James – Part 1

By Thunder

Based on a true story

My name is James. I am a 51-year-old man who has been married to his husband for 23 years. I am an athletic, masculine CEO of my own wealth management company in Atlanta, though I travel extensively. I am a high-profile, type-A, driven man in my professional life, but in my personal life, I am, well, I am a dog.

An all-fours, naked, collared human dog.

Yes, for the past ten years, I have been a full human dog owned by my husband, Alan, the owner of a local restaurant that is the go-to place for breakfast and lunch in Atlanta.

Last night, Alan and I hosted a small dinner party for four of our kink-positive friends. It was a casual evening with the five of them gathered around the kitchen island drinking wine and eating lots of great things that Alan had prepared. They said it was a beautiful display of food, but from my all-fours vantage point of about 3 feet off the floor, I couldn’t see the top of the high-top counter, so I didn’t really know what was there.

Before I got in trouble for begging, I enjoyed the scraps they hand-fed me as I crawled around and under the table. With this particular group, this night was not a sexual night, though having a collared, 6-foot-3 blond CEO under the table naked with just locked mitts, a steel chastity cage, and a plug tail coming out of his ass does always bring a few hard cocks that I can easily spot from my vantage point. On other nights my job might be to take care of those for them, but tonight, I just had to look in lust and listen to them make comments about how my balls swayed low with my ass in the air when I drank my wine from my bowl. Alan had not locked my ankles to my thighs tonight, but that would be the typical night.

This is not expected in our public relationship. In fact, most people would think I am the more dominant one based solely on my personality and profession, and in many ways I still am. Together we appear to be the plain ole average American gays with two German cars and a house in better shape than the rest of our block. I always knew I would grow old with Alan, from day one, but I never really thought I’d be attached to a chain doing it and honestly could not fathom the happiness that would bring.

I had always been kinky and, in fact, on the kink scale I would have more than tripled Alan’s interest in kink until that fateful day nearly 12 years ago when I dared him to lock me in a chastity cage. It was a test, of sorts, to see if it would spark an interest in the non-vanilla side of him, which I really thought was nowhere in him to be found. It took a few weeks, but as he saw the intensity in my sex drive and attentiveness I gave him while locked, the old saying, “be careful what you ask for” reared its ugly head and he gradually became a fairly hardcore keyholder who rarely lets me see my own dick as it has been locked in a tube for almost as long as I can remember, even in a black plastic tube when traveling. This suited us well and I obeyed those rules as I loved him having control of my dick, especially when I was at work leading my teams.

After I lost my penis to him, things began to further change and we explored the idea of me becoming his slave or his boy, but, as much as we thought it would be a natural fit, we each had trouble locking into those roles because of our day-to-day lives and our families and professions. I cannot shut my job off, which also wreaked havoc with the potential slave role. In addition, the fact that we were completely vanilla for so long seemed to block his ability to hold me accountable for the rules he made while also making me feel uncomfortable in following them at most times. This was compounded by the fact that I have always been a top and very shy about embracing my ass as a sexual tool, but he loved the idea of me carrying a plug for him every day, something I could never allow myself to do, which had become a constant source of disappointment for both of us. This start-and-stop exploration of roles went on for a few years, and we would each find ourselves frustrated, ready to stop, but then all ready to go again. We had both let the pressure of what we thought were the “societal norms” block us despite logic telling us we should not care and as he thought more and more, he knew that if he could get past that, and then get me past it, he would be able to fully embrace the position of power.

What I didn’t realize at the time is that Alan’s kinks were getting stronger and, due to various life circumstances, he had found the need to control another human, his human, a driving point in his core. We both knew that he would be better for it in the long run and that as hard as it would be for both, especially getting past the enforcement of the rules, the idea of being the disciplinarian for his husband drove him deep in his core and he thought he would be a better husband in the long run for it. In that later conversation he also mentioned he had seen some of my browser history and that, combined with his desire to control but still love and nurture, gave him the idea that changed our future and, unbeknownst to me, he made a plan that changed everything.

