Leather Journey – Part 2

By Rubrpig

Life began to form a pattern based on Connor’s twice a month visits to SIR William to be cleaned and checked. He looked forward to being hooded and restrained as it meant that his cock would be released from the belt, while the belt was cleaned, SIR William would handle his cock and check it for pressure sores, shave the fuzz down again and after everything had dried, put his cock back in the tube and reassemble the belt. However, tonight was different, as SIR William had put him into a heavy padded isolation hood.

Once the hood was in place he breathed through the small grommet over his mouth which the heavy external straps kept closed which made Connor focus on breathing. Once he had been led to the bondage table and he had been strapped down, the belt was completely removed. However, SIR William this time began to slowly stroke his cock which quickly hardened and the sensation and feelings began to overwhelm Connor as it had been 3 months since the belt had been put on him by his SIR. SIR William continued to slowly stroke and Connor got rock hard and could feel the pre-cum oozing from his slit and then suddenly, he shuddered and the orgasm hit hard. His body arched and the load blew from his cock and poured out, the feelings overwhelmed him. He had never cum like this and it was so intense he almost passed out. Finally, calm enough to breath properly he slowly recovered. He felt his body being washed to remove the cum his cock had shot over his crotch and chest.

Allowed to rest he laid there in the restraints, isolated and aware of his own body. He felt his cock being lifted and the tube slid over it which he knew meant the belt was being on his body. Finally assembled and locked, he was released from the restraints and helped to sit up. The straps on the hood were unlocked and unbuckled. The zip pulled up and then the laces loosened. The heavy leather hood worked off his sweaty head and he blinked in the light after being isolated in the dark for several hours. He slowly stood up and assumed the correct position and quietly thanked SIR William for the release and for cleaning and maintaining SIR Franklin’s boy.

SIR William smiled and told Connor to drop and properly thank him for the release and cleaning. Connor quickly dropped to his knees and moved forward and worked on getting SIR William’s cock out of his leather jeans, then swallowed it and sucked and licked it swallowing it working it deep into his throat until SIR William grabbed his head and face fucked him hard until he came. He had pulled almost out and had kept his cock head in the boy’s mouth and filled the boy’s mouth with a heavy load of cum. Watching as Connor swallowed the load and then licked and sucked him clean, he finally pulled out and put his cock back into his jeans.

Telling Connor to stand up and get dressed, he watched as the heavily muscled and inked boy who had been his mentor pulled on a pair of tight jeans, tactical boots and a grey t-shirt. Picking up his heavy Langlitz jacket and pulled it on, he stood waiting to be dismissed. SIR William told him to look up and asked Connor how he was adapting to his new life as a boy. Connor quietly answered and said that he was doing fine and that he had finally adapted to being chastised and wasn’t as horny as he had been when the belt was first put on by his SIR. SIR William then asked if he had gotten used to submitting to a man he had trained and mentored when he had been a SIR. Connor got very red in the face and said that was the hardest adjustment.

The way he was now being treated by men who had been his friends and equals now ignored him and he felt isolated from everything that had been part of his life. He could no longer just head to the bar, met up with friends, cause some trouble, and pick up a willing boy for the night. The SIRS would ignore him and walk away from him as he was permanently collared so they isolated him as he was someone else’s property. The boys and subs laughed at him and bullied him telling him that he was getting what he deserved. There was no support for him and so he felt isolated and cut-off. SIR William and his boy were the only real contact he had and that was limited to the visits to be cleaned and inspected. Otherwise, the weekly Skype calls with his SIR were the only contact. He looked at SIR William and simply confessed that he felt so alone. SIR William asked if he regretted his decision to become SIR Franklin’s boy.

Connor quickly replied that was the only thing he was still sure of and that it still felt right to be a boy. SIR William walked over and gave Connor a hug and told him that he was proud of him and how well he had adjusted to being a full time boy. Connor got red faced and embarrassed as he felt the physical contact he needed to feel at that time. SIR William told him to take off and report back in 2 weeks as usual.

Connor turned and walked out and head for his car. Reaching his car, he got in and drove home. Once there he parked in the garage and headed into the house. Taking a beer from the fridge, he walked into his office and removed his jacket. Tossing it on a chair, he sat at his desk, turned on his laptop and prepared to write his nightly report to his SIR. Noticing he had a Skype notification, he opened the program and saw his SIR had signed in. Placing a call to him, he waited for the call to connect. The call connected and he smiled as the bearded shaved head of his SIR filled the screen. Connor reported that he had just returned from SIR William’s and that the belt had been removed and cleaned along with his body. He also reported that SIR William had allowed him a release for the first time and it had been overwhelmingly intense. His SIR smiled and laughed, telling him to remember how it felt as it would be a long time till he was allowed another one.

