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Video: Dominic Pacifico ties up Sean Maygers

At DominicPacifico.com, Dominic catches Sean Maygers off guard during his trip to Las Vegas. Sean Finds himself tied up to Dominic’s ceiling. Master Dominic is feeling rough and cuts Sean’s clothing off before clothes pinning his balls and nipples. He flogs Sean’s body hard and smacks his ass intensely. Sean’s massive cock is pulsing while he’s stroked and edged. Teased till he can’t take it, Master Dominic finally lets his captive shoot his load right in his mouth.


Dominic Pacifico ties up Sean Maygers

Title of this shoot: Sean Maygers Edged Hard

Models in tis shoot: Sean Maygers, Dominic Pacifico

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Dominic Pacifico and Sean Maygers gay bondage

Chronicles of a Slave Trader – Chapter 02

By PredicamentBondage

The slave that was once Stevie has been in the pod for 24 hours. Twelve of those hours were spent forcibly walking, jogging and running. It’s now sitting on the floor of the pod, sobbing uncontrollably, shivering from exhaustion, sitting in a puddle of piss having just lost control of its bladder, again. Too tired even to touch its now rampant, 7-inch, Viagra-induced hard-on. All it wants to do is sleep.

The odour inside the pod is intense. There’s a thick oily film all over the slave’s body, reeking of boi-funk. The body aroma mixed with the stale piss, is intoxicating and shows how comprehensively the slave has suffered over the last 24 hours.

Its balls are bruised from perpetually slamming into the heavy padlock hanging behind its genitalia. Deprived of sleep and totally depleted, it should now be completely compliant and easy to instruct. At least until it starts to recover.

I know from experience that the new acquisition will pass out from fatigue in short order. As soon as that happens, I’ll drag it from the pod and get it cleaned up, ready for Stage 2.

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Andrew Fitch gets bound and his uncut cock gets edged to cum

Andrew Fitch is eager to know what it’s like to be on the receiving end. They have him strip down into nothing but his underwear as they bind him with tight belts. Andrew’s eyes are blindfolded as his cock grows in his underwear from Sebastian’s teasing. Andrew’s uncut cock stays rock hard as they apply suckers to his nipples. Just as he’s about to blow his load, they torment his nipples and punch his ripped abs, giving him the mixture of pain and pleasure all at once.

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