Jax and Staggz – Chapter 2

By SockgaggedJason

Special note: This is a gay BDSM sexual fantasy with bondage, gags, sports gear fetish, smelly socks, and humiliation roleplay. The characters are based on real fetish friends who are over 21.

Quick story description: Previously in Chapter 1, young Jax covertly seduced his older sister’s ex-boyfriend, Staggz, into kinky sexual roleplay after getting him tied up. Now he expects his turn, to be dominated by the handsome, stud. Is his wish granted?


Jax and Staggz – A Bondage and Sports Gear Fetish Fantasy

Chapter 2: Jax’s Turn

JAX was so excited for the weekend rendezvous with Staggz, the 22-year-old barely slept for three nights. He must have jerked off a dozen times wearing football gear fantasizing about the tall, masculine man tying him up and having his way with him.


The way he saw it, this would be his “first time.” He had sex with other guys but not within the fetish context that drove his libido.

Saturday afternoon, he went to Staggz’ jobsite, arriving early. It was a new house in the suburbs in the final stages of completion. Staggz owned the property, prepping it for sale. Jax recognized his SUV in the garage notably by the “diver down” SCUBA sticker on the bumper.


In the back, there was STAGGZ with his handsome face and wry smile. The site of him made Jax tingly and anxious. He beamed.

He had to stay chill since several men from his work crew were around, but it wasn’t easy. Staggz, 31, was blessed by good German stock; tall with dark blond hair, and blue eyes. An active lifestyle kept him fit. To Jax, he was a real man with natural swagger. Not a hyper-sculpted gym-rat bonehead.

When the man was dating his sister, Jax found him sexy but otherwise didn’t pay him much mind. After the kinky connection was revealed, now there was a deeper attraction forming.


Staggz was discovering a similar attraction to the young man that surprised him. He was largely straight and his random flings with men casual encounters. Added to that, Staggz wasn’t normally attracted to a boyish-faced type like Jax, but discovered the young man’s alluring audacious personality underneath that small frame.

Staggz kept the feelings less obvious for those reasons among others. One of which was ego.

As for that ego, Staggz had a nefarious plot in mind to get revenge on the precious bastard that “erotically” humiliated his normally dominant personality.

Staggz’s workers finished up and gathered their things to leave. Two of them, young Latino men around Jax’s age, shot him an unfriendly look as they walked by. What was that about? Was he obvious?

After all the other men were gone, Jax immediately showed Staggz the huge bag of bondage gear and uniforms he brought.

Staggz was still busy on the home but Jax had been warned days ago “no promises” anything would happen today. Just in case, he pointed out the leather restraints in his bag stressing they were faster to tie someone up than rope. “Trust me, I know,” Staggz laughed.

Right away, the young fetishist suited up in one of his football uniforms head to toe. Helmet to cleats. While Staggz was working in the backyard, Jax did exercises on the grass in full gear, pseudo “combines” as well as jumping jacks, pushups, sprints. He got sweaty in all those pads.

As Staggz hammered in 2-by-4s, he watched Jax with amusement. He knew the scrappy gear freak was trying to show off, but he was admittedly turned on a little. His ex’s kid brother looked pretty good in uniform.

“Give me another 10 reps of sprints, don’t stop. And under two minutes,” Staggz playfully ordered.

“Yes, coach!”


Staggz loved how the football pants shaped around the younger man’s butt. Fucking hot. He thought about bending him over a sawhorse right there, tying him down, and raping that ass.

Jax was exhausted after the workout and removed his helmet to have a water break. His boyish face was flushed. Staggz wiped it with a rag and teased him a little about the sparse, soft facial hair he tried to grow.

“Ok, grab your shit… Let’s tie your ass up!” Staggz smiled patting his butt.

Jax was beaming and followed him into the unfurnished, new home. He carried his bag of gear and bondage equipment. Staggz led him into an empty bedroom.

The young man already put on leather restraints around his wrists and ankles. Staggz laughed, “Eager beaver, lie on your stomach.”

The young man’s boner squashed somewhat under his athletic cup as he laid down on the hardwood floor.

Staggz caressed the boy’s bubble butt, beautifully enhanced by the tight football pants. There was a patch of butt sweat soaking at the crack line. The older man was getting hard himself.

“Will you gag me with your socks too?” Jax blushingly asked, face down on the floor, putting his hands behind his back.

As the tall stud started hogtying Jax – using carabiner snaps and metal clips – he made the 22-year-old a proposal.