Then his SIR asked him if he was able to book vacation time in May. Connor told his SIR that he has already booked 5 weeks of his vacation as ordered for the annual trip to South Africa, but he had 2 weeks left and he would check and see if they could be used in May. Was there a specific part of May that his SIR wanted? Connor watched his SIR smile and then his SIR told him that he was coming over in May for the entire month and during that time they would head to Chicago for IML. It would be their 5 anniversary of meeting and Connor agreeing to be the boy to SIR Franklin. Connor sat stunned and then smiled and thanked his SIR for even considering this and to spend an entire month with his SIR was incredible. Connor asked if SIR was coming alone or was he bringing his slave with him so he could plan appropriately for the visit. SIR Franklin told him that the slave was coming as it had been working exceptionally hard and it had earned a treat. Connor was happy as he enjoyed being with SIR’s slave as he did not feel isolated when they were together. Informing his SIR, he would check first thing in the morning and email if the time was available. SIR Franklin told him to make sure he did and then disconnected the call. Slumping back in his chair, Connor smiled, told a long swallow of his beer and sighed happily. For once, he did not feel quite so isolated.

The next morning, Connor showered, dried himself off and checked his body over critically. He still hit the gym daily and his body was still in excellent condition, the metal of the chastity belt was set off by the full suit of japanese ink he wore proudly. The stainless steel band around his neck shone and that made him smile. He grabbed a hairdryer and used it to dry the belt and blow hot air under the belt to dry his cock and crotch as best as he could. After a couple of months he had gotten used to the belt and how to deal with such mundane things as pissing and shitting. The belt was fairly easy to maintain and the semi-monthly sessions with SIR William insured that nothing was going wrong under the heavy metal and rubber of the belt. After dressing in the usual dark suit and white shirt and tie, he walked downstairs and grabbed his keys and headed for the office. After arriving at the office, he checked with the HR department and determined that the necessary 2 weeks was available. He booked the time off and returned to his office. Opening his personal e-mail, he sent his SIR an email, that the required time had been booked off.

The months came and went and it was the middle of April, when he finally got his SIR’s travel plans and he was able to figure out his schedule. He had told SIR William that SIR Franklin was scheduled to arrive on the 1st of May on the KLM flight from Amsterdam. He also requested that SIR William join him at the airport to greet his SIR. SIR William agreed and told Connor to pick him up on the way to the airport.

The 2 weeks dragged slowly but the 1st finally arrived. After getting home from the office, Connor quickly showered, gave himself several enemas until the water flowed clean, and then dressed in the leathers he had been ordered to wear. Pulling on the heavy padded langlitz breeches, he was reminded of the last trip to South Africa and his return trip where he was in the breeches, tall wescos, his leather uniform shirt and langlitz jacket for the trip there and back. He pulled on the breeches, socks, the tall wescos, then put on a white t-shirt and grabbed his langlitz jacket from the closet. Grabbing his wallet and keys, he headed down to the garage, got into his range rover and headed to SIR William’s home to pick him up. Once there he walked to the front door, rang the bell and Bradley answered the door. Bradley, SIR William’s boy was dressed in tight bleechers, white laced 30 hole rangers, black fred perry shirt, his braces hanging down.

Connor was startled as Bradley was also shaved bald instead of his usual flat top. Bradley grinned, and said that SIR William decided that both would be in full skin gear to great SIR Franklin. Bradley turned and went to tell his SIR that Connor had arrived. SIR William walked out of the back of the house also dressed in full skin gear. Bradley pulled a green M1A1 jacket out of the closet and helped his SIR into it. Telling Bradley to be at Connor’s house at 8pm SIR William and Connor left the house, they headed down the front walk to the black Range Rover. The skinhead and the leatherman got into the vehicle. SIR William was sitting in the front.   The trip to the airport was slow due to the usual traffic and construction on the 401 but they finally made it and made their way through the maze of roads at the airport to Terminal 3 with 20 minutes to spare before the flight’s scheduled arrival time. After parking in the garage, the men walked through to the terminal and down to the international arrival area. Finding it was busy, the men waited by the wall keeping their eyes on the arrival monitors. They also noticed the people watching them as it was not too often you saw a skinhead and a leatherman standing around at the airport together.

