My adventures With Billy – Part 01

By Robmacz

‘Your problem is that you have not allowed yourself to have any fun since you split up with John,’ Mike said in his usual direct way, but as usual he was spot on.

‘You’re right and to be honest, I’ve been thinking of packing the job in and doing some travelling. I need something new in my life right now. I need to get away from here.’

‘Look Paul, you can do that by all means, but what you really need is some sex. How many guys have you been with since John?’

I just looked at him, not knowing what to say.

‘Well, has there been anyone, or have you just devoted yourself to that job you constantly tell me you hate?’

‘You’re right,’ I said. ‘To be honest, after being with the same person for twelve years it’s bloody hard to know how or where to start. It’s all right for you; you have that whole effortless charm thing going on.  It’s a bit more difficult for the rest of us.’

Mike had never settled down, but he was never short of lovers– often two or three on the go at once. I never knew how he managed such a complicated life.

‘We’re talking about you, not me, and as you best friend I feel it my duty to help you out of this rut.’

‘What do you mean?’ I said in a slightly raised voice, so that the people at the next table looked around at what was going on.

‘Keep your voice down,’ Mike said. ‘Now listen to me for a moment.  There is this guy I know that I think you’d like a lot. He’s about 35, so just a bit younger than we are, and he is tall and handsome and has a great body–you know the type, not bulging muscles but one that can nicely fill a tight t-shirt. I think he could show you a good time and put a smile on your face.’

‘Mike, I’m really not into blind dates.’

‘You’re not marrying the guy.  You just meet up with him and see where it goes. If you don’t like him, you don’t have to see him again.’

‘I really don’t know, it’s not really my sort of thing.’

‘Well, if you wait for Mr. Perfect to turn up we will still be having this conversation in five years’ time. Look, what have you got to lose? I’ve known you since we roomed together at college, I know what you like, and I think he might be someone to put that smile back on your face.’

By the time we had left the restaurant I had agreed to think about it, and I’d let him know in a couple of days’ time. Well, I didn’t. The following day I got sidetracked by the latest crisis at work, and it went out of my mind. So I was surprised to get a text message from Mike about a week later, saying, ‘The guy I told you about, Billy, will be at Harry’s at 7:00 pm tomorrow. Take a booth and he will see you there.’  The only Harry’s I knew was a diner about two miles out of town, not exactly the sort of place that I would have thought Mike would suggest.  In fact, I doubt he’d be seen dead there. I replied to check whether there wasn’t anther Harry’s, and within seconds he responded, ‘That’s the one, so you’ll go then?’ Oh fuck it, I thought, what did I have to lose?

About 6:30 the next day I left my apartment and got in my car to drive north to the diner. I’d stopped there once several years before for breakfast on my way to the airport.  It was nice enough, but seemed odd for a date. I had wondered what to wear, but in the end settled on smart casual–chinos and a buttoned short sleeved check shirt.  It was a worm evening, so no need for a jacket. I got there just before 7:00, parked the car and went in. There were about half a dozen tables taken but still more free. I was looking around at the clientele, trying to see if I could identify Billy, but no one was anywhere near the description that Mike had given me. So I took one of the booths in the window and looked at the menu. A waitress appeared almost immediately and I ordered a beer. I was still not sure if we were planning on eating there or going someplace else.

From the booth I had a good view of who was coming and going. A car pulled up and a middle-aged guy in a crumpled suit got out and ambled to the front door. Then a cop car pulled in and parked around the corner, so I couldn’t see who got out of it. After that a pickup drove in. A young guy got out–check shirt and jeans, work boots. He was hot, but surely too young to be Billy. My eyes followed him to the door. Just as he came in I felt someone standing right behind me. I turned and looked up and a cop was standing there, resplendent in his uniform, a light grey short sleeved shirt, tight around his arms, showing off his muscles and his badge on his left pec. A white t-shirt underneath, and black pants. Around his middle he wore a duty belt carrying his gun and other paraphernalia. He rested his hands on the belt with his thumbs inside. I just stared, he looked so hot.

‘Are you Paul?’ he said. ‘I’m Billy.’

I was not expecting this. I had always had a thing for guys in uniforms. I had once spent a night with a fireman, but he hadn’t been in his uniform at the time. I guess that’s what Mike meant when he said he had known me long enough to know what I like.

