Joey – Part 06

By slavebladeboi

Joey skidded to a halt and leapt off his bike, leaving it resting against the fence with his safety chain over the cross bar and hoping Jack, who was close behind, would use it for both their bikes. Taking the steps two at a time, he punched the code into the lock and shoved his weight against the door, leaving it ajar for the figure already within sight. Jack had only taken 30 seconds to get his backpack closed and over his shoulders, and he was gaining rapidly.

Unlocking his apartment door, Joey immediately sent a text to Chris telling him he was in, safe and going to bed. He was in no mood for any interruptions to spoil the next few hours. He tossed his phone onto the chest of drawers and stood, panting, facing the door, his body glistening from that 15-minute race, the damp lycra suit clinging closely to his firm, muscled body.

Rapid footsteps approached the door, and suddenly Jack stood there grinning widely, sweat covering his face, panting as much as Joey. Without turning he pushed the door closed with his left foot, not taking his eyes off Joey, who stood without moving, his arms at his sides.

“So.” He pushed his arms through the straps holding his bag and dropped it to the floor. Taking two or three steps forward, he reached out and grabbed Joey’s wrists, holding them steady. “You ready for this?”

“I think you already know the answer to that.” Joey raised his head and looked straight into Jack’s eyes a couple of inches above his own. Jack bent slightly and started as if to kiss Joey, who pulled away with a jerk.

“It’s no good,” he said. “I need, I really need, this thing off my cock. It’s beginning to hurt.”

He yanked his trainers off and fell backward onto the bed as he struggled with his shorts. Once they were off, he sat up on the edge of the bed while Jack stood watching his efforts. Joey struggled with the key. It was small, the lock was also small and placed exactly under his balls. The more he pulled them to try and get the key to fit, the more pain he felt and the more frustrated he became. His sweaty fingers dropped the key, and he struggled to find it again amongst the bedclothes. He simply couldn’t see where the keyhole was, and his fingers were getting numb from the frantic scrabbling. One more try. “Fuck! Why won’t it….FUUUUCK!” He fell back, swearing, tears welling. Taking a deep breath, he sat up again.

Jack knelt in front of Joey, holding out his hand. Joey looked at him carefully. There was a look in his eyes. Joey had seen it before. It confused him and made him slightly nervous. What if Jack didn’t release him? Having spent days helplessly waiting to obtain the key, it was not something Joey was going to give away lightly.

“I need it off, Jack. Please. No funny business.” He paused.


Jack smiled. “You trust me?”

“I want to.” A second pause. “Yes. Yes, I do.” He handed over the key. Jack pushed him back over onto the bed and grabbed his legs. He pushed them back over Joey’s stomach.

“Hold your ankles.” He slotted the key into the lock, but before he turned it he leaned forward and took Joey’s balls in his mouth.

“Mmmmph. Fuuuuuck,” Joey whispered as he felt Jack’s tongue rolling his balls round his mouth. “Oh yes. Please.”

The chastity cage unlocked, and Jack carefully released Joey’s cock and balls, trying to ease it past the rather sore area where they had been rubbing against the metal as Joey’s erections had forced flesh into the small gaps between the bars. He handed the open device back to Joey, the key still in the lock.

“Ok now?”

“More than OK, Jack. Wonderful. Amazing.”

Pushing himself off the bed, Joey stood still while Jack’s hands roamed across his shoulders and upper arms, squeezing and pressing and kneading. “It’s nice to finally get to feel these muscles of yours,” Jack said.

“What? They only let you look when I was there before? No touching?”

“Yeah. I was running the cameras.”

“Aww… all work and no play for poor Jack.”

Jack’s fingers paused, and Joey saw a pensive look cross his face. “What?”

Joey let his own hands start roaming over Jack’s body in return, gently, rhythmically caressing the skin through the fabric that he desperately wished wasn’t there.

“Ah, nothing really, it’s just…well you already know don’t you, Jack’s not really my name. It’s a make-up they had me use for our meeting in the park. But it doesn’t feel right to use it here where we’re alone.”

“What’s your real name, then?” Joey continued to squeeze and press, gently pulling the other muscular body closer into him.


Now it was Joey’s turn to pause in his movements while a thoughtful expression appeared on his face. “That’s my middle name,” he said. “Daniel.”

“Is it!” Jack – Dan – exclaimed. “Really? I had no idea. Kinda makes me wonder what else I don’t know about you. Maybe I should find out.”

That look appeared once more in his eyes.

Dan’s hands began moving again, then their lips did as well and there was no more talking, just the sound of clothes being dropped onto the floor. He held on to Joey’s wrists as he wrapped both their arms round behind the younger guy and bent his head whilst continuing to run his tongue over Joey’s nipples, across his chest and neck until he reached his ear lobes. Walking Joey slowly backward, Dan pushed him down onto the bed, Joey’s arms beneath him.

“Don’t move.”

Joey had no intention of moving. The feeling of Dan’s warm body on his, Dan’s hard cock pressing against his own solid erection, was something he wanted to last forever. He wasn’t going to spoil the moment. Dan nuzzled into his neck.

“Perhaps now is the time to investigate that trunk under your bed?” He leaned over to one side, the sweat from their combined bodies allowing him to slip easily enough to reach the edge of the trunk. Pulling it out he held onto the lid and opened it sufficiently to reach in. He rummaged about until his fingers found the leather restraints, clipped together, and sat up over Joey’s legs.

“Let’s have your wrists, boy.” He grinned down at Joey as he said this but there was that look in his eyes that Joey saw, and Joey suddenly realised that he was never in charge of this situation, whether he wanted to be or not. He froze, just for a split second, but it was enough for Dan to register it. Dan realised what he needed to say.


And that did it. Joey knew at that moment he was Dan’s. His body surrendered. He was no longer an equal, making love to another. He abandoned his will and allowed himself to simply submit to Dan. The feeling was a mix of elation, nervousness and total surrender.

With thanks to POW, a great friend and editor.

End of Part 6

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