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John Strickland’s new novel

The Master of leather straitjacket writing is back! John Strickland’s new novel — IT’S POURING DOWN IN OREGON — the third installment in the RAINY DAYS series — is now available in digital or bound printed form at boundeditions.com.

This new book is more leathery than ever with tactile leather and straitjacket scenarios dripping off the book’s 730 pages, making it well worth the pocket change required to access this novel.

gay bondage

You can read a “sneak peak” exclusively in the MetalbondNYC Prison Library by clicking here.

Snag the full version at boundeditons.com.



(Special double-secret bonus offer to Metalbond readers from the author of the story: John says that anyone who gets in touch with him directly and mentions the code word “Metal” can have FIRST TWO stories in the series for free, provided you ask nicely and say thank you!!)



New reading material coming to Metalbond’s Prison Library

Metalbond Prison LibraryI know a lot of you are really into the stories and true accounts of bondage adventures available here on this site. Well you guys are in luck, because in the coming days and weeks I am going to be posting a whole lot more — including stuff by Bind, Mortice Deadlock, Mikeintightpants, ChastitySub, a brand-new story by “Trust Us” author Mark, and more.

In addition, those of you who are familiar with the writings of John Strickland will be pleased to know that he has written another installment to his “Rainy Days in Oregon” series. His latest bondage novella is called “Zac’s 21st Birthday,” and it is more than 100 pages. He grMetalbond Prison Libraryaciously sent me a copy via email, and I have been enjoying it immensely. (Hint: the picture shown here will give you a clue as to some of what happens.) John is allowing a “teaser” from his new work to be posted here on Metalbond, and you can read an excerpt by clicking here. At the end of the excerpt is contact information for the author, so those of you who want more can write him and beg for more.

Meanwhile, as always here on Metalbond, you can read the most recently added stuff by going under Prison Library and clicking on the sub-tab for NEWEST STORIES.

Rainy Days in Oregon: Zac’s 21st Birthday

By John Strickland

an excerpt

Zac wrenched ineffectually in his straitjacket. His skills as an escape artist would do him no good in that maximum security prison restraint.

He didn’t know whether to find help or to hide. He just stood there bewildered for a while, his bare feet cold on the damp sidewalk.

A car went by. It didn’t even slow down. No-one in that car had noticed his plight.

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