James – Part 5

By Thunder

That was Sunday night. It’s now Wednesday morning, and time has been flying by as we spent most of Monday working on my walking skills by taking a hike in the woods and around the property. To do this, he allowed me running shoes and has taught me to walk on the balls of my feet and the tops of my paws. I am much faster in this position, though I still have a lot of ground to cover to get really fast. As we would hike, he would occasionally talk to me and ask me questions about how now being a dog felt and how my mind was adjusting.

I was learning to talk better through the fitted human hood and enjoyed our talks more and more each day, even once when I was mounted on the fucking machine for hours after he said I provided an unsatisfactory fuck one day after a long walk. Tuesday was just like Monday, starting with my plugging and ending with a printed email from Alan talking about how excited he is and how the renovations on the house were going very smoothly. I had no idea what renovations he was talking about, but I smiled and hoped it was something fun because I could not wait till I saw him again to show him what I was learning for him.

At that point it hit me that I had not thought about work one single time since being hooded, and I barked at myself in a laughing tone over that because maybe I was becoming a new man, well, hybrid man.

Wednesday morning was very different. Todd came down to my kennel really early and was dressed in his police uniform, which told me that his vacation was over (have I mentioned he’s a cop?). He told me that he had to go back to work this morning and that being out here makes it a drive, so our schedule was changing more into one he thought my home life would look like as far as having a quicker morning and less time to get my tail in. He told me that I was to go shower, clean out and wait with my ass in the air so he could plug it. When he came into the bathroom I could tell he was in a hurry as there was no chat, no slow entrance, just some lube and a large push as today he chose a XXXL world’s most comfortable plug versus the tail.

Before I could catch my breath, the hood, paws, collar and leg straps were locked on me, leaving me locked into the all-fours position. Todd then told me that the weather today looked great and to crawl up and meet him at the back door by the kitchen, where my bowls of coffee, water, yogurt and cereal would be. After I ate, he said that since he had to go to work today for at least 8 to 10 hours I would be on my own almost the whole time, so he wanted to give me some freedom. He then locked a cable to my left ankle restraint, which stretched about 100 feet out into, from my position 3 feet off the ground, the vast backyard.

There are no fences out here in the woods, but he told me not to worry, that nobody was around and that the driveway gate would be shut. He said that today he would be leaving the kitchen door open so that I could go in and out of the house but that was to be limited as he expected me to be in the yard more than anything. He said that in the future I would not have that option as there would be a cage next to the house where I could safely stay should there be a stray animal or the like. I never know if he is serious about these things, but I really don’t want to think that hard about it either. He then put my bowls down on the concrete walkway, refilled with water and some cereals, and told me to eat up because there would be no lunch today but I’d likely get some treats when the dog walker came by later this morning.

What the fuck? The “dog walker”? Who? What? My head was spinning, because for the first time in a few days I let my human side show up in my brain and, before Todd even left, I was pouting in my head about “I am a fucking CEO. This morning I should be having coffee brought to me, and I shouldn’t be locked in some back yard like a common dog, well, fuck, me, he really has made me a dog, this can’t last, can it?”. Through my now almost constant hood, Todd couldn’t see my face, but I sensed he sensed this as he walked up behind me, grabbed the D hook on the top of my hood, put his right boot on my ass while pulling the D ring back and said, “I can sense what you are thinking, as I saw your ass tense up. This is your life now, dog, and you have no choice but to adjust to this, as there is no going back for you, me or Alan. And, yes, I said dog walker and, no, I won’t tell you any more because dogs don’t know schedules. That said, I will tell you that he does not know who you are. He knows you are the latest dog I am training. He has helped me walk many a dog in the past and has even been walked himself, so he’s not judging you. Just behave and be a good boy and maybe he will show you his amazing bone. See you tonight, James Dog”

With that, I sat on all fours locked to the chain in the yard and watched my trainer get in his Jeep and drive away. I am not sure he looked back or even thought anything was odd about a hooded naked, 42-year-old executive locked to his driveway. My mind was spinning, and I was suddenly worried about what was happening in my office, what Alan was thinking, why I ever thought I would want this, why Alan thought I would want this, how did Todd get so good, why was I not more sore, and anything and everything I could think about all going through my head at about 200 miles an hour.

Years of therapy as a young man helped me realize that they were fruitless thoughts and that I was literally locked into place, so I had to deal with it. It was still really early and there was a cool fog in the distance, so I started to explore as far as my 100 feet of chain would let me. There wasn’t that much to see from so low, so I counted rocks in the yard, paid attention to the types of plantings around and even found myself launching toward a bird that landed in my area. Really, I was chasing a bird? Fuck me, this is getting too real.

Around the corner of the house Todd had left me a makeshift bed of patio cushions that really looked tempting, so I decided to lay down and rest my paws a bit, you know, just a slight rest.

When I woke up the sun was all the way out and my head was really warm inside the hood, which oddly now felt almost like a second skin and as I started getting my bearings a bit I heard a car in the driveway and actually had to keep myself from barking at it before realizing he had to be my walker. As he approached I noticed he was tall, very well built, and had a hot swagger that made my dick jump inside its metal prison. I wasn’t embarrassed like I thought I would be, but I was very aware of my state. As he got closer I could see how attractive he was and knew why Todd would have been attracted to him, but he looked familiar, very familiar. He stopped short of me by about 50 feet to read a note, and I realized that he looked like my business partner Mike’s son Cody, but Cody was away at graduate school and was not that tall, so for a quick second I was both disappointed and hugely relieved. As I processed that, I realized he had come my way and I was immediately staring at a pair of police boots very similar to Todd’s. My instinct was to lick them, but I didn’t have permission and then the new god in front of me spoke.

He said, “Hey doggy. You must be James, the newly transformed product of Todd. I am here to walk you, feed you, and if you are lucky, breed you, but first, let’s get you started on these boots.

“Oh, by the way, I do not agree that you should be allowed to talk, but if I do let you, my name is Cody.”

Oh. Fuck.

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Metal would like to thank Thunder for this story!

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