Marky Mark and I Get Funky

By SockgaggedJason

SockgaggedJason gay bondage storiesEver since I saw his video “Good Vibrations,” I feel in worship over the ruggedly gorgeous Brooklyn-faced Marky Mark. His flawless muscle bound exterior of smooth, pale white skin gave me an erection every time I stared at him. He was a white boy from Brooklyn, but he had cocky, rhythmic way of working his body.

Everything about him was large! His bulging biceps and chest. His thick calves. His big lips and mouth. Marky Mark was my dream god!

A few weeks ago, I was flipping through a grocery store tabloid and my eyes caught something fantastic. It was a full body shot in color of Marky Mark performing an afternoon LA concert. He was clutching his mike and wearing only a fresh white pair of department store underwear and a red baseball cap. He had stripped down to his briefs and danced around the stage in his bare feet while teenage fans went wild! In the photo close up, you could see his cocky confident grin through the mike. Also, you couldn’t help notice the bulge between. Marky Mark knew he was hot.

I fantasized about him for days after that photo. I wanted to meet him somehow. I would ravage his sinful body and let him do to me whatever he commanded!

I am a student majoring in Radio-TV and so I was always trying to work on new gigs that were coming to the Dallas areas. Most of them were short documentaries and I was an errand boy. About three weeks ago, I heard it through the grapevine that Capital Records was shooting a rap video in one of the warehouses at Deep Ellum. Already I was interested. Yet, I found out the next day who the rap singer was! Can you guess?

Immediately, I contacted the local production house that was helping with the project. I was lucky to get anything, but I did; stage hand. As soon as I was finished being hired for the gig, I couldn’t believe it!

A week later, I was on the set doing my boringly routine duties, awaiting my first glimpse of Marky Mark. A rent-a-car pulled up inside the old warehouse from the back and the driver got out with the front passenger. Then, out of the back seat, He emerged!

Marky Mark was dressed in a pair of faded black jeans, sneakers, a grey hooded t-shirt and a black Raider’s baseball cap. I almost fell from the ceiling beam I was positioned on where I was setting up some lights. He walked over and talked with some of the crew and the producer.

Later that afternoon, most of the props on the warehouse set were put up and Marky Mark was ready to start his first shoot. It was for a song from a new album he was producing. This video was mostly going to be a lot of shots of him doing things like pumping up iron, rapping lyrics, and strutting around the place shirtless and sweaty. However, there was one scene I couldn’t wait to see! This scene called for Marky Mark to be tied up spread-eagle between two poles with only a pair of tight blue jean shorts on and his trademark baseball cap!

I made sure I was in the vicinity and available when it came for that scene! Marky Mark was told by the director to stand between the poles while stage hands went to work tying him up. You can bet I was one of them! When my hands first touched his body to tie his left wrist with the cotton rope my cock came to full attention! I wondered if the other hired hands were feeling the same thing as we tied him up tightly.

“Hey man, watch it will ya?” he asked me when I tied the rope to the pole tightly.

I melted! Marky Mark said something to me.

“Sorry, uh… Sir… Just trying to get it right?” I tried to answer in a cool voice.

He grinned and went back to relaxing in his bonded position while a couple of people applied a little face makeup. The scene took about six takes and I enjoyed every minute of it! With each shot, he had to struggle and groan and try to “free” himself while his muscles flexed.

We untied him and once again I was in ecstasy as I was touching his sweaty body.

The director then looked uncomfortable about something and talked with the rapper. I found out a few minutes later that they called it a day and that they were going to try another bondage shot the next day.

When I saw Marky Mark alone in the area of the warehouse curtained off as his dressing room, I took my chances to talk with him.

“Hey, Sir…” I said shyly.

“Oh, hey stretch,” he grinned wiping off his body sweat with a towel. “Come in…”

I was stunned at the invitation, but entered immediately.

“Looks like you have to go through that fun shit again,” I smiled.

“What? You mean getting’ strung up like that?” he laughed cockily.

“You fuckin’ got into that shit didn’ ya?”

I wanted to say yes why. I watched myself though.

“Ya, I guess I did,” I laughed back. “You know, it would be better to have your body just tied to a pole I think… That way you don’t look as ‘helpless’ but you are still tied up.”

He looked at me with curiosity.

“Hmmm… maybe so. What’s your name?”

“Bobby,” I answered excitingly.

“Close that curtain for me Bobby so I can change,” he told me.

