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Locked at the Beach

By LockedBob

I guess I woke up feeling really adventurous. I got this way every time I deprived myself of relief, and it had been five days since I put hand to cock. I had already decided to spend the day at the beach, but I wanted to ratchet it up a notch, so after I had eaten and showered, I fumbled around in my toy drawer until I found it. My Punisher. I loved to wear this thing, so I slipped it on before my dick got into the mood. Even as I clicked the lock in place, I could feel myself get a little aroused, and the spikes dug into my sensitive head. That quickly cooled down my excitement. I dropped the key in a bowl on top of my dresser. I would not be taking it with me. I’d be too tempted to unlock myself. That was part of the fun, being locked in my Punisher and having no way to take it off.

To make it more interesting, I decided against even wearing a bathing suit. The beach was not officially a nudist beach, but several guys went naked all the time and never were bothered by the authorities. I rummaged around for the perfect sarong, wrapped it around my trim waist, and grabbed my suntan lotion, sandals, and a large bottle of water. I was ready to head out for a day of sun, swim and frustration. I took a final glance in the full length mirror. My hours of working out in the gym were really showing. I could turn a few heads when I displayed my body, and I did really enjoy showing off.

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