Metalbond reader begs to be turned into a human urinal

By Unknown

I love the drawing of the guy who is sealed in a straightjacket, piss hood locked on his head, piss gag connected to a urinal drain, and in the cage left to stay there. I would love for that to be me someday.

Whether for a weekend, a week, or longer the truth is that once the piss hood locks I truly have nothing to say about how long I’m used. And once the cage is locked, that seals the deal, I am nothing more than a urinal. When was the last time you heard of a urinal saying it didn’t want to be a urinal any more? Can’t be done, so if that 3-day weekend “accidentally” becomes 3 weeks, what am I going to say or do about it?

I would GLADLY submit to both the piss hood and the piss cage if ever given the opportunity to do so … and not having any idea at all as to when (or even if) I will be released. Being released is not why I’m putting the piss hood on. Being released is not why the piss hood locks. Being released is not why the piss cage gets locked. This all happens for one reason and one reason only: being used. The urinal has absolutely no say so in how long it gets used, and I would expect nothing less for me. Once my piss gag is in my mouth where it belongs, I am a urinal to be used and it no longer matters if I like it or if I am comfortable, only that I am there to be used. Period, End of discussion.

And if the opportunity ever presented itself I would GLADLY make myself available for it. Truly. That’s not idle talk. I cannot think of anything I’m hotter for than being locked up as a urinal piss slave with no rights, no mercy and no escape possible.


Note from Metal:

The writing above was inspired by a blog posting called “Urinal Duty,” which got a rise out of several readers of this blog a while back. This was an email I had received at the time from one particularly brave guy.




10 thoughts on “Metalbond reader begs to be turned into a human urinal”

  1. Could you please repost the picture he’s reacting to, Metal? It’s a classic despite being artwork rather than a photo. i’ll bet many, many piss and bondage lovers have JO’d to it over the years that it’s being going around the Net! Certainly i have! And piss isn’t even my #1 fetish — not even in the top five.

    “Unknown” expresses a feeling many of us can relate to even if we push it away and say, “That’s crazy!” as soon as we get off! Just like inescapable bondage itself, there is something about being used that way — with no choice, no regard for our feelings, no regard for who we “really are” — that touches our primal core of need to be *taken*, not seduced, to be grabbed and used by a stronger male for his own gratification, not ours. But of course, being taken that way — sometimes — is precisely what *does* gratify us as it gratifies Him. It all comes around eventually.

      1. Even better two guys locked in a boxlike the one in up ur alley where both gags share the piss a both in same box

  2. Don’t know where Unknown is based and wouldn’t wish to interrupt his quest for his need for use . . . .
    However if there’s anyone in the UK that would enjoy having a urinal at their disposal in an situation where the urinal has no choice or chance of early release then . . . .

  3. Metal, this reminds me of the Max Cita story on here entitled In The Drum.

    This is a hot fantasy that unkown has, but I hope he lets it cool down before he accepts and offer. I am probably too cautious, but it sounds dangerous to me. That is not to say I would not do it if offered.

  4. This is clearly a popular fantasy. I’d love to live this too and under similar conditions. Not knowing when (or if) you’re going to be released makes it much more exciting and would make me even more keen to hear the click of the lock.

  5. Great fantasy,although, as Bob mentioned, it could be dangerous. However, considering caution would be applied, I would love to watch a guy being tied and locked as a urinal and being used by some guys.

  6. want to be a urinal, go to a gay/Leather bar. then go to the bathroom sit, go on your knees, (and take of the shirt) and open your mouth, this way you can get a taste of what you seek

  7. As a lover of men’s piss I would love to be made a full time urinal to service men’s needs, to know that I may never be released is what I seek, made into a true object and nothing else any offers

  8. It doesn’t sound like it could be dangerous except for if it was a guy who eventually realized how humiliating the entire situation really is of being the target and center of attraction in a circle of dings. And then who gets actually and for real boiling mad.
    And who has to endure peepee streams and spitballs hitting him from all directions while he tries to figure out what to do to get away with any dignity, which is now impossible because he’s soaked.
    Guys roars of laughter, smiles, spit balls and relaxing penises.
    The center, aimed – at target in an ever-growing humiliating circle or semi circle of guys unzipping and opening their flies and pulling out their dings and seeing, hearing, feeling and smelling dozens of pee streams being relaxed on him at the same time from all directions in a circle, creating an incredible male bonding experience for the guys at his expense. A constant circle of penises being held and aimed, urinating and being shaken off and neatly poked back into underpants when finished, seeing those guys humiliating smiles at watching a person be humiliated for all time.
    If he were to lose the desire to experience all this, realize that those pee streams and penises being aimed at him aren’t going to stop and that the only way to get out of it is to stand up and walk away with his esteem, image and clothes soaked and ruined he might suddenly get into a boiling hot rage and do who knows what.

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