Mounted Cops – Part 1

The Mounted Police Stories

Three Stories Of Different Mounted Cops, Booted, In Bondage & Fucked

1 – Kevin’s Story

By Alex Ironrod

Copyright 2021; All Rights Reserved

He was exactly what I was looking for – a broad-shouldered 6 ft hunk, with dark hungry eyes. I was finishing seminars in Boston for mounted police units, and we were touring the Boston PD stables. Naturally we were dressed in our best working uniforms. As Master Sergeant of Hunterville PD Mounted Troop, I was wearing our light tan tailored uniform shirt, tight tan riding breeches, my tall black custom Dehners, which hugged my legs, and my spurs.

I knew I looked good, filling out my uniform in all the right places. He was obviously a stableman, a junior in the ranks and older than most, but his overall was clean and creased, and his boots had been polished that morning. His smoldering eyes followed me, watching how the light slid across my shining boots and flashed on the tips of the spurs.

I smiled and walked over to him.

“Hi, I’m Master Sergeant Alex Brand, Hunterville PD. You seem very interested in my boots.”

“Sir, yes, Sir – Kevin Lombard. I think your boots are hot, and, pardon me, sir, but I think you’re hot too.”

“Well, well, you’re not exactly shy, are you? Thanks for the compliment. What exactly do you do around here? Are you part of the PD?”

“Not yet, Sir, I’m only a stable boy – but, I’m good with horses. And I’m finishing my courses before I can apply for the PD here. But there aren’t many vacancies for the mounted unit.”

“Well, Kevin, maybe you’d do better in a smaller city like Hunterville. Interested?”

“Sir, yes, Sir. Oh, but no, I wouldn’t want to leave my partner and my home here.”

“Alright, why don’t we have a drink and talk it over. Come to my hotel around 6pm. I’ve got about an hour before I have to start the drive back to Hunterville. Now, I’d better rejoin my group.”

“Sir, yes, Sir. Thank you, I’ll try to be there.”

I looked back at him – and my cock wriggled in my breeches – and I smiled again. Yes, he’s definitely what I needed – not a baby, but a mature 30-year-old. A guy with a partner – he hadn’t mentioned which sex – could be gay. A tall and well-built man with a boot fetish could meet my own requirements.

I was in my hotel room, finishing my packing, when the phone rang, exactly at 6pm.

“Sir, this is Kevin Lombard, Sir; permission to come to your room, Sir.”

I chuckled “Come up, Kevin. You’re prompt, and that’s good.”

I made my preparations – a couple of beers carefully poured and ready. He made record time to room 712 and I was surprised when I opened the door. He’d showered and changed – his black crew cut was still damp, but he looked hot in a tight white tee shirt that showed off his muscled arms and chest and highlighted his hard nipples. His tight leather jeans shone as though they had been polished and showed up the mirror shine on his tall boots. Yes, this was definitely what I wanted – a new mounted recruit and possible boots-and-leather boy.

“Good. I like a smart and clean policeman. Turn around and let me see the whole package. Well, you’ve certainly dressed for the interview. Now let’s see how you perform. I need my boots serviced.”

“Sir, permission to worship and kiss your Dehners, Sir.”

“Get down there and start working. I want to feel your tongue through the leather, and I’ve got my riding crop on your ass to encourage your efforts.”

“Sir, I’ll do a good job – this will be the best licking and human polish they’ve ever received.”

“Less talk and more tongue.”

He jumped as I gave him a couple of firm crop-slaps on his leathered butt, but he soon settled down and guzzled greedily. I gave him ten minutes on each boot, and he inched his way round carefully, fondling and hugging the leather, as his eager wet mouth washed away any dirt that had settled on my tall boots during the stable tour. A few more cuts from my whip kept him focused, and we were both impressed by the results.

“Up, boy, and let’s see you without that shirt. Good, no hesitation. Now that’s a well-buffed chest – sharp pecs, strong abs. You must work out regularly. So let’s see you flex. Not bad – well muscled – with plenty of chest hair leading down to your cock and balls. Well, I don’t have time to check that out just now. Come and have a drink – beer OK? –tell me about yourself.”

“Sir, I aim to join the PD, and I’m willing to do anything to become part of the mounted unit.”

“You mean in Hunterville?”