“How about an escape challenge? If you get loose, I’ll jack you off — tying you back up of course!”

“Really?” Jax lit up as he was enjoy being restrained.

“If you don’t get out, I don’t bust your nut AND you get a punishment,” Staggz warned.

Staggz finished the hogtie by firmly closing the turn knobs of the metal clips around the screw threads. Then he tightened the leather restraints more than Jax had done.

“No problem!” Jax happily accepted. He’d done this setup on himself dozens of times in self-bondage.

The boy had at least two hours, perhaps more, until Staggz finished his work.

Staggz sat the young man upright against the wall so he could work on his face.

He pulled off one of his Nike sneakers and peeled a sweaty sock from his big foot.

“Open wide!”

“…And duct tape my mouth really good too…. Mmmph!”

Staggz chuckled shoving the dirty sock in Jax’s yap trap.

‘VRRRRAPPPP!’… went the duct tape firmly around his mouth.

A few more strips of tape were pressed to other areas of his face including his eyes to blindfold him.

Staggz then stepped out of his taunting demeanor for a real world check on the young man’s safety…

“Seriously, Jax. Can you breathe OK?” he asked with an attentive tone, leaning his ear into Jax’s nostrils to listen to his air flow.

“Mmhh mmm!” Jax grunted with a nod.

He knew as well the dude could work off that tape with his jaw if necessary.

Staggz returned to that beautiful ass in football pants and drew his hand lower, between Jax’s thighs and massaged his groin underneath.

“Mmphh!” Jax miffed with pleasure.

The boy was flipped to his side so Staggz could feel all the gear and pads snug against his frame. Jax moaned.

“Fuck! I hope you lose! The punishment is gonna be soooo much fun!”

He reached into Jax’s football pants and stimulated the very tip of the boy’s dick with his fingers. “Like that?”

“Mmhhh,” Jax moaned more, nodding.

Staggz suddenly pulled his hand and said, “OK, that’s all you get!”

“Mmhhaa mmhhaa mhhhaa,” Jax laughed through his muzzle, liking the cock tease.

“Good luck!” he laughed, back in a roleplay voice.

The hot stud left Jax alone in the empty room, bound and gagged. The stimulation Staggz briefly gave before leaving was enough to set Jax’s pistons firing at once.


He struggled on the floor, sensually, loving the feeling of the leather straps pressed to his wrist and ankle flesh. Powerless. Abandoned.

He rolled around and twisted.

The blindfold helped him head trip. Jax fantasized he was a hotshot football player kidnapped by the opposing team, with Staggz the hired thug for the job.

His erection sprouted out of the athletic cup under his jock. Rolling around, when his crotch contacted the hardwood floor caused the “protection” to ironically crush his dick.

Sounds of his labored “miffs,” cleats clanking on the hardwood, metal clips being manipulated, etc., echoed in the empty room.


The used shoulder pads, strapped under his jersey, however, produced a nice aroma against his sweating chest.

Jax wished Staggz’ used sock tasted fouler to make the experience perfect, but the kinky fella was still a pig in shit!

Eventually, it seemed like his two plus hours was up and he had mostly ignored getting untied. Truthfully, he was tempted by the ominous “punishment” discerning it was something humiliating or titillating that he could jerk off to later at home.

Staggz returned to the room. His work was done.

The masculine blue collar guy was turned on at the sight of young Jax struggling and grunting, helplessly hogtied in the sports gear.

He removed the duct tape mask from his eyes and mouth. Jax spit out the sock.


The stud removed his dirty work shirt so the boy could see his sweaty, bare chest. He knelt down and teased him further by “wiping” the young man’s sweat from his face with the equally sweaty and smelly T-shirt.

“Epic fail!” Staggz hazed.

“Yes, Sir, Coach,” Jax giggled.

Staggz unlaced Jax’s football pants and pulled out the young “sub’s” warm, throbbing dick. He toyed with it.

Jax moaned.

“I figure you’ll masturbate when you get home, right?” Staggz asked, gently teasing the tip of Jax’s penis with his fingers like earlier. Pre-cum oozed out.

“Ahh ha,” Jax nodded and groaned, slowly pumping his hips to heighten the stimulation.

Staggz saw his little “quarterback” close to orgasm. He removed his hand from the cock to put a stop to that. He started fondling the young man’s hairy testicles.

Jax rolled his eyes loving all this, and desperately wanted to shoot.

Staggz produced something from his pocket and showed it to the horny younger man. It’s a clear plastic looking device with a locking component.

