Island Master UK – Part 13

By Wakeysub

Master Green stood up and walked over to the large, panelled wall. He pressed a button and the panel slid back smoothly and silently. Inside was a toy cupboard that would put most speciality gay kink stores to shame. Even from where I was lying, I could see toys and devices to cover just about every known kink and fetish I could think about, and then some that I just couldn’t imagine what they would be used for. He leant into the racking and retrieved a thick leather strap. He doubled it over and smacked it down on his open hand. He seemed to delight in the loud smack it made as it struck his hand.

He smiled down at me as he walked back towards the bed. I couldn’t stop myself staring at his gorgeous body and his bulging jock. I was aching to see what was inside the jock. I needed to pleasure him again. Every part of my body existed solely to give this god of a man pleasure. He stood next to the bed and looked down at my stretched, exposed, vulnerable body lying there.

“Now here’s how it’s going to work. I know what I want and I’m going to get it. You exist for my pleasure tonight and you WILL do whatever I want you to do. I can do whatever I want with you. But I warn you – piss me off and you will wish you’d never been born. Your choice – the easy way or the hard way.” As he was talking, he was cracking the strap across his hand.

He raised his arm and brought the strap down over my nipples with a loud crack. I let out a cry and my collar throbbed ominously. He smiled when he saw my reaction. He raised his hand again and brought the strap down on my belly. The crack was so loud. The stinging pain felt so intense. I moaned again and the intensity of the throbbing in my collar increased again.

“That’s woken your collar up hasn’t it?” I nodded.

“Good. Your gut makes the perfect target. I get fed up with all those muscle gods without an ounce of body fat. I like a slave to have enough flesh to let me leave proper marks. I’m not looking for someone who just lies there and takes it. I want to hear you scream as I lay stripes across your body. Now I’m going to beat this gut of yours until it’s glowing. I warn you though I’ll know if you’re faking. You know that you are going to scream as I work on you. All it takes is one short call and the intensity of those shocks will go through the roof.”

He methodically laid the strap over my belly in rapid succession. He was experienced in using a strap. He laid three slaps in one direction with each strip running parallel. Then he adjusted his grip and repeated the slapping at an angle, so they crisscrossed the three original strikes. I was really struggling to stifle the urge to scream. I continued to moan with each strike and the intensity of my collar was slowly moving towards a shock.

The next three were laid over the original ones so my gut was red and tender. The final three were angled again so my belly looked like it was patterned with a burning tartan pattern. As he laid the second of these strokes my moaning triggered my collar and my whole body tensed as the shocking started. He grinned as the tensing caused me to arch my back, pushing my stomach up towards him as he laid on the final stroke. He laid down the strap on the bed and ran his hands over the tender, hot, burning flesh of my belly.

“Perfect.” His touch caused me to squirm and as he dragged his fingernails across my skin I moaned and tried to move away from him. The restraints at the corners of the bed held me firmly in place and open for his abuse.

“Now, I want to feel that tongue of yours worshipping my hole. Normally I find the best way to focus a slave’s attention is a firm grip on the nuts. All it takes is one good squeeze and he will happily climb into my hole to stop the pain. This delicious looking device (he lifted and dropped my chastity) means that I won’t be squeezing these nuts but from what I read I can really make you suffer. You chose to lock yourself into a device where a press of a button can deliver a shock that will convince you that your balls have been crushed to destruction? That is sick. Best bit is, I can take you to that place over and over. You push my buttons or you will find me pressing the buttons on my remote.”

He climbed up on the bed and positioned himself over my face. I felt my mouth being spread open. He must have opened it with his remote control. I was lying there with my mouth spread obscenely wide with his ass poised just above my face. He manoeuvred his legs so they were under my arms so he could use his legs to drive himself down on my face. His asshole was lined up with my mouth and as it he pushed down, he sat squarely on my open mouth. I pushed my tongue up at his tight pucker. His hole was so clean, hairless, tight. I rolled my tongue and played with his hole as he pushed it against my lips.

I felt a pain in my balls. He had started to shock my balls at the lowest level and it really felt like someone was squeezing them hard. This was the lowest level on his remote and it already hurt like hell. I knew I had to keep him satisfied. Master West had made it clear that if he wanted to push my punishment above the maximum level I had experienced so far, he could simply make a call and get the limits removed. I pictured myself lying there as the pain level in my balls ramped up to the extent that it felt like my balls were being mashed in their sac. I focussed back on pushing my tongue up into his hole. I had to do whatever was necessary to keep him happy. Not only could he punish me to the maximum level I had experienced so far but he could push it to a new level. I rolled my tongue and tried to push it up inside his tight hole. He moaned as I pushed and then lapped at his hole.

The pain level in my balls increased to the next level and it felt like my balls were being squeezed in a vice. It hurt so bad and all I could do was push deeper. His hole relaxed and my rolled tongue started to slip deeper into his hole. He moaned loudly and squirmed on my face. He was grinding his hole into my face. My tongue was pushing up at his hole. Probing it. Pushing into it. Trying to push through to get inside. He moaned again loudly. His hole relaxed further allowing me to push my tongue further. I pumped my tongue in and out of his hole and ran my tongue around the edge of his hole. His moaning intensified.