“Sir, no, Sir – here in Boston. I know it’ll be an uphill battle, but I can’t leave my partner. Michael and I have been together for four years, and, although he’s not into boots and leather, I don’t think I could leave him right now. Ohhhhh, Sir, thank you Sir.”

Fuck, I wanted this one. He had all the qualities I was looking for, and I had him leaning back on the couch, my hands running through the hair on his head and on his chest.

“Drink up, Kevin, chug it down. Nothing I can do to change your mind?”

“Sir, ohhh no, Sir. I mean, thank you, Sir. I love the feel of your strong hands in my hair and the feel of your mouth on mine.”

I leaned in closer, lip-locking him firmly, but not aggressively. As the drops in his beer slowed him down, I needed him docile, not over-stimulated.

“Get your shirt back on; time we got going. You can help me down with my gear, while I get them to bring my car round.”

He looked up, dazed, confused, but willing to be commanded.

“Right, Trooper, on your feet, up. Take these bags – one in each hand.”

I loaded him down; he wobbled at first, but followed orders, as we made our way through the hotel lobby and into the waiting police cruiser.

I had him – for the moment at least. Once on the expressway south, I took a quiet-looking exit and stopped on a dark and empty street.

“OK, Trooper, out of the car and march to the rear. Hands behind you, while I cuff them. Now take this leather pecker gag into your mouth and I’ll tie it off behind your head. I’m going to open the trunk and you’re going to sit in it.”

I was surprised how docile the big guy was proving – subconsciously did he really want to come with me? As his huge body squeezed into the limited space, I took out a pair of leg restraints, closed them round his ankles and then roped them to his wrists in a loose hog-tie for the journey.

“Trooper Kevin, you are now under my command. Shit, you look hot and vulnerable lying there, and I’m getting harder by the minute. But that will have to wait. Travel safely.”

I slammed down the top, leaving him in darkness. I knew the drug would last until we reached Hunterville, and I worked out what to do with my prize. And I drove fast, but carefully – no point in being pulled over in another jurisdiction.

We made it back in three hours and I drove straight to the stable block.

Fortunately, the Mounted Unit had its own quarters, with fields on one side, and the city on the other. The cinder-block structure with a wooden roof was new – well-ventilated and airy, with ample stabling for our eight horses, and lockers and changing rooms for the troopers. Huge wooden uprights ran the length of the barn, dividing the space into stalls and rooms – of which I had two, one served as my office, the other as an overnight sleeping space.

I opened the trunk and slapped Kevin awake. He was still a little groggy and uncertain; so I pressed my advantage, as I untied his feet.

“Sit up straight and swing your legs out. Your evening isn’t over yet, trooper. I’m going to hood you for tonight, and then we’ll move inside.”

I drew the thick leather over his head, molding the hood to his face, as I tugged on the laces in back. I zipped the eye slits closed, smoothed the shiny leather over his cheeks, and left the gagged mouth exposed and unzipped for the moment.

“I’m going to guide you; duck your head as you come up. Now stand up straight and start walking, Trooper Kevin. That’s right. Now, up a couple of steps and we’re going to turn right.”

He was hesitant and uncertain – hooded, gagged and cuffed in his tight tee shirt and shining leather jeans and boots. I shoved him into my office and pushed him down over my desk. I’d been patient long enough; now my prick reminded me that I wanted to sample the merchandise, as I pulled things out of my “special” cupboard. I unlocked the cuffs, pulled his arms up over his head, took a second set from my collection, and proceeded to anchor each wrist to the knob at the bottom of the legs of my desk. His leathered head rose and looked around blindly, before I slapped it down flat. Then I unbuckled his jeans and yanked them down, exposing his perfect ass cheeks and prick to the evening air and my hard desk. He was wearing no underwear, as I pulled up his shirt.

Finally I kicked his legs wide apart and admired my large hunk of a prize. Six feet of tanned prime beef lay open to me on top of my desk, with light reflecting from the shining black leather at either end – tall boots and heavy hood. I couldn’t believe my luck.

