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More With Jonas – Part 2

By ty dehner

A few hours passed as Jonas and I just rested; he always kept his touch on me. At times he would tap my balls through the rubber just to remind me he was around. But he mostly just let me sleep. I was stewing in piss and sweat, but I was able to catch some down time.

Jonas eventually got up, instructing me to stay on the bed. When he returned, he said he was going to feed me. I admit I was extremely hungry and ready to eat. Setting me up on the edge of the bed, a straw was inserted into the grommet hole of the hood and I sucked in. It was a chocolate protein shake that I took down quickly. Between the cold and taste it filled my mouth with flavor. Being so hungry I felt the cool in my stomach. Next I was allowed some water and another protein shake.

After feeding time I was led to a chair with a padded seat, and restraints were locked that kept me secured in the seat.

“Rest up, more fun comes later, gimp.” With that Jonas tapped me on the side of my head and left me alone to stew further in my silent world.

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Video: Top-man Anthony edges Nigel for hours


This is from Dream Boy Bondage. Sexy top-man Anthony Martin keeps Nigel rock-hard – even though the captive is terrified and his nipples are screaming in pain. Anthony knows how to keep a cock hard, on the edge of cumming, sometimes for hours. Completely naked, his torso showing signs of the whip, Nigel moans in combination of pain, fear and desire, so ready to bust a load his body shakes from head to toe as Anthony works his cock and fingers his asshole. Finally, after edging him for hours, Anthony lets his prisoner’s cock erupt like a geyser. Even after he cums, Nigel remains rock-hard. His reward: More pain. Nigel screams as he’s stretched so wide his legs completely touch the ground. He’ll remain like that, doing the splits, overnight, chained in a dungeon, naked, blindfolded, gagged and helpless, whimpering in pain, his dick still oozing cum.

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Sexy top-man Anthony Martin keeps Nigel rock-hard

Toy Story

By slavebladeboi

Today I was his toy, but then I knew that as soon as he stretched me into a vertical spread eagle.

The leather wrist restraints that were bolted to the high beam seemed to get tighter the sweatier my wrists got, helped no doubt by the fine mist of oil that he had sprayed all over me. The temperature in the dungeon was in the low 90s but humid, and I felt each trickle of oily sweat slowly and constantly running down my body.

I’d been alone and in this position for at least a couple of hours now. Is that all? I hear you say. Well you try it and you’ll soon see how time can sometimes drag. I’m standing with my feet in wooden stocks and spread far enough to make my hole available and easily filled.

He was good at DIY too, almost engineering standards if what I was in was anything to go by. The milking machine was fixed in a position in front of me and also strapped to me so, although I could hardly move anyway, there was no way it was coming even slightly loose.

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Jack Hunter gets tied up in the Nevada desert

Completely nude and tied to the hood of a white SUV, Jack Hunter gets driven through the Nevada desert. He’s suspended from concrete ruins, and his big cock is edged by Tony Orlando and Sebastian Keys.

Jack Hunter male bdsm

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