Jessie Colter ties up Alex Mason

At Men On Edge. It’s not easy running a record store these days. When Jessie Colter catches Alex Mason red-handed stealing vinyl, there’s hell to pay. Jessie binds the punk to a column and works his dick into a painful boner.

Jessie_Colter_Alex_Mason_gay_bondage_01 Jessie_Colter_Alex_Mason_gay_bondage_02 Jessie_Colter_Alex_Mason_gay_bondage_03

Soon, Alex can’t decide if he wants freedom from this torment, or just if he wants his rocks off, as this pervert clerk blows and jacks his throbbing dick over and over. Jessie moves Alex to his office couch and gets a deep taste of Alex’s toes. He intensifies the torment with a vibrating dildo banging against Alex’s prostate. Alex just can’t take any more edging and begs to cum. Jessie finally lets the captive’s dick burst, but he’s still not forgiven for shoplifting. Alex screams into the night as Jessie gives his sensitive cock an apple polishing.


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