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Dominated by a security guard in black leather gloves

stud in black leather gloves

Meanwhile at MEN At PLAY, Dato Foland is a hot security guy looking to give Jake Bolton a hard-handed fucking. Dato finds Jake in the men’s room cubicle and decides to carry out a full-body security search. But despite Jake protesting his innocence, Dato is determined to get to the bottom of things, even if it means stripping Jake of all his clothes. He orders him to pull his trousers down and gives his ass a close inspection, rimming and probing his with his gloved hands. Then he pins Jake against the urinal to give him a deep, hard fucking.

leather glove fetish


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Site: Menatplay

Title of this video: Frisked, Editor’s Cut

Models in this video: Dato Foland, Jake Bolton

hom/gom black leather

A Roman Master – Part 1

By Alex Ironrod

This story contains adult-oriented homoerotic material and language, involving sexually explicit, non-consensual behavior between men.


This story is set soon after the Roman army’s invasion of Britain, then an island on the edge of civilization. Details of the constant guerilla warfare and the revolt led by Queen Boadicea of the Iceni Tribe in 59/60AD are true; the Romans eventually won; the rest is my imagination.

Roman legions were great fighting machines, commanded by a Legate, who was usually a political appointee, as were many of the other senior officers. Centurions were the sergeant-majors, the backbone of the army, except in the cavalry, where the rank was Decurion, and the head of any cavalry outfit was ranked as Prefect. Man-sex was an established fact of Roman society at all levels, including the sexual master-slave relationship.


The whip cracked round the naked body chained to the column, laying another stripe across the prisoner’s buttocks. The man groaned again, but still did not speak.

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Black Leather Cops and Revenge – Part 5

By Alex Ironrod © 2021


“OK, boyo, I’m going to seriously bruise that fucking bubble-butt of yours with this whip. I’m not forgetting you can’t see it with that hood and blindfold on. But you can feel these knots trailing down your back right now and tickling your ribs. Right? Just nod. Good. Now I want you to count the strokes as I lay them on you.

Yes, you’ll have to shout through the gag. Here comes number…ONE. Let me hear something. Shout louder next time. TWO. It’s no use trying to pull yourself loose from the ropes. I’m a master at knots as well. THREE. And I like my boys stretched good and tight for thrashing. FOUR. I still can’t hear you. Shout, damn it! FIVE. We’re getting you warmed up nicely. SIX. And let’s try a couple round the front. One to get those nipples erect, and one for your cock – although that’s already at attention.

“You’re sweating – and groaning – and wriggling – that’s good. I like that. Now comes the main event – my seven-inch ramrod at your door. Shit, donut stiffen up. I need your fucking chute relaxed to receive me. That’s right, push back and welcome me into your warmed-over hole. Come on, for Christ’s sake, this is Master Jim giving you a fuck, not some Nelly queen from the nearest leather bar. You told me you’d been ploughed before, so let me in and stretch your passage. No, you can’t buck me out, and I’m coming in all the way.

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The Speed Trap – Part 06

By Rubrpig

I sat back in the chair in my part-time boy’s living room and breathed in slowly to calm my anger with my pair of boys. I still cannot believe the risks that pair took but they did and in a way I have to be proud of them. They reacted to their specialized Marine Corp Recon training and did what they know best but it landed them in jail alongside of me, sentenced to a year in jail and riveted into heavy 5 point chains. I rubbed my wrists where the shackles had rubbed the skin and sighed.

The boys were in the kitchen seeing what they could find for dinner but my full-time boy came back in and reported that there wasn’t much. They were suggesting that we order out for Chinese food or pizza. I nodded and told them Chinese food.

After the food came and we finished eating, I found myself nodding off and I looked over at my boys and saw they were as well. I told them to leave the dishes and it would get cleaned up in the morning as we all needed to get to bed. They nodded and put the left-over food in the fridge and we headed upstairs. As usual I went to the master bedroom and the boys headed to the guest room. When staying with my part-time boy he sleeps in the guest room unless ordered to sleep with me.

