Locked at the Beach

By LockedBob

I guess I woke up feeling really adventurous. I got this way every time I deprived myself of relief, and it had been five days since I put hand to cock. I had already decided to spend the day at the beach, but I wanted to ratchet it up a notch, so after I had eaten and showered, I fumbled around in my toy drawer until I found it. My Punisher. I loved to wear this thing, so I slipped it on before my dick got into the mood. Even as I clicked the lock in place, I could feel myself get a little aroused, and the spikes dug into my sensitive head. That quickly cooled down my excitement. I dropped the key in a bowl on top of my dresser. I would not be taking it with me. I’d be too tempted to unlock myself. That was part of the fun, being locked in my Punisher and having no way to take it off.

To make it more interesting, I decided against even wearing a bathing suit. The beach was not officially a nudist beach, but several guys went naked all the time and never were bothered by the authorities. I rummaged around for the perfect sarong, wrapped it around my trim waist, and grabbed my suntan lotion, sandals, and a large bottle of water. I was ready to head out for a day of sun, swim and frustration. I took a final glance in the full length mirror. My hours of working out in the gym were really showing. I could turn a few heads when I displayed my body, and I did really enjoy showing off.

Even walking to the car in just a sarong got my dick to enlarge, knowing what was to come. Those damn spikes bit into my head. I was in for a fun day. Once on the highway, I loosened my sarong, exposing my locked up dick to the wind coming in the open windows. What a great feeling, driving naked. I spread my legs to let the wind caress my sweaty balls. If I could be, I would be hard right now. But my cock cage kept everything tight and compact.

The beach parking lot was half full, so I knew that the beach would be somewhat crowded. I knew that once you walked towards the gay part, things thinned out and I would be able to find a place that was relatively secluded. Sure enough, after a long walk, I found the perfect place. No one was immediately around, but there were several guys within sight, some naked, some not. I unwrapped my sarong, laying it down on the ground. I then stood there, applying my suntan lotion. I loved the feeling as the wind licked my exposed balls. I made sure that I got the lotion everywhere, having no desire to end up with a burn. No one was close enough to see my Punisher. Once I was done, I settled on my back and soaked up the rays. I kept an eye out for anyone coming my way, but was able to relax in relative seclusion.

I flipped over and created a little impression in the sand to accommodate my locked up dick. I didn’t want to the spikes to dig into my head. I settled in for a brief nap. The heat of the day woke me up. I looked around, a few more arrivals, but none too close. I really needed to cool off, so I headed for the water, my locked up dick leading the way. The water was refreshingly cool and I stayed in, playing in the waves. I’m not sure how I missed it, but sometime when I was in the water, two guys settled on the beach in between me and my belongings. They were busy setting up their umbrella and chairs, paying me no attention.

I decided to swim down a little bit, then make an angled walk to my stuff, avoiding my new neighbors. I think it worked in that they paid no attention to me. Unfortunately, I was paying attention to them, and it was getting me in trouble. My new neighbors were beautiful muscle bears. They had stripped down to tight speedos which showed off their bubble butts and ample packages. I was really turned on and my dick kept trying to expand, but quickly retreated in each wave of pain. I was in for an interesting day at the beach.

Because they were close enough to see my cock cage, I didn’t stretch out on my back. If I positioned myself at the correct angle, I could lay out with one leg bent at the knee, blocking their view of my cock cage. I did catch them looking at me on occasion. I was naked, they were gay men. It’s what we do.

When I rolled over, I was feeling a little frisky, so I pointed my ass towards them and slightly spread my legs. I could feel the wind ride up my ass crack, so I knew I was giving them a good view. Just the thought of them staring at me gave me a thrill, which sent some blood to my dick and a quick jolt of pain from my Punisher. I was in heaven. I flexed my ass cheeks, hoping to give them something they wanted to see.

At some point, they took a dip in the water. I was also overheated, so I figured I could walk down a little and get in the water unnoticed. That worked just fine, but soon my neighbors were getting closer to me. I realized this was deliberate, so I also closed the distance. I was up to my neck anyway, so I didn’t think they could figure out my locked up condition. We introduced ourselves and enjoyed the water, rising with each wave while we talked to each other. A couple larger waves tossed us around a little, and I actually intersected with one of the men. He reached out to stabilize me, and once settled, gave my ass a nice squeeze. I was now right next to him. As we hopped up with each wave, he became more aggressive, playing with my ass. Oh great. He wanted to play. My dick wanted so much to rise, but couldn’t.

In my bliss from receiving this attention, I didn’t notice that his friend had also gotten closer. He also started to feel me up. I knew what was coming and there was no way to stop it. Eventually, one of their hands made its way to my dick. I was discovered. It only took a second for my friend to figure out I had a piece of silicone around my dick. He actually growled. I do love my bears. His friend asked what was up. “He’s locked up, just like we like them. I thought he was keeping his cocklet out of view because he was too small. Now I know better.” Both hands now made their way to my dick. I was now fair game. I had wrapped my arms around their shoulders, sandwiched between them. I was at their mercy and loving every minute of it. Their hands explored my balls and exposed hole. I’m not sure at this point if they knew why I was wincing every now and then. They knew my dick was locked up, but not that it was in a Punisher. My dick was loving the attention and trying to expand.

