Liam and Isaac: Retribution

“Five.” He whispered, his voice soft, deep, and rich, like caramel. “One for every phone call you missed.”

After a hectic day at Liam’s work, Isaac has brought him home, to face his punishment for missing their lunch date and making him so worried. He teases Liam mercilessly, making sure his boy knows never to worry him like that again.

By Aenyse

“Ohhh.” Liam moaned as Isaac slowly lowered his mouth onto his rock hard cock. Feeling Isaac’s tongue playing around the tip of the sensitive flesh had him rolling his head back and closing his eyes. The warm wetness of his mouth was so inviting, he had to resist the urge to move, like Isaac would expect.

But then, without warning, Isaac pressed a second finger into him, making him moan even louder as he lazily sucked on Liam’s cock. He couldn’t help moving then, pushing his hips up as much as he could, not that it was particularly far. Both his ankles were cuffed to the corners of the bed, spreading his legs apart. With Isaac’s fingers up his arse, he couldn’t move up and down much either. But he could at least roll his hips, so he did, looking down at Isaac as he began to match his motions, moving down as Liam’s hips moved up. He wasn’t taking him all the way, but his light sucking was more than enough for Liam.

Liam whined as Isaac took his mouth away from his cock, grinning up at him. “Are you horny, boy?” He teased. “Do you want to cum?”

“Please, sir.” Liam moaned. He was so aroused, desperate to chase his orgasm. And with Isaac moving his fingers inside him, stretching and flexing, he would be there soon.

Returning to his cock, Isaac continued sucking him off, humming as he went down before licking his tongue along the underside as he made his way back up. He worked lower each time, Liam could feel his cock hitting the inside of Isaac’s mouth. Still not all the way down, but the sensation was bringing Liam closer and closer. He wanted so badly to reach down and run his hand through Isaac’s hair. He loved to feel his hair when Isaac sucked his cock, but he couldn’t. Not with his hands shackled to the headboard. Pulling at his restraints slightly, Liam moaned, closing his eyes again, as he could feel himself edging closer.

After a few more moments, Liam could feel a tension building up in the pit of stomach, spreading down into his thighs and crotch. Moaning louder, he knew it was only a few more seconds until he would finally cum. He was praying Isaac would finally let him. He’d been edging him all night, and it was driving Liam mad with lust.

“Sir, please.” He begged. “Sir, can I please cum?”

He panted as Isaac pulled away from him for a moment. “You want to cum, boy?” Isaac grinned.

Liam nodded vigorously. “Pleee …” His begs dissolved into another moan as Isaac took him again, bobbing his head up and down a couple more times. “I’m going to cum, sir.” Liam panted. “I’m going to- Siiiir.” He cried, as Isaac quickly stopped sucking, a literal moment before Liam was about to fall over the edge. At the same time, he quickly pulled his fingers out, leaving Liam whining, feeling desperately empty.

Holding his mouth open above Liam’s cock, he looked up at Liam mischievously. Liam tried to thrust up, to get his cock back in Isaac’s mouth, but he was just out of reach. After two attempts, he flopped back down onto the bed, whimpering needily as Isaac grinned, like a cat toying with its prey.

Once Liam had given up on yet another orgasm, Isaac crawled back up the bed, poised over Liam on his hands and knees, their faces level as he narrowed his eyes menacingly. “What’s the count now?”

“Four.” Liam whimpered. “Please, please sir.” He begged. “I’m so horny, please.”

Isaac chuckled darkly. “You haven’t earned that right yet, you still haven’t made it up to me.” “I didn’t mean to.” Liam moaned.

“Tough.” Isaac grinned, bending his arms and kissing Liam passionately, their tongues mingling together as they enjoyed the taste of one another. “My turn again.” Isaac said as he broke away, moving back down the bed to kneel between Liam’s legs, grinning down at his crotch. He’d already blown his load when Liam had sucked him off earlier, but now he must have been planning to fuck Liam, which excited him. His best orgasms were when Isaac was inside him and he’d been aroused for so long. If he was allowed to cum this time, it would be a strong one.

