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Seeing It Through – Part 04

By Cutieboy90

Nine months…

Stefan sat paralyzed with frustration at his workbench. Progress on the model had been good the last few weeks, or so he had thought. Each day he’d come back to the workbench and find things wrong.

Step 15 took forever because he had to fill several gaps in the roof of the officer’s quarters. Especially the area around the wheelhouse, where almost nothing lined up, he’d had to fill the seams with strips of plastic and refinish the bulkheads.

In step 22, the deck under the platform of the third funnel was uneven, causing the funnel to be crooked. He had to refile the edges of the deckhouse twice before it sat straight.

And now, he was repainting several bulkheads that he originally thought wouldn’t be visible when the model was completed.

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Ready Babe?

By Cutieboy90

It was the Pride dance and karaoke night at my favorite bar, and I had just ordered my second drink. I was standing by the dance floor, when a cute twink was pushed into me. Luckily for my suit, both of our drinks ended up splashing on him. We immediately fell in love, even before the apologies began. He said his name was Ben. He was a punk, rather slim, wearing mostly dark clothes, spiky dog collar, and sporting a faux-hawk. Not my usual kind of guy, but there are always exceptions. He liked my clean-cut look, my buff chest and arms, and how I was about three inches taller. He fit in my arms perfectly, like a puzzle piece. We’ve been dating since. He had once mentioned that he had never been tied up. I had casually responded that I would have to change that. He laughed, and said “Maybe.”

Well, we’d been dating for two months, he still hadn’t been tied up, and we still hadn’t had sex. So I decided to plan the first time for both.

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Booking a BDSM session with a male escort

An anonymous client has booked Gustavo Cruz for an S&M session. When he arrives, Gustavo finds him suited, masked, tied and ball gagged. Gustavo understands that all play within S&M is a power exchange or power play. So he begins the darker play session – first sucking the bonded client and then shoving his monster cock deep inside his throat. Ready to be fully dominated, the anonymous client’s mask is removed to reveal green eyed, Brazilian stud John Brachalli. Gustavo continues playing with the suited piggy perv by rimming and fingering his juicy ass and then shoves a dildo to open John’s hole before fucking him with his XXL cock. An unforgettable paid play session ends with an epic suit vest bukkake.

Booking a BDSM session with a male escort

Booking a BDSM session with a male escort


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VIDEO TITLE: Diary of a Gigolo: Darker

STARRING: Gustavo Cruz, John Brachalli

See the VIDEO at Menatplay.com

Wealthy and powerful men tie up a hot twink

The Pinstripe Society is full of high-powered men whose thrill is to have their way with a hot, submissive bottom. Today, the members-only secret society is holding a special meeting with its Chairman, Sir Peter, to induct one new member! Two candidates, Daddy Cakes and Mateo Zagal, must perform exemplarily while they play with the sacrificial muse, Benjamin Blue. Benjamin willingly submits to the suited big-dicked masters. The wealthy and powerful men pass around the night’s muse, who does everything the masters command while they indulge in an evening of debauchery with his hole and body.

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The Pinstripe Society is full of high-powered men whose thrill is to have their way with a hot, submissive bottom


See the VIDEO at Menatplay.com

TITLE: Members Only 2

STARRING: Benjamin Blue, Daddy Cakes, Mateo Zagal, Sir Peter

The Pinstripe Society is full of high-powered men whose thrill is to have their way with a hot, submissive bottom

The Art Show

By Cutieboy90

Matt and his buddy TJ stood awkwardly by the big steel door of the warehouse. Matt instinctively covering his flaccid penis with one hand, while TJ didn’t even bother trying to cover his big package. He swung his arms idly as they waited for some sort of instruction.

“We ain’t too early, are we?” TJ asked Matt. Matt shook his head.

“No, we’re right on time. And exactly where we were told to be. They must be running late.” Matt finished with a slight hint of annoyance.

“It’s cool, man.” TJ shrugged. “You know how civilians are. They can’t help it.”

Matt nodded. Of course TJ was right. Adjusting to life after years of structured army life had been difficult for both of them. Matt was glad TJ was always so chill.

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My Marine

By Cutieboy90

“U-ughhhh…” I groaned softly through my ballgag as I blinked my eyes open. My neck had a crick, and my jaw ached terribly.

“Hey bud,” a deep voice spoke from above me.

“Huuuuhh…?” I looked up at the handsome face of my partner, Jake. He smiled warmly as he stroked my face.

“Yeah, you fell asleep there for a bit,” he said. I tried to stretch, but quickly found I was still in bondage. My hands were handcuffed to a chain around my waist, and my legs were cuffed and drawn up to the belly chain as well, essentially pigtying me.

“You’re so cute when you sleep,” Jake hugged me closer and nuzzled the top of my head. “I’ve missed this.” I nodded in agreement, nuzzling into his broad, muscular chest.

Jake was still wearing his uniform, boots and all. He liked wearing his uniform at least as much I liked seeing him wear it. Not only for the kink reasons, but personal too.

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A suited businessman gets cuffed by a hot cop

Police Lieutenant Leo Bacchus likes his sex hard and out in the open with subservient sexual deviants. He spends most of his time patrolling the local cruising spots hunting for horny businessmen. The Lieutenant catches an unsuspecting businessman, Only Matt, looking to hook up while jerking off inside his car. He throws the suited stud against his car and handcuffs him. Lieutenant Leo reminds the businessman that he has a lot to lose if he is arrested and insists he comply. The man in blue teaches Only Matt a lesson in respecting the law and authority by fingering and fucking him hard and deep until finally satisfied and blows his big load all over him.

A suited businessman gets cuffed by a hot cop

A suited businessman gets cuffed by a hot cop


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TITLE: Disorderly Conduct

STARRING: Leo Bacchus, Only Matt

Police Lieutenant Leo Bacchus likes his sex hard and out in the open with subservient sexual deviants

A suited businessman gets cuffed by a hot cop

A Left Turn at Albuquerque – Part 13

By Hunter Perez

Merrifield finally woke up and released me from his grip. He rolled on his back, raised his arms into the air and yawned, then looked over at me with his newfound smile. I was moved by the serenity he displayed – he seemed to be completely at peace and joy with the world, so very different from the tortured man I encountered the previous evening.

“Do you…do you…have dreams?” he asked. His voice had settled into a deeply pleasant and masculine tone, although he still paused with slight uncertainty between words.

I sat up in the bed and tousled his long blonde hair. “Sometimes,” I answered. “Sometimes they’re good dreams, sometimes they’re not. Why are you asking?”

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