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The Drool Bucket – Part 2

By submittor

The Drool Bucket male bdsmi’m just the drool bucket for the Beast.

Staring up at Him, mouth forced open, drool overflowing from my bucket of a mouth. He’s growling now, animalistic grunting, straining, bearing it, enduring the suffering, seems to be thriving on the challenge, sweat from his brow flowing onto my face and the drool is never ending. The voices grow louder, our captors returning. i can’t see them but hear them approach, three sets of footsteps. They start to stroke the Beast, he shudders at their touch.

‘Hows it going big fella? Five hours, reckon you deserve a break’

i’m ignored, just his bucket after all, as they start to release him from the brutal hogtie, unclip his tits from the clamps connecting us. i can only imagining the pain as his limbs are released, the pain in his back finally relieved, stretching. They spit into his open mouth, slap him a couple times to make him focus. Still gagged, he grunts angrily, stares at them, defiant.

i notice for the first time that his cock is in chastity, must be agony. i can’t help wonder how long it has been locked like that, how much has he endured. My own pathetic cock still stands proud and purple, not locked but tied, just as helpless, unreachable.

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A hung twink gets bound in chains and edged

After such an incredible session of total domination by devious dom Sean, it’s only right that hung Jay be permitted to cum. Of course, if Sean was feeling especially nasty he could leave the captive tied to the dirty mattress and let him stew, but we all know this chav lad loves to spend a good long time rubbing his own cock against a big dick, jacking off a submissive captive and sucking the precum out of such a delicious dong. With the prisoner blindfolded and secured by chains and ropes he gets to work, rubbing that throbbing meat with determined skill, sucking the head and playing with his balls and taint, edging the man until Jay can’t stop his cum from gushing from his aching meat even if he tried! Was it worth all the torment to get that cum? Yeah.

male bondage

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Title of this shoot: Owning a Horny Hung Twink – Part 3

male bondage bdsm

Male bondage: Sebastian Keys gets the edging of his life

My Most Intense Men On Edge Session – By Sebastian Keys


Sebastian Keys writes,

“Van started me off bound good and tight to the pillar as my edging session began. I could feel his tongue through my underwear, teasing my cockhead as I begged for him to pull it out and suck on it. A hood was then put over my face. The sensory deprivation heightened every little touch, making my cock ache for attention. When he finally removed my underwear and began sucking on my cock, I could barely take it, the sensation was so strong all I wanted to do was blow my load. Van then tied my cock and balls up and attached it down to my toes, every time I flinched I could feel the tug of the rope on my aching balls. After sucking on my nipple while edging my cock, I was making so much noise that Van put a ball gag in my mouth to muffle my moans. At that point my cock was so sensitive it was almost painful how badly I wanted to cum, but Van persisted, stroking my cock before I finally shot my load clear across the room. As Van removed my hood, I was blinded by the light, still enthralled with the intense orgasm I just had, probably the most intense one of my life. But before I was untied, my extremely sensitive cock endured post-orgasmic torment to which I’ve never felt before. Thank you Van for this wonderful experience.”

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Male BDSM porn: Dolf Dietrich surrenders his 8-inch cock for edging

I am so glad that porn god Dolf Dietrich has come back out of retirement! In honor of the occasion, here is a look back at when he got tied up at KinkMen!

In this shoot, Dolf has a bondage session with Men on Edge. Sebastian and Jessie get to quick work on the stud, fitting his chisled body with ropes on a pool table.

Dolf_Dietrich_gay_bondage_01 Dolf_Dietrich_gay_bondage_02 Dolf_Dietrich_gay_bondage_03

All the rope over his muscles has Dolf’s throbbing dick ready to launch out of his boxers. Dolf loves having his nipples played with, so Sebastian teases and torments them with a hitachi while Jessie sucks him off. They suspend the stud above the ground and fuck his ass with a dildo. Dolf is just too eager to cum — grunting, begging and then shouting for orgasm as he swings in the air. They take Dolf back to the billiards room and strap him down to the pool table for repeated edges with the fleshjack and vibrating sheath. As the day comes to end, they finally let Dolf’s cock explode and douse his abs in hot cum. Dolf gets a generous taste of his own seed before Jessie concludes the day with a rough apple polishing.