Unhooking the clips that held Liam’s ankles down, Isaac lifted up his legs and rested them on his shoulders, urging Liam’s hips up, slipping a pillow beneath them. He reached towards the end of the bed, where he’d left the bottle of lube, massaging it along his own length and around Liam’s hole, before he edged a little closer. Liam watched him as he prepared himself, waiting to feel Isaac around his hole. He felt the familiar brush of Isaac’s cock along his crack, as he lined himself up. Then, a moment later, there was the pressure, as Isaac slowly but surely pressed himself inside.

Liam gasped as the pressure built sharply, groaning as he felt himself being stretched around Isaac’s cock. “Oh god.” He groaned beneath his breath, screwing his eyes shut at the initial pain. Isaac hadn’t quite stretched him enough. He instinctively tried to clench around Isaac’s girth, but it didn’t do much to help. It would just take him a little while to adjust.

Isaac didn’t wait for him though, grinning as he began to slowly move back and forth, working Liam open with his cock. He set a lazy pace at first, giving Liam time to get over the initial sensation and for the pleasure to overtake the pain.

Eventually, Liam’s light panting had subsided and he was ready. He rolled his hips, looking at Isaac needily. “Fuck me hard, sir. Please.”

Isaac stilled inside him, leaning forward slightly. “Beg me. Beg me, boy.” He ordered.

“Please.” Liam moaned a little louder. “Please sir, fuck me. Fuck me with your massive cock.” He opened his legs a little wide, bending them slightly around the tops of Isaac’s arms.

“Only for you, boy.” Isaac grinned as he leant further forward, resting his hands on Liam’s stomach as he began to move, slowly at first, but quickly gaining speed and severity, his hands moving to Liam’s hips to pull him down onto himself as he thrust into him. Liam meanwhile couldn’t do anything except roll his hips and gasp at each thrust. He pulled at his wrist restraints again, straining as he desperately tried to pull one of his hands free to stroke himself, the feeling of Isaac inside him having his cock painfully hard between them.

Isaac noticed him pulling at his wrist cuffs, bending over and stretching out one of his arms to grab Liam’s, gripping it tightly. “Don’t you dare.” He growled at Liam, before he started to shift his position.

Liam whined as Isaac pulled out of him for a moment, shifting his legs before slamming back into him, drawing a surprised gasp from him as Isaac not only pushed in, but also brushed his stomach against Liam’s cock, spending a rush of pleasure through him at the same time. Isaac had moved so he was on top of Liam, his legs pointing out to the end of the bed whilst Liam’s were forced back and wide to accommodate his body. It wasn’t exactly comfortable, but Liam was beyond caring about that. He just wanted pleasure, he wanted Isaac’s pleasure. He wanted to play, and he was getting exactly what he wanted.

Isaac took a moment to move his hands, one coming to rest beside Liam as the other rested on his chest. Then, in position, he started fucking Liam again, his pace brutal. He must have been just as aroused as Liam, he’d been teasing for at least thirty minutes since he last came, his cock had been hard for most of it. He’d not touched it in all that time, except for the occasional stroke. He’d been saving himself for the second fuck.

“Oh god, yes. Thank you, sir.” Liam cried out as Isaac slammed into him over and over again. The room filled with the sound of his moans, Isaac’s grunts, and their skin slapping against each other repeatedly. Still Liam’s cock didn’t get touched, apart from the occasional brush against Isaac’s stomach which made his breath hitch each time, but Liam wasn’t sure he’d need it. He could probably cum from this brutal pace alone, but he would have to cum before Isaac, otherwise he was certain Isaac would keep teasing him afterwards.

Suddenly, Isaac’s hand on his chest moved, pinching his nipple hard. “Aagh.” Liam cried out, the pain mixing with the pleasure from Isaac’s fucking in the way that he loved, going straight to his crotch and making it tingle with arousal.

“Don’t even think about cuming.” Isaac growled at him, his words broken up by his thrusting. “But please sir.” Liam begged, whimpering between his moans and pants.

“No.” Isaac ordered, shifting his hand down to grasp Liam’s balls and tug at them slightly, the waves of pain tangling up with the waves of pleasure until all Liam could feel was one mass of sensation, making his vision begin to blur around the edges.

After a few minutes of fucking, with Liam’s moans growing progressively louder, Isaac’s rhythm started to falter. His movements became less regular as his eyes began to narrow, his own climax approaching. Liam’s was getting close as well, but it wasn’t close enough. He only had a few more seconds before Isaac would finish, and sure enough Isaac was soon cuming inside him, filling Liam with his hot load, before stilling inside him for a moment, panting from exertion.

