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Master Christmas

By Aenyse

Lying in bed, Noel moaned quietly in his sleep. In his dream, there was a hot, muscular biker striding through the bar, eyes locked on his. The biker stepped up to him, far closer than Noel would have expected. Close enough to smell the leather of his jacket and trousers. The biker leaned over and growled something in Noel’s ear. Noel didn’t know what it was, but the voice sent shivers down his spine as he felt himself start to come undone.

Then, outside of the dream, he felt something sticky in his underwear. Sticky and wet. As the hot biker began to fade from view, Noel groaned as he began to wake up, realising that he’d had another wet dream.

“Fuck’s sake.” He grumbled as he swung his legs out of bed and went over to the pack of wet wipes that lived on top of his chest of drawers. He quickly wiped up the mess, tossing his underwear into the laundry pile and getting a fresh pair from the drawers.

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Liam and Isaac: Distraction

He walked quietly across the landing and gently knelt down just inside the doorway of Isaac’s study, looking up at him submissively as he waited for Isaac to notice him.

Liam’s and Isaac’s date night has gone a little bit awry. What had been intended to be a night for just the two of them has been interrupted by one of Isaac’s work meetings. But with Liam bored, and the perfect movie scene getting him the mood, he decides that if he must wait, he’ll wait on his terms.

By Aenyse

Huffing to himself as he went searching for yet another show to watch on the television, Liam glanced over to the door. He could still hear Isaac from his study, in his meeting with work. Going to get another cup of tea, Liam looked up the stairs to see if Isaac looked to be any closer to being done, not that he could see anything. All he could see was into Isaac’s bedroom, which just rubbed salt in the wound.

Liam wanted to be in there, playing. He and Isaac had organised their date night the previous weekend, when they’d gone to London together on a whim. But that morning, Isaac had suddenly been roped into a business meeting with the New York end of the company. Apparently they’d been offered a big settlement, which needed to be discussed since there were tens of millions of dollars on the line. Isaac had explained it to Liam, but Liam had a tendency to glaze over when Isaac started talking about insurance. He’d also been changing into some smarter clothes at the time, since it was a video call, so Liam had been distracted. All he knew was that Isaac’s presence was needed on the call for a twenty minute meeting about whether to accept or not.

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Liam and Isaac: Retribution

“Five.” He whispered, his voice soft, deep, and rich, like caramel. “One for every phone call you missed.”

After a hectic day at Liam’s work, Isaac has brought him home, to face his punishment for missing their lunch date and making him so worried. He teases Liam mercilessly, making sure his boy knows never to worry him like that again.

By Aenyse

“Ohhh.” Liam moaned as Isaac slowly lowered his mouth onto his rock hard cock. Feeling Isaac’s tongue playing around the tip of the sensitive flesh had him rolling his head back and closing his eyes. The warm wetness of his mouth was so inviting, he had to resist the urge to move, like Isaac would expect.

But then, without warning, Isaac pressed a second finger into him, making him moan even louder as he lazily sucked on Liam’s cock. He couldn’t help moving then, pushing his hips up as much as he could, not that it was particularly far. Both his ankles were cuffed to the corners of the bed, spreading his legs apart. With Isaac’s fingers up his arse, he couldn’t move up and down much either. But he could at least roll his hips, so he did, looking down at Isaac as he began to match his motions, moving down as Liam’s hips moved up. He wasn’t taking him all the way, but his light sucking was more than enough for Liam.

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Liam and Isaac: Birthday Wishes

“I can’t be angry at my boy trying to give me a nice surprise on my birthday.”

Liam has been looking forward to Isaac’s birthday for weeks, and when he’s presented with the chance to surprise Isaac, he finds himself biting off a little more than he’d been expecting to chew (in one respect, quite literally).

By Aenyse

As Liam pulled up outside Isaac’s house and turned off his car, he was feeling a little excited. He’d been looking forward to Isaac’s birthday for weeks now. It was going to be their first birthday together, and Liam wanted it to go well. He’d already booked a table for two at a high-end restaurant in the city centre that evening, but he was hoping that Isaac might be up for some fun beforehand. That was why he was sitting outside his house, two and half hours early.

Climbing out of the car, he quickly grabbed his bag and Isaac’s presents from the backseat. As he walked up the driveway towards the front door, he noticed Isaac’s car wasn’t there. Liam frowned, he hadn’t been expecting Isaac to be out. He wasn’t sure where he would be either. He didn’t work on weekends, so he wouldn’t have been called into work. And he wasn’t at the gym either, since he usually went in the mornings.

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Liam and Isaac: The Rules

“Naughty boys will be shown their place.”

Liam and Isaac have just finished their film night, and Liam suggested that he and Isaac have some fun together. When Isaac brings out his newest toy, Liam gets a little more than he’d been expecting, not helped by him purposefully breaking one of Isaac’s rules.

By Aenyse

Liam snuggled up against Isaac’s side as the film began to reach its climax. The heroine was about to face off against her arch-nemesis, in a final, do-or-die battle to rescue her love interest and save the world. Liam had already seen the film when it had been in the cinema, he knew that the nemesis would be defeated, but when the heroine showed mercy, they would take advantage of her and quickly escape, ready for the sequel to pick up on. He didn’t want to spoil it for Isaac though, he hadn’t seen it yet and had wanted to watch it tonight. So he sat back, enjoying their film night together. As Liam snuggled, he felt Isaac’s arm stretch around his back, resting his hand on Liam’s shoulder, his thumb gently running back and forth along Liam’s t-shirt’s sleeve. Smiling happily to himself, Liam settled down and continued watching the rest of the film.

“That was good.” Isaac said, smiling as the end titles began playing across the screen.

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