“Fuck yeah. Enough of that. Any more of that and you’ll have me spurting before the night’s even begun.

He climbed off my face leaving me lying there with my mouth spread painfully wide.

“Fuck, that is one magic tongue. Your training is really paying off.”

He went to the head of the bed, reached up and pulled down a metal cable from the top right-hand corner high above my head. He pulled it down and simply touched it to my right ankle restraint. There was a click as it connected and locked. He repeated on the left-hand side connecting a matching cord from the head of the bed to my left ankle restraint. He scrolled through options on his watch. Once he was satisfied, he pressed the screen. He smiled as the ankle cables started to reel in lifting my ass up in the air spreading my legs wide. The cable continued to draw back until my back was raised in the air and my weight was resting on my shoulders.

He went to the cupboard and selected a heavy-looking leather paddle from the rack. He smacked it against his hand and winced as it made contact. The paddle made a loud crack as it slapped his hand.

The first strike at my ass sent my whole body forward. It hurt like hell and my ass felt like it was on fire. He alternated between my left and right cheek and continued to smack until my ass was glowing with a burning hot red. I moaned as each stroke hit and although I was trying to control the level to prevent the collar from shocking me again the increasing intensity of the strokes just forced me to make louder and louder noises. He was smacking my exposed ass like he was playing tennis.

The pain just got more and more intense. He stopped and ran the handle of the paddle up and down the crack of my ass. I struggled and squirmed as the stimulation increased. He pressed the handle of the paddle into my arsehole. Despite the assault on my hole earlier in the week it was still tight as hell and was not yielding to the paddle. He dropped the paddle onto the bed and started to finger it. He started to push his index finger into my hole. His finger was dry and my hole was unyielding. He lent in and spat onto my hole. He pushed in again and this time the added lubrication from the spit meant that the finger could push into my tight hole.

I felt his finger slide inside my hole. I had arrived at the Island as a virgin and it seemed so long ago that my ass had been broken in for the first time. I ached to feel his cock inside me. He was pumping his finger faster now pulling right out and thrusting back in. He added a second finger. Although my hole was still tight it opened to allow him to get his second finger in. He continued to drive his fingers into my hole.

Suddenly I felt the cage around my balls squeezed aggressively. He seemed to be matching the thrusts from his fingers to the squeezing of my nuts. I moaned loudly and my collar activated causing me to struggle. The configuration of the restraints left me little opportunity to move but I must have tensed my hole around his fingers as I was conscious that I was gripping them tightly. He continued to push in and probe my hole. My cock was aroused in its cage and I was all too aware of the sharp pins driving themselves into my swollen cockhead.

My cock was on fire. It felt like a hand was tightly gripping my cock – he must have activated the stimulation of my cock as well as my balls. The intensity increased and my cock just got bigger and bigger in its tight metal prison. He added a third finger into my hole and moved them to stretch my hole. As he fingered my hole, he suddenly smacked me hard on the right ass cheek. It was a shock and it hurt like hell. He finger fucked my hole faster and faster. Harder and harder. I was moaning now, my collar was shocking me repeatedly but I had lost all control. My brain had disengaged.

He pulled out his fingers. He smacked both of my ass cheeks together. He positioned himself and rammed his massive, gorgeous, engorged cock into my hole with a single thrust. I cried out and the intensity of the shock from my collar increased. My hole must have closed around his cock as I heard him moan as he drove back in. He gripped my hips and pulled my ass back onto his cock. He rammed in deep. He fucked me hard.

My senses went into overload. The crushing of my balls increased and the stroking of my cock became more aggressive and painful. As my collar was now continuously shocking I was struggling to breathe. His fucking became harder and harder. I was getting more and more desperate to give him the pleasure he demanded. He was fucking me brutally but I needed more. I needed his cum and I would do whatever I needed to do to drain his balls. I felt him tensing and thrusting deeper as he unloaded into my ass. My asshole gripped onto his cock trying to milk every last drop of his cum from his ass. I felt him trying to pull his cock out of my ass but I would do anything for it to stay there forever. I gripped tightly trying to hold him firmly in place. He slapped me hard on the ass and his cock slid free. I could feel his cum leaking out of my ass and I focussed on squeezing my hole to hold it inside.

I felt my legs beginning to drop as the cables unwound. My cock was still being stroked vigorously and my balls were being mangled in their restrained sac. I struggled to focus. My moaning was still activating my collar but I was beyond being able to control it.

He rammed his cock into my throat. He had repositioned himself so he was kneeling over my head. He drove his cock in deep into my throat but I opened and took it happily. I tried to use my tongue to lap at his cock but he was setting the pace. You would never believe he had just cum as he started to fuck my throat. I think he must have felt stimulation from my collar as he fucked my throat he increased his intensity as the collar fired.

