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Object Permanence – Chapter 03

By BootBoy27


The truck ride wasn’t long but went a slow pace most of the way. After They parked, My Owner turned and pulled me out of the truck. He got behind me and buckled the collar attached to the jacket.

“I like doing that part Myself.” He moved His hand to the back of my neck from my shoulder with a firm grip before stepping around in front of me and started walking. A length of chain, extending me to the palm of His hand, pulled me along.

I was led through a thin level trail of light-colored rocks surrounded by tall grass and trees. It was dark enough my range of visual awareness was limited to the line of contrast made by the rock meeting the grass. I concentrated on it as hard as I could without endangering my balance and stride, until I noticed light stretching out from ahead of us. A harsh orange and yellow light danced across the ground.

It grew brighter and allowed me to see the firepit as its source. A picnic table with some candles to the left of it and a tree just beyond that with flexible strands of light wrapped around the base and part way up the trunk. The lowest branch was long and thick, about 7 feet off the ground. It was an unexpected sight, and I stood there mesmerized by it until I felt the chain leash pull down on the collar.

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Video: Dante is tickled so hard he pisses everywhere

Dante considers himself pretty kinky, but he’s never been tied down and tickled like this. He strips to his jockstrap and climbs on the table, where Franco secures him with wrist and ankle cuffs before tickling his inner thighs and socked feet. Dante laughs hysterically as Franco tickles his smooth body, especially between his amazingly strong legs. The uncontrollable laughter continues during Franco’s tickle of Dante’s firm belly and sides. Halfway through the session, Dante loses all control and pees all over himself while Franco tickles him. Soaked wet with piss, Dante’s legs and taint become slippery targets for Franco’s probing fingers. He then releases Dante’s shoulder harness, slips behind him and tickles the backside of Dante’s pits and ribs. Unable to catch his breath, Dante can barely form words as he bucks and kicks his way through the tickling session. Franco blows raspberries on Dante’s stomach, then shifts gears and pops Dante’s hard cock in his mouth. He briefly sucks Dante’s cock, then with a finger hitting Dante’s prostate, jacks a big load out of him. Franco follows up with his trademark post-cum cock stimulation, but after a few moments, Dante surprisingly cums again! The session ends with a big tickle of Dante’s super-sensitive inner thighs.


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Dante’s Tickle, Piss and Double Cum

Full Fetish

Titan Men male bdsm porn

Got gear? Titan Media brings you the latest twisted kink title, FULL FETISH: The Men of RECON. TitanMen exclusives David Anthony and Aymeric Deville lead hot and horny gear gods Spencer Reed, Alessio Romero, Lance Navarro, Wilfried Knight and Shay Michaels in over 180 minutes of piss-spraying, ass-pounding, cum-flying action. Bodybuilder Spencer Reed and the handsome, scruffy Lance Navarro take dark and hairy Alessio Romero through the paces, coating him with piss then taking turns fucking his ass with their impressive tools. Then Alessio gets his revenge, teaming up on Lance with Spencer for some fucking and fisting you’ve got to see to believe. Sultry, hairy-chested Wilfried Knight soaks the shaved-head of Aymeric Deville before fucking his smooth tight ass against a St. Andrew’s Cross, opening him up enough for a massive dildo. Muscle man Shay Michaels submits to ripped David Anthony and his huge cock, in an intense sweat-dripping scene of piss, cum, ass-plowing, and sounding.

gay male bondage

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Aymeric Deville

Male BDSM porn: Caged

Cornered. Captured. Caged. Get ready for the pleasure-filled punishment at the manly hands of your TitanMen tormentors. Exclusives David Anthony, Aymeric DeVille and Tibor Wolfe lead the charge in an aggressive outing bursting with spit, piss, fists and massive dicks. Resistance is futile. There’s no escape from this prison, where the bars aren’t the only thing stiff as steel. Captive Aymeric DeVille is at the mercy of David Anthony, Tibor Wolfe and Gio Forte, who unleash their abuse in an intense oral orgy dripping with spit and piss. David Anthony takes Tibor Wolfe deeper into the darkness for more punishment, the duo working up a breathless sweat filled with fucking, pissing and fisting. With his dick, piss and fists, smooth muscle stud Billy Berlin lets loose on eager-to-please prisoner Mark Bartos in the depths of a dungeon.

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Aymeric DeVille male bondage porn

Top Cock: Loser’s head is shoved in the urinal

At Naked Kombat. The loser gets his head shoved in the urinal before he’s fucked into submission. It’s muscle vs skill as Abel Archer (6’2″, 180 lbs) takes on John Smith (6’1″, 175 lbs) in a grudge match to determine who deserves to be called Top Cock.


Both studs settle the bout on the mat as they shove their hard cocks in the other’s face. The winner eventually outgasses the loser, taking his sorry ass to the bathroom for a punishing sex round. Blindfolded with arms tied behind his back, the loser gets on his knees and submits to champion dick. The winner humiliates his prize with edging, with some foot worship and swirlies at the urinals before ramming a triumphant cock up the loser’s hole.

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The onslaught of hard dicking proves too much for the loser, who blows a giant load and is made to eat his own seed. The winner then takes a victory lap fuck, binding the loser’s arms above his head before introducing the loser to the taste of victory, a beard full of cum.

37223_14 37223_19

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KinkMen Naked Kombat

Now available in English: ‘Top Down: The Pisbak Files Part 1’

Originally published in Dutch, stein subman’s book “Top Down: The Pisbak Files Part 1” is now available in English. It’s illustrated by steelcollar NL. In this moving story, Keon meets Simon, a leather Master who slowly takes control of his new slave’s life in ways that are unexpected and quite serious. A whole new life begins for Koen, who must get to know himself all over again.

It’s a highly recommended book!

Top Down: The Pisbak Files Part 1


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It’s available as a paperback as well as on Kindle

Dutch version is available here

The author goes by NLleatherman on Twitter