to get up ramp seemed to take forever.

My only focus today was to achieve the target and avoid the punishment level increasing. In seven hours the numbing of my cock would have worn off and the prospect of being shocked at a higher level than I had already experienced filled me with a sense of dread. I pushed on down the slope until I saw the dumping point at the bottom. I lined the wheelbarrow up with the opening at the top of the slope and took a run-up. The barrow locked firmly in place and I tilted it up and the soil dumped into the skip below. As soon as the barrow was empty it released and I pulled it back and ran back up the hill as quickly as possible. I realised that I hadn’t seen the other barrow slave today. As I got back to the ramp I pushed down as quickly as possible making sure that the barrow kept moving.

The shovel slave quickly piled another load of soil into my barrow. The soil this time was heavier clay. They must have dug through the sand into the underlying clay. This would make for harder work for all of us. Digging the clay out in the first place would be harder and would take longer to load. As soon as the buzzer sounded I was off up the ramp. Although the weight of the clay was the same as the sand it sat very differently in the barrow and the barrow handled differently. I pushed down the slope and managed to line up with the dumping point at my first attempt. Lifting the handles was more of a struggle with the clay and I had to lift the handles high above my head before the mass of clay fell into the skip below. It landed in the skip with a massive thud. The barrow released and I ran back up the hill as soon as possible. I had no idea what time it was – since I came to the island the whole concept of time had become alien to me. The sun was beginning to get stronger and I was beginning to sweat profusely.

I got back to the edge of the whole and stumbled as I moved down the ramp. I managed to avoid tripping over but by the time I got back to the bottom of the hole I was panting. I pushed on relentlessly – I wasn’t going to fail today. I moved as quickly as I could and although I lost count of the number of trips I was sure I was keeping up. Then. When I came down the ramp things were different. Next to the pile of earth, there was a massive rock which they had obviously dug out of the hole. The shovel slave told me to tip the barrow up so they could roll the rock into the barrow. Other than lifting the handles I couldn’t help with the loading as both wrists were locked in place on the barrow. Three of the shovel slaves lined up the rock and pushed it back until it was on the trolley. Then they leant on it and told me to pull back on the handles. I did as they told me. The rock rolled back into the barrow as I righted it. As soon as the barrow hit the ground the buzzer sounded. This rock had to weigh more than a full trolley of soil. I bent my legs and braced to lift the barrow. It literally weighed a ton.

I had to really struggle to just get the handles off the ground and getting the barrow to move took all my effort. Every step up the ramp was a nightmare and all I could think about was how this was going to impact my productivity. By the time I got to the edge of the hole, I was swimming in sweat and gasping for breath. I pushed on down the path and had to struggle to get the barrow over the roots which crossed the path. By the time I got to the ramp at the bottom of the path, I was exhausted. I pushed slowly up the slope trying to line up the barrow with the dumping point. I saw someone moving in the woods to my left-hand side. I had to get this rock dumped as I didn’t have the energy to be forced to try and get it up there again. I was so relieved when I heard the barrow wheel click into place in the dumping point.

I bent my knees again and braced as I lifted the barrow handles. The weight was unbelievable and the barrow just didn’t want to pivot. I tensed my muscles to lift the barrow high enough for the rock to slide out of the barrow. It refused to move – even when the barrow was at its maximum the rock remained firmly in place. I thrust forward with the barrow handles and eventually, the rock rolled out of the barrow and landed with the loudest crash when it hit the skip.

I heard a round of applause from the man watching me working from the wood next to the path. I lowered the arms of the barrow and it released with a click. I pulled the trolley back and started to turn to head back up the path to the hole.

“768 stop.”


To be continued …

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4 thoughts on “Island Master UK – Part 11”

  1. Love this whole story. I always look forward to the next chapter and can’t wait to see how this slave is treated next. Keep writing I love reading it. This is one I will read and reread for years.

  2. The island prison is really proving to be the perfect place for slaves to live out their useful days. IslandMaster has the most devilish plans; the slave is in deep shit and I suspect it’s only starting to realise. Amazing story and writing!

    1. Great story. Reading the description of the urethral insert with the barbs makes my cock want to pull up inside my body. If he does ever get to leave the island, making the cock insert and chastity electro respond to the presence of his wrist cuffs would be chilling. Random chance of the “warm up” setting, the pain settings, or a full blown orgasm setting. Also random lengths of time for the settings to run, random power levels on the settings, and maybe some undiscovered modes for the chastity.

  3. Wakeysub, i was enjoying this story, but i can no longer. The dehumanizing of 768 breaks heart. i cry in the depths of being for him. This is a cautionary tale, a horror , a nightmare.

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