I was aware that the power of the shocking from my collar had increased and was shocking me now even though I wasn’t making a sound. He was fucking my throat like a fucktoy and using my shock collar to increase his pleasure. The pain in my nuts ramped up to a new level and it felt like they were being crushed between two plates. Despite myself, my pleasure levels were increasing rapidly.

He rammed into my throat and pumped a second load of cum into my throat. I moaned despite the massive cock plugging my throat.

He pulled out and lay on the mattress next to me.

“Fuck that was good. You have the best throat and ass I have experienced in all my visits to the Island. Now, I need to recover before we start again. Now, what shall I do with you while I rest.”

He went over to the closet and picked up a pair of small metal toys from the shelf. The cables around my ankles played out more until I was lying flat on the bed again. He leant forward and pinched both my nipple. It didn’t take much stimulation before they were fully engorged. He carried on squeezing and pinching so I was squirming on the bed. He placed the small compact metal toys off the shelf onto my nipples. They bit down hard, started chewing and it hurt like hell. I moaned and winced as the pain level in my nipples increased.

“Fuck they look good. Now, onto your front.”

The cables at my wrists and ankles released and I did as I was told. Lying face down on the mattress didn’t help with the pain in my nipples or the overstimulation of my cock and balls which was driving me crazy. I heard clicks as cables were attached to my ankles, the back of my collar and my wrists. He reached between my legs and clipped a cable onto the underside of my chastity behind my balls.

The cables started to retract back towards the ceiling lifting me spreadeagled about a metre above the bed. I felt like I was hovering. He lay down and positioned himself. He scrolled through options on his watch and I was so relieved when the pain level in my balls and stimulation of my cock returned to the lowest level. I moaned and he smiles. He pressed another option, and my nipples came to life – it was like needles were being driven through my nipple. At the same time, it felt like they were being sucked and chewed on, as they got more and more swollen. I moaned and squirmed and he winked at me with a wicked grin.

“Time for me to sleep – I trust that you are comfortable there? Don’t disturb me as you won’t like me if I wake up grumpy.”

I was conscious that my head was lowering. He was lowering my gaping mouth onto his massive cock. My wrists were still held higher, but the cable attached to my collar was releasing so his cock pushed deeper and deeper into my open throat. He gripped my ears tightly and pumped his hips up off the bed to thrust his cock onto my throat. He turned off the lights and the room plunged into near darkness. I was lying there stretched, spreadeagled impaled on his cock. I could just make out his outline beneath me.

I heard him sighing as he drifted off to sleep. The pain in my nipples seemed to just increase. It felt like they were now being chewed mercilessly. In the dark, all I could do was gently suck on the massive shaft in my mouth to avoid focussing on the aching pain in my cock and balls and the agony which was attacking my nipples. I closed my eyes and I could hear IslandMaster’s voice repeating the creed that he had embedded deep in my subconscious brain. The pain in my nipples and cock just seemed to push me further and further towards the place I needed to be.

During the night I felt his cock swelling in my throat several times and I did my best to pleasure it with my widespread mouth. Even half asleep he started to fuck my throat. I have no idea how long I was there impaled on his gorgeous cock but with my body hanging there I had no other option.

I felt his cock swelling in my throat. As he delivered another load of cum into my throat the pain level on my nipples stepped up to a new level.

“768, in my wildest dreams I could never have imagined having a slave mounted above my bed to wake me up every morning. Now my life will seem empty without it Nothing for it I’m going to have to get my London flat equipped like this. I’ll have to see if I can buy or rent a slave from IslandMaster. Anyway, I need to get ready as I have a busy day planned.”

The cable attached to my collar started to retract lifting my head off his cock and he slid out from underneath me. He smacked my ass cheek which was hovering in space.

“Now that’s the sort of decoration I need – a hovering slave just waiting to be used.

He walked towards the bathroom, scrolling through options on his remote.

He had hardly walked into the bathroom before the room door opened and Master West walked in. He smiled when he saw me suspended, flying spreadeagled with my head down.


He pressed a button on his remote and the cables lowered me face down on the bed. A click showed that all the cables had unlocked simultaneously.


I clambered off the bed and dropped to my knees in front of him. My mouth closed for the first time in hours and the stimulation in my cock and balls stopped suddenly. My muscles ached from being suspended so unnaturally for the night. Despite everything, all I could think about was the pleasure of servicing a real man’s cock. Deep inside I felt a feeling of satisfaction, that I had achieved something and that I was realising my potential. The gnawing at my nipples continued and he touched the metal toys to see that they were properly fixed.

“Good to see you have been introduced to these. We will have to get you fitted with the permanent version as they are a lot more fun.”

He clipped the lead onto my collar and pulled me towards the door. I followed him on my knees trying to keep up with his rapid pace. He kept me on my knees as we moved down the corridor towards the front door. It was only when we got to the front door that he told me to stand and we moved across the clearing.

To be continued …

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