Metal Frame – Part 02

By X363430

Writer’s note: It will be writing this as much as possible over the next 10 days or so, as it will be going into a household as a slave. From there, it will be totally up to Sir as to if this gets added to or not. Please feel free to add ideas in the comments. Thank you for your interest.

It was a very long night, between getting used to my mouth constantly drooling and the ache in my balls and the huge plug in my ass. That all was beginning to be nothing compared to not being able to move an inch due to the way that I was bolted and welded in. Well, I thought it was bad…little did I know that it was going to get worse.

The next morning, Master walks in to check on me with the slave. The slave touches a button and the frame tilts back so that my head is pointing at a 45-degree angle. The slave then pours in some water and some Boost protein drink.

“Hope you like your breakfast, because all you are getting is going to be liquid for a while,” says Master. “Slave, there is a car coming, that should be the good doctor, bring him here when he arrives!”

Master then lowers me back down to level position and begins to check me over. “You have no idea what tricks are built into this frame. I am looking forward to showing you them in the future. But don’t worry, you will never be out of pain because of what all it can do. I also have a few ideas of adding to the frame, but that will come later on.”

Suddenly the barn door opened again, in walked the slave with another man, I guess the doctor. “Ahh, I see you have your new toy in place. I figured from your message that you will want me to do a checkup and a few other necessary items as well?”

“Yes quite, the rings, then we will discuss where to put the embedded electrodes in the body,” said Master, “But first, give him a checkup and give me your diagnosis.”

The doctor starts by flashing the light in my eyes then in my ears. “Stick out your tongue,” the doctor giggled. Not that my tongue could do much with my mouth so wide open. Not to say the least how much the jaw was tensing due to the stretch. The doctor then listened to my lungs and heart and pulled on my nipples as I gurgled at how hard he pulled on them.

He then felt my arms and legs and checked fingers and toes for circulation. He then tickled the bottom of my feet and I tried to laugh and pull away but all that happened was a gurgle and no body movement due to the tightness of the steel. He then moved to my cock and balls and felt the weight of the 4-inch stretcher on the balls and let out a whistle. He then looked at the plug in my ass, pulling it then pushing it to check the tension on my asshole.

The doctor looked up at Master and said, “All looks in order. Shall we proceed with the rings?”

Master looked over and said, “Let’s get it done.”

I was confused. I never talked with Master about rings, not sure what he meant, but I don’t recall talking about piercings either. I was wondering if that is what he meant.

The doctor got into his bag and was rummaging around. He handed some gauze and iodine to the slave and said, “Clean the nose, nipples and cock, clean them well so that we won’t have to stop once we get started.”

The slave started cleaning my nose around where the septum was and then each nipple and on the cock. As he was doing the cock, it caused me to start getting erect. I was only 5 inches hard, but it still felt nice.

The doctor approached me with a huge needle to pierce the nose. He quickly pushed the needle through then pushed an enlarger needle in, he then put one more enlarger needle in. Then a huge ring was produced. “Nothing like 000 gauge going into the nose,” the doctor said as he quickly put it into the nose. Sir then followed up by handing him the capture bead with lock tite on the screw end.

“That will make sure it never comes out,” said Master.

They then moved to the nipples. I couldn’t see what they were doing and had to figure out what was going on for each one. Soon I felt one needle go into my left nipple and stay there then one go into my right, then I felt the holes being stretched a little more. Suddenly rings were in both and then I felt my cock being played with. I thought that it was going to be a PA, nope, a reverse PA, fuck that needle hurt going in. Then I felt fiddling around then suddenly my cock was dropped and I felt a heavy ring hanging from my cock.

“You know, let’s put in the three-quarter-inch screw plug tunnel then with a half-inch ring through the tunnel. You can just use a punch for the tunnel,” Master said.

Suddenly each ear was being cleaned and a punch was produced and each ear had a hole within seconds and a large ring hanging from there for each of them.

“Now slave, make sure you keep them clean and make sure you apply the antiseptic to them daily. You will have to keep that up from a few weeks to about six months for the reverse PA,” the doctor said.

“Shall we go to the house and talk fees and settle up?” Master asked.

“Sure,” said the doctor.

As they walked out, the doctor called over his shoulder, “See you in a few weeks for your next checkup.”

I didn’t like the sound of that, that didn’t sound like it was going to be good for me at all. But it isn’t like I can just get up and walk away.

A while later, Master came back into the barn and started to talk to me. “Now, I want to show you one thing that this frame can do because I need your legs to be in the right position for me. That position is a perfect leg split. I know you aren’t there yet, but this frame will help you.” Suddenly my legs started spreading apart. Soon, I was gurgling a scream as my legs fought in pain at the stretch. I would have worked on stretching if I had known.

Master then came to my face with the allen wrench and began to stretch my mouth with another good crank of the screws. My eyes rolled back in the pain. Suddenly the electricity started up in my abs and ass. Higher than the night before. I wanted to scream but could only gurgle and drool. Master walked out of the barn without saying a word.

It was going to be a long however long this way.

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  1. This is such an incredibly hot piece of writing – please continue! That idea of being permanently installed is something that I’ve been looking for for a long, long time!

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