I watched him for a moment, beginning to pant as I pulled my package out of my breeches, cock on the alert for action. He was breathing deeply through his nose, as I whispered in his hooded ear, “Right, trooper, now you can really show me whether I should consider you for my unit. I’m going to mount you myself and take you hard. I see your pucker hole is starting to twitch in anticipation so it’s not your first fuck. I try to be gentle at the beginning, so I’m going to lube your crack, as well as the condom I’m rolling onto my eager prick, which is thrusting in search of your passage. I’m easing my finger into your ass hole to check the path is clear, and to stretch your prostate.

Good – you’re quivering – with excitement, I hope, as I add a second finger and move around to stir you up. I heard that moan – it can’t be painful at this stage, but you’re beginning to pant and wriggle, so I guess you want the real thing exploring your chute.

OK, I’m lining up my hammerhead at your rosebud entrance. I’m pushing in and feeling out your most sensitive spots. I can see the sweat along your back, and hear you hissing round your gag. Shit, but you still have a narrow passage for such an experienced dick-taker. Maybe your partner didn’t fuck you regularly like I’m going to, if you pass inspection. Right, I’m most of the way home. From the way you buck, I know you’re feeling my pole in there.

Now I’m up against your ass cheeks, and I’m sliding my gloved hands under you to check on the state of your own penis – what a surprise, it’s fully erect, to go with your panting – and I’m moving up to your hairy chest to pull on your tits. Yes, I knew you’d like that – they’re hardening nicely, as I squeeze and rub them. Now we’re really cooking. I’m sliding in and out of your warm passage; you’re tossing your hooded head and really humping my prick.

I can feel the heat and the sweat oozing out of our bodies, as I lie on top of you, my cock ramming home and you snorting with pleasure. So let’s increase the pressure… I’m banging, I’m bucking in you….. I’m shuddering, I’m shaking with you …. Fuck …. I’m going …. I’m going … to cum ….now.”

I could almost feel my seed spurt out of me into Kevin’s waiting innards; then I moved my hand to cocoon his hard prick, and, with a couple of quick jerks, he reared up and came in spurts on my desk. We lay there panting and slowly returning to earth. Then I pulled out, slapped his sweaty butt, and cleaned myself on a handy towel. He lay there, bound, gagged, hooded and exhausted, as I uncuffed his wrists, pulling him up by the D-ring on top of his hood. He sat on the edge of my desk, his heavily muscled chest still pumping hard; his leather jeans still around his ankles; his head still swaddled in thick sweating leather; and uncertain what would happen to him next.

“On your feet, trooper, that’s enough for tonight. Lean over my desk, while I shove this butt-plug in place, to keep in my cum, and your hole open and stretched; now, pull up your pants – you can do that by touch – and I’m going to let you sleep on my cot. So move ahead into the next room. That’s right- hands behind you, while I cuff you again. I don’t want you running away during the night. Can you feel the edge of the bed behind your knees? Right, sit down, and swing your legs up onto the cot.”

He was still doing as he was commanded. He seemed to like being ordered around, and I liked issuing the orders. I shoved him over onto his stomach, roping his ankles tightly together, and then jerking them up to his wrists in a cruel hog-tie for the rest of the night. He grunted loudly into the hood, and I laughed. “Yes, it won’t be comfortable, but you’ll stay put, and be available for the early morning inspection. Trooper Greg is going to get a real pleasant surprise.”

I turned out the light, locked the doors, drove to my apartment, ate a late supper, and slept the sleep of the just.

Next morning the alarm rang at five am and, by six, I was back at the stables, in a crisp, clean shirt, ready to have my Dehners cleaned. Trooper Greg was my second in command, a good cop, a capable horseman and, most importantly, my personal slave. He looked hot and buffed in his uniform, and even hotter, when I undressed him, and, naked, he would pleasure me in many ways. But his early morning duty, long before the others arrived, was to lick and clean my boots. I loved the feel of his tongue gliding across the smooth leather, of his mouth closing round the tip of my Prince-of-Wales spur on a cold morning. But, today, I told him to hurry up.

“But, Sir, you’ve only just got back, and there are layers of dirt and grime to remove before I can start to get that mirror-shine back again. Did you enjoy Boston, Sir? Was the course helpful?”

“That’s enough questions. Yes, I learned some very useful information and routines in Boston, and I’ve brought back a package for you – in the overnight room. You better untie it before you bring it out here.”