‘May I sit down?’ He said, very politely.

‘Yes of course.’

As he eased himself into the booth the last of the sun glinted off the handcuffs on his belt. He was now facing me and I looked into his blue eyes. His hair was dark and cropped on the sides and cut short on top, and he had a short trimmed beard. Fuck I was hard!

‘I’m afraid I’m on duty, but I usually stop here for a bite to eat at this time and Mike did say you liked a guy in uniform, so I thought this might be a good way to introduce myself.  If we hit it off then maybe we can hook up again.’

We both ordered a steak and I had another beer and he had a mineral water.

‘So what else did Mike tell you about me?’ I asked.

‘Not much, only that he had a hot friend who could do with some company and thought we might have some fun. I’ve known Mike for a couple of years.  He’s represented a few guys I’ve busted, usually those that are rich enough to afford his services.’

My fear in this kind of situation is that I rapidly run out of things to say, but we got on well and seemed to have lots to talk about. The time went quickly and eventually he said that he had to get going, since he was due to take a shift at the police station.  But he hoped we would meet up again soon, when he was off duty.

‘Well, that would be cool,” I said.  “But actually, I like seeing you when you’re on duty. Such a shame I can’t see more of you tonight.’

‘Maybe I’ll see you sooner than you think,’ he said, as he got up from the table.  ‘I’ll be in touch.’

I sat there feeling better than I had in months. Mike had been right.  I needed to have some fun with a man again, and Billy seemed to fit the bill. I hoped he would call and I would see him soon. Things were looking up.

I left the diner about ten minutes after Billy. I walked out into the warm evening.  The light was fading fast now. I got in my car and drove out onto the road heading back into town. After about half a mile I suddenly heard a siren and saw red and blue flashing lights in my rearview mirror.  Oh fuck! I thought. I hope this isn’t one of Billy’s colleagues.  I don’t want to screw this up.

The cop car pulled up behind me, and then I saw him walking up to the car.  It was Billy.

‘Will you step out of the car please, sir.’

I got out and looked at him, thinking there would be some glimmer of recognition, but all he said was ‘you were driving erratically back there sir.  Have you been drinking tonight?’

‘Oh come on Billy, you’ve just seen me drink two beers.’

‘I need you to do some field sobriety tests for me sir.’  He said it without even acknowledging our earlier meeting.

‘Fine, if that’s what you want.’

My earlier euphoria had definitely evaporated.  Clearly this guy was a jerk. He made me walk along a straight line and touch my nose with my eyes closed. Both of which I did perfectly well.

Then he said ‘based on the tests that you have completed, I regret to inform you that you are under arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol. You have the right to remain silent and to refuse to answer any questions. Anything you say may be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to consult an attorney before speaking to the police and to have an attorney present during questioning now or in the future. Place your hands on the car.’

As he was reading me my rights, I was angry with him.  I was also aroused.  I put my hands on the roof of the car while he asked if I had any weapons and then proceeded to put me down, his hand moving over my rock-hard dick.

Then he whispered in my ear, ‘You told me this evening that you liked seeing me on duty and that you wanted to see more of me tonight.  Well, do you? It’s your choice. You can drive away now and I’ll meet you tomorrow evening for dinner in a nice restaurant, or I can take you into custody now. Don’t worry, there will be no charges, I’ll take care of you.’

My heart was pumping hard. It was one of those situations where you know what you should say, what you should do, but to hell with it, it’s not what you want to do.

‘I think you had better do your duty, officer.’

With that he pulled his cuffs from his belt and I felt them snap on my right wrist.  He then brought it behind my back and pulled my left hand beside it to click the other cuff into position. I had never been under arrest before, I had never been handcuffed before. This was turning into one hot evening.

He put me into the back of his cruiser. It was uncomfortable sitting with my hands cuffed, and the legroom was very cramped, but despite all that, I was finding myself getting more and more turned on. I could see him sitting in the front, his powerful arms on the steering wheel, and I wanted to feel his hands on my body again.

It was about a ten minute ride to the police station. He slowed the car down by a gate and pushed some buttons.  The gate opened slowly.

‘How you feeling?’ he asked.

‘A little nervous but fucking horny,’ I said.

He gave a little laugh and told me that I would be fine and he would take care of everything.

To be continued…

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