Jonas – Part 1

By ty dehner

You going to be home tonight? Was the text that came from Jonas.

I replied in the affirmative that would I be home. After a few moments he replied asking if I trusted him. I responded back that I did. There were a few moments, then a longer text.

So, I want to come over, but I want to see where you are in trusting me. At six o’clock I want you to leave your front door unlocked. Go to your bedroom, strip down until you are naked. Take your blind fold and put it on. Kneel in your bedroom, back to the door and handcuff your hands behind your back. Leave the key for the cuffs under the welcome mat.

That message really surprised me as we hadn’t done any bondage since we met. My dick grew a bit in my pants and before I thought too much about it, I agreed.

He responded with one last text. Good boy. I will be there after you have prepared, of course, you won’t know exactly when. That struck me, yes, I wouldn’t know when he was there until he came in my bedroom.

Jonas had contacted me through an online site, and we hit it off in several online conversations. He was into gear, bondage and all that implies. We met in person a few times and good visits. One night he brought over his football gear and we both suited up and just talked for the evening in our gear. His profile noted that he was mostly submissive, I am a total sub. I didn’t really know what direction our friendship was going to take. A couple of weeks later we geared up again in football gear and went to the fetish night at the local bar. Jonas looked nice in his gear, a midsized guy, former military with a cropped head of hair. We did connect well in many ways, with many of the same interests. Once and while he teased that he would put me in heavier gear, but I never expected he would. The text tonight really set a new tone and I began wondering what he had planned.

A few minutes before the time Jonas set, I took the handcuff key and put it under the welcome mat and closed the front door, leaving it unlocked. I went to my bedroom, stripped down, putting a pillow on the floor for my knees. Then I took my leather blindfold putting it on followed by taking the metal hand cuffs and locking my hands behind my back. I made sure my position was with my back to the door that Jonas would enter. There I waited.

And waited. It was very hot as it was over 100 degrees and I was sweating a little even with the air conditioning. I think it was more nerves as I really had no idea what Jonas would do with me. He had shared with me some of his writings from years ago of things he had experienced. But he never really talked to me as he was going to control me. But I’ve learned to never judge someone as there are things deep in them that are just waiting to come out.

My mind had been wandering when I was startled by a leather gloved hand came around my neck and covered my lips tightly.

“So, fucking helpless.”, was all Jonas said as he made sure I knew I was under his control. His other hand reached down and pinched my exposed tit and I moaned in his hand as I struggled in the cuffs. With me on my knees he just toyed with me for a while. Often gagging me with his gloved hand, pinching me, tickling me. It was all to remind me of where I am.

“You put yourself in this position, boy.”

I moaned into his glove and he shook my head in the affirmative as he asked, “You want me to take control don’t you boy?”

He pushed me to the floor, that is when I found out he was wearing polished boots. He push one into my face and with a little kick with his other I knew I better start licking them. I began to wonder if he was wearing his cop uniform. He mentioned a while back that he had just got his Dehners and his new CHP uniform. He was looking for a reason to wear it and I think he found his reason. He patted me on my cheek telling me to take my time as he has all night and he wants his boots spotless. I took my time working them the best I could considering I was cuffed and laying on my chest.

He stepped away after a while and I felt him grabbing my cock and balls, pulling them out from under me. Slowly he lowered the heavy sole of his boot on them crushing them. He mentioned he loved seeming me struggle as I felt the pain his boot was causing.

“Oh boy, this is just the start.”, he chuckled a bit. He pushed down hard and I yelled in pain.

He kicked me with his other boot, and I curled up to protect myself. He kneeled over me, taking my lips in his gloved hand and pulling my head up and holding it tightly. I was breathing heavily through my nose as he was making it hard to breathe and crushing my balls with his boot.

“Silence,” he stated, and I stopped breathing. That is when I heard a couple of sharp clicks. It took a moment then I remembered that sound, it was a Taser. I started to struggle, and I didn’t want to feel that anywhere on my naked body.

He laughed. “Good, you’re scared. Remember that, do everything you’re instructed to do, and you’ll be just fine.”

He let go of me and stepped off my balls.

As I was trying to catch my breath, he shoved a leather plug gag in my mouth and strapped it behind my head. I could feel that he left the room for a little bit, returning and dropping a large bag near me. He grabbed the strap on the back of the gag, lifting me head up so I would hear him speak.

“Remember, just do what you are told, and you will enjoy yourself. Fight me and I will make you suffer.”

He let me drop to the floor and I waited.

