Jocked and Locked in the Bathhouse

By Pisslurper

A few years ago I was on a business trip to a large city in the Midwest that has a great bathhouse. Luckily I had an evening free, so after my work was done, I put on my old skanky Bike jockstrap, Levis, boots and a t-shirt to head over to the bathhouse. Oh, and as I often am, I was locked in my metal chastity cage, horny as fuck since I had been locked up for over a week.

This establishment has a great gym, with all the free weights, benches, Smith machines, and other equipment any decent gym would have. Since I needed to work out, I figured I would work out first and then try to get in some trouble in the rest of the bathhouse. Every time I go the gym, I have this fantasy of working out wearing only my jockstrap, and this seemed like the perfect place to make that fantasy come true.

With me only in a jock, you (being a Metalbond reader) can definitely tell that I am in chastity; the outline of the lock is obvious. However, most non-kinky gays have no idea what chastity is, and while they may notice something strange, couldn’t identify a locked cock if it slapped them in the face. Feeling slightly embarrassed, and also slightly proud because I’m in decent enough shape and feel like I can hold my own in a jock, I set out to the weight room.

There were a couple other guys in there, but they didn’t pay too much attention to me as I started my workout. Today was chest and arms day, so I started with incline bench press, warming up with 25-pound plates on the barbell. I think I look pretty good in the mirror, and I can definitely see the outline of the chastity cage. Visions of all the cocks getting sucked and wanked and fucking ass just down the hallway filled my imagination as my locked cock stayed snug in the jock strap.

Soon I was into my workout, checking myself out in the mirror as I loaded the 45-pound plates onto the barbell. I worked my way through flat presses and declines, building up a bit of a sweat along the way. My favorite chest exercises are the dumbbell pullovers, and these were especially hot, with my back across the bench and my jock and locked cage completely exposed. I’m still self-conscious, but totally digging the experience also. I love how the vinyl of the weight bench feels against my bare, sweaty ass and back, and the whole place smells like men.

Around this time, a hairy beefy guy comes in the weight room, wearing skimpy Aussiebum shorts. He has an ass and a body to die for, and I didn’t think he minded that I was checking him out but he didn’t seem to notice me too much that I could tell.

Before long I was done with my workout, so I headed to the shower room. No one else was in there as I took off my boots and socks and stripped out of my jock, which I left on one of the benches by the lockers. However, I always feel self-conscious when I am exposed in my chastity device, like other people are going to think I’m a freak (which maybe I am.) But this is a bathhouse, so it’s not like it isn’t appropriate to display my kinky side. Despite my apprehension, the hot water in the open shower room felt fantastic. After a few minutes, beefy guy comes in, without the Aussiebum shorts. The first thing I see is his thick, uncut cock between his hairy thighs, and the first thing he sees is my metal chastity cage.

I go about showering as if having a locked up dick is the most normal thing on earth, and he comes over next to me and asks if he can touch it. I tell him that it is a chastity cage, and he feels it out. In no time we are soaping each other up, and his cock is getting stiff. We head back to the locker area, dry off a bit, and I’m on my knees sucking his dick like there’s no tomorrow. He grabs the back of my head and aggressively face fucks me as he picks up my sweaty jock and inhales the odor, and it doesn’t take long before he’s groaning and shuddering and blowing his load down my throat.

Not a bad start to my evening; I got in a decent work out, and had a porn-worthy locker room face fuck with a nice load to boot. A little later I’m in the steam room, and I find another guy, maybe six-two with a muscular hairy body and a huge dick. Without asking or saying anything to me, in only a second he’s roughly playing with my cock cage while he’s stroking his big dick. My inhibitions dissolve as he leads me out of the steam room to cool off in the showers, and as we shower together I can see some of the other guys eyeing us, trying to figure out what the hot stud is doing with the guy wearing some metal thing on his cock.

Big dick guy leads me to his room, and we spend an hour with him teasing my locked cock, feeding me his big dick, making me lick his ripe pits and eat his ass, and watching him jerk his big dick. He was totally getting off on dominating me and playing with his giant alpha cock while I was uselessly locked up. We’d wrestle a bit (although I was no match for him as he had a good 40 pounds of muscle on me), then we would chill out for a bit with him gently stroking his huge cock while I watched. At the end, he was kneeling with me lying between his legs licking his ass and balls as he shot a huge load over my chest and stomach and locked up cock.

We said our goodbyes, and I headed off to the showers to rinse off. The place was starting to get busy, but I already had a great time and had to work in the morning, so I got dressed and left feeling like a pretty lucky, and still horny, guy.

The End

Metal would like to thank the author, Pisslurper, for sharing this experience!

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