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Bryan edges Carlos Garcia at Chaos Men

When Carlos saw the Edge chair and asked about it, he decided he could do it. Tied, blindfolded, and with hot girls getting banged on the headphones, that was enough to get him charged up. His cock springs to action with just a few gentle prods. Likely a mistake to have put him in such tiny briefs- not much room for him to hulk-out in, but he looks pretty amazing in them.

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Vacuum-packed bondage muscle

At Bound Muscle Jocks, it’s Duke’s turn in the constricting chamber as Tyler sucks the air out. Like a vacuum-packed toy, Duke can only endure what the man has for him, starting with slaps and spanks against his vulnerable cock and balls before the powerful massager throbs and pounds against his meat, making it swell and ache. Soon Duke understands the desperation a man feels when he needs to cum so badly.

Vacuum-packed bondage muscle

VIDEO at Bound Muscle Jocks

Scene Title: Tyler Saint and Duke Rivers

Scene Short Description: Dungeon Games – Trifecta 2

Tyler Saint and Duke Rivers

Rubber Isolation Suit

By Scribe

My buddy Jim works for Discipline Technologies as a software developer. Discipline Technologies designs and builds prison cells and inmate controls. Jim told me his company is designing a rubber isolation suit that can be worn by a slave or prisoner in solitary confinement. The company had just completed a prototype and wanted someone to test it. Jim knew my enthusiasm for bondage and rubber, and he also knew I was taking a leave of absence from work after completing a large, lucrative project. He explained they just wanted a long weekend test. They could put me in the suit on Friday night and release me on Monday night.

Jim explained the suit combines a heavy rubber catsuit with computer controls, hardware and artificial intelligence offering unique features. He recommended that I abstain from sex until the long weekend, laughing that I would enjoy the suit even better while horny. He also suggested that I shave all the hair off my body the day of installation, saying the suit would fit me better over bare skin. I hesitated at that suggestion, but decided I’d do it since my facial hair was pretty short to begin with and I wasn’t going to return to work for several weeks.

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