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Male bondage porn: A power struggle in the desert

Check out these shots from ROCK CANDY at Men at Play, starring DENIS VEGA and KLEIN KERR:

RockcandyAff_08 RockcandyAff_11 RockcandyAff_24 RockcandyAff_26

In ROCK CANDY, Denis Vega pulls no punches and breaks in new recruit Klein Kerr the hard way, tying him up and giving him a bit of the Vegas rough treatment. But it’s evident that Klein can play rough too, and they engage in a man-on-man power-struggle, wrestling all over the dirty, rugged terrain and fighting for top position. Klein takes the upper hand and gives Denis a good hard ass pounding.


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Milking It (For All That It’s Worth)

By RotherhamMan

“That one there.”

Frank looked up to where Luis was nodding. “The one with the cap?”

“Nah, next to him, the one with the shorts on.”

Frank wasn’t subtle as he looked the guy up and down, taking in his clothes and how they fit him and speculating on what was beneath, “Oh, yeah, not too bad.”

“Nice lips,” muttered Luis. He could tell even from this distance that they were full and pouty lips that were rare for a guy. He was as open as his friend was in checking the guy out but more so when he palmed his erection. “I’d like them on my cock.”

Frank snorted as he finished a swig from the can of beer. “You’d like any lips on your cock.”

“Nah, I like a pretty face and lips. I have standards.”

The guy and his friends had noticed the two young men staring at them and after a few moments of shifting, clearly uncomfortable, moved on somewhere else. Luis rolled his eyes, couldn’t they take the compliment of being checked out? Probably straight, a waste of good lips in his opinion.

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Men in suits tied up: Power suit power play


At Men At Play, Hector de Silva finds himself completely at the mercy of another man — Emir Boscatto. Hector is bound to a chair and on the receiving end of basically anything Emir wants to do to him. Emir decides to play a little game of control on Hector by taking his throbbing cock and playing with it, slowly at first but gradually picking up rhythm and taking him almost to the point of cumming but stopping just in time to see Hector gasp, and his eyes beg him to take him to full orgasm. Emir continues this delicious game of edging a few more times, reveling in the power he exerts over his victim, and as much as Emir would like to milk him fully and drink his load, his power-game has only just begun!

gay_bondage_men_at_play_02 gay_bondage_men_at_play_03 gay_bondage_men_at_play_05

Title of this shoot: ‘Jungle: The Lions Den’

Starring Hector De Silva and Emir Boscatto

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Forlorn Hope – Part 02: Fate’s Fetters

By DR754

Today is Saturday, August 6, 1967.

Long story short, I made it out of town ahead of the State Police roadblocks and over the mountains into Montana. I kept going east, trying to put as many miles between myself and Moscow as I could. In Deer Lodge, I passed the towering stone walls of the Montana State Prison – is this what my literature prof would call foreshadowing?

I was getting a bit sleepy, but getting a hotel seemed far too risky – visions of awakening to the barrels of police revolvers danced in my head. Turning off the highway somewhere south of Butte, I drove up a logging road deep into the mountains, then stopped in a disused log transfer site. Flipping on the radio, my heart skipped a beat as a news bulletin crashed through the AM static.

Daring escape from Idaho courtroom – convict on the run – deputy fights for his life.

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Sub Games

“Sub Games” sees Hector de Silva meeting Xavi Duran, a salesman from a rival brewery touting for business at what seems like a regular nightclub. But when the two of them go down to the basement in search of the proprietor, they discover something much more captivating, literally. Rooms full of sex toys and whips, restraints and cages. Hector demonstrates (in every sense of the word) to Xavi, the Cross. After restraining Xavi’s hands in the straps, Hector decides this is an opportunity too good to miss. Hector leaves Xavi strapped up to the wall while he starts to manhandle his cock, while taking swigs from a beer bottle and spitting it down Xavi’s tie, drenching his shirt and getting his cock all shiny wet ready to deep throat. But like all good kinky games this one comes with an extra twist as its Hector that becomes sub to Xavi’s thick hard tool an gets pummeled, face up, legs in the air. With suits, bondage, spitting and some sock worship thrown in, this one is a total cum-inducing kink fest!

These shots are from “Sub Games” at Men At Play

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Copdar – An Officer from the Suburbs

By Cuffsandcops

With an unexpected day off before winter holiday recess, I found myself looking for a few last minute gifts. There were a few stores I had remembered visiting before the pandemic in the northern suburbs. Since I get my haircut by a barber in that vicinity, I had knowledge of a town police department located a few blocks from barber shop and decided to pass by it on the way to the shops.

I pulled off the highway and passed through a few traffic lights before being stopped at a busy intersection. As I looked to the vehicles entering the intersection to my left, I noticed a blue SUV, that upon closer look, was an unmarked police vehicle. The spotlight on the driver’s side and the reflection off the gold badge were the clues that identified the vehicle as part of a law enforcement fleet. After the light turned green allowing me to proceed, I was about 4 vehicles behind the SUV and we were heading towards the police station near my barbershop. I figured the SUV would pull into the department and I would carry on to the shops.

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Gay bondage porn from Men At Play: ‘Hung’

At Men At Play, Dani Robles has Ronnie Bonanova stripped and bound, at the mercy of his dirtiest desires. And of course he goes straight for his hanging, uncut cock, which he sucks on deep and hard until it is throbbing hard in his mouth.


Ronnie is so well endowed that Dani struggles with swallowing his mighty meat. His hole, however, is another matter, as Dani greedily takes every single last inch deep in his ass. Ronnie gives Dani a straight-pounding he wont easily forget, but just in case Ronnie finished himself off and shoots his hot load straight into Dani’s hungry mouth, licking every single tasty drop.


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