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Gay bondage: A botched bank robbery turns into edging torment for the hot bank teller

At Men On Edge, a botched robbery turns to a night of edging torment for a helpless bank teller.

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It’s another typical day at the bank where Casey More works — until Sebastian Keys and Christian Wilde come to rob the place. The two botch the job when they incapacitate the manager, but then they notice Casey More’s ripped body. The criminals decide to have some fun with the teller, blindfolding Casey and binding him to the bank vault. He begs to be let go as his underwear is torn from toned thighs. Sebastian and Christian edge the helpless teller repeatedly, using a fleshjack and vibrating cock sheath on his massive, throbbing cock.

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As the cops finally close in on the bank, the robbers kidnap Casey to their dingy hideout. At the hideout, they have Casey face-down, ass-up to play with his hairy hole. Sebastian rims Casey while he begs to cum from Christian jacking him off. They fuck his ass with dildos as the torment intensifies. Christian flips Casey over and painfully brings the captive to the edge before letting the horny captive bust a thick load. Sebastian feeds the cum to Casey right as Christian polishes the sensitive cock head for some post orgasmic torment.

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Jason is tied up and wants to cum

muscle bondage

Chic has muscular Jason tied to a bench, at his mercy, enjoying the access he has to feel and stroke his firm, young body. He slowly sucks and strokes his cock to erection, licking his balls and sensitive nipples until Jason is gasping and moaning, breathing and panting loudly. He gradually picks up the pace until he takes the younger man over the edge, shooting his thick, hot load in Chic’s hand.

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See the VIDEO at Slow Teasing Hand Jobs

Title of this shoot: “Jason and Chic”

male bondage

Basement Captive

A young man is exposed and helpless, his clothes hanging in rags, and he is defenseless as a crazy, masked man fondles and gropes him and his big cock becomes hard in spite of his fear and revulsion. The masked man’s lecherous heavy breathing frightens and repulses the young man, but he’s helpless to resist the pleasure being inflicted on him, and the relentless pleasure eventually overwhelms him. He shudders and trembles and surrenders his load to the man’s demanding hand.

male bdsm

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This update is titled “Basement Captive – Part 2”

Metalbond gay bondage

What would you do if you found a guy tied up in the woods?

tied up in the woods

Finding a dude tied in the forest with a huge cock makes sure it is going to be a good day. Letting him smoke but not releasing him is fun for all. Soon he gets rock hard, and the teasing continues. When he is left alone, he manages to get out of his ropes and brings himself off after all the teasing.

gay male outdoor bondage

From BadBoyBondage.com

Title of this shoot: “Smoke In The Trees”

bondage studs

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Metalbond gay bondage

Chiseled guy begs to cum under intense edging

At Men On Edge, Rex Cameron’s dick gets put to the test


Lean, cut Rex Cameron arrives at the Armory to see if he can make it though an edging session with Sebastian and Jessie. Rex gets hard as soon as the ropes secure his body to the chair, where he’ll sit and try to deal with an onslaught of pleasure. Sebastian fits Rex with a blindfold to center the stud’s mind on the sensation of Jessie’s blowjob. He moans eagerly as Sebastian gags him with his precum-stained underwear. The two take a pair of hitachis and run it up and down Rex’s shaft, edging him repeatedly. Sebastian switches the vibration for a fleshjack, driving Rex wild as he bucks his hips against his restraints. Rex takes a rough tickling before Jessie and Sebastian move him to the center of the room. With his arms and legs stretched from wall to wall, Sebastian adorns Rex’s throbbing dick in rope while Jessie worships his balls. They move their attention to the stud’s ass and plunge a dildo deep inside his hole. Edged over and over, Rex can’t take any more of the treatment and begs to cum. The two finally let him blow a load as Sebastian handgags his face. Jessie gives Rex a handful of his thick load before he and Sebastian tickle his body all over.

Gay_bondage_Rex_Cameron_02 Gay_bondage_Rex_Cameron_03 Gay_bondage_Rex_Cameron_04 Gay_bondage_Rex_Cameron_05 Gay_bondage_Rex_Cameron_06

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Tied up wearing sunglasses

This is a shoot from BadBoyBondage.com. The description says: When you find your deadbeat friend tied up naked in the forest, what do you do? Rather than let him out, take advantage of his naked body and with a little stroking, his hard cock. Some tease and denial might just be good for his soul!

tied naked in the woods

Video of “Wood In The Trees Part 1” available at Bad Boy Bondage.

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