It was a Friday night before a long weekend, and I had planned to take the whole week and use my accumulated leave and get some projects done around the house – something I rarely do. I had been on a work trip and had taken a flight that arrived home about 6 pm, and I was eagerly looking forward to a lazy night of Netflix when Alan texted that he was going to pick up dinner and that I should just go home, shower and wait on him upstairs. I was curious and happy as I thought that maybe he was going to unlock me and let me cum, so I came in, showered and eagerly awaited his arrival.

I had only been out of the shower a few minutes when he came upstairs and stopped me from getting dressed. He was acting a little odd, but a planned sex night did that for both of us, so I wasn’t too worried. Before I could leave the room he took a collar out of the drawer, put it on me, locked it and told me to go downstairs where there would be a surprise waiting for me. I hate surprises, but Alan followed me down and said this is one I should welcome and maybe fear. When I went downstairs I saw Alan’s friend Todd sitting on the sofa wearing running shorts and a T-shirt, both cut just perfect to show off his stunning body. I did not know him very well but did know that Alan had said he was a “kinky fuck,” so I was a bit in shock. I greeted him and he quickly said, “Dogs don’t talk” and to sit down in the straight-back dining room chair that was suddenly in wrong room. He is an adorable man and I was a bit shy being naked, collared and caged with him, but Alan stepped in and told me to relax, sit in the chair, and he immediately came behind me with a roll of cling film essentially mummifying me to the chair. He then took a locking plug gag, inserted it, locked it and said the following:

“I have decided that I do NOT want you as my slave, because I like to nurture, care, cook, and other things for you that I would not do with a slave. I have had trouble balancing these things with the idea of you existing to serve me.

“I have also decided I do NOT want you as a boy, as there is a mentorship expectation that I cannot provide for you. But, in looking in your browsing history, I saw that you had an undisclosed fetish and it matched what I was seeking,

“I have decided to turn you into a dog. More than a dog, actually, more like a pet husband who will still participate in our marriage as an equal when needed but one who will live a very structured life under me as my human dog. I will shape your body, your mind, and in a few years, we will even have friends over to play fetch with you in the backyard.

“The key player tonight here is Todd. You likely don’t know, but Todd has trained human pets before, and the higher you have climbed on the corporate ladder, the more he has talked to me about splitting your roles. If you agree to this, and I don’t really think you will have a choice in reality, you will leave tonight to go with Todd to his cabin in North Carolina, where you will spend two weeks (yes, I called your assistant and added a week to your calendar) being completely transformed into a full dog. When you get back, Todd and I will present you with a plan of how your balance of time at home on twos or fours will be spent, how your diet will be modified, and how your exercise will be maintained for optimal speed on all fours.

“A few things to note, your dog name is James – as in you, James. I thought about giving you a new name, but why? You are the same, just the new James will spend a lot of time in a cage and likely won’t often see the tops of tables in our home. Yes, at times you will be able to talk, but that is in the beginning and will become rare ‘as you further transform.’”


My head was spinning, but I can’t say I was unhappy in the slightest. I started remembering all the things I needed to do before Todd and I left and wondering what train we should take when suddenly, Sir Alan opened the cabinet in the kitchen, pulled out a backpack and began to tell me bye. WTF, we were leaving now? My blackberry wasn’t even charged (RIP Blackberry) and I had not set up contingency plans at work. Alan laughed and said they were taken care of and that the first lesson in my new life is that I don’t make the rules. He said the bag contained my medicines, contacts, a few collars, hoods, and a nice new tail but that after arriving tonight I would not need clothes until he came to pick me up in two weeks, when I would be given one last chance to agree or disagree that I will be the dog named James. He said if I agreed I would be given a full list of expectations and a schedule of my full transformation but if I disagreed, that was okay too, but we’d never talk about kink again.

And, with that, he kissed me on the head and told me he loved me and to give it all I had to transform for him, my new husband owner.

Then, immediately, Todd attached a leash to my collar and we walked out the front door of our house — me naked, caged and collared — to his Jeep Grand Cherokee in the driveway. As I attempted to enter the passenger door, my leash was pulled tight and Todd led me to the rear hatch and told me to crawl in the waiting kennel in the back. He closed the cage door, locked it with a zip tie, shut the hatch and at 7:57 pm we drove off into the woods to my new life!

