My adventures With Billy – Part 02

By Robmacz

‘Just go along with what I tell you, but don’t let anyone know that you know me, okay?’

‘Sure,’ I said.

He parked the car and stepped out, walked around to the back, and opened the rear door to get me out. He took me by the arm and helped to lift me past the door.  ‘Mind your head.’ Once I was on solid ground he led me by the arm to a door where he used another code and let us in. There was a desk ahead with a grille on it and some seats to the side with a guy sitting down handcuffed to a rail in front of him. Billy told me to turn around and he unlocked one of my cuffs.  Then he told me to take a seat and cuffed me to the rail next to the other guy. He walked into the back office and I sat there for what seemed like ages. All the while my dick was throbbing.

The other guy cuffed to the rail was younger than me, good looking, but a bit out of sorts. He said nothing and after a few minutes another cop came out and uncuffed him from the rail, then cuffed his hands behind his back and led him through the door where Billy had gone through a few minutes before.

Billy eventually reappeared, and as with the other guy, he uncuffed me from the rail, then cuffed my hands behind my back. He took me through the door and we went into the first room, where there was a big machine. Billy explained that I had to blow into the machine twice, and it would take an average of the two readings. ‘The guy you were sitting next to just blew a 0.11. I got him to blow an extra one, so you just blow once and we should get a positive reading.’ I blew into the machine and it recorded a 0.07, so that averaged 0.09, which Billy told me was a positive reading and he would now book me in.

He took me to a desk where I sat down, still cuffed, and he entered my personal details into a computer. Once that was done he took me to get ‘dressed out.’ I didn’t realise what he meant until I entered another room, where there was a rack of orange jail uniforms along one wall. He told me to empty my pockets and hand over my watch, wallet, and phone. He put these in a plastic bag and sealed it. Then he put a plastic tray on the floor and told me to get undressed and to put all my clothes in the tray. I hadn’t imagined I would have to change into jail clothes.  It just hadn’t occurred to me; you sort of imagine those are only for real criminals. I slipped my shoes and socks off and put them in the tray and started to unbutton my shirt. Billy stood opposite me, looking me up and down and with his hands on his duty belt. I placed my shirt in the tray, then took off my belt and started to take off my trousers. I was wearing tight yellow trunks underneath, which clearly showed my hard dick with a sticky wet patch. I stood there looking at Billy. I hadn’t wanted anyone this much in a very long time. His eyes were burning into me and looking me up and down.

‘Remove your underwear.’

I pulled my trunks down and my dick sprang up. There was precum oozing out, and a long thread of it broke away from the trunks as I threw them in the tray. I was now completely naked and vulnerable. Billy looked at me and smiled.

‘Put these on.’

He threw me a pile of clothes—a pair of orange pants with ‘INMATE’ running down the legs in faded letters, an orange pullover shirt with the same faded lettering on the back, a pair of white boxer shorts, and a pair of white socks–and I got dressed.  The boxers were crisp and the orange scrubs were rough to the touch, but I felt horny putting on my gear. Billy tossed me some plastic slides, then grabbed my arm and led me back out to the booking area.

He took me to a scanner, where he got my fingerprints. Then he took me to get my mugshots done. First a front-on shot, then my right and left profiles.  When I’d been mugged he told me to turn around and he handcuffed me again. I felt my dick jump to attention once more and realised it was easily visible in the baggy boxers and pants.  Billy took my arm and led me to a barred door, beyond which were the cells. As we entered he said that this was just the police station, so there were only a limited number of cells. Most inmates were held at the main county jail. As he said that word ‘inmate’ my heart skipped a beat.  That’s what I was, at least for this evening—an inmate.

We walked past a few cells, but only the first one had anybody in it–the guy I had seen earlier, cuffed to the rail. He was in cell 1. Billy put me in cell 5. He opened the door and I stepped in. It had three solid walls, with bars at the front looking out on another solid wall with a small window high up. The only furniture in the cell was a bed and a toilet with a sink attached. I stepped in and, half pushing me forward, Billy followed. He turned me around and pushed me up against the wall. I felt him reach for my cock, and squeeze.

‘I don’t want you playing with that tonight,’ he said.  ‘I’ll take care of that when you get out of here.’   He then kissed me.

My dick was throbbing. He turned me around to face the wall and unlocked my handcuffs.

Then he whispered into my ear. ‘You got a choice, inmate. The dash cam footage on my cruiser will show you were driving below the limit when I pulled you over.  I had no probable cause to stop you. Now I can either review the footage this evening and release you once I notice my error, or you can take a trip to the county courthouse in the morning with the other prisoners to see the judge. You’ll be released for a court hearing in a few weeks, during which time the DA will drop the charges. It’s entirely up to you. You don’t need to tell me now. I’ll stop by before I go off duty at 6:00 and you let me know then. Sweet dreams.’ With that he left the cell and I heard the door slam shut.

My heart was pounding and my dick was as hard as iron. I desperately wanted to shoot a load right there, but he’d told me not to, and I didn’t want to disappoint him. I lay back on the bed, on the thin mattress and pillow. There was a blanket, but it was still warm in there and I didn’t need an extra layer. I thought about how far I wanted to go with this. I’d never dreamt of being in jail before, and the thought of going to court in a jail uniform and cuffs, like you see those guys on TV, was strangely arousing. If the charges were going to be dropped then this was a great opportunity to experience something without any consequences.  Still, it meant putting a lot of trust in Billy. But as I lay on the bed looking out through the bars I felt more alive than I had in years.

To be continued…

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