Finally the flight arrived and Connor knew he would shortly be with his SIR again. Figuring it would take 30 – 40 minutes for SIR to clear customs and immigration he waited with SIR William as patiently as he could. SIR William smiled as it was very clear that Connor was agitated and excited. Nearly 50 minutes after the flight landed, the sliding doors opened and SIR Franklin and his slave walked through and into the public arrival area. The 2 men in jeans, tactical boots, t-shirts stood out due to their physical appearance. Connor quickly approached them and politely greeted his SIR and stood waiting, head bowed, hands behind his back, as SIR William approached. Connor quietly introduced the 2 men who had control of his life. The men had never met and had only communicated by Skype and email. The men hugged and kissed. Connor turned and with the slave organized the luggage and waited for the SIRS to indicate they were ready to leave. SIR Franklin told Connor to lead the way and the men headed to the parking garage. After paying at the pay station, Connor lead the way to where the Range Rover was parked. After opening the rear doors, he watched as the 2 SIRS got into the back seat, Connor and the slave quickly loaded the luggage into the rear of the vehicle and when that was done, they got into the front.

The trip from the airport was fairly smooth and traffic had let up somewhat from the usual snarled mess. The SIRS quietly talked to each other while Connor drove and the slave quietly sat watching the traffic and what could be seen from the highway.

Arriving at the house, Connor triggered the garage door and pulled into the garage. Pulling in beside his Audi A6 he was careful to pull in and not nudge his Ducati Panagali. After switching off the security system, he opened the door and his SIR and SIR William walked into the house. Connor and the slave got the bags out of the Range Rover and they carried the bags into the house. Setting the bags down, Connor found his SIR and SIR William in the kitchen, both with beers. Asking his SIR if SIR was going to allow Connor to sleep with him in the Master suite or should Connor move to the guest room. SIR Franklin told Connor to put his cases in the Master Suite and Connor would sleep with him and the slave should be provided with several blankets and a pillow as it would be sleeping in the basement play room. Connor and the slave hurried to take care of the arrangements and they returned to the kitchen.

Connor had prepared a dinner that could be reheated and served without too much of a wait. He began to get this organized with the slave’s assistance. SIR William showed SIR Franklin the house and the master suite and left him to clean up. Heading back down to the kitchen he checked with Connor and told him that his SIR wanted the slave upstairs to unpack and to help him to settle in. The slave ran upstairs, his boots thudding on the stairs. Connor finished with the preparations, and the smells of the food warming soon filled the kitchen. Connor set the table for 4 and set a placemat on the floor in the corner for the slave’s bowl.

Just then the doorbell rang and Connor ran for the door and let Bradley in. The tall newly created skinhead walked in and followed Connor to the kitchen and greeted his SIR. Just then Connor heard boots on the stairs and started getting the food ready for serving. His SIR entered the kitchen followed by the slave who quickly began serving the food and placing SIR Franklin at the end of the table. SIR William sat opposite with the boys sitting opposite so they were on the right hand side of their respective SIRS. The slave served the meal and then was given permission to eat. The slave filled his bowl and hurried to the corner and quickly sat on the floor. The men at the table talked quietly and enjoyed the meal.

After the meal, SIR William decided it was time for their departure so SIR Franklin could get some rest after the long trip. SIR William and Bradley departed leaving SIR smiling as he had made a friend of the person he had entrusted his boy to. Turning to Connor, he told Connor to go to the playroom and get his leather sleepsack and a isolation hood. Connor quickly ran downstairs and got the heavy leather sleep sack and hood and headed back up stairs. SIR Franklin told the slave to clean up the kitchen and when that was done to go downstairs and rest.

SIR Franklin followed by Connor headed upstairs to the master suite. On entering, SIR told Connor to lay the sleep sack out on the right side of the bed and then strip. Connor quickly obeyed and soon stood naked in front of his SIR. Picking up the heavy isolation hood, SIR Franklin worked the heavy leather hood over Connors head, then laced it tightly, and zipped it closed covering the laces. After locking the collar, he fastened the 3 straps on the hood tightly and locked the buckles. Then Connor was lead over to the bed and helped into the leather sleep sack. Soon he was zipped in and rope laced through the grommets on the sack snugging it tightly. Connor relaxed, and enjoyed the quiet of the hood and the tight leather of the sack. Feeling the bed shift as his SIR climbed in, Connor realized that he was going to spend the night in the hood and sack. Finally he fell asleep in the warm sweaty leather sack and hood.

The morning finally came and SIR Franklin stirred and woke up. Stretching, he looked over at the leather object on the bed beside him and smiled. He got up and headed into the bathroom and pissed. Walking back he unlaced rope allowing the leather to release its grip on the boy inside the sack. Unzipping the sack, Connor waited calmly and felt his SIR’s hands guide him to pull out of the internal sleeves and then swing around so he was sitting on the side of the bed. The cool air of the bedroom chilled his sweaty hot body. He then felt his SIR begin to remove the isolation hood. Shortly, it was pulled off his sweaty head and Connor squinted in the bright light after being in the dark of the hood for 8 hours. Telling Connor to piss and get ready. Since it was a Sunday, Connor was told to plan on staying naked for the entire day and he would be suffering as well.

