Military Tickle

By Uniformedmenindistress

Working at a military base near a medium size city has its benefits. It has all the nightlife, and more cultural things to do compared to being in a military base in the middle of nowhere. It also made it easier to find kinkier friends and lifestyle.

Through multiple online avenues, I found some kinky guys in the area including some military guys too. My job was not too exciting being a mechanic for the military vehicles that were stored and maintained on site, so I always was looking for kinky military guys to spice up the daily routine. I ran into an MP that liked tying other guys up, and fooling around with them while they’re helpless. His name was Jackson. It was a perfect match, he actually usually worked at the side gate where I constantly had to go through when I had to move vehicles between storage facilities. I always thought he was cute, but now that we knew what we’re into, it made him even cuter. He would wink at me when he would check on my papers whenever I had through the gate, even though I was higher in rank.

We played a few times at either my place or his place, we both lived just outside the base, since we had the option. One time he texted me and asked if I was up for some light snacks and drinks after work and maybe we could do something afterwards at his place. I immediately replied with “Heck yeah”. We met at a local watering hole frequented by the military, so being both in our Army uniforms was not too weird. Besides, we both thought we looked sexy in our uniforms, and we like to play in uniform. He bought me two drinks and we had some snacks to fill us up. He then suggested that we both should head to his place, saying that he had a plan later that night, and he wanted to make sure we got a chance to play a bit. I agreed so we both headed for his place.

When we got to his place, he told me that I needed to try this fruit juice concoction that he invented, I innocently agreed. It was delicious that I had a second glass of it. He then proceeded to give me a glass of water, telling me that sometimes it would leave an aftertaste. After I had a big gulp of it, he pulled out his pair of handcuffs that he usually carried around being an MP, he took off my uniform jacket, then he cuffed my hands behind my back and blindfolded me. He then guided me to his bedroom, then sat me down on the side of the bed. It felt and sounded like there was a plastic covering the bed. But it felt soft like a regular bed sheet. But I didn’t think too much of it. He felt me up a bit while my hands were cuffed behind my back, it felt good and I instantly got a hard on. He then uncuffed one of my wrists then pushed me face up on his bed, he adjusted my position so I would be centered on the bed.

He recuffed my wrist with the handcuffs going through the metal head rail of his bed. I realized he had used his hinged handcuffs on me, limiting me from being able to twist my hands too much. I tried feeling up his metal rail, I never paid too much attention to it before, but it is a solid piece of square metal tube. I knew I was not going to be able to pull them out or get out, but I was able to move my hands a bit, but not too much. I was getting more excited with my helplessness. I was still blindfolded, but he then grabbed another pieces of bandanna, and placed it over my previous blindfold. I couldn’t see a thing, not even a glimpse of light.

I sensed him moving to the foot of the bed, and he did some stuff down there. The next thing I knew, he yanked me down by my booted feet, making the hinged cuffs clank against the metal rail, he yanked me down again, making my hands slightly straining with the cuffs against the square metal tube. It was tight, I couldn’t move my cuffed hands at all. He then proceeded to rub and massage my booted feet, oh did I tell you we’re both into boots too? He unlaced my right boot, and gave me a little foot rub through my socked foot. It felt good after a full day of mostly standing up. He then proceeded to spread my legs to the corners of the bed, and tied ropes to my ankles, one booted and once just socked. He yanked me down and wide a couple more times as he was tying them off to the foot frames, to make sure it was tight, and that I was completely stretched.

He expertly secured my ankles to the metal foot frames of the bed, he did it so well, that after he was done, I couldn’t move my ankles at all, they didn’t have any give at all. With my hands and arms completely stretched above my head, and my ankles secured, I was in an upside down “Y” position, the only thing I could do was move my knees, and waist a bit to the sides, but I wasn’t doing anywhere.

I felt pretty hot, as Jackson noticed as well when he was rubbing me around my crotch area, I was rock hard. Here I was, feeling sexy in a full Army uniform (other than the jacket and one boot), helpless, stretched on the bed, and blindfolded. When Jackson tied me up, he would usually just playfully and sensually play with my helpless body, some breath play, nip play, we would make out etc, force me to suck him, suck me, and edge me for a little bit, and eventually just jerk me off. So that’s what I was expecting when he started straddling me around my waist. Which he did for a bit, he felt my dick through my uniform pants, then he played with my nipples through my brown undershirt. He then lifted my undershirt up to just above my nipples, then played with my nipples a bit.

“So guess what I found out today!” He said playfully

“What?” I inquired.

“So I was talking to a guy in your unit, and he told me that everyone in your unit knows how ticklish you are, that they gave you Elmo as a nick name” My heart just sank, I was pretty turned on before, but then I was also scared, because it’s true. I’m so ticklish, that the guys in my unit would just pin me down and tickle me during our down times as a form of entertainment. Jackson would tickle me a bit too, but more playfully, and I would flinch when he touched me in certain areas, but nothing more than that. Then I realized how vulnerable the position he had put me in.

“That’s not true, who told you that?” I said casually, trying not to sound scared.

“Well it was Martinez that told me. He said you guys a routine called 4 O’clock Elmo”. He said. My fear was confirmed, Martinez was the guy that started all this, and that routine was a daily routine, where pretty much whoever that are close to me would just jump on me and pin me down, and just tickled me for a minute or so, where I would laugh uncontrollably, and trash as much as they would allow me. I hated it.

“He’s just joking” I said, still trying to deflect it.

Then Jackson played a video on this phone. I could only hear a bunch of guys screaming “4 O’clock elmo” and a bunch of noises, and laughing, then of me laughing uncontrollably begging for them to stop.

“I had proof” he said before he started lifting my undershirt even more, all the way to my stretched upper arm area, which was easy to do, since I was really helpless to fight it, and I was really stretched. It also doubled as a way to secure my head and arms even more sandwiching my head between my arms. He then just dug his fingers into my now exposed armpits and started tickling me like there’s no tomorrow.

Uniformed men in distress
Photo provided by Uniformedmenindistress,


The fingers felt like a taser, and just sent a jolt through the rest of my body, I was again laughing uncontrollably and trash as much as I could as much as the bondage would allow me, which wasn’t much. My dog tags were flailing all over the place. All of my daily 4 O’clock Elmo memories ran through my head, but I realized how much I was screwed this time, thinking that I was never restrained this securely before during the daily Elmo routine, and also the fact that it would only last less than a minute.

My panic was interlaced with the need to just let out a crazy laugther from the sensory overload of having my armpits attacked. He tickled me for a good 5 minutes or so. At the end of it, I was a mess, I was starting to sweat from all the trashing and squirming.

“Fuck, Man! You ARE ticklish!” He said it in an evil way, but jokingly trying to feel for my pain.

“Please, dude! No tickling! I’ll let you do anything else to me. I’m too ticklish to go through this” I begged him.

“So it is true, what Martinez was telling me?”

“Yes! Yes! Fuck, Man! It’s true! I’m fucking ticklish! What do you want from me! What do you want me to say?” I pleaded more.

“Actually, I’ve had enough of you whining! Time to shut you up!”

I heard him opening one of his dresser drawers, then he jumped on the bed, and he shoved what felt like an ankle sock into my mouth. Knowing that it would have been a losing battle I just complied. He then wrapped duct tape around my head a few times. Completely sealing my mouth. I tried moaning and working the gag off a bit. It was effective, I couldn’t work it off with the sock in the way, and it did a terrific job muffling my cries. He then plugged my ears with a couple of ear plugs. I tried fighting it a bit, but I knew it was futile, rubbing my arms against my ears actually lodged the plugs even deeper. The ear plugs grew slowly inside my ear canals with nothing I could do about it, slowly I lost my ability to hear too much.

He just giggled and he proceeded to do something on the side of the bed. The next thing I knew he started tying my elbows together just above my head, really sandwiching my head between my arms. He then cinched the ropes between my elbows, immobilizing my arms even more. The only thing I could pretty much do was thrusting my waist and knees, and moving them side to side a little bit. With my legs together I would have been able to move my lower body more, but being spread like that, kinda anchored my lower body to that position.

He then left me like that for a good 15 mins or so. I felt so exposed, and helpless, I loved it sooooo much, but then I thought about the tickling that I thought he was going to do, then it freaked me out. I waited there in anticipation trying to listen to the slightest sound, movement or vibration. Out of nowhere I heard a buzzing sound, and my armpits were vibrating like mad, completely taking me by surprise. I didn’t like it! It tickled way too much. My armpit hairs seemed to be amplifying the tickling by transferring all the vibration from what I realized was an electric toothbrush.

I had no control of my reaction, I just bursted into laughter and trashed around like a crazy horse. He continued attacking my armpits and sides for a good 10 mins, but it felt like eternity. I FUCKING HATED it!! He then gave me a bit of a break, by undoing my belt, and unbuttoning my fly, and taking my hard rock cock out of my underwear. It was throbbing and happy to be let out. He edged me slowly for a long while. I was enjoying his attention, until I felt the slightest feeling that I needed to pee.I tried suppressing the thought, and tried enjoying the edging and all the other things he was doing to my helpless body.

He would then alternate between tickling my crotch, upper body and pits to edging me and playing with my niiples, it was maddening not being able to control anything, and having the sensory overload of being horny the entire time, then being edged, but then tickled continuously. After a while of that kind of torture, I really felt the need to pee.