I closed the curtain and he stripped naked before me! My mouth automatically dropped to the floor when I saw him in the buff. He was even bigger than I had imagined. I noticed him look up out of the corner of his eye to notice my reaction. He then put on a pair of grey sweats without any underwear. Marky Mark picked up his dirty BVDs and tossed them to me.

“Smell those,” he told me.

“Ya, right,” I smiled acting as if he was joking but hoping he wasn’t.

“No. Smell them,” he nodded throwing on a tank top.

I did as Marky Mark told me and held them up to my nose. I made sure the crotch was in front. The underwear had the sweat smell of his odor. I found myself indulging more than I should have.

“How do they smell Bobby?” he asked me coolly.

“Great!… err, I mean… like underwear,” I said fumbling.

“Keep ’em. Do you live alone?” he asked.

Marky Mark looked at me with a new gleam in his eye. I thought he was trying to set me up. I knew he was. There was no way he wanted to do anything with another guy. However, he seemed serious so I took a chance.

“I live in a dorm with a roommate,” I answered. “Why?”

“Why don’t you meet me back here at ten o’clock tonight. Alone though…” he asked in a confident tone.

“Uh, sure. Ya,” I smiled.

“Don’t get that grin on your face,” he told me. “You’d better be alone too.”

Just then, his agent came into the dressing room. The rude man told me to get back to the set and Marky Mark and him discussed business.

As I was helping to put up some of the equipment, I kept wondering what he had in mind tonight. Was he some kind of fag basher? Or was he wanting something else? I was so excited at the opportunity, I had to take the chance. I constantly thought of his tight body holding me down and forcing me to have sex with him. Of course, I was perfectly willing.

Ten o’clock came faster than I thought and I found myself outside the warehouse. It was dark and very muggy outside. The hot humidity was already causing the pits of my white t-shirt to wet. I realized the doors were all locked and I wouldn’t have a way in. I thought Marky Mark was playing some kind of cruel joke and I started to wonder if I should go home. Yet, I was driven by insane desire to have him.

I climbed to the roof of the old run down warehouse and pried open one of the ceiling windows. Like a monkey, I climbed on the scaffold holdings and carefully slide my way down one of the poles Marky Mark had been tied to just a few hours ago. However, it was hard to see anything. The only light came from the moon beaming through some of the ceiling glass. My heart was now pounding.

What had I gotten myself into? Breaking and entering.

I stood there in thought until I heard something in front of me. I widened my pupils to bring in more light. I could see the outline of someone in front of me! Was it him, Marky Mark?

“You’re pretty determined aren’t you?” the recognizable voice said. It was Him.

“Ya…” was all I could say and breathlessly.

“One thing Bobby. I know all about you. If you ever breathe one word about tonight and what’s gonna happen, I’ll fuckin’ have you killed!”

“Nobody knows. I swear. I won’t say anything,” I stuttered.

“Take off your clothes. Everything!” he ordered, coming closer.

The beam of the moonlight was now hitting his body. He had on a ball cap turned backwards and just a pair of regular underwear. This time I could tell the underwear was dirtier. However, the main attraction was the obvious hard inside of them.

With a little bit of embarrassment, I stripped naked. I wasn’t embarrassed of my body. I was built and muscular too. I was embarrassed by my dick sticking straight out!

“You work out quite a bit too. I could tell when I meet ya. I wonder if you could take what I have in mind for ya though,” he grinned.

A sudden mood overcame me and I responded to him as if I was just as confident as he was.

“I can take anything you can,” I told him.

Marky Mark looked excited and told me what he had in mind first.

“Drop to the floor. We’re gonna work up a sweat first.”

We both started doing push-ups. The first one to quit got the punishment. The way I saw it, either way I won. After the seventieth push up, I was exhausted. I collapsed to the floor and laid in my droppings of sweat. Marky Mark did a couple of more than me and got up. He stepped out of his underwear and shoved them into my gasping mouth. I was now forced to take my heavy breaths through the nose while unable to escape the aroma of his sweaty underwear.

“Its payback time Bobby,” he said standing me up between the two poles.

Marky Mark tied me up just like we had done to him earlier that afternoon. Only this time the ropes were tighter and I was naked with a gag in my mouth.

“You spit out that underwear and I’ll rip out each one of your pubic hairs!… like this,” he warned me as he pulled one of them out.

I flinched and gasped into my gag. It was painful, but it turned me on more! I was helpless to Marky Mark’s desires.

He left me there tied up for a while. I wondered if this was it! Was he just going to leave me strung up with a hard on?