After a quick breakfast of toast and coffee, SIR Franklin and Connor headed for the play room. Both men were naked. The heavily muscled fully inked boy collared and chastised, contrasted with the bearded muscled, furry skin head. Connor was quickly strapped to the cross, and the process of being claimed again began. Flogging followed by a single tail then released only to be mounted on the fuck bench and fucked hard and fast. This was not sex but a brutal rape and Connor moaned, groaned and pushed back hard on his SIR to bury the cock deep as possible in his ass.

Finally, both men were spent and Connor slumped on the bench he was still strapped to, with cum dripping from his ass. SIR Franklin was slumped in a bondage chair resting from the morning of working over his boy.

Realizing he was starving, he decided that it was time for something to eat. Releasing his boy from the bench, he told the exhausted boy to get cleaned up. Heading for the master suite, he stopped in the kitchen and told his slave to check on Connor and then get dressed. They were going out for food.   Soon all three men dressed in tac boots, jeans, t-shirts and wearing jackets headed out in search of food.

The days passed quickly, Connor worked Monday thru Friday at 7am so he would get up and get ready for work. Leaving his SIR and the slave, he would spend his days at the office. SIR Franklin having use of the Range Rover along his slave explored the city and the gay village. In the evenings, Connor spent his time naked kneeling by his SIR.   The time could be spent in boot worship of his SIRS boots or in the playroom being used for his SIR’s enjoyment. The weekends were spent in more of the same.

The first several weeks passed quickly and then it was time for Connor’s vacation and the trip to IML. Packing the car with the gear as instructed by his SIR and their bags with clothes and leathers, the 3 men headed for Chicago.

Leaving very early in the morning to avoid the morning rush hour traffic as much as possible, Connor had decided to cross the US border at Sarnia to avoid the usual chaos at the Windsor/Detroit crossings. After switching over to the 402, the trip to Sarnia passed quickly and soon they were in line at the US customs. As Conner had suspected, they were pulled over for inspection and for SIR Franklin’s and the slave’s passports and VISAS to be checked. Finally, the men were cleared and allowed to continue to Chicago. The customs agents had at least provided some “eye candy” in their tightly tailored combat fatigues and body armour.

Finally, arriving at the host hotel in Chicago, where they had managed to get a reservation, the men checked in and then put the Range Rover in the hotel garage. The men began to unpack and settle into the room. The slave was instructed that he was to put on his black fatigues and polished jump boots. This was what he was to wear at all times when out of the room. The slave nodded and got the required clothing and boots out and quickly dressed in them. Telling Connor to strip and put on his chaps, and tac boots, SIR Franklin opened up one of the bags and pulled out the heavy double leather straight jacket. Once Connor was dressed in his chaps, and boots, SIR Franklin put the heavy jacket on him and began to strap Connor into it tightly.

Telling Connor to exhale he snugged each strap on the back of the jacket as tight as he could then padlocked the buckles. Then he snugged the two crotch straps tight. Then the arms were wrapped tightly and the bicep and front pinion straps snugged tight. Finally, the jacket was on and Connor could not move a muscle in his upper body and it was a struggle to breath due to how tight the jacket had been snugged. SIR Franklin then put on leather breeches, tall boots, a body harness, gloves. Picking up a leash, SIR Franklin hooked it to Connors collar by the front D-ring. Time to go boy. Ordering the slave to follow as well, the men left the room and headed for the elevator. Standing there by his SIR, strapped tightly into a heavy straight jacket, his chastity belt clearly visible as well, he was going to be very visible object and one that would get lots of attention.

The men in the Toronto community had made it known what had happened to Connor and this was the first time Connor was going to come to terms with it at a large leather event where he would know many of the men there as a SIR but now he would be on display as a boy. The doors of the elevator opened and standing in the car was one of the men who had mentored him. Master John looked up and recognized Connor. Smiling he turned to SIR Franklin and introduced himself and told him that he had been curious to meet the man who had turned Connor into a boy. SIR Franklin smiled and told him that he was very pleased to meet one of his boys mentors. The men ignored the muscled straight jacketed man who was the object of their conversation. Connor flexed his muscles as much as he could in the tight jacket which caused the heavy leather to creak and SIR Franklin turned and smacked Connor on his ass and told him to stop it and stand quietly.

