Joey – Part 03

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By slavebladeboi

The ride back to his student accommodation didn’t really register on Joey’s mind. He pedalled the anger out of his body, with each thrust of his legs he felt calmer, or at least less fraught. Fumbling with the padlock and chain he secured the frame to the rack and buzzed himself in. He had no thoughts in his head that made sense to him and simply flung himself face down onto the bed, still drawing deep breaths from the exertion.

After a while he relaxed and let his mind become focussed on that bench, the cyclist and his recent experiences, but it was always coming back to the cyclist. There was something. He wasn’t sure if it was something he was missing from the picture he had in his head or just a feeling that he felt ok with the meeting. No. He had been used and the other guy knew about it. And he seemed happy to acknowledge it. And that made him feel, well, perhaps less angry now if he allowed himself to admit it.

He sat up and looked into the full-length mirror he had on his wardrobe door, the one in which he watched himself when he put on those bits and pieces of fetish gear, his restraints and that wonderful rubber hood that had cost him over a week’s wages and jerked off. He stared into his own eyes with a mixture of embarrassment and pleasure and that hot, slightly guilty feeling that comes with knowing deep down you got a kick out of… Surely not, he thought. He was not given the option. He was used, he repeated that word over and over not noticing the same internal voice whispering in his ear, “but you enjoyed some of it. It’s what you fantasise about when you strap on those restraints you hide in that trunk.”

“Hey Joey, Joseph! Are you in there?” The thumping on the door woke Joey from his revelry. “It’s me, Chris”

Joey jumped off the bed and opened the door to his friend. “Are you going into work later, if so can you bring me back a couple of items?” Joey then remembered the time and the fact that he was due to be at the store for 4:30. Another 4 hours of shelf stacking and clearing the stock room, another 4 hours of extra funds.

Work was uneventful, the hours passed, the wages earned. Tomorrow was lectures all morning and he had already planned the afternoon.

He lay in bed that night, wrists behind him, restraints locked together with a carabiner. He’d strapped on the hood that gave him a hard on simply by handling it, feeling it tight against his face, breathing in that strong, erotic rubber smell that turned him on so easily, and tried to sort his confusion. His repressed guilt tried to force back the realisation that, after he had been released, he had wanted more. Now that he was safe he once again wanted to be insecure, at someone’s mercy. He arched his back and rubbed the metal bars of his unwelcomed cage hard against the sheets. They, whoever they were, had hurt him but he’d survived, and they’d given him the most mind-blowing hand and blow jobs he’d ever had. He stared into the deep rubbery blackness. If only he had known he was safe in the first place. And it was obvious that his fucking cage was staying locked until they unlocked it. They! If they all looked like that guy on the bike then fine, he’d put up with a bit more from them. If not…

Fuck. It simply wasn’t fair.


He closed the laptop and headed out of the lecture hall. “Coming back for a coffee?” Chris called over before opening the door to let him through.

“Thanks, no. Got some catching up to do. I’ll be around this evening though.” He turned and went the opposite way to his friend, got to the main door and indicated to the security guy to open the outer doors. “Finished already?” the well-built officer said with a grin.

“Only here,” answered Joey. “More individual studying to do though.” He smiled at the guy and walked out, heading toward the cycle racks.

The security guy watched as Joey gradually got lost amongst the other students milling around the campus before it flashed across his mind. He fingered the piece of paper he had in his pocket.  So that’s why I’ve seen him before.


He sighed, now he was poised to enact his plan he was having second thoughts. Oh the plan was simple enough, in fact it was less of a plan more a passing idea. Cycle round the park area, keep away from that bench but, using the trees and the routes that made a wide circuit of the open ground, always be where he could see it in the distance as well as any other cyclists, especially one in particular.

And that’s exactly where he was, keeping as cool as he could in the afternoon heat. In the tight, khaki sweat-wicking top and shorts that he thought, unsuccessfully, would act as a bit of camouflage he peered through the leafy branches from the edge of the tree line. Nothing. A few couples walking slowly along the paths, one or two solitary figures walking with a pace that indicated a destination rather than a stroll, but no cyclists. He gave up and went for another circuit this time stopping at the small café that sold ice creams and coffee. Might as well. Nothing else is happening.

Half an hour later, a bit bored, still hot and feeling on the whole a bit stupid for expecting anything to occur just because he wanted it to, even though he wasn’t sure what or even if he knew what to do if it did, he made one more loop, forgetting about the need for concealment and rode up to his, that fateful, bench.

“Fucking waste of time and energy. I’d have been better doing the work I need for tomorrow’s lecture.” But he stretched out and promised himself a short break before giving up the plan altogether.

“You took your time,” said the voice from out of the sun. “Here. Looks like you could do with this.” Joey jumped and squinted, the sun directly in his eyes, as the water bottle landed hard hitting the metal rings covering his cock, and he saw the figure pedal away at speed. The surprise, shock perhaps, winded Joey as he held the thing that had been thrust into his lap. He caught his breath as he recognised it. The same bottle he drank from before he was released.

WHO THE FUCK…? His shout went unanswered, but his cock was definitely trying to react within its steel prison.

To be continued…

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