I heard the zip of the bag and the sounds of gear being removed. I couldn’t really tell what it was all about since I was blindfolded, but my dick was slowly reacting to the sounds and the idea of not knowing what I’m going to be put in and what is going to happen tonight.

Jonas unlocked my cuffs, had me stand and walked me to the bed, sitting me on the edge.

“From now on you go in my restraints, just in case you had some idea of hiding a key to your cuffs.” He reached down and stroked my cock a few times, then tapping my balls. I rubbed my wrists after he removed the cuffs and felt the gag in my mouth.

“I knew you’d like that boy. But it isn’t staying on long I have some other fun things for you.”

I knew I just needed to sit and wait; he hadn’t removed the blindfold. He grabbed my cock and balls, working a rubber cock ring around them. Then I heard a piece of gear tossed on the floor and he was working my feet into it. It was rubber, heavy rubber. As I was worked into it and up my legs my feet slid into boots that are connected to the legs of the rubber. He had me stand and pulled the gear up my legs and over my torso. I could feel the cool and damp rubber on my cock. It felt good and I got a bit harder. I wondered why it was damp and as he pulled it further up my body, I could smell the inside. It was rubbery, with hints of sweat and piss. This suit had been used and when I figured it out, I moaned into the gag. Jonas knew why I moaned, laughed and patted my balls through the rubber. He helped guide my hands into the sleeve and into the tight gloves and tightly held my hands. He pulled the suit up to my shoulder and let it sit.

Jonas worked the blindfold off me, and I got my first look at him. He was so fucking amazing in his full CHP uniform. His long sleeve went to his tan leather gloved hands. His breeches fit just right and flowed into this shiny Dehners. His badge reflected my gagged face as he smiled. Reaching up he stroked my face with his gloves. I mumbled into the gag.

“Yea, I know. When I put it on, I knew I was going to do something to you. I need to be in charge of a guy like you when I wear this uniform.”

I didn’t want to take my eyes off him, but I was curious as to what he was putting me in. I looked down to see that I was standing in a full heavy dry suit. It had a back zip to it that hadn’t been pulled, with attached gloves and boots. There was also a zip as the crotch that went around to my ass. I looked back at him.

“Boy, you know I’ve been wanting to put you in that for weeks. After I put on this uniform, I knew I could no longer wait. A pig boy was in it a month ago and I didn’t clean it out as I just had a feeling you were even more of a pig. He was in it for three solid days, so that is the sweat, piss and even some cum in there for you to wallow in.”

I looked at him and could feel the stuff around my feet and a little around my hands.

“Just imagine how long I might keep you in it.” He tapped my balls again and approached me. Jonas took the gag out of my mouth, taking his finger and placing it on my lips reminding me not to say anything. There was so much I wanted to say but I remembered the Taser so kept my mouth shut. Going to his gear he returned with one of the rubber hoods that had a small trough at the mouth and clear plastic eyes. First, he inserted a small inflatable gag that strapped around my head. He took the hood setting it on my head, I could feel short soft hoses going into my nose and the small tube in the gag connecting to the small mouth trough. He pumped the gag a few times so that it filled my mouth. Then he set the hood into place and zipped the back. He took the head piece of the suit and worked it over my hooded head. It fit tightly and sealed around my face. Now I would not be able to get the hood off.

He then handed me a heavy pair of leg irons and I looked at him. He just nodded as I bent down and place my ankles into the irons. There was a locking mechanism on them, and it made sure it was locked. As I returned to standing, he handed me a set for my wrists and again I put them on myself. They were heavy, several pounds for each. When I was done with my wrist, he immediately handed me a thick heavy iron collar and I knew I didn’t have any choice. I looked at him through the hood and he just stood before me, slowly taking the Taser from his full duty belt. It was a bit difficult with my ironed wrists, but I was able to get the collar on and locked.

“You’re locked in that boy. Only I have the keys.”

He pushed me on the bed and climbed on me. He started hugging me, stroking me and just handling me like an object. It tried to return the strokes, but it was hard with the irons on me. He would work my cock and balls in the slick rubber, and it would make me feel damn good. I started to hump his hand and he would smile and wink at me. Eventually he climbed off me.

“Stay here, I’ll come and get you when I’m ready to load you up.”

He left the room and I wondered what he had planned next. It was only a moment when I heard the garage door opening and I knew then that I was going for a ride.


To be continued …



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  1. And again a great story of Ty.
    I’m wondering where he is going to take the “pig”

    Keep up the good work, Ty!

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