Blushing Connor stood quietly knowing he had pissed off his SIR and that later he would pay the price for embarrassing him by showing poor self control. Master John looked at Connor and spoke softly telling SIR Franklin that Connor always did manage to make things difficult for himself and that he would have to use very strict discipline to keep Connor under control. SIR Franklin nodded and replied he had realized that and that is why Connor had been put in a permanent collar and that the chastity belt was permanent. This way the boy would know every single day he was now a boy and belonged to someone. This would reinforce the control every day. Looking at Master John, he invited him to join him for a drink at the bar. Master John agreed and the SIRS stepped out of the elevator in the lobby followed by the boy in the strait jacket and the slave. Connor was recognized by several of the men in the lobby who smiled, laughed and pointed him out to others. Connor blushed but followed his SIR, the leash tugging on his collar if he slowed down. He was overwhelmed but struggled to follow his SIR and soon was standing quietly behind his SIR and his former mentor as they ordered drinks and stood talking about various things but mainly about Connor and how best to handle Connor and his full conversion to being a boy.

He stood quietly, as men brushed past him and felt his ass as they did and he tried hard not to flinch as they did. One slipped his fingers into the crack of Connors ass and that caused Connor to groan and shift which SIR Franklin heard and turned to look at Connor. Connor flushed red and looked down knowing his SIR was pissed. SIR Franklin slapped Connor hard and told him to behave. Connor quietly stood and took the hit knowing any protest or explanation would just aggravate his SIR even more. Master John laughed and smiled. Looking at Connor he said, “not so easy on the other end of the leash is it boy? You always were an arrogant little prick who felt he was the epitome of a SIR but you were just pretending. This is who you truly are and you know it, don’t you boy.” Connor stood red faced and silent knowing what was just said was the truth. He kept his head bowed and stood quietly. Master John thanked his new friend for the drink and wished him well with his new boy. Then he turned and said one last thing, “Connor, good luck but this is the last time I will ever speak with you, as you are a boy and the possession of SIR Franklin who I now consider to be a brother. From now on, in my presence you will remain silent as to honour your SIR, do you understand?”

Connor nodded and remained quiet. SIR Franklin, thanked his new friend and brother and tugged on the leash. The 3 men left the bar and entered the main lobby of the hotel. Men looked over at the 3 hard muscled men walking through the crowd. It was a hot image of the bare chest leather skinhead, the boy in the straitjacket with the chastity belt showing and the uniformed slave. After walking through the crowd and SIR Franklin speaking with various men, SIR Franklin moved over to the side of the lobby and ordered Connor to kneel. Connor awkwardly obeyed as the tight leather straitjacket restricted his movement but soon he was on his knees. Then SIR Franklin pointed to his boots and told his boy to get busy and service his boots and don’t forget to clean the soles boy or I will use these boots to stomp you hard right here in front of everyone.

Connor quickly bent over and began to work on the heavy leather wesco boots.  He knelt and managed to bend over enough and began to lick and suck on the smooth heavy leather of his SIR’s boots and when they were licked and sucked clean he went over onto his side and then laid flat on his back while his SIR lifted his left boot and Connor began to lick and suck the treads of the soles clean. Soon, he had finished both boots and their soles and lay there quietly as his SIR checked to make sure that the boots were properly cleaned. Pointing at Connor, he ordered his slave to help him up to his knees. Connor was pulled up and got on his knees rather awkwardly due to the heavy tight straitjacket. While he was doing this he saw the crowd of men surrounding them as they had been watching the boot worship scene.

Noticing a few of his friends in the front rows he blushed as he was still not used to being seen as submissive yet but he was learning quickly. He remained kneeling in front of his SIR with his head bowed. SIR Franklin leaned over and rubbed his gloved hand on Connors head and told him that he was a good boy and done a very good job on his boots. Connor felt a wave of pleasure engulf him as he was proud that he had pleased his SIR. Telling Connor to stand up SIR Franklin watched as Connor struggled to stand up. Tugging on the leash, SIR Franklin lead Connor out of the lobby and the slave followed as it always obeying its strong training and programming.

Entering their hotel room, SIR Franklin unhooked the leash and told the slave to give Connor all the water he wanted. Connor greedily sucked down several bottles before his thirst was satisfied. SIR Franklin unlocked the jacket and loosened the straps, and released Connors arms but the jacket remained on. His SIR fastened his right arm down to his right leg and then did the left. This left Connor in the jacket but in a loose arms down position which would allow Connor to remain in the jacket overnight.   Telling Connor to lay down and get some rest, SIR Franklin was assisted by the slave in removing his boots and leathers. After getting ready for bed, Connor watched as his SIR walked over and climbed into bed and turned off the light. Shortly after, Connor heard his SIR begin to softly snore and he relaxed and tried to sleep. Eventually, he found a comfortable position and fell asleep.