Trooper Greg was tall and strong, but he had trouble pulling the new recruit upright after a night in a tight hog-tie. He was laughing at my “ present”, as he hung Kevin by his cuffed wrists to one of the hooks high on the outside of the horse stalls. Kevin Lombard’s boots scrabbled to gain a foothold on the concrete stable floor, and his hooded head thrust to and fro, as he tried to find out what was happening.

“This is a possible new recruit I found in Boston – he’ll need training – police training and our own personal training as well. He’s promising – I tried him out last night. Now get his clothes and boots off, and let’s check him out. I’ll leave the two or you together for twenty minutes to get acquainted, and then I want him turned out and ready for inspection in my office. You can pull the hood off and undo the gag. He should be fairly docile but be careful – he looks strong and well- muscled, and I don’t want him to get away.”

I left Kevin in Greg’s care, and the trooper began with three or four solid punches to the recruit’s solar plexus, after he’d enjoyed stripping the clothes and hood off him. Kevin grunted, and tried to back away from the blows. But the cuffs held his wrists firmly on the hook above his head, as he jerked, and he blinked his tired eyes in the daylight. Then Greg closed up on him, exploring Kevin’s hairy chest with his hands, tracing his pecs and caressing his arm muscles. He started licking the warm body hanging in front of him, his tongue sliding through the silky hairs of the recruit’s strong chest, which panted as Greg’s arms encircled him, the mouth flicking upward across the thick neck and onto the face. Kevin wanted to get away, but Greg held him tightly, arms around his barrel chest, and moved his tongue to Kevin’s twitching mouth.

“I’m going to tongue you, boy, and you better keep your teeth away, if you want to keep your balls intact. My tongue is going into that mouth of yours, and I’m going to enjoy swapping saliva with you.”

The hands held the struggling head, as Greg’s tongue slid in and out, and Kevin began to moan in pleasure, as he was lip-locked into submission. Greg backed off, sliding his hands onto the smooth brown nipples, standing out from the hairy chest. He pulled on each tit in turn, rolling them round between his thumb and forefinger, as Kevin quivered in his bondage.

Reaching into his breeches, the trooper brought out his favorite tit clamps and their connecting chain. He closed the teeth slowly round the recruit’s fresh and tender nips, while Kevin shrieked and plunged and bucked, pulling on his manacled wrists. Greg was breathing heavily as his fingers moved round the back, and two digits pushed into the recruit’s ass, forcing him forward and back into the trooper’s warm embrace.

Kevin groaned as the tit clamps bit deeper against the trooper’s hard pecs, and Greg held him in position for more tongue action, with one hand in his hair, and the other still exploring his ass cheeks and hole. The recruit shuddered with pain and pleasure, squirming in the trooper’s strong grip, their two cocks banging each other between their bellies.

“Enough of that”, gasped Greg, letting go of the body, “time to get you ready for the Master Sergeant. I’m going to swing you round, butt out, so that I can really warm up your ass. Here’s my paddle, and I want you to count out the six strokes. Louder, I can’t hear you…..that’s better…..I’m alternating ass cheeks, and you’re beginning to glow….so I think I’ll give you an extra couple for luck…..those butt cheeks really look inviting, but here comes the Master Sergeant back again. Stand up straight for him.”

I had sauntered back into the stables in time to see the beating and could feel my cock straining against the cloth of my breeches. Now there were three cocks excited by the action.

“I can see you boys really took my orders to heart. But, look, I’ve got some dirt on my boots, and, trooper, you can start the recruit on boot cleaning. I already know he’s not bad at it, but you might want to show him a few of your finer points. Why don’t you take a Dehner each? Five minutes should be enough time.”

The recruit was unhooked, but remained cuffed, and the pair of them fell on their knees before me. The trooper had the advantage – he knew what pleased me, but Kevin wanted to make a strong impression, even with his hands bound. So I had the bonus of two eager tongues lapping my leather and jumping when I slapped their butts to keep them focused and to keep me amused.

“Your five minutes are up, so close your mouths and sit back, both of you. Pretty good shine on each boot, men, but you’re ahead, trooper. Now, let’s move onto the next stage of your service, recruit, and this is something I expect every morning. It relieves my overnight aggressions and starts me out in a good mood. Right, Trooper, you know what I want – get him up on the desk. I want him to have to watch me, as I impale him on this rod of mine.”

