Leather Bar Encounter

By Unknown

I went to the local leather bar one night and met a very hot, dominant man. We had seen each other around before, and we talked for a while about bondage, leather and our mutual interest in handcuffs and police gear.

After a little more small talk, he ordered me to follow him to another part of the bar, where he locked a chain around my neck with a small padlock and cuffed my hands behind my back with a set of police cuffs that he pulled from a handcuff case on his belt.

The bar was pretty crowded, as this was a Saturday night, and there were lots of men standing there watching as this was taking place.

The guy then told me to stand right where I was and not move. He walked away, leaving me standing there in the bar with a chain locked around my neck and my hands cuffed behind my back. A lot of guys were checking me out. One of them came up and started to grope me, but I told him … firmly … to stop and he left me alone. I must have been standing there for about a half hour or so before the guy returned. When he did, he said, “follow me,” and walked toward the door of the bar. I followed him a few paces behind, right out of the bar with my hands still cuffed. He hailed a cab, and opened the door and told me to get in. I got in the cab and we went to this guy’s place, with me still in cuffs.

When we got up to his apartment, the guy kept me hooded and in bondage for the next several hours.

This is a true story.


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