It’s Pouring Down In Oregon

By John Strickland

“Get your straitjackets out, guys!” said Kellan suddenly.

“What?” they both said together.

“Let’s get some pictures of you tied up in ‘em!” he said.

“We got pictures…….” started Stefan.

“Yeah, – but not with both of you tied up at the same time,” interrupted Kellan.

Stefan looked at Zac.

“Awesome” said Zac, breathing heavily.

“Yeah, but………..” started Stefan.

“I ain’t got long,” said Kellan. “Gotta get back to the station by nine,” he said.

He stood up.

“Get your jackets,” he said again.

Zac didn’t need to be asked again. He dragged over one of the canvas bags and started to unpack the contents.

First of all he pulled out his trusted escape jacket. It was made of strong, beige canvas trimmed with brown leather. It was soft from the hours of use it had seen.

“My escape jacket,” said Zac, almost proudly.

“What else you got?” asked the leather-boy.

“Got some awesome stuff in here!” Zac said, pulling out another folded bundle.

“This is a good one!” he said, letting the next restraint fall open.

It was of white canvas, very thick and well-reinforced. It had a high collar, was long-waisted and strapped closed with six canvas webbing roller buckle straps.

“Get out of that one?” asked Kellan.

“No chance!” said Zac. Too many restraining straps,” he said.

Stefan took the heavy jacket from Zac.

“The sheriff’s nephew, Keagan,” said Zac, pulling yet another straitjacket out of the hold-all, “- christened this one ‘the Torture Jacket’!” he said.

The jacket indeed looked brutal and formidable. It was heavy brown canvas lined with soft, thin black leather. It, too, closed with six straps, – thick brown leather straps riveted to black leather which reinforced the back panel. The jacket was equally reinforced at the elbows and down the front. A riveted leather yoke crossed the chest.

“Yeah, seen that one before,” said Kellan. “That’s one-hell-of-a jacket!” he said admiringly.

“OK!” he carried on. “We’ll use those two! Heads the torture jacket, tails the white one. Your call Stefan!” he said, already tossing the quarter.

“Tails!” said Stefan.

“And tails it is!” said Kellan. “Stefan, you’re in the white one!”

He smiled at the guys.

“T-shirts off, boys!” he said.

Zac and Stefan obeyed the cop without question. Something in his voice seemed to offer them no alternative.

Zac pulled his T-shirt over his head, Stefan had to pull the straps of his PVC pants down off his shoulders before he could tug his shirt off.

“You first, Stefan!” Kellan said, already holding the white straitjacket out open.

Stefan hesitated a moment before thrusting his arms down the closed sleeves.

Zac picked up the camera and took picture after picture as leather-boy Kellan buckled his boyfriend into the awesome jacket. Stefan was jerked around as Kellan tugged strap after strap through the corresponding buckles.

“The other jacket would’ve gone better with your blond hair!” said Kellan. “Turn around dude!”

Stefan turned around to look the guy in leather full in the face.

“Goes good with your eyes, though!” said the cop. He looked at the young guy intently.

“Can’t believe eyes can be that blue!” he said. “You must have alien blood!” he said.

“Thanks!” said Stefan ironically He was so worked up he was almost panting. His arms hung down by his side, the long right sleeve strap hanging to the ground.

Kellan reached between Stefan’s legs in their PVC dungarees and grasped the crotch strap. He ran his hand down the side of Stefan’s leg and then placed his hand on the bulge where Stefan’s rigid cock was.

Stefan let out a little gasp.

“Your shiny pants are so awesome, Stefan!” he said

He strapped the crotch strap through its buckle at the back of the jacket.

“Gotta give me a hand here, Zac,” he said. “How does this lot go?”

Stefan had already obligingly crossed his arms.

“Through here,” said Zac, threading both sleeve ends through the front chest loop of the jacket. “Then through these,” said Zac, passing each sleeve end through the retaining loops at either side of the jacket.

“Now you can strap him up,” said Zac.

“Thanks, Zac!” said Stefan.

“Real tight!” said Zac as Kellan wrenched the strap on the right sleeve through the buckle sewn on the left.

“I said tight!” said Zac, pushing Stefan’s elbows together. At the same time Kellan tugged harder and Stefan’s arms were strapped very tightly around his body, the sleeve ends now joined together behind him.

Stefan’s heart was pounding.

“Gotta do the collar up now,” said Zac, taking over the job. The broad webbing strap encircled the high collar and buckled at the front. Stefan focused on Zac’s face. His eyes looked closed as looked down, concentrating on fastening the prong through the buckle. Zac had perfect brown skin and long eyelashes. The job done, he looked Stefan in the eyes, an evil little smile on his face.

“I hate you, Hartley!” said Stefan meaning exactly the opposite.

Kellan smiled.

“”You look soooo insane, Stefan!” he laughed.

He turned to Zac.

“Your turn, Zac!” he said, picking up the ‘torture jacket’.

“Let me stay like free and I’ll keep Stefan a prisoner!” said Zac. “That’d be real cool!” he said.

Suddenly a real worried look appeared on Stefan’s face.

“Get in this jacket, Zac!” said Kellan firmly.


Kellan dropped the jacket loudly to the floor.

“Do I have to arrest you, boy?”