My trooper was on his feet in a second, turned and kicked the recruit twice hard in the balls, and, when he folded, Greg grabbed him by the hair, moved him into my office and forced him up on the table. He raised Kevin’s handcuffed hands above his head, secured them to one of the convenient ceiling hooks, and then, sliding the man’s body along the table until his butt reached one end, he knelt behind him on the table, supporting his upper torso against his own chest, and then pulled the recruit’s legs up to his heaving chest. It put him in a classic fucking position, and the trooper knew it well.

“Smart work, Greg, you’ve got him positioned just right. I can see the ass rosebud twitching at me, and its black butt plug is still in place. I’m going to tie his legs to this adjacent ceiling hook, so that he will swing slightly, and that leaves your hands free to play with him or to hold his head for me.

“Now, listen to me, recruit. Every morning I expect to plough my seed into one of my men, and I insist they watch as I do them this service. So – this morning you have the honor of being fucked, and you will retain eye contact with me throughout. You can moan or groan – in fact, it’s encouraged, but no shouting or screaming is permitted. Now, to get you completely ready, this plug is coming out, and your butt needs warming up again; it’s lost that rosy glow.

So I’m going to beat those ass cheeks with my crop – like this and this – and Greg, hold him steady for me – like this and this – keep your eyes open and on me, boy – and a solid one to finish. Good, the crop weals stand out against those earlier paddle marks. Let me feel them and caress them, as I lube you with my two fingers in your hole. You can wriggle and twitch on my fingers, if you want to, but I’m going to substitute this large tool of mine – right now.

“Yes, I’ve always enjoyed that first shock of penetration reflected in your eyes, and the look of pain, as I bang around your prostate. You seem a little more open this morning, Kevin, and you’re making my ride smoother – ah, another groan – maybe your upper passage needs to be stretched some more as I move up. But I like the way your ass muscles are opening and then contracting; it makes my prick feel wanted, as I sink fully in you.

“Now, Greg, why don’t you tweak his clamped tits, and run your hands through his hair, while I work on him lower down. Good, he’s warming up nicely – body’s beginning to glow and to move to my rhythm. He’s sliding backwards and forwards on my cock, while I encourage his balls and his dick with my fingers.

“Keep your eyes on me – and on me alone, boy. You’re mine for the moment, my fuck-toy, and, from the expression on your face, I’d say you’re really getting turned on by it all. Here, lick some of your pre-cum off my hand and suck my fingers. You can push back on my pole – it won’t break, and we’re both enjoying the stimulation – to judge by our sweating and heavy breathing. Keep twitching, boy, and moaning – my prong engine is gearing up to full speed ahead, and I’m going to batter down your defenses. That narrow passage won’t save you, because I’m going to have you any minute now. I can feel my balls tightening up, as I spread over you, and your cock is straining full blast too….fuck, I’m coming right now….”

We both shot our loads of milky cum, and Greg, who was jerking himself off, followed close behind, catching his jism in his hand. The three of us lay across one another, panting, along the sturdy table. I made the first move, pulling my cock out of Kevin’s hole and pushing it into his mouth to clean, while he hung suspended, gasping for air. Greg ate his own cum happily, as he climbed off the table and started unbuckling the recruit.

Perhaps we weren’t paying enough attention, perhaps we underestimated his powers of recuperation, but, as soon as he was unbound, the recruit hurled his 210 lbs against Greg, shoving him to one side and heading for the door. I admired his courage, but it was a useless effort; I always locked the door before starting a session. But I was furious, and snatching up my largest training whip, started for Kevin, hitting whatever parts of his anatomy I could reach with stinging blows.

“What the fuck are you trying to do, recruit? You’re here for testing and inspection. And after a routine early morning mounting, you go fucking berserk. Well, I’m not having it, and you better shape up, fucker, before I break this whip across your bloody chest. You’re fucking well going to sting for this.”

“Sir, please Sir, permission to speak, Sir”, he shouted from the corner into which I’d driven him on his knees.

“Well, speak up, mother-fucker. What’s your excuse for such pathetic behavior?”

“Sir, it’s too much, Sir. I mean, all at once – I want to please you and the trooper, but, Sir, I’ve been fucked twice by a Master, drugged, hog-tied, beaten, forced to lick your boots. I can’t cope with it all at once – and I want out. It’s too much for me.”

