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Rex Wolfe, Angel Rock and Jay Cloud all get tied up and edged

Click through to see free video previews of these guys — who all got tied up and edged at Men On Edge:

Rex Wolfe

gay bondage

Free video preview of Rex Wolfe here


Angel Rock

men on edge

Free video preview of Angel Rock here


Jay Cloud

gay bondage

Free video preview of Jay Cloud here

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Jace Chambers is bound and relentlessly edged

gay bondage

Hot muscled hunk Jace Chambers comes to Men on Edge for his first edging session. On his back they tie his hands and legs down and start teasing his cock. As his cock grows they blindfold his eyes to let his imagination run wild. Pre-cum begins to ooze out of his cock once they surprise him with a couple of vibrators massaging his cockhead. Bound in the center of the room, Jace has his cock edged even more while feeling the flogger on his body. Then Jace is suspended in the air with his cock dangling to the ground as Sebastian teases him with his tongue. They bend Jace over to play with his ass as more pre-cum drips from his cock as they milk his prostate. Jace is flipped over on his back where he’s finally made to cum after relentless edging. They shove his load back into his mouth before finishing Jace off with some post-orgasmic torment.

gay bondage 32830_7 32830_8 32830_9 32830_13

Free video previews of Jace Chambers here.

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James Riker has his fat uncut cock relentlessly edged by two guys


Here’s another one from Men On Edge! James Riker was working for a straight porn site when Van caught him in the hallway. He finds out James has never done anything with a guy, but after Van does some convincing, James decides to try getting tied up by men.

33213_7 33213_10 33213_11

They start him off in simple bondage with his eyes blindfolded as his clothes are torn away. His fat cock gets nice and hard as soon as they start, so they surprise him with the vibrators on his cock head. Bound in the center of the room, they attach nipple suckers to him and tie up his uncut cock. James begs to cum as they tease his cock, but all he gets is the flogger as soon as they rip the nipple suckers off. While James is bound on his stomach, they discover his feet are ticklish. After they torment him, they roll him over and shove a finger up his ass as they finally milk a load out of his fat cock.


James screams at the top of his lungs as they finish him off with some post-orgasmic torment before tickling the hell out of him.

View video of this shoot here

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That time when Marc Dylan got tied up at Men On Edge


Here’s a look back at Marc Dylan’s shoot from Men On Edge: Porn superstar Marc Dylan (now retired from porn) is taken to the limit with extreme edging and brutal bondage positions.


Marc Dylan’s physique defies convention. With his rolling biceps, cut abs and huge cock, it’s almost enough to make you forget about his bright smile and boy-next-door charm. He gets tied to the sawhorse, blindfolded and his clothes get off. His cock gets hard and he flexes his muscles as he’s edged. In the next room his arms get tied back and he is brought to the brink of cumming once again. With his cock still throbbing, Marc is suspended for the first time and endures the flogger over his entire body. Hogtied, he gets his ass and feet caned, pushing him further than he thought he could go. The stud is spread out on a table in bondage. His muscles roll and flex around his body as he squirms from the intense cock stroking.

17078_p_09 17078_p_10 17078_p_12 17078_p_16 17078_p_22

Finally after a long session of extreme edging, he blows his hot load all over his muscle.


Free video preview of Marc Dylan at Men on Edge available HERE.

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Meet bodybuilder-turned-bondage model Beau Warner


In this vintage shoot at Men on Edge, a straight muscular stud gets blown and edged by two dudes for the very first time


Beau Warner is a hot, muscular straight stud who was a little hesitant to do anything gay, but after a little convincing he decides to give Men on Edge a try. Beau is bound on the bed as they tear away his clothes from under the rope. His cock gets nice and hard as they give him his first edging. In the end, Beau screams and flails as they tickle the hell out of him and give his cock some post-orgasmic torment.

33331_0 33331_1 33331_13 33331_19

Free video preview of this shoot here.

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Straight hunk Johnny Torque’s first time bound

Here is another vintage shoot from Men On Edge. In this shoot, straight stud Johnny Torque gets bound for the first time as they milk a gigantic load from his cock:

gay bondage

Sexy straight stud Johnny Torque is brand new to Men on Edge and he’s very excited about his first session. Johnny says he’s never been tied up or edged before but he’s ready for the surprises they have in store. With the help of Sebastian’s teasing tongue, it doesn’t take this stud long before his cock is rock hard.

gay bondage 30806_8 30806_10 30806_11

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Tatted-up hunk Atticus has his cock edged and his hole fucked

gay bondage

Tattooed stud Atticus joins Men on Edge for his first session. They start him off in simple bondage to ease him in. With his eyes blindfolded, they let him focus on his cock as it’s teased and played with. Before too long they cut away his underwear and start edging his rock-hard cock. Atticus is caught by surprise when they tease his cock head with two vibrators. In a matter of seconds the straight hunk is about ready to blow his load from all the vibrations.

gay bondage 31478_6 31478_11 31478_12

 Free video preview of this shoot here.

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