Liam hummed as he felt the warmth spreading through him. It wasn’t quite a climax, but the feeling of Isaac’s cum inside him left him feeling fuzzy and satisfied. That didn’t last though. Sighing as Isaac pulled out of him, his satisfaction quickly fell away, his aching arousal and sudden emptiness brought into clarity. Whimpering slightly, he looked up at Isaac, who was standing up from the bed. “Sir?” He asked, worried that Isaac would start to wind down now, before he’d been able to properly finish for himself.

“You’re going to wish you’d never got me that plug.” Isaac grinned at him, as he quickly wiped himself clean on a cloth, before he slid open the playdrawer and pulled out the box for the plug that Liam had got him months ago, for his birthday. Isaac had used it on him a couple of times, but usually kept it hidden away, saving it for special nights, when he was going all out.

Quickly lubing the plug up, Isaac switched it on and pressed it inside Liam. It slipped in with ease, sitting nicely in Liam’s arse. Liam loved the plug, its slight curve meant it pressed into his prostate, with the base curving up slightly as well to stimulate his perineum. Depending on how Isaac used it, the plug could be euphoric, torturous, or both. Isaac just grinned devilishly at him, quickly tapping at his phone to control it. Liam shuddered as he felt one quick burst of vibration that indicated it was connected, letting out a surprised laugh. Supposedly the connection was meant to be done before insertion, but Isaac liked to put it in and use Liam’s sudden reaction as his indication that it was connected instead.

Isaac briefly tapped his phone, before kneeling back on the bed, placing his phone beside him as he watched Liam. Liam was confused for a few moments, unsure what Isaac had done, but he soon felt a very, very gentle vibration coming from the plug. It was virtually unnoticeable at first, but it slowly grew stronger and stronger, with Liam’s breathing getting harder and harder as it did. The vibrations kept getting stronger, making Liam squirm as they travelled through his body. Just as he thought they were hard enough to make his entire body shake, they got even stronger, until he was moaning and squirming, clenching as the vibrations were drawing more and more pleasure out of him.

Then, as he squirmed upwards, Liam gasped, feeling the plug press into his prostate even harder, the pleasure doubling as he planted his feet on the bed and pushed his hips up, arching his back as best he could with his hands above his head, moaning and panting as he could feel the pleasure rising within him. This would be enough to make him cum, this level of vibration sustained for much longer. He’d spray his load all over himself and probably the headboard as well, with how strong his arousal and stimulation was. Closing his eyes and gasping, Liam could feel it beginning to rise within him. He was so close, until the vibration suddenly stopped.

“Huh?” Liam panted breathily, confused why it had suddenly ended. He twitched his hips, trying to get the same stimulation that he’d had, but it just wasn’t the same. Falling back down, gasping as the plug jerked inside him, he looked at Isaac, pleading silently that he start it again. But Isaac just grinned, staying absolutely still. Then, Liam felt the same gentle vibrations again, beginning to slowly get more powerful as he waited.

“Sawtooth.” Isaac grinned deviously, reaching out with his still lubed hand towards Liam’s cock.

Liam didn’t even have time to remember what a sawtooth pattern was meant to be before he felt Isaac’s slick finger taunt his flesh, playing around the underside of his cock, keeping away from his sensitive head. As the vibrations began to gain more and more power, he tried to push his hips again, to press the plug back into his prostate, but Isaac’s hand wrapped around the base of his cock, pushing him back down into the bed, stopping him. Isaac held him there for a while as the vibrations continued to grow. Isaac glanced down at his phone, then as the vibrations began to crescendo again, Isaac slowly drew his hand up Liam’s length, his fingers slipping over his head, hovering an inch above for a second, before slipping back down. As his hand reached Liam’s base again, the vibrations peaked, then it was back to the beginning, the gentle vibrations that would slowly peak again. Isaac kept doing that, for several more cycles. Liam wanted to properly fuck Isaac’s hand, but if he tried to move, Isaac would grip his cock tighter whilst glaring at him, hurting Liam until he stopped moving. Only then would he lighten his grip, still holding Liam’s cock but keeping him still. Isaac was in control, not Liam, that was how it worked.