In the morning, SIR Franklin got up and woke up Connor and the slave. Tossing the keys to the padlocks on the straitjacket, he ordered the slave to release Connor. After SIR Franklin had walked into the bathroom, the slave helped Connor to stand and quickly unlocked the straps and unbuckled the jacket. Slipping the heavy leather jacket off Connors body allowed Connor to stretch and release the stiffness from being strapped up. Stripping off his chaps, socks and boots, Connor stretched and then kneeled by the slave waiting for their SIR to finish up in the bathroom. SIR Franklin walked out with a towel wrapped around his waist and told the kneeling men to shower, shave, douche and report back. The two men hustled into the bathroom and helped each other get ready. They did not want to keep their SIR waiting as they knew it would just piss him off. Finally ready, they ran back out and reported to their SIR. Their SIR had pulled on leather jeans, tac boots and a black t-shirt and vest. Telling Connor to get into the same gear while the slave quickly dressed in the black fatigues he was always to be in. Leaving the room, the 3 men went down to get breakfast and begin their day at the event.

The next several days were spent wandering through the vendors market during the day and at the Mr. S booth, both the slave and Connor had been loaned to the booth as displays so they were outfitted in heavy restraints hoods and put on display for hours as men walked by and groped them. The evenings were spent either in their room with SIR Franklin working them over hard or relaxing and hanging out in the lobby but Connor and the slave were always on duty and strict protocol was enforced with severe consequences if either failed. Several lapses on the part of Connor resulted in Connor being whipped with a single tail in the lobby which drew large crowds to watch as Connor took the punishment being meted out by his SIR. After several days, Connor noticed that he was no longer an object of curiosity as the men who knew him realized that this was serious and that the reality was that Connor was now a collared boy serving a very hard and strict SIR.

On the day of the final part of the contest, SIR Franklin informed them that they would be attending the contest itself. As they had not gone to any of the other parts of the contest, it was a bit of a surprise for the 2 men. The 2 men were instructed to prepare themselves by shaving and cleaning themselves properly. Once they were done, the 2 men helped dress their SIR in heavy flared breeches with a white stripe, highly polished Dehners, a white leather shirt, a leather tunic, sam browne belt to cinch the waist of the tunic, gloves and his Muir Cap. Connor was told to put on a heavy body harness, his langlitz ranger breeches, wescos and the slave was to wear a body harness, his black combats pants and boots.

Putting both men on leashes, the 3 men left the room and headed down to catch the shuttle bus to the contest venue. As they entered the lobby, the sight of the 3 of them made a stir as they walked through and left by the man entrance. There they waited in line for the busses to take them to the theatre hosting the contest. Once there, SIR Franklin pulled out 2 pair of cuffs and handcuffed both Connor and the slave’s hands behind their backs. This forced their chests outs and they followed easily on the leashes as they moved through the crowd. They walked down the aisle to find their seats and SIR had obtained front row seats for them, but they were not to use the seats but they were to kneel in front of their SIR one on each legs right against his boots.

The leashes held casually in his left hand. Just then Master John walked over and sat down on SIR Franklin’s left and SIR Franklin nudged Connor and pointed at Master John’s wescos and Connor shuffled position and leaned over and began to lick and suck the boots his former mentor wore. After awhile and just before the contest began Connor sat back on his heels as Master John inspected his work. Telling SIR Franklin that his boy was a good boot licker, Connor felt a tug on his collar and shuffled back into position between the boots of his SIR and his former mentor. As the national anthems were played, the men stood and when it was done, Master John and SIR Franklin sat down, and Connor and the slave knelt back in their positions and the contest began.

As the evening wore on, Connor found himself shifting his weight to ease the pressure on his knees but a slap on the back of his head reminded him that he had to remain still. Finally, as the pain grew, Connor shifted position again and just then the intermission began. SIR Franklin handed the leash hooked to his slave to Master John and asked him to handle him while he took his disobedient boy out to the lobby and dealt with his disobedience. Tugging hard on the leash caused the collar to dig hard into Connors throat, and he was yanked to his feet and they moved quickly through the crowd to the lobby. Looking around SIR Franklin saw a quiet corner and walked over.

Turning to face Connor he grabbed Connor by his chin and told Connor that he was extremely angry with him and he had disgraced himself and his SIR by moving around as it disturbed Master John and the other SIRS in the area. Suddenly, SIR Franklin slammed his fist into Connors stomach causing Connor to double over and gasp in pain. SIR Franklin continued to beat Connor with his fists by landing heavy blows on Connors stomach sides and back leaving Connor gasping for air and in pain. Dropping to his knees he lowered his head and begged for forgiveness. SIR Franklin leaned down and told Connor that he had to learn that he wasn’t a SIR and that being his boy meant that he had better obey his orders and the protocol set out for him or there would be serious consequences.

Connor was yanked to his feet and the 2 of them walked back into the theatre and SIR Franklin sat down and waited for Connor to kneel and assume his position. Turning to Master John, he apologized for the disturbance his boy had made and that the boy had been disciplined. Master John smiled and told SIR Franklin that he was surprised that Connor was behaving as well as he was a tribute to SIR Franklin and the training he had given Connor.