Dolf_Dietrich_gay_bondage_04 Dolf_Dietrich_gay_bondage_05

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Dolf_Dietrich_gay_bondage_verta Dolf_Dietrich_gay_bondage_vertb

Two studs get edged and tormented by Sebastian and Van

First, hung stud Scott Cage is bound to the bondage frame, his clothes torn off as Branden Forrest teases his cock. Branden shoves his giant, uncut cock in Scott’s mouth as Van milks all the cum out of his cock and finishes him off with some post-orgasmic torment. Next Corbin Dallas is bound to the cross as he balances on wooden blocks. After his clothes are torn away, a blindfold is placed around his eyes as Sebastian teases him with his tongue.

35562_7 35562_15 35562_25

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Male bondage

Male bondage: Pizza delivery guy gets tied up and fucked


Meanwhile back over at Men On Edge, Two pervs take down a pizza delivery guy and edge him till he’s begging to cum


Van and Sebastian are hanging out at home, waiting for their pizza to be delivered. Lucky for them, the delivery guy, Ian Levine, is a real hottie. When they don’t have cash to pay for their pizza, they quickly pounce on Ian and tie his ass up. Ian tries to scream for help, but his desperate calls are muffled by the duct tape around his mouth. The two pervs remove his clothes and begin teasing his cock till it’s rock hard. They jack Ian off using the vibrating hitachi’s before tying him up in the center of the room. Begging to cum, Ian is edged with the fleshjack before he’s suspended in the air, swinging back and forth as Sebastian swallows the stud’s hard cock. Tied down on the bed, Ian’s hole is spread open for the Shockspot to plunge into his ass. The two perverts finally milk a load out of Ian’s cock and finish him off with some post-orgasmic torment.

35307_0 35307_3 35307_4

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Male BDSM: Hard bondage for Jaxton Wheeler

Jaxton Wheeler gets tied up while working out at the gym and relentlessly edged all day



Meanwhile over at Men On Edge, Sebastian is working out at the gym when loudmouth muscled stud Jaxton Wheeler gives him a hard time, taunting him with his huge muscles. Despite his attitude, Van and Sebastian agree Jaxton is one hot stud, so they pounce on him and tie him up. The two tear away Jaxton’s clothes and get his cock hard. As much as Jaxton fights it, his cock can’t help but get close to cumming. The muscled stud is then tied up with a gag in his mouth as he’s edged some more. His hard cock is jacked off with the fleshjack before the two pervs tickle the hell out of Jaxton. He’s then made to ride the stationary bike with a dildo shoved up his ass as he’s ordered to pedal faster and faster. Finally as he fucks himself in the ass, Sebastian milks a load out of Jaxton’s cock before he and Van finish the muscled stud off with some post-orgasmic torment.

35316_6 35316_8

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Raptor – Chapter 2

By Bikermike

The room was still lit when Alex awoke. however, the main light had been switched off leaving only a dim bulb still burning, allowing sufficient illumination for him to use the bathroom without stumbling.

He lay there awake, taking stock of his situation. He was a prisoner of these three thugs, to be used as a source of income and as a sex object for an indefinite length of time, maybe a few years. Somehow, he felt a tinge of excitement, feeling the heavy steel shackle fixed around his right ankle. True, his body remained excruciatingly sore, but that fact did not stop fondling his swollen and inflamed nipples and every now and again touching his cock, which had now expanded to its full length. he could feel beads of precum forming, which he wiped off with his fingers and offering them to his mouth.

Still mindful of the warning one of the guys had told him about not wanking himself he nonetheless slowly ran his fist up and down his erection, willing himself not to ejaculate while enjoying the sensation.

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