But on the fifth cycle, as the vibration crescendoed, Isaac didn’t bring his hand back down, leaving Liam’s cock untouched as he moaned through the vibration peak. “Boy, do you wank yourself off?” Isaac asked, his voice suspiciously innocent.

“Please, sir. Can I?” Liam begged.

“My hand is right here.” Isaac smiled, looking at his hand, held in a ring about an inch above Liam’s twitching cock. “Go on, boy. Wank yourself.”

Liam didn’t need asking twice, thrusting up into Isaac’s waiting hand. His eyes flickered closed as the wave of pleasure ran through him, his head bumping through Isaac’s fingers each time his cock ran through, arching his back as he craved relief. His abs objected to the movement, aching as Liam forced his cock up into Isaac’s hand desperately, but he ignored them. All he was focused on was climaxing. He finally had what he needed to do so, and free reign according to Isaac. Inside him, the plug kept shifting, pressing against his prostate with each thrust up, making him pant as the vibrations kept getting more and more powerful. They somehow seemed even stronger now, with Liam moving. He felt pleasure in both his arse and his cock, his eyes slipping completely shut as he focused on getting himself to the edge.

“Oh god.” He moaned. “I’m going to cum.”

“Are you?” Isaac asked, the mischievousness back in his voice.

“Yes, sir. Can I, sir? Please?” He begged, smiling as Isaac’s hand stayed exactly where it was. He was finally going to.

“If you can.” Isaac said. Liam didn’t notice his wording, only hearing permission to cum, which was enough for him.

He was two strokes away from cuming, as he thrust up, maybe three. “Oh god.” He cried. “Yes.” He was pushing up erratically, his body tired from so much play that evening, but he felt a last burst of strength, encouraged by his impending orgasm.

Then, the hand had disappeared. “Gah?” Liam grunted in surprise as he thrust up into nothing. The hand was suddenly gone.

Opening his eyes, he could see Isaac, holding his hand impossibly high over his cock. He grinned as he tapped his phone as well, the vibrations ceasing at the moment. Everything had stopped, right as Liam was on the edge.

“Godddd!” Liam cried, thrusting desperately, hoping that the plug on its own might be enough. But it wasn’t. He had been so close, as he felt the tension spreading back out over his body, his arousal standing just as strong as ever. “Siiir.” He whimpered. “Why?” He asked.

Isaac just grinned malevolently, hitting the plug with his finger, sending a jolt through Liam. “Because I can.” He grinned, bouncing his eyebrow once as Liam looked at him hopelessly. “What colour is the light?” He asked quickly.

“Green.” Liam groaned. He’d been so close to such a strong climax, and Isaac had taken it away from him again. When was it going to end?

“How many has that been now? I’m losing count.” He taunted Liam.

“Five.” He whimpered, his head lolling back as he panted in frustration. He was tired and frustrated, his body was crying to climax after so long being aroused and having so many near-misses. He wasn’t sure how much more could take before he’d have to tap out.

“Ahh, yes.” Isaac smiled softly. “Five.” He reached over to Liam’s ankle with his clean hand, carefully pulling at the buckle, opening it.

Liam watched him with confusion, worried that playtime was over. “Sir?” He asked, not wanting to finish quite yet. Especially not when Isaac had had him so close and still not let him climax.

Isaac didn’t respond, just focusing on getting the ankle cuffs off with his non-dominant hand. Once that was done, he crawled back up the bed, until he was straddling Liam’s body, unclipping the keys to the padlock that held his wrists from his collar. “Don’t touch yourself.” He ordered, as he slipped the key into the lock and released Liam’s hands.

Bringing his arms down, Liam hissed as his shoulders ached. They’d been like that for at least forty minutes by then, and they’d got used to that position. Rolling his shoulders as Isaac climbed off him, Liam slowly sat up, moaning as the plug shifted around inside him, pressing further into his hole as he sat on the bed, watching Isaac, keeping his hands away from his cock as Isaac had ordered, despite his body crying out for him to just stroke it.

Before Liam had been sat up for five seconds, Isaac had taken the clip from his neck and quickly hooked it into one of his wrist cuffs, pulling it behind his back and bringing his other hand around to meet it, attaching them together. Then he took Liam’s shoulders, one hand still wet from lube, pulling him back and into his chest, resting his head on one side. “Lie down on your left.” He ordered, his voice a deep whisper in Liam’s ear that made him shudder.