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Metal would like to thank the author, Thunder, for this story! He says this is based on a true story!!!

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23 thoughts on “James – Part 1”

  1. Great story that gets me off with each installment. In Atlanta and would love to meet (and submit to Todd for training!)

  2. I realize this is fiction based on a true story, but after reading it, something has struck a nerve with me that I’ve never felt before. I was a sub to an amazing Dom for a brief time, and although it was a good relationship, something just never clicked completely between us.
    Is it possible to contact Alan and James somehow? I have so many questions and I’d like to see if they’d be interested in talking with me. Maybe they can help me discover who and what I truly am?

    1. Hey david,
      The best way for you to contact these guys is by leaving a message for them right here in the comments. They do check the posted comments and you might get a reply here after a day or two.

      1. Hi Metal. Thanks again for creating this site and providing so many resources for bondage guys. Although somewhat new to the lifestyle, I appreciate the information I get from here.
        I reached out to Sir Alan and dog James a few weeks ago here, per your suggestion. I haven’t heard back from them, and considering we’re all fighting a pandemic I understand they may be preoccupied. If you’re able to reach out to them and let them know I’d like to get in contact with them sometime at their convenience, I’d appreciate it.
        Thank you!

    2. Hi Metal, David here. It’s been a month and a half and I haven’t gotten a response from the guys. Should I assume they’re not interested in chatting with me? It’s cool if they’re not, I just dont want to keep checking back here for months on end.

      1. Dear David,
        Gosh I am so sorry that you have not heard back from the authors of this story. I have not heard from them myself in a while. I do think that they check the comments from time to time, so I encourage you to check back once in a while.
        Meanwhile I’ve been adding lots of brand new stories to the Metalbond site, so I hope you find some other authors and story lines that also strike your fancy.
        Warm greetings to you,

  3. Hi, Sir Alan and dog james. My name is david. I truly enjoyed reading your amazing story, and it’s struck a nerve with me. I have so many questions about your lives, and also about myself. I need to discover who and what I am. I’m looking forward to hearing from you. 😊🐶

  4. Hi Sir Alan and dog James. David here. If you ever have the time and interest, I would enjoy chatting with you and learning more about being and becoming a human dog. I have so many questions and feel so lost and lonely. I’m hoping you can assist me and possibly
    steer me down the proper path. Thank you in advance.

  5. Hi Metal. Wondering if you’ve heard from Alan and James? It’s been several months since I’ve reached out to them, but haven’t gotten a reply.

  6. David, thank you very much for your interest in us, and this life, and I apologize for not checking these comments or seeing your message. To be honest, right now is so busy for me that I just have no time and James is not allowed to write or talk (story coming soon) so I would suggest you use websites like pupzone, pups on Twitter, and even some discord chats to meet a group of great pups who can help teach you.

    Sir A.

    1. Thank you for your time and response Sir! I appreciate your advice. And I apologize for being so zealous in trying to contact you…I’ve been personally lost for several years and these stories touched me, so wanted to contact you.
      My best regards to you and dog james, and please feel free to contact me anytime in the future.

    2. Sir Alan, it’s been over a month since I received your kind message, again I am most grateful for your time and attention, but unfortunately I haven’t been successful in my quest and research, so I’ve decided to give up on learning more about becoming a human dog similar to James. I live in rural Indiana, can’t find owners or pups around my area, and Covid has me restrained from traveling to further parts unknown. Perhaps after some time has elapsed I’ll try again. I appreciate your help. These incredible stories by James will have to suffice for the time being.

  7. Hi,
    My apologies in advance for the length of my comments.
    Wow. Wow!
    I read this start to finish in one sitting and thought the work to be amazing, detailed and well written, One of the best and hottest pieces of work I have read until the last few paragraphs of the final chapter and interview. It made me extremely sad to the point of a few tears.
    I then found it cruel, upsetting and sickly mean,
    1 The part of Todd moving in and all the reference to the bedroom…watching his husband have great sex while James watched, Todd sleeping in James prior side of the bed,

    2 The comments James makes about his husband needing a human partner with a dickfor strength, sex and life.(not those exact words).