After the contest, the 4 men stood and left the theatre then after catching the shuttle back to the hotel, parted company as Master John had an appointment at the Hellfire Clubhouse with a willing boy and took his leave of SIR Franklin. After spending several hours, wandering about the crowded lobby and speaking with other men and enjoying the evening, the 3 men went upstairs to their room. Helping their SIR to remove his dress leathers, the boys stripped down and waited for orders. SIR Franklin got into bed and tossed a pillow to Connor and told him to sleep on the floor. Connor curled up with the slave realizing that SIR was still very upset with him.

In the morning, it was the day they were driving back to Toronto. The 2 of them quickly packed all the gear, leathers and boots, then they hauled all the bags down to the lobby. SIR Franklin and the slave stood by the entrance with the bags while Connor paid the hotel bill and arranged for the Range Rover to be brought around. After the luggage was loaded, they left for the drive back to Toronto.

SIR Franklin put on his sunglasses and quietly watched the scenery not saying anything. After several hours on the road, he told Connor to pull over at the next restaurant they came too as he was starving. Seeing a sign indicating a restaurant at the next exit, he pulled off and parked at the restaurant. SIR Franklin told them to get out as they were going to eat as well. Breakfast was quiet as it was obvious to Connor that his SIR did not want to talk. After finishing up they got back on the road and the silent trip resumed. Eventually, SIR Franklin settled back in his seat and fell asleep. Looking in the mirror Connor noticed the slave had taken the cue from his owner and had gone to sleep. This left Connor to drive and think about the last three weeks with his SIR and what had happened since his trip to South Africa. The loneliness and isolation of his time since caused by the community in Toronto bothered him but he finally realized that he was to blame as he had been so arrogant prior to his collaring that he had really made no true friends. The closest one to a friend that he had was SIR William and his boy. This realization made Connor aware that the man sleeping beside him had given him his true path and role in life and even for the bulk of the year they were apart, his control and discipline was enough to keep Connor focused and happy.

After a few hours, they had reached the Canada/US border and after the usual formalities of checking the VISAS of the 2 South African men, they were cleared and the journey continues. Finally, Connor pulled into the drive of his home and triggered the garage door and he pulled in. Stopping and turning off the engine he got out and the slave quickly exited the vehicle. The 2 of them walked around and Connor opened the passenger door and their SIR got out. Connor unlocked the house and disabled the security system. While their SIR went into the house, Connor and the slave unloaded all the luggage and carried it into the house. The bags with the gear and the slaves clothing were taken down to the playroom and quickly put away.

The bags with their SIRS clothing and gear were taken to the Master suite and unpacked. Their SIR quietly watched and finally he gestured at the slave who quickly left the room. Turning to Connor, he finally spoke. Connor, you embarrassed me too many times in Chicago and I am extremely disappointed and angry with you. I am about ready to cut your collar and release you but I am going to give you one last chance. You need to show your penance and obedience to prove to me that you are worth keeping as my boy. I have called SIR William to witness this and he will be here shortly. Get your ass down to the playroom and strip and wait for me. Connor turned and ran down the stairs and quickly entered the playroom, stripped and put away his clothes and boots. Kneeling in the middle of the floor, he waited quietly wondering what price he was going to pay for his mistakes.   Hearing the door bell, he knew that SIR William had arrived and he knew it was time.

Hearing the thuds of boots on the stairs he waited. The two SIRS entered. Both men were in heavy leather breeches, boots and bare chests. They both wore their Muir caps and tight leather gloves. Connor stayed still with his head bowed and hands clasped behind his back. SIR Franklin instructed the slave to put on the heavy wrist and ankle restraints on Connor and padlock them. Once the restraints had been put on and checked, Connor was ordered to stand and move over to face the cross. The slave quickly locked Connor to the cross and moved away. SIR Franklin walked over and began to tell Connor that he had to learn once and for all that he was a boy and that he belonged to SIR. Connor listened and did not move. SIR Franklin told him that it was time to pay for his disobedience and mistakes. SIR Franklin walked over to the rack and took down a heavy bullhide plaited cat-o-nine-tails and shook it loose. Stepping back, he moved into position and told Connor to count the strokes and make sure he thanked him for the discipline. If he lost count or failed to thank his SIR they would start over. He was going to received 20 lashes.