Doing as he was told, Liam carefully lay down in the bed, his head resting on the pillow, leaving some room in front of him, just in case, but leaving the majority behind him, so Isaac could spoon against him, as he suspected would happen. Sure enough, after retrieving his phone from the end of the bed, Isaac lay down behind him, pressing his body close behind Liam’s. He splayed his hands against Isaac’s chest, enjoying the feeling as Isaac rested his chin just behind Liam’s jaw.

They stayed like that for a few seconds, before Isaac moved forward a little and pressed a kiss just behind Liam’s ear. The vibrations restarted in the plug, but this time a constant gentle vibration. Not the same power that had had Liam squirming, a gentle stimulation as Isaac sucked against his ear and jaw, pulling gasps and moans of pleasure from him.

Isaac worked his arm underneath Liam, wrapping it around his chest before his other hand grasped Liam’s cock, both still lubed up. Gently caressing Liam’s chest, he began to stroke Liam’s cock, gently but firmly, making Liam moan even more.

Isaac moved his head up so his mouth was just next to Liam’s. He could hear his breathing, feeling the breath play along his cheek and jawline. “Five.” He whispered, his voice soft, deep, and rich, like caramel. “One for every phone call you missed.” He added, stroking Liam’s cock as he spoke.

Liam closed his eyes, letting himself get lost in Isaac’s voice and touch. He didn’t need his eyes, he couldn’t see anything important anyway. All he needed was Isaac’s presence, his other senses taking over. Pushing himself back into Isaac, he felt his arms press together behind him as he tried to close what little distance there was between them.

“Never make me so worried about you again.” Isaac told him. “I thought you might have been hurt, I thought you might have been in hospital. I never want to worry about my boy that much again.”

“I’m sorry, sir.” Liam whispered breathily, unravelling in Isaac’s dominance.

“If you do, there’ll be worse than a few edgings waiting for you.” He warned, his whisper turning dangerous. “I’ll string you up until you can’t move, and leave you impaled on the biggest dildo you’ll have ever seen. You’ll be there all day, with nothing you can do.”

“Master.” Liam gasped, his cock twitched with every detail of Isaac’s threat. Though Liam wasn’t sure if it sounded like heaven or hell.

“That’s right.” Isaac whispered. “I’m your master, you’re my boy. You don’t want to make your master worry about you, make him upset, do you?”

“No, sir.” Liam whispered. “Not when you’re so good to me.”

“You’re mine,” Isaac growled. “Mine to use. Mine to tease. Mine to fuck. Mine to pleasure.” He pressed a kiss against Isaac’s ear again. “Cum for me, boy. Cum so hard that you shoot all over the floor. Ruin the carpet. Do it! For me.”

“Sir.” Liam whimpered, pushing his hips into Isaac’s hand as his strokes sped up, to an almost painful degree, but Liam didn’t feel any pain. All he felt was pleasure. He felt his master holding him as he wanked him off.

Isaac pressed more kisses into his ear, jaw, and neck. Every now and again, he could nip at Liam’s skin, or bite gently onto his earlobe and tug a little. All whilst his hand unwound the mass of tension and arousal that was built up in Liam, like unwinding bent wires as Liam’s orgasm slowly brought itself into alignment.

After what could have been seconds or hours, Liam felt the wires straighten out, rolling his head back into Isaac’s shoulder as he gasped. “I’m cuming, sir.” He whispered, his body shuddering as his orgasm propelled itself towards the edge.

As Liam arched his back, his orgasm nearly upon him, Isaac stopped kissing, whispering in his ear again. “Whose boy are you?” He asked.

“Yours.” Liam gasped, as he started to cum, his orgasm crashing over him in waves. “Yours!” He cried ever louder as Isaac gently stroked him through his climax, his body tensing up, before it flopped back down onto the bed, every muscle relaxing as he finally came in one of his strongest climaxes ever.

Isaac’s arms around him tightened as he wiped his hand clean against the bedding. He pressed himself up against Liam, his chin resting on Liam’s shoulder as he kissed his cheek. “Mine.” He whispered. “All mine.”

Metal would like to thank the author, Aenyse, for this story!

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