Jax immediately recognized it…

Staggz was holding a chastity device! His punishment was wearing it for two days, before he left town on his hiking trip.

Staggz kept taunting the young man by sliding a hand deeper into the football pants, rubbing his “guch,” the area between the scrotum and butt.

He informed him that he’d also have to wait for Staggz to get him off until his return, two weeks later.

Jax didn’t imagine this outcome, being denied masturbation for two days!!

“Oh, dude!! Come on!” Jax begged.

Staggz didn’t relent but Jax struck a bargain. Give him a second chance to get untied. An indefinite amount of time. No matter how many hours it takes!

“If I give up, make me clean your body. Lick your smelly armpits, your crotch. Anything! I’ll do it!”

“Ha ha! Nice try, pig boy,” Staggz roared, knowing that would be a reward in his case.

Staggz countered with “two weeks of chastity” until after he returned from his excursion. He also sets a limit of five hours to get free with the second-chance challenge.

Jax paused, then ultimately agreed.

Staggz can’t stay at the work site, however. He’d have to take the young man to his house.

Staggz said he’s going to keep Jax tied up and throw him in the back of his SUV for the ride home. He could start the second challenge on the way.

“Gag me with your other sock, please,” Jax requested with a grin. “After you’ve been wearing it all day.”

Staggz realized the first sock wasn’t enough stench for the dude. He removed his second sock, sniffed it, and determined it too wasn’t very smelly.

“I’ll tell you what,” Staggz chuckled.

The stud lifted his arms and rubbed the sock in his armpits. He took another whiff, gasping at the sharp, rank odor. “Woof, that’ll do.”

Jax opened his mouth wide and let the hot “captor” shove the foul gag inside, followed by duct tape. He’s happy as a clam tasting the pungent odor on his tongue.

One last detail surprised Jax…

Staggz produced a tube of white lithium grease from his back pocket and showed the young man. He coated the lubricant around the outsides of the clips’ turn knobs. He also rubbed the slimy grease around Jax’s fingers.

“There! That will make it more challenging!” Staggz smiled.

“Mmphhh!!” Staggz grunted, thinking that was a shady move.

Even in all that football gear, Staggz easily hoisted the skinny lad over his shoulder and stashed him in the back of his SUV parked in the garage.

The whole car ride was a thrill for Jax. He pretended a “kidnapper” whisked him away to a secret hideout. He struggled and grunted with excitement in the back. He fidgeted with the greasy clips, having a tough time but knew he had hours and hours to get the job done.

Staggz parked the vehicle in his garage, collected his bound “victim” and carried him into the house. This was Jax’s first time to see the man’s place. He gets a limited tour, however, quickly taken to his bedroom while thrown over his shoulder.

Staggz set the young man on the floor. He told him thirty minutes elapsed so far. Four and half hours maximum time left. “You sure?”

Jax nodded his head with a grunting sound.

Staggz said he had to clean up, change, and go out for the evening.


“Good luck, lil’ dude!” he laughed, snapping the football helmet on his head, just for the fun of it.

Staggz left the young man bound and gagged on the floor of his bedroom.

Jax continued on with his struggles to get untied. Determined more than ever to succeed. Still hard as a rock, of course.

All he needed to do was sit still and focus on those damn metal clips that bind his leather wrist cuffs. He can’t help, however, the eroticism of being bound and gagged.

Therefore, Jax shifted around constantly while working the clips. He made a lot of noise. His helmet and cleats clanking on the hardwood floor. The softer sound of the uniform fabric shifting against the foam pads. And of course, the grunts and groans.

The dude’s boner is raging.


He felt the warm sweat trapped underneath the tight football gear covering his skin. He loved how it activated more of the stink baked into the used shoulder pads he stole from the locker room. As he gasped and moaned, moving his tongue, he delighted in the taste of that dirty sock.

There were moments rolling around when his crotch rubbed the floor punishing his stiff dick as the hard jock cup pinches. It hurt but he liked the challenge of light pain.

The determined little man in bulky gear bound up and twisting was quite a sight to watch. His newfound kinky partner was watching.

Staggz secretly monitored him on his iPhone thanks to a hidden webcam. He’s merely across the street at a neighbor’s get together. The man was close enough to rush home should there be a real problem.

In Jax’s reality, unaware… he’s helpless, alone, fighting to win the challenge…

Hours have passed and Jax dripped in sweat, flushed skin, and exhausted.