    3 The daily reminder/actions/saying James is not as worthy as them. How could a loving husband or even a friend say that in words and actions every day.

    4 The attitude near the start about Alan saying he wants this (the dog ) and doesn’t care what James wants…it starts out the two are husbands but turns into the two being kink playmates and Alan and Todd being like the husbands.

    5 Emotionally and more so physically unhealthy and dangerous (the locked cages)

    6 The impression James paid for most of their life because he has the money job, yet isn’t equal on that part, like a homeowner or have a say in house things, like remodel the kitchen.

    7 Alone, James and Alan don’t eat at the table together?? Yeah, it might be hot to do the floor thing a time or two, but a loving couple wouldn’t do that…at that extreme , there can’t be any true husband love.

    8 What happens with growing older? Knees don’t wok so well, bad back, arthritis. At 70 is James still doing all this? How could a loving couple sleep with one in a great bed and the other in a fixed up pen? One of the best parts of a relationship is sleeping together…to feel that person next to you.

    9 Is the husband that cruel or was it Todd? Telling Alan (for years) James needed to be in his right This place and Alan needed to be more dominant.

    10 Unjustified beatings or taking it too far. Like when Alan paddles Jame’s ass just to prove he can do it.

    11 The interview question, asking if Alan misses the human James.
    This story reminds me of two authors , Lars (The collar and Bootslave) both on this site. And 2nn’s story Real Commitment. They all involve I’m on day 10 one sided love and one sided degrading and pain.
    Those were my two favorite heavy bondage stories and always searched for others in that style. James is that story I was looking for, but now no more extreme stories for me where its love turned into deep changes in life through degradation, punishment and a way unbalanced partnership. Because its too sad and bothering.
    I would hope/guess the story, as James said, was 50/50 real and fantasy, is more like 20 % real and 80% fantasy.
    All that said, its an amazing story, well written and detailed.
    I’m not being mean, bitching about the story…its just that it made me sad.
    To Thunder, thanks for the great story and your time working on it.
    Also, thanks for the distraction as I’m on day 10 (of 12 DAY) self-quarantine after being exposed to Corvid while on a needed business trip. Negative thus far.

  8. Dear Jeff:

    Thank you for the very kind feedback and for your directness in how this affected you in your thinking. You are right, some of the things are cruel and some of the things are exaggerations of reality because, this is a fantasy based version of what the ideal world would allow. Also, some of the things like being reminded I am less than, eating on the floor, and paying for things is and was my idea and MY fantasy he is helping me fulfill. The reality is there may be a week that would happen 75% of the way it reads here, but then Alan’s restaurant gets a bad review, our parents got sick and ultimately died, we just don’t feel good and on those days, those times, I am on twos dressed in regular clothes because THAT is how it has to work. Since I have retired, we are closer to the story than ever and maybe I will write about our quarantine soon but please know I am safe, happy, and if I feel degraded – I am in heaven. Finally, safety is priority and, yes, I may spend days locked in a cage home alone, but what I don’t mention is there is a cell phone and iPad in the cage, a security camera on the cage and the “lock” is actually a custom sticker that seals the door (I have no idea where he hides them if I cheated without texting) ao that it would immediately break if I needed out. Also, these are big cages, I have plenty of space.

  9. Thunder, Dam hot kiky story…your stories on other sites?
    Was wondering few things…my BF, we love pup play. . Do you ever mix it up…sometimes I will be a puppy or police dog or Irish wolf hound.
    Ever use fort troff dog hoods. Kinky cool shit.
    Please tell me you tied and forced to watch Allen and Todd make love and Todd sleeping in bed and you never do is not true.
    Those are head games and not play.
    Does Allen ever say he loves you,you the husband?Comrdacross heloves Todd That is sad like the guy wrote before here

  10. Hi, David here
    I commented a year ago, and Sir Alan kindly replied.
    I was wondering how the past year has been for the 2 of you, and if there are any more stories or updates coming out in the near future? You’ve truly touched me and I have a desire to get to know you better.
    I was in Atlanta briefly a month ago, and kept thinking about you 2, wanting to meet you.
    Feel free to contact me anytime, and I’ll give you my email for personal communication

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