A few minutes later he came back. This time he had a tube of KY lubricant and was greasing up his massive pole. Watching him jack off made me want to break free and attack him. However, I knew he had other plans in mind when he dangled a fresh condom before my eyes!

I was now overcome by excitement at the thought of being fucked by him. Yet, I realized the size of his dick would hurt worse than anything. I was thrilled and terrified at the same time. The moment I had been waiting for was about to come…

“You ever had this done to ya kid?” he grinned slyly as he began to put the condom on over his meat.

Unable to speak with his delicious underwear stuffed in my mouth, I shook my head. He laughed at the fear and wonder in my big eyes. Marky Mark knew I wanted it.

“Never huh?” he smiled. “I don’t think you’re ready for ME then. The last guy I fucked couldn’t move for an hour and he got it all the time. Your virgin ass couldn’t handle it.”

I nodded my head trying to say that I wanted it anyway. I anxiously tugged on my ropes and squirmed around in my bondage. I couldn’t spit out the gag to tell him because he would pull out my pubic hairs like he threatened.

Marky Mark pulled off the condom and dropped it to the floor. With the tips of his fingers, he squeezed my nipples hard and told me to stop squirming. His gorgeous smooth body was now in front of me. I could even smell the sweat from his hairless armpits.

After he got me to stand still, he there again while he disappeared into the dark. He came back a few minutes later with a large dildo in his hand! Where was he getting these things? I suddenly realized Marky Mark had done this kind of thing before. I imagined him coercing other young guys working on the set of his other videos into the same predicament he got me into.

He greased the large dildo up with KY and placed himself behind me. Unable to see what he was doing, I felt something start to enter the hole of my butt. He was sticking his finger up my ass.

“There, found it. Now get ready for a little pain, sport,” he warned me.

After he placed it right outside of my asshole, he thrust it in with one steady push!!

“MMMMMMMmmmm!!” I roared through my gag. The pain was more than I imagined. I tensed up my muscles and for the first time wished I was not tied up helpless. I wanted to pull it out of me, but Marky Mark made sure it was going to stay right there.

“Alright you fuckin’ dumbass! You had asked for it. That’s to loosen up your virgin butt,” he said turning the dildo inside of me. “Wait till you get my dick up your ass. Then you’ll know pain.”

I now believed him. I began to panic and wanted to stop everything. I broke out into a heavy sweat and started breathing heavier as I was still trying to get used to having the dildo up my butt.

“Relax!” he said in a commanding tone of voice.

Marky Mark helped me to calm down by running his huge tongue down my chest. It was exotic! He sucked on my nipples until they felt raw. He even licked my armpits.

He enjoyed seeing me uncomfortable. As I began to get used to have my butt plugged, I became more excited as he continued to attack my body with his tongue. I kept waiting for him to go down on me. Every time he came close to my crotch, he moved away.

“In case you were wondering, sport, I don’t suck dick!” he laughed. “That’s your job.”

I wondered what he meant by that. I was in no position to give him a blow job. Was he going to fuck me and then untie me afterwards to get him off?

As he was sucking hard on my lower rib sides, I laughed reflexively. This was a big mistake because he knew how to torture me even further. Marky Mark began tickling me continuously.

I couldn’t stand it as I laughed uncontrollably. It was driving me crazy. All of my laughter was still muffled through the underwear in my mouth, which was now soaked from saliva. He kept this up for five minutes! By the time he finally quit this unbearable abuse, my body was red with exhaustion and my abdomen muscles cramped.

“How do you feel now?” he laughed grabbing my hard on with a tight grip. “You like this don’t ya!”

I was loving it! Still, I didn’t make a gesture of any kind. Marky Mark knew anything he did to me I would enjoy. After all, he was Marky Mark.

“Its time!” he whispered into my ear.

This was it! He was going to fuck me. I wasn’t sure if I was as ready for it as I thought I was, but it was too late now. I continued to relax in my bondage as he greased himself up again with KY and put the condom back on.

I was now staring at his hard cock with fear rather than joy. For some strange reason, this was more of a turn on.

POP — He pulled the dildo out and I felt as if I could have cum right then. I hoped he was going to give me a moment to relax and get used to have it pulled out so quickly. My butt was sore. However, he went right to work.

I felt like some sex slave chained up waiting to be fucked. Marky Mark greased my crack up with KY.

“Okay, Bobby, bite down on that underwear,” he warned me cooly.

I could feel the tip of his cock trying to enter me. There was no way it would work! He adjusted himself and pushed in further.

“Mmmmm mmm,” I gasped.