SIR Franklin raised his arm and quickly brought the cat down hard across Connor’s back. Connor reacted in shock and his back arched but he did not cry out and he yelled out One SIR, Thank you SIR. The welts raised immediately on Connors back and by the time 10 lashes had been applied the welts were weeping blood. Connor struggled to remain in position and conscious as the flogging continued. By the time the count had reached 15, Connor’s back was raw, bloody and he was barely conscious but he was able to continue to thank his SIR and count the strokes. Finally, the 20th stroke was applied.   Connor thanked his SIR and stated the final count then he gave up the battle and passed out. SIR Franklin saw him slump in the bonds and turned to SIR William who was standing quietly watching as his former mentor and friend was flogged and turned into a piece of bloody meat. His cock was rock hard and pushing against the heavy leather of his breeches.

He began to rub his cock through the leather as SIR Franklin walked over to him and stood before him, head bowed and shuddered. He looked at SIR William and told him that he had hoped to avoid doing this but Connor had to be taught his place and hopefully this session will do it. Looking over at the slave, he tells him to check on Connor and clean and dress his back. The slave obeys and begins working on cleaning the wounds and applying antibiotic cream to the broken and bruised skin. Connor groaned and slowly regained consciousness and quietly stood as the slave tended to his wounds. SIR Franklin walked over to Connor and asked him if he had learned his lesson and would he now understand what he was and that he had to obey.

Connor barely awake, replied SIR, this boy thanks his SIR for the lesson and the punishment he deserved for disobeying and embarrassing his SIR. Turning to the slave he orders Connor removed from the cross, the slave unlocks the restraints from the cross and gently lowers Connor to the floor. Connor rests on his knees and then turns and crawls over to his SIR and begins to slowly and passionately licks and sucks on his SIR’s boots. SIR Franklin unzips his breeches and pulls out his cock, looking over at SIR William he gestures for SIR William to come over and do the same. Both SIRS stand over Connor who is feverishly working on SIR Franklin’s boots. Both men begin to stroke their cocks and quickly cum. Their cum spurts over Connor’s back. SIR Franklin leans forward and pulls SIR William towards him and the two SIRS kiss while stile slowly stroking their cocks. Finally, they break the kiss and move away from Connor who is still prostrate on the floor.

Telling the slave to clean and dress Connor’s back, the 2 men leave the playroom and head upstairs. They grab beers from the fridge and head into the living room and slump in the leather chairs. SIR Franklin looks over at his friend and says, “that was more than I thought that arrogant little bastard could take. I guess he really does know that he is really a boy.” SIR William, smiles and replies, “Why do you think I told you to hit on him 5 years ago at IML. I told you he was just pretending to be a SIR and he would quickly show his true colours. Now will you listen to your older cousin more?” SIR Franklin smiles over at his cousin and nods, and says, “Looks like we have a new toy to share. I just wish I could get the little bastard to move to Cape Town to be with me full time but it is extremely hard to get anyone permanent immigrant status right now. Guess, we will just have to deal with the arrangement as it is now.”

SIR Franklin then asks if Bradley knows they are cousins and that this was planned out 5 years ago. SIR William smiles and says, “No, Bradley doesn’t know and only your slave is aware that we are cousins and I don’t think he is going to tell Connor despite how fond he seems of him. ” The men relax and sit quietly enjoying the peace and afterglow of the intense scene.

The remaining few days of the visit pass quickly. Connors back was healing slowly and the scars did show on the intricate ink of his back tattoo but they just added to the design. Connor was stiff and extremely sore but he handled it quietly as to not upset his SIR any further. Finally, the day arrived and they were on the way to the Airport. Once there, after they had checked in for the flight and checked their luggage, SIR Franklin looked for a quiet spot in which to talk with his boy. Seeing one, the 3 men moved over to it. SIR Franklin looked at his boy who stood quietly with his head bowed. His arms behind his back as it was becoming natural for him to stand that way now. SIR Franklin looking at his boy, says “boy, you have learned a great deal these past weeks and it appears that you are now aware of who and what you are. Do not regress back to who you were because if you do the consequences will be extreme. Do you understand?” Connor nodded his head and SIR Franklin wrapped him in a hug and kissed him hard. “See you this fall boy.” With that SIR Franklin turned and walked away with his slave following him.

Connor quietly walked back to the parking garage, paid for parking, and left the airport. Feelings of being lost again came back as he was already missing his SIR. It felt like part of him was missing. He drove home and quietly got things cleaned up. His back was not as stiff and did not feel like it was tearing open every time he moved. He would have to be careful till it fully healed. He stripped and walked into the living room with a beer in hand and sat down in front of the leather chair his SIR used and relaxed. Somehow it felt disrespectful to sit on the furniture without permission. He sighed and relaxed and felt that he finally knew what he was and that he was finally on the way to becoming it.


Metal would like to thank the author, Rubrpig, for this story.



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  1. Great continuation of the story. It details well the extremely difficult journey of the transformation with the added serious issue of long distance relationship.

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