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The Trucker – Part 04

By Steellock

The Trucker sat in the diner eating his burger. He was watching the comments on his channel feed. Ideas from the audience were coming through, and one of them had caught his attention. A guy has noticed that Matt’s laces in his heavy black Grinder boots are yellow and is suggesting that the Trucker use the feeding spigot on the front of his hood to pipe in a good supply of piss! Gus saw the comment too and reminded the Trucker that they had done something similar before…

While they were chatting the Trucker mentioned that he had been in contact with Jim over the last day or so and he had been alerted to a new, and very inexperienced, sub who had been asking about him. Turns out he is completely captivated by the Trucker having seen him in the shop during Jim’s recent demo session and is wanting to swear eternal worship and kiss his boots! Just what the Trucker had been looking for. Jim had managed to get the boy into the shop, and they were planning on using Jess to help him take the biggest step of his life and be ready to meet his idol!

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Elliot has been locked in chastity and chained completely naked to a urinal



At BrutalTops, Elliot has been one of Master Toby’s bitches for the past two weeks. Master Toby has a reputation for being particularly strict and sadistic at all times and has been out working and then chilling with his work mates. They are highly paid and quite well-known sportsmen. The sub has been locked in chastity and chained completely naked to a urinal in the basement bathroom of Toby’s house.

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Naked piss pandas

In this twisted video from Bound In Public, six assless pandas use and abuse Jason Miller at Folsom Street Fair. Let’s tag this one under furries. Perverted gay piss panda furries.

Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco

It’s Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco and alpha slave Jason Miller is showing off his muscular body and high tolerance for pain in front of the thousands in attendance on the streets. Gagged and bound to a rickshaw, Jason is pulled through the fair by a gang of naked pandas. While holding up traffic in the middle of the intersection Jason is given a bamboo zipper and with the wounds still stinging the nasty pandas piss all over him while the crowd cheers.

Six assless pandas use and abuse Jason Miller at Folsom Street FairJason gets fucked out in the street as fair goers walk by then dragged into a sex shop to blow strangers

Jason gets fucked out in the street as fair goers walk by then dragged into a sex shop to blow strangers. Jason jacks cocks two at a time through glory holes before getting fucked some more and taking load after load on his face,

gay bondage piss

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Titan Men Rough: Hardcore

Check out these scenes from the video ‘Hardcore’ featuring Draven Torres, Junior Stellano, Xavier St. Jude, Spencer Reed, Adam Knox and Frank Philipp

gay bondage

Director Paul Wilde and his cast of Titan studs lead you through three scenes of twisted power exchange. HARDCORE includes bondage, piss play, SM and some frenzied ass-fucking. Massive muscle man Spencer Reed dominates his chiseled captive Adam Knox in a scene of rope bondage and caning that ends in a sweat-streaked fuck. Bearded bottom Xavier St. Jude does his best to endure the flogging, whipping and ass fucking that beefy muscle daddy Frank Phillip doles out. Junior Stellano, the inked and hairy-chested fucker from Hell, ties down young tattooed Draven Torres for a smoking hot session of piss-soaked rimming, sucking, and ass pounding.

gay bondage MetalbondNYC_HARDCORE_03 MetalbondNYC_HARDCORE_04 MetalbondNYC_HARDCORE_05 MetalbondNYC_HARDCORE_06

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Titan Men Rough Spencer Reed

True Potential – Part 02

By BootDeputy

Logan floated in space for a while, switching between struggling and stillness. His position wasn’t uncomfortable but if he stayed still for too long, he felt like he was spinning in zero gravity if he thought about it too much.

He tried distracting himself by thinking about Officer Rick’s boots that he was worshipping what was probably only an hour ago, or maybe two. It felt so good to be of use to a Man like Him. Logan had always loved the idea of being objectified as a tool or piece of furniture, but also knew that real challenge was to not let the desire for interaction to overwhelm while in “storage”.

The idea of being stored away was one of the elements of objectification that appealed to Logan the most and so far seemed to be one of the greater struggles as he hanged there, breathing in the Officer’s piss.

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Group male-on-male bondage action

Check out Cameron Kincade at KinkMen:

gay bondage

Cameron Kincade has been fantasizing that a group of horny men use him like a dirty bathroom slut. In a glory hole stall, Cameron is strung up from the ceiling ready to be used. The men take turns shoving their cocks through the glory holes and fucking him from both ends.

gay bondage cameron kinkaid

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Holden Phillips wants to be used and humiliated to the extreme

Holden Phillips gets handcuffed, tased, gang fucked and pissed on as he services a bathroom full of cock

gay bondage

In a crowded bathroom, a group of horny men await as pain pig Holden Phillips is brought in to service the crowd. Everyone takes their turn groping the captive as he’s passed around. On his knees he starts putting his mouth to work, finding every cock he can and making sure it’s rock hard. The guys each take him into a stall for their own personal use, beating his ass red before bending him over for a hard fucking. They hold him down and pull on his balls till he screams for mercy, but there’s no mercy, they give his cock and balls a taste of the taser to teach him a lesson. The crowd then breaks off a toilet seat and turns Holden into a human self-servicing toilet. With the seat around his head the guys each fuck both his holes and douse him with cum and piss like the toilet whore he is.

gay bondage 31359_19

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Kirk Cummings gay bondage