“Maybe you do!” said Zac, laughing.

Kellan grabbed Zac before he could react. The trained cop had Zac’s right arm twisted around behind his back and his own arm around Zac’s throat before the young man knew what was happening.

“You’re going in the jacket, Zac!” said Kellan very definitely.

“Don’t hurt him!” shouted Stefan pulling in his strapped sleeves. It was a good thing he was straitjacketed.

Kellan released Zac from his leathery grip.

“Here, Zac,” said Kellan smiling again. He picked up the straitjacket.

Zac no longer argued, – he immediately shoved his arms into the jacket the moment Kellan had it positioned correctly.

“It’s only for a few photos,” he said. “They’re gonna be awesome!”

Kellan was good at his job. One by one, quickly and efficiently, he fastened the straps down the back. Zac felt the jacket closing tighter and tighter around him.

“Crotch straps, escape boy!” said Kellan, reaching through Zac’s legs and giving him the same touch-up he had given Stefan. He grasped hold of one of the jacket’s two crotch straps.

Zac looked down at the dude in his biker jacket reaching between his legs. The light shone of the polished leather.

“Ever gotten out of this?” Kellan asked.

“No!” breathed Zac. “Not possible.” He was wondering whether he was going to come in his pants. Being overpowered and restrained by this awesome cop in leather was as hot as it gets!

Kellan had the crotch strap done up. He turned Zac around to fasten his collar. The collar was even higher than Stefan’s, and Kellan strapped it very snugly, but not too tightly. He knew what he was doing.

“There are locking posts on this,” stated Kellan.

“Yeah, there are lots of little padlocks in a pouch-thing in that bag,” said Stefan enthusiastically. “Lock him in it!” he said.

“Don’t need no locks today,” said Kellan. “It’s just for a few photos,” he said.

He stepped back to admire his work.

“You look like Houdini in that thing, buddy,” he said.

Kellan stopped a second to stick his hand down his tight leather pants to adjust his swollen prick.

“One disadvantage of thick leather!” he said, smiling. “Traps your prick!”

He was really enjoying his job. His dark eyes were sparkling, his face was slightly flushed.

“Guess these sleeves go through these loops like Stefan’s,” he said as Zaccy obligingly crossed his arms, left over right.

It didn’t take long to get Zac’s arms fastened tightly around him. The sleeves were held in place by the chest loop and the two side loops.

“He in that as tight as I am?” asked Stefan in his white asylum jacket.

“Soon will be!” said Kellan. He put his knee in Zac’s back and pulled on the sleeve strap as hard as he could.

Zac gasped. He lost his balance. Kellan caught him.

“He is now!” said Kellan.

Kellan busied himself with both boys, tidying up all their straps.

“Gotta look good for the pictures!” he said.

“OK, guys, – let’s start with you both on the stairs.”

Zac went up a few steps and stopped. He turned around. Stefan did the same, two steps down.

“Just need to adjust your pants, Stefan,” said Kellan. “They’re kinda caught up.”

He tugged the heavy PVC to pull the fold out of the crotch strap.

“Much better!” he said.

Kellan picked up the camera.

That jacket looks amazing with your black leather pants, Zac!” he said, switching the camera on.

He held it in front of him and it flashed.

“Smile!” he said.

The two young guys actually smiled. They looked absolutely insane, strapped up helplessly in straitjackets, but with inane, happy, wedding-picture smiles on their faces.

Kellan put down the camera for a second. He unzipped the zipper at the end of his left sleeve. He pulled back the stiff cuff of the leather jacket to look at his watch.

“Shit, guys!” he said. “Got no time for this now!” he said. “Tony’s gonna be at the station around nine!

He zipped up his sleeve again.

“Sorry!” he said. “Gotta get off!” he said, and before the guys realized what was happening, he shot out of the door.

Stefan and Zac stood there stupidly, their mouths half open.

The door flew open again and Kellan rushed back in.

“Wow! Nearly forgot!” he said, heading for the two guys.

Stefan sighed a sigh of relief.

“Nearly forgot my gloves,” said the deputy, grabbing them from the table and turning to go.

“Kellan!” screamed Zac.

Kellan turned back round. He didn’t look up. He was pulling on the thin leather gloves.

“Yes Zac?” he said innocently.

“You can’t leave us like this!” said Zac. “How the hell are we gonna get out?”

Kellan looked up with a big smile on his face.

“You got teeth, ain’t ya?” he said, and disappeared chuckling out the door.

This time he didn’t come back.

The two straitjacketed guys were left standing on the stairs in shock.

They heard the patrol car’s motor start.

They heard Kellan drive off.

The cabin lit up red and blue for a moment as Kellan dramatically switched his emergency lights on in a farewell gesture.

There was a short taunting whoop of the siren, but then everything went silent and quiet.

Silent and quiet, – but nowhere near back to normal!



This is an excerpt from IT’S POURING DOWN IN OREGON, the new novel by John Strickland, the third installment in his RAINY DAYS series. It is available in digital or bound printed form at

This new book is more leathery than ever with tactile leather and straitjacket scenarios dripping off the book’s 730 pages, making it well worth the pocket change required to access this novel.

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  1. Looks like another great story from John Strickland. As with his other stories, it’s a “must have” for all those who are “into” straitjackets.

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