They decided to exit the water, with me in their grasp. We walked up to their chairs and they suggested I join them. I went to gather my meager belongings. When I got back, I noticed they had moved their chairs apart, giving me room to settle between them. I stood between them as they settled in their chairs. My dick was now at eye level. It was then that they noticed I was in a Punisher. “Kinky little devil, aren’t you.” I was asked where the key was, and they liked that I didn’t have it with me. One of them looked around and asked where my clothes were. Again, they really liked that I didn’t have anything to wear. I could see sizable bulges in their speedos. They were really turned on. I was told to spread out my sarong and lay on my stomach. One of them on my sarong with his thighs on each side of my head. He pulled down the front of his bathing suit, allowing his really hard dick to slap free from the material. I was told to get to work. With pleasure (and pain), I worked on his rather thick, but short dick. I was in heaven and my dick was in great pain. It didn’t matter what size dick was before me. It was a free dick and deserved to be worshipped. It had free balls that deserved to be drained. Once I finished him off, his friend took his place and I was treated to a second dick, a little less fat and a quite a bit longer. I could do this all day. I was one lucky locked up guy.

We spent the rest of the day together. They had dragged a boatload of beer with them, so I had ample to drink, which really got me to chill. I was given the pleasure of applying their suntan lotion. They knew this would frustrate me, giving all of us pleasure at my predicament. It was great fun to play in the water with them. We even went for a walk, which was really exhilarating as I would never do that alone, but with these two hunks, I felt less anxious. We really walked a long time, so I’m sure lots of people got an eyeful of my locked up dick.

Once the sun had started to get low in the sky, I was invited to join them back at their place for a barbeque. The fact that I had no clothes didn’t seem to faze them. In fact, it was a bonus. They even offered to take me in their car and bring me back for mine when the evening was over. I gladly accepted. Back at their car, one of them removed my sarong and asked where my car was and took my car keys. When I looked at him questionably, he explained that I wouldn’t need my covering until they returned me later in the evening, so they were going to put it in my car for safe keeping. Wow, I was going to be driving in their car, naked, with no back up plan. My dick really liked that, and my dick head felt the punishing spikes once again.

The ride to their place was uneventful, though I felt really exposed in their car. Though nothing happened, the fear that something could happen kept me on edge. Their house was only semiprivate, so I was a little uncomfortable until I was safely in their house. We made use of their outdoor shower and I was given the pleasure of helping remove the salt from their bodies. Their dicks had returned to life, so they took turns using both my holes. Once we were done and cleaned up again, they dressed in shorts and muscle shirts for dinner, leaving me the only naked one. What a turn on, to be naked among them, displaying my locked cock. My real treat came when, as the burgers and hotdogs were being grilled, the doorbell rang, and more muscle bears showed up. They had invited four of their friends over for dinner and beer. I was quite popular, and got to take care of lots of dick, all the while having my own dick strain in its prison. What a perfect way to spend this day.

The food was great, the beer flowed, and I got passed around. Finally, it was time to leave. The guests had already gone and I was given a ride back to my car. They pulled into a different parking lot, at the other end of the beach that we started at. They explained that they thought I might like the unknown of getting back to my car, naked, no choice in the matter. They were right, but in the dark, it seemed a little scary to me as well. Like I said, I had no choice. After a deep kiss from each of them, they returned my car key and I was abandoned. I watched them drive off, then I sneaked onto the beach and make my way towards my car. There were others on the beach, but I managed to avoid them. I even took a swim when I realized I was fairly safe from being discovered. I dragged out this experience, enjoying my nudity and locked up condition. Finally, it was time to go. Once back at my car, I unlocked the door, but didn’t bother to wrap myself in my sarong until I pulled into my apartment complex.

I wish I could say that I chose to stay in my Punisher for a good but restless night’s sleep, but I knew I would not be able to control myself. Once back in the apartment, I rushed to my bedroom, unlocked my dick, marveled at the divots on my dickhead, and rubbed out a really intense orgasm. What really sent me over the edge was the last words from my new friends before we parted. “See you next Saturday, same place, same Punisher, but use our lock instead. (he handed me a lock, no key) This time, wear just a skimpy bathing suit, no towel or sarong. When you see us approaching, we want you to remove the suit and tear it up. Maybe we’ll bring a few more friends to join us and keep you occupied. Expect to spend the night. That will give us plenty of time to explore each other’s bodies. And make sure those balls are full before you show up. Nothing like a horny boy to keep us entertained.”


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  1. Oh man!!! How hot this would be to experience. I’m inspired to lock myself up and leave the key at home. :)

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