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A New Colleague — Part 02

By Suitandbondagelover

Sir leaves the dungeon and I find myself alone in this room attached to this cross.

I can only look at myself in the position of this gentleman prisoner. After a while I feel drool coming out of my mouth trapped in this ball gag.

The drool is getting harder and harder to contain and I can feel my shirt getting wet.

The whole night has made me very tired and I fall asleep despite the constraints but I cannot really sleep because regularly the dildo reminds me with an electric shock whose intensity is never twice the same.

Despite the awkward position I am in a state of euphoria and excitement.

Suddenly the dungeon door opens and Sir enters. Although it is not a working day, the gentleman is elegantly dressed. He wears a beige Italian suit, a heavy blue tie over an azure blue shirt, and very elegant black shoes.

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Jaz and H

By slavebladeboi

Jaz opened his eyes, or at least thought he did. It made no difference to what he saw. The soft, cushioned leather blindfold stopped even the merest chink of light from penetrating his darkness. He felt around him as far as he was able to, being restrained in a somewhat loose spread eagle by wrists and ankles to the bondage bed with just enough wriggle room to prevent cramp setting in.

The restraints were expensive leather ones with the same sort of cushioning on their inside which held you tight without pinching or chafing, a bit like having four strong, warm hands holding you in position. He moved slightly and felt the contrast of the cool rubber surface of the bondage table as opposed to the hot sweaty area his body had made throughout last night.

The night? Was it now really morning? Jaz had no way of telling. Even without the blindfold the playroom could be pitch dark being, as it was, ten feet below the living room floor, the only daylight coming into it from the top of the stairs if someone had left the hall door ajar. He had slept, but for how long? They had played for what seemed like hours and hours, he and Harrison. H, as he liked to be called, had certainly demonstrated his expertise during that time. Jaz saw nothing and could protest little, the inflatable pecker gag putting paid to conversation that was more than a squeal, moan or swift noisy exhalation of breath.

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My Marine

By Cutieboy90

Cutieboy90 handcuffs“U-ughhhh…” I groaned softly through my ballgag as I blinked my eyes open. My neck had a crick, and my jaw ached terribly.

“Hey bud,” a deep voice spoke from above me.

“Huuuuhh…?” I looked up at the handsome face of my partner, Jake. He smiled warmly as he stroked my face.

“Yeah, you fell asleep there for a bit,” he said. I tried to stretch, but quickly found I was still in bondage. My hands were handcuffed to a chain around my waist, and my legs were cuffed and drawn up to the belly chain as well, essentially pigtying me.

“You’re so cute when you sleep,” Jake hugged me closer and nuzzled the top of my head. “I’ve missed this.” I nodded in agreement, nuzzling into his broad, muscular chest.

Jake was still wearing his uniform, boots and all. He liked wearing his uniform at least as much I liked seeing him wear it. Not only for the kink reasons, but personal too.

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Displayed – Part 02

By Pickle

~ Chapter 6 ~

Day Two –

I wake up barely being able to move.  Even getting dressed in jeans and the red and black shirt that Gunnerson told me I had to wear today, “So you’ll be more noticeable when we “scarecrow” ya tomorrow, Bo”, was all I could do.

I grab a fast coffee and a banana before picking up my gym bag, and heading out the door to the driveway.  By my phone it’s 5:55, but Moore, with one of the other guys I met when I was leaving the “Farm” yesterday afternoon, was already there.  I had learned he was Sergeant Sutherland by checking out the various sections of “The Country Boy Punishment Club” website last evening.  I had been able to view not only my own punishments from the day, but also a lot of shit the other “Recruits” were being put through, ranging from a number of different tortures, but also being put through rigorous PT, and running several different obstacle courses set up to be even tougher than any of the Tough Mudder courses I’d seen.  They were all covered in muck by the time they made it to the end of the courses, IF they made it all the way through these sadistically designed obstacle courses, at all.

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