Then he pushed in further. This time it was really starting to hurt. I jolted my body hoping I could escape him, but Marky Mark reached around and grabbed my chest. Clutching my biceps, he pulled our bodies together; he was inside me now.

“MMMMMmmmmmm!!! Mmm!” I exclaimed with more pain than I ever felt in my life.

Every time I tried to get away, Marky Mark pulled me towards him. This time I had to spit out my gag. I wanted him to stop!

He saw me beginning to spit out the underwear and he immediately cupped his hand over my mouth.

“You take that underwear out and your fuckin’ pubic hairs are gone!” he threatened.

With his other hand, he grabbed a patch of hair on my crotch. I kept the gag in and endured.

Marky Mark pounded on my butt with his massive cock. With each pump, I screamed bloody murder into my gag agonizing in pain. I pulled my arms so tight that I was getting rope burn around my wrists.

The young muscular stud wrapped his arms around me and began squeezing and massaging my nipples. Our sweaty bodies bumped against each other each time he pushed inside of me. My sphincter muscle was finally starting to relax. When I was finally able to calm down, I began to enjoy Marky Mark fucking me. My ass was sore and it seemed all the sweat possible from my body was released but I was in a weird state of euphoria.

“How do ya feel now?” Marky Mark smirked.

I nodded my head and answered him in a muzzled voice.

He laughed and said, “How does dis feel?”

He pulled his sweaty chest flush with my back and turned his mouth onto my ear. With his wet tongue, he began attacking my ear lobes wildly. The sensation was exhilarating as well as tickling me beyond belief. I laughed hysterically and I could tell Marky Mark was getting off on it. He probed down and around my ear with his tongue more as he continued to fuck me faster and faster! He breathed harder and harder and so did I. Each breath he exerted entered my ear channel and seemed to travel inside my head.

I was panting and moaning. He knew I could barely breathe now!

“Spit out my underwear,” he told me.

Happily, I spit out the saliva soaked gag. The balled up underwear landed on the concrete in front of me.

“Ohhh… God!” I moaned as he pumped faster and harder.

Marky Mark ran his hands down my bare chest as he still fucked my ass and tongued my ear. He reached my crotch and began squeezing my inner thighs.

“Ohhhh… shit! Oh God!” I exclaimed. “Jack me off… please!”

“Are you about to cum?” he asked in between ear lobe licks.

“Ohhhh yesss! Yess…” I moaned.

“Good!” he said abruptly. Marky Mark pulled his hands away. He stopped tonguing my ear and pulled his cock out.

“No. No. Oh God no…” I begged with the worst case of blue balls!

Marky Mark came around in front of me. His body seemed to glow in his layer of shiny sweat. His cock stuck straight out at me as he bent down to pick up the underwear.

Without warning, he shoved the gag back in my mouth. I realized once again how helpless I was, like a piece of meat on a rack. I moaned and squirmed begging him to get me off. He stood there and just smiled; stroking his own hard on.

Taking my chances, I spit out my gag.

“Please Mark! Please! Get my rocks off…” I pleaded again.

Just touching the base of my cock with his finger would do it. I was ready to explode.

Marky Mark drew his hand close to my dick. As he came closer and closer, I was ready getting ready to cum. He had taken off his condom and was jacking off with his left hand as came closer to my cock with his right.

He wrapped his hand around my erection and I felt it cumming out.

“Ohhhh ohhhh!” I moaned in ecstasy as I exploded out onto his sweaty chest.

Marky Mark came right after me and his warm load gushed all over my leg.

“How do ya’ feel now sport?” he grinned laying on the ground in exhaustion.

“Ohhh… ohh… great!” I exclaimed hanging by my ropes.

Marky Mark walked off into the darkness for a moment and came back with a rag. He cleaned himself up and put on a fresh pair of underwear. With me still tied up like a slave, he wiped off his cum from my leg and wiped sweat from my chest.

“No one’s ever done this to me before,” I told him.

Marky Mark smiled and grabbed my cock. He squeezed hard and warned, “… And no one will know that I did this to you either!”

I gulped and answered, “Yes Sir.”

Marky Mark untied me and left the warehouse. I quickly got dressed because I could tell the sun was about to rise. The video crew would be here soon so I had to hurry. As I dressed and scurried out of the warehouse, I felt like it was all some kind of realistic dream. Was it?

The End

Metal would like to thank SockgaggedJason for sharing this story, which he wrote long ago and is allowing it to be shared again here, in the Prison Library. If you enjoyed this and want to read more stories from SockgaggedJason, please leave a message in the comments section below!

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