Finally, Jax successfully unscrewed a turn knob connected to the leather cuffs that bound his wrists behind his back.


His hands were free!

He unbuckled the chin strap and removed the helmet.

Then he pulled down the tape gag and spit out Staggz’ nasty sock.


Staggz entered the bedroom at that exact moment with a welcome surprise around his tall, broad frame. He was suited up in one of the football uniforms Jax brought!

“I did it!” Jax gasped with pride and exhilarated by the sight of Staggz in gear.

Staggz knelt down to the young man and rubbed his neck saying, “I’m proud of you.”

He helped remove the remaining leather cuffs and stood the boy up.

“Wow!” Jax gushed, putting his arms around Staggz.


They pressed together and sensually rubbed their hands over each other’s gear-clad bodies.

After a few minutes of gear worship, Jax wanted flesh-to-flesh contact. He reached under his jersey, unsnapped the shoulder pad straps, and lifted it over his head. A warm rush of musty, moist air escaped.

Staggz unlaced the boy’s football pants. Jax did the same with him. Staggz removed his jersey and shoulder pads. As he did, he could smell his strong body odor. Apparently Staggz had skipped a shower earlier, just for him.

Standing face to face with their pants unlaced, they reached for each other’s cocks and slowly stroked one another.

Jax removed the Staggz’s compression shirt and looked up at his blue eyes. He buried his face into the “big bro’s” ripe armpits and licked them clean.

Then, at the same time, the two guys went for each other’s lips and started to kiss. Staggz could taste his own armpits in the boy’s mouth but didn’t care.

As they quietly kissed, Staggz reached down the young man’s backside under the pants and slide his finger between his buttocks. He teasingly pressed it over his butthole, feeling the light hairs in the crack. He wanted to fuck him badly, but that would come another time.


Jax slipped Staggz’ football pants down and reached into his jockstrap. He pulled out the athletic cup and pressed it to his own face, inhaling the faint scent of his crotch.

They returned to slow, sensual kissing. Then they were jerking each other off.

They were so sexually amped up, it was less than a couple of minutes and — SQUIRT! SQUIRT!

They shot their loads on each other, standing there, still kissing.

After they slipped off their sportswear, facing each other, Staggz took Jax’s sweaty jockstrap and used it to wipe the cum from their naked bodies.

Later they watched some Netflix on the couch and cuddled. They talked and found out more about each other, including their adventurous interests behind kink. Jax was SCUBA certified through a course in college, which excited Staggz. He’d take him “cold water” diving in the ocean some time when he returned. This meant wearing thick wetsuits, which was a major appeal for Jax!

Jax also implied he wanted to go with him on the two-week outdoor adventure, saying he loved hiking and camping. Staggz said they didn’t have a permit to add another man where they were going but next time.

The young man apologized for being “a lot” and brought up crashing his jobsite so early, referring to the cocky young men in his crew that looked bothered. It turned out the pair had just been fired by Staggz, caught stealing. Staggz was afraid to have them arrested since they were technically undocumented and didn’t want to cause trouble for himself. Staggz said it had nothing to do with Jax and he was glad to have as much time with him as possible.

In fact, Jax was invited to spend the night and slept in bed with his dreamy, newfound kink “big bro.”

He got tied down to the bed, his arms behind his head with wrists secured to the headboard. Staggz slowly jerked him off and made him cum a second time. He used the boy’s jockstrap once more to wipe away the semen.

Staggz gave him a goodnight kiss and stuffed the cum stained jock in Jax’s mouth. He wrapped his arms around him and they fell asleep.

Jax was in heaven. Staggz was pretty content himself.

When morning came, however, Jax awakened to the sensation of his genitals being worked over.

Staggz was attaching the chastity cage!

“You said I won!”

“I didn’t. I said I was ‘proud of you.’ You had been struggling more than five hours. Impressive, but you still failed, lil bro,” he laughed. “You looked too fucking hot so I couldn’t resist last night.”

“Come on!!”

“Two weeks — buck it up!”


Staggz added, if Jax was a good sport about it, he’d bring back his sweaty socks and gear from his two-week hiking excursion in the wilderness. He showed his UA sneakers, already trashed, he’d wear on the journey. He planned to throw them away after the trip but they’d be Jax’s present.

Jax smiled modestly and nodded. He stood willingly still as he watched Staggz seal the chastity device with a small lock.

To be continued…

Metal would like to thank SockgaggedJason for sharing this story and pictures! Be sure to leave a comment if you like this and want more!

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