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Orgasm denial torture

Though Hiroya has the perfect build and handsome face of a storybook prince, don’t be fooled! He has his playfully wicked side as well. Here in a dark and foreboding Tokyo sex playroom, he plays dungeon master to chained Ryu. But far from inflicting discomfort, Hiroya uses the available gear and sex toys to keep horny Ryu on the very edge of exploding with pleasure. First nipping and nibbling Ryu’s nipples and sucking his cock till it aches for release, he turns to a blue-liquid filled masturbator sleeve straight out of a mad scientist’s lab to maintain Ryu’s unbridled pleasure at its peak. Nobody would mind this exquisite torment, as long as they finally got to splatter with satisfaction in the end.

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Site: Japan Boyz

Title of this video: Wet Hot Hiroya Summer: Tease and Torment Ryu

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A happy ending for Seth at Dream Boy Bondage

Young Seth Stark experiences agony and sexual passion at the same time as the most sensitive parts of his body – his erect cock, his balls, his nipples – are zapped with an electric wand. Seth’s boyish face expresses shock more than agony: He can’t believe he is being tortured like this, that he can not only endure the extreme pain of electricity dancing on his skin but have it turn him on so much. Jared burns with lust as he watches this lean, fit twink squirm in agony while keeping his cock rock hard. Jared must make this captive cum, so he puts down the wand and works Seth’s big, beautiful cock until the young and willing slave shoots on command.

A happy ending for Seth at Dream Boy Bondage

See the video at Dream Boy Bondage

Title of this video:

SETH STARK – Young And Willing – Chapter 11

Seth at Dream Boy Bondage

Tickle torture in the bedroom with a happy ending

Lucky J is back for more torment from Matt, but things go a lot further for him and his big cock! His dick is already swollen and getting harder while the restrained and blindfolded man is tickled and tormented, but after a lot of foot play and toe sucking Matt can’t help but focus on his subject’s big throbbing cock. Watch the tickling become a delicious jackoff and blowjob session, with J getting that cum pumping!

See the VIDEO at Ticklish Chubs

See the VIDEO at Ticklish Chubs

Ticklish Chubs

Liam and Isaac: Retribution

“Five.” He whispered, his voice soft, deep, and rich, like caramel. “One for every phone call you missed.”

After a hectic day at Liam’s work, Isaac has brought him home, to face his punishment for missing their lunch date and making him so worried. He teases Liam mercilessly, making sure his boy knows never to worry him like that again.

By Aenyse

“Ohhh.” Liam moaned as Isaac slowly lowered his mouth onto his rock hard cock. Feeling Isaac’s tongue playing around the tip of the sensitive flesh had him rolling his head back and closing his eyes. The warm wetness of his mouth was so inviting, he had to resist the urge to move, like Isaac would expect.

But then, without warning, Isaac pressed a second finger into him, making him moan even louder as he lazily sucked on Liam’s cock. He couldn’t help moving then, pushing his hips up as much as he could, not that it was particularly far. Both his ankles were cuffed to the corners of the bed, spreading his legs apart. With Isaac’s fingers up his arse, he couldn’t move up and down much either. But he could at least roll his hips, so he did, looking down at Isaac as he began to match his motions, moving down as Liam’s hips moved up. He wasn’t taking him all the way, but his light sucking was more than enough for Liam.

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