“What you need is some discipline if you’re going to succeed in this or any other PD. And I expect instant obedience in my mounted unit. I’ll stop the beating, but you still get punishment. Greg, get the mount out of the big stall. Dildo him.”

As part of early riding instruction, I’d devised a mechanical mount, rather like a mechanical bull, which replicated a trotting or cantering horse. It taught recruits how to grip with their legs and thighs, and how to stay on. There were several saddles, but this one was different; it had a 9” black dildo strapped to its centre. Greg fastened the saddle on the mount, while I took the beaten, shivering, naked recruit by his hair and pulled him into the main barn, to the largest stall, up the steps, so he was level with the saddle.

“Better give him plenty of lube, trooper. My cum won’t be enough to grease his way down. Oh, and cuff his wrists in front; I don’t want any more trouble from him. Right, Kevin, straddle the saddle and start lowering yourself. My hand on your head will keep you going down. Make sure he’s properly lined up, trooper, and sink him onto the dildo. I’ll support him on this side; you take the other side and get those 9” up into his ass. Good, he’s yelling and wriggling as he slides onto it. I’m going to gag him for the moment, to keep him quiet.

This ball number should work – open up – into the mouth and tight round his head. Got him firmly seated, trooper? I want him all the way in and his butt cheeks firmly on the saddle, before I turn the machine on. You don’t like it, eh, recruit? You can feel that black pole hitting your prostate and beyond. Shit, wait until you start trotting! OK, get his feet in the stirrups, and pull his cuffs and wrists over the horn of the saddle. Right, trooper, got him properly settled in fuck position?

Yes, Kevin, you can whimper and struggle, but you’re going nowhere with that dildo up your ass, except for a brisk trot in place. Trooper, turn it on – slow trot to start. Let him feel himself being stirred and penetrated, and unable to move or adjust himself – feel it bouncing and pulsating in that narrow passage. We’ll soon widen that up. Now turn it up to fast trot, so he has to rise and fall in the saddle and rise and fall on the punishment pole. Three minutes is about as much as any of them can take.”

Kevin shouted and grimaced behind the red ball gag, as he was bounced mercilessly. He tried to ride the trot but was being speared mercilessly. Sweat was pouring off him, as I brought the machine to a stop. He couldn’t even slump forward properly to relax but shook and panted with the black prong in his innards.

“Master Sergeant, one final service.”

Trooper Greg wanted his piece of the action, and I nodded, knowing what was to come. The trooper climbed the steps, unzipping his breeches and pulling out his engorged cock. He leant over, unbuckled the gag and removed it, shoving his prick into the astonished recruit’s mouth, before he could close it.

“I need to piss, boy, and you get to swallow it. So, let’s get started.”

Greg held his dick in position and grunted. I watched as the recruit tried to take the hot stream into his mouth. As Kevin overflowed, Greg took the spouting cock out and started spraying his golden shower over the head and shoulders of his victim, concentrating on areas where my whip marks showed up red and angry. Then, as the stream died down, he poked back into Kevin’s mouth and made him swallow again.

I looked at the possible new recruit – piss dripping down his handsome face and onto his strong, reddened and bruised chest; he sat upright, impaled on the dildo, hands cuffed in front of him – and I shook my head.

“OK, that’s enough for one morning. You’re a fucking mess, recruit, but you seem to have survived. Your hole will be sore for a few days, once we get you off the pole, but lube will help. Help me pull him back up, trooper, then take him off to the showers and clean him up. You really stuck it out this morning, boy, after that outburst. Now straighten up and shoulders back. I’ve got to decide what to do with you. Do you still want out?”

By way of a positive answer, he immediately knelt and kissed the toes of my boots, before he staggered off to the showers, where Greg had already shucked off his uniform. Then the two tall, well-muscled men enjoyed washing one another and playing with one another in the hot water.

I turned away; it would be time for parade soon, and I needed to check the rest of my unit. Another workday was beginning, and another recruit was forgetting his past and starting his special police training. And I was beginning to realize that this recruit would need to stay with me exclusively for the extensive special service training he was going to need.

Read how trooper Greg was recruited in the next chapter.

Copyright 2021 by Alex Ironrod,

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