I moaned through my gag “Hey! I need to pee”, although only a muffled gibberish came out through the gag. He just laughed and continued with my predicament and torture. I came close soo many times to cumming, but I tried the hardest to not without his permission, because before when I did that he would keep me tied up for another hour while continuing with the post orgasm torture.

After what felt like an eternity, he gave me a quick break and whispered very close to my ear and told me….

“Do you want the tickling to stop?” I nodded frantically.

“Do you want to cum?” I nodded again.

“Ok I will make you a deal. I’m going to set up a timer for 15 minutes, and i’m going to tickled the fuck out of you, little helpless ELMO. If you need a break, you can put both of your thumbs up, and I’ll stop. But then the timer resets and I will add 5 minutes to it. Once you make it through the entire timed period, you will be given a break and you will be allowed to cum. Deal??”

I was thinking heck no, no deal! I’m too ticklish there’s no way I would be able to survive this. So I just shook my head no.

“Well too fucking bad, ELMO, it’s gonna happen. And by the way, I don’t know if you noticed, but I have given you soo much liquid. I really don’t want to be you and literally pee yourself when I tickle torture you. I have plastic sheeting under the bed sheet, so I really don’t care if you do pee yourself.”

I just shook my head NO, knowing that it would happen anyway. He then set a timer, and said….

“Ok Soldier ELMO,  here we go. Good luck”.

He then just attacked my armpits, sides, pelvis and crotch with fingers, he dug his fingers into them in a way that’s different than before, he must have been saving some techniques for this torture round. I just couldn’t take it. It was MADDENING! I felt so helpless and just unbearably humiliated and not in control of my body. I was just laughing, screaming, and trashing. I was yanking and jerking everywhere as much as my gag and bondage would allow me. He then threw a few items on my chest, which I realized later being more electrical brushes.  He then turned all of them on to the highest setting, by the sound it made of various loudness. He wasn’t using the highest setting before. He then simultaneously attacked my armpits, sides, crotch, ears, nose everywhere. IT WAS TOO MUCH!! I COULDN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE.

I frantically put both of my thumbs up. The torture stopped, he whispered….

“3 minutes. Not bad, longer than I expected”

FUCK that was one 3 minutes? I thought!! No way I could survive this challenge.

“20 minutes next” He said then starting getting closer to me again, then he attacked.

It was only like a minute, I needed more time than that to recover. But he didn’t care, he attacked me again, ignored all my pleads. And of course I didn’t survive.

The next one I lasted a full 8 minutes. But it was driving me mad knowing that this would keep on going until I survive a full period. My only hope was the fact that he told me that he had other plans that night so he would have to stop at one point. I was wrong! He told me it was all a lie, and that he had all night and that it was just a ploy to get me home without me using the bathroom first.

FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! I thought. NO WAY!!!

The next session was supposed to be 25 minutes, but I was sooooo tired at that time, I was a mess. I tried my best, but I couldn’t do it, I gave up again, only to find out I was just 40 seconds away from surviving the entire 25 minutes. I really didn’t have a concept of time when laughing and trashing the entire time.

I was DONE!! I knew I had to survive this next round. 30 Minutes. He started the torture again. And I was too tired to even struggle or trash, I just laughed so hard and screamed, even that I was too tired for. I was fighting the ticklishness this entire time, until one time my body just needed a break, and I just relaxed, and tried not to fight the torture.

Part of my body was fighting, but part of me was just too tired, then without me realizing, I just started peeing myself. I didn’t even know it was actually happening until I felt warm liquid on my chest, and of course once you started peeing, I couldn’t stop. So while Jackson was still tickling me I was trashing some making me spray all over myself and the bed, and some on Jackson too. Did that make Jackson stop? No! He kept on tickling me until the whole 30 minute was up.

I didn’t care anymore, I was a jumbled mess, sweat, pee, tired, whatever other feelings. I was done! I just let him torture me. I WANTED TO CUM!.

FINALLY the timer went off. And I was so relieved. He cleaned up a bit, then he edged me a bit then Jerked me off. It felt sooooooo GOOD! It was one of the biggest eruptions I’ve had having been tortured for close to 3 hours.  Jackson took my right sock off, and wiped all the cum and filth and pee with my sock.

He untied me, gave me some water, and massaged me for a bit without saying a word the entire time.. He then gave me a sheet of plastic to use in my car. I had to drive home with a uniform soaked in pee, and put on a sock full of pee and cum.

He gave me a hug, and asked…

“Sorry! But that was fucking HOT. Will you let me do it again?”

I smiled and said “Hell yeah!” Then I drove home in my filth.

Metal would like to thank the author, Uniformedmenindistress, for the story and picture! You can see more at the author’s website and his page on Patreon.


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  1. So good. Being so helpless to escape, but desperate to do so, gagged, deaf, blind, horny, helpless…. FUCKING